Omelas 2: Stolen Sacrifice
This site has graphic violence and sex. Absolutely not for anyone under the age of twenty one!

Not every mother was willing to let her daughter be chosen by a creature for the purpose of being raped and killed. Quinn’s mother, Merci, listened to the screams of the last victim for three years, trembling at the high-pitched sounds of terror while holding her daughter who was chosen to be the next one.

So, in the middle of the night, Merci packed up her family and fled the Ring Villages to save her daughter. But, there were other creatures out there, ones with their Omelas, and they were forced to continue fleeing until they came to a former barbarian city, The Mountain Cunt, and where Quinn could finally grow up without fear of the creature from the Bordeli Forest.

But, it was hard for Quinn to fight her nature. She was an Omelas, even if she didn’t know it.

# Chapter Summary
1 The Ring Villages Woken up in the middle of the night, Quinn was packed in her family's wagon as they fled the Ring Villages.
2 Fourteen Years Later Many years later, Quinn is nineteen. Her parents had constantly moved, but they found a home at Mountain Cunt, a ocean city with a bay. And a population of good-looking army soldiers willing to pay attention to her.
3 Affections of Two After being escorted to the Clit by soldiers, Quinn makes a date with both of them even thought it would get her in trouble with her mother. It is pretty obvious that they are interested in her sexually and she enjoys the attention.
4 A Hint of Darkness While Quinn waited for Skein and Rober to show up, she is accosted by an old woman who gives dire threats of her presence in the city, more importantly in the waters of the bay.
5 The Drunken Squire Pressed between two sexy men in a crowded pub, Quinn found it hard to concentrate when their hands roam along her body.
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6 Between the Sheets The next day, Quinn had two new runes on her inner thighs. There was no question of their purpose: one was to prevent pregnancy and the other was so Rober could enjoy her ass. But someone else noticed her time spent at the village and Quinn had some questions to answer.
7 Picnic Quinn, Rober, and Skein all head up to the mountains for a picnic. Of course, the two men have something rather specific for desert. And Quinn is perfectly willing to be their sweet for the day.
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8 A Quick Dip Rober's obsession with Quinn's ass quickly gets her going. Before they head back down into the city, they decide to spit roast Quinn one last time in the pond next to their picnic site.
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9 Library Research After rousing rounds of fucking up in the mountains, the trio finally headed back down into Mountain Cunt. Quinn planned to do a little research in the library to lie to her mother, but her father was waiting outside for her arrival. Unable to escape, she returned home with him only to find out the terrifying truth of her destiny.
10 Frustration Stealing a little time and a large cucumber for herself, Quinn fantasizes about being fucked by a massive creature. But, just as she managed to stuff the vegetable into her willing cunt, her mother interrupts with a heart-to-heart talk.
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11 Bad News Days later, Quinn is anxious to return to her lovers after being grounded. Thoughts of sex floated in her mind. But neither Rober or Skein show up for a long time and she begins to worry. Have they abandoned her? Were they no longer interested now they had their ways with her? Or is the answer far more dire?
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12 Choices As Quinn ran for her life, she lost Skein in the twisting streets but came up on the one other person in the city who knew what drove her, the other Omelas. Not only was the girl too young for any sex, her rape could trigger a rampage by the Goddess of Consent who would destroy not only the beast but every living creature in the city.
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13 Suspended Mosar, the creature of the bay, finally has a chance to inspect the Omelas that had woken it up. But the disappointment of the massive creature is quickly turned to annoyance when it finds out that it had been woken up by the wrong girl. Quinn wasn't designed and shaped to handle the dark desires of the immense beast. That won't stop it from raping and impregnating her.
14 Breeding Deep inside Mosar, Quinn finds out what her purpose is. It floated above her, a massive wall filled with millions of eggs and a thick tendril prepared to deliver them.
15 Inadequate Quinn's body wasn't made for breeding by the immense creature. If Mosar wanted to not kill her, it had to provide for her. Though what an abyssal creature considered providing isn't always the same as what Quinn would have preferred.
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16 Birthing It was time. Quinn was about to give birth to the eggs that were rammed into her womb. She wasn't ready for them, her body never would be, but there was nothing she could do as they started to slip out.
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17 Barratt The epilogue of this tale. The wolf-like creature Barratt has finally hunted down Quinn and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. But Mosar has a proposal, one that he might be willing to live with.