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Merrie never really thought about her life. She just enjoyed parties at night and was always late to work. But, one day as she rushed to make it in time, she ran into a huge thriban who had other plans. Before she could do anything, she was kidnapped and sent to a farm to be turned into a sex slave.

Now, she had a new life. One of crawling on her knees and barking like a dog. She was to become a bitch: broken in, trained, and cropped. And when she was finally a submissive slut, she would be sold to the highest bidder.

But something was different…

# Chapter Summary
1 Kidnapped
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2 The Mill
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3 Sable
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4 Begging
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5 Punishment
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6 Outfitting
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7 Cold Comfort
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8 Gentle Lessons
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9 Reprieve
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10 Before the Show
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11 Revelations
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12 The Dog Show
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13 Time for Bed
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14 Willful Violations
MF anal viol rom magic bd mdom
15 Taste of Freedom
FF oral anal cons magic
16 The Escape
17 Caged Heat
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18 Beta
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19 The Cave
MMF cons rom mc anal
20 Cropped
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21 Side Deal
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22 Dominance Games
FFF bond MF nc anal viol magic best bond
23 Pack Order
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24 Dread
MF bond viol inc mc magic
25 Choked
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26 Suffocation
MFFF bdsm viol F+M+ magic
27 Foul Tastes
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28 Bloody Thoughts
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29 Broken Promise
FF magic rom MF viol nc sn
30 A Brave Face
31 Privacy
FF fist bond ws magic MF rom
32 Caught
MF spank denial magic bdsm cons
33 Pack Tactics Life on the mill had finally returned to normal. Sama's death still burned in Merrie's heart, but everyone was helping heal the pain. The bitches were fucking her, the alphas were teaching her how to shield, and Bass was fucking her again. What else could she hope for?
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34 Bitched Out Sable may be dead or dying but Merrie is helpless to do anything. Instead, she wakes up next to the place where everything changed for her, where she was cropped. And her only companion is Dixie and the alpha has something he has to say.
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35 Fucked The iron collar around Merrie's neck prevents her from masturbating, but what happens when she's put into a cage because touching a trainer would trigger the bond? And, is Borias willing to risk everything to give her the orgasm she craves?
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36 Retroactive Rape Merrie wanted Fucker to never stop. As long as he was fucking her, she wasn't bonding. But when Fucker stopped, Merrie was lost. At least until someone new invaded her thoughts.
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37 Cleaned Up No longer the cock slave of Fucker and the victim of Haviston's abuse, Merrie had finally returned to the physical world. But there is one question in the minds of the mill trainers, can she bond? The only way to test it is to get Merrie to bond and see if Haviston had made an irrevocable mistake.
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38 The County Fair They are finally at the county fair. In a few short hours, Merrie is going to be sold, but until then Bass has to prove that he produces good bitches for the discerning buyer. But, will the spells that Haviston gave Merrie help or harm Bass' reputation?
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39 Advantage Taken The county fair has been going on for hours and it is nothing like Merrie expected but everything she had been trained for. She had been stroked, touched, and fucked by dozens of strangers. But, even as she is used by anonymous people enjoying their only chance with an alpha, there are more sinister plans for her talents.
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40 Red Bass is haunted by many things. One of them has come back and is waiting on the violent, bloody side of the county fair. Bass hates the casual killing of Blood County, but can he handles who is waiting for him?
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41 The Auction Merrie is finally going to be sold and she is terrified for her life. Rakin's threats hang over her every thought and she knows that he will do anything to buy her. But, where can an alpha get comfort? And will someone save her from Rakin's hatred?
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42 Her New Owner Merrie has a new owner, Count Rakin, a vile man brimming with hatred. And Count Rakin has no intent of easing her into her new life. He wants her on her knees and servicing him like a good slave. But, can Merrie use the one chance she has to fight for freedom?
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43 Locked Away To prevent Bass from stealing her back and Rakin from taking her to his tent, Merrie is locked into a safe room. But in the darkness, can she take charge of her own fate and find a way to freedom?
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44 In the Night Merrie is waiting her fate in a locked room of Eolis' wagon. There is nothing she can do to stop Rakin, or is there? Is she alone in the darkness, wrapped in wards, or is there someone else who has his eyes on her?
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45 Negotiations Merrie's love for Bass had been stripped her and she was quickly losing the ability of even remembering that she cared for the folks at the mill. What would Merrie do now that she was back on the auction block? And is she finally free of Rakin's hatred?
46 Owned Merrie knows very little about her new master, only that he isn't Rakin nor is he Bass. But with the long ride home, she is looking forward to finding out who he is and what he is going to do to her.
MF oral cons F-solo MF denial
47 Stolen Privacy Merrie's new master, lovable as he is, doesn't know the first thing about being a master. But, as he opened up his secrets to Merrie, she began to teach him about how to dominate her and use her as the bitch she was.
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48 Coming Home Merrie is finally reaching her new home. But, her master has to make a stop on the away but the route he took will shake her to the bone.
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49 Alpha Bitch When it comes to Kine's affection, there are two women in his life: Rimmy and Merrie. Rimmy had been there since the beginning but Merrie would do anything for them. But, when it comes down to it, can the two women figure out who is alpha?
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50 A Simple Door Three months have passed and Merrie is getting comfortable with her new life. She has a good master but still struggles with jealousy with his girlfriend. But, is there someone or something she can find solace or least a shoulder to lean on?
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51 Seconds Thoughts It was hours after her master almost died. Merrie was struggling with her new powers and her broken leg. But, he needed her and she had to come to him.
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52 Kissing Up There is little to ruin Merrie's life. She had bonded with her master and life was good. She enjoyed the sex and closeness with the man she saved. But, there was still Rimmy. Was there anything Merrie could do to earn Rimmy's acceptance?
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53 Muddy Gangbang It was a hot and steamy day. Her master and Rimmy are bored but horny. Merrie is playing with the pack, wrestling in the mud in the joyful haze of serving. But, when her master asks her to fuck the pack, can she do it?
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54 Daylight Kill Kine's love for Rimmy could not be overshadowed by his connection with Merrie. But, will she take his hand in marriage or will something else destroy everything Merrie has grown to love?
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55 Alone The only survivor of the attack, Merrie was still trapped in her cage. Her soul had been torn out with her master's death and she would do anything to join him.
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56 His Grave As Merrie remained locked in the cage, starving to death, someone has finally noticed Kine's mansion enough to investigate. But, what do the three guards have in mind, besides looting?
57 What She Needs Merrie has managed to turn her back on her old life and found a new one as a beggar. But, can she survive on the street as just another faceless person, unknown to anyone? Or will her past find her and drag her back to the life she was fleeing?
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58 Job Interview Eolis commanded her to come at least every two days. But, as a beggar, Merrie didn't have many options to find pleasure to obey his command. Her only option is the Whore's Guild. But, she didn't know what to expect when she headed through the doors.
HF fist
59 Eavesdropping As Merrie is enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm, she overhears Kirin talking about her. The guild mistress has more than a few concerns and many of them shake Merrie to the core.
60 Servicing the Public Merrie is now a whore for the guild, but placed at one of the least desirable of locations. With her telepathy and unique traits, she quickly gains a following of loyal customers. But, what will happen when she encounters a familiar face, of the woman who broke her from her cage?
FFF cons mc magic oral
61 Broken Trust Not every customer was generous with their money. Some see Merrie giving pleasure to others and demand the same, even when they don't have any intent to pay.
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62 A Funeral Only Merrie and Nir came to the beggar's funeral, but Merrie was lost in her thoughts. She had to take care of the sick teenager. She had a house, one that she hoped to never return to, but maybe she could make it a home again.
63 Gillette Sooner or later, Merrie had to return home. But, not even in her most depressed nightmares did she expect what she found.
64 Ambushed Merrie finally made it to her master's mansion. But there was far more than just a building that waited for her, and memories could be one of the hardest thing to fight.
65 Unexpected Developments Nir could never live in the Shadowed District, not with the creatures still prowling around the darkness. As Merrie considered that, she headed back to find a safe home for Nir.
M+F+/F oral
66 A Forgotten Bitch On the first day of summer, Merrie was commanded to go to the Obsidian board to get a message from Eolis. She didn't know what to expect from the thriban, but she wasn't expecting either of the people waiting for her.
MF D/s viol cons
67 Scent of Attraction Sometimes, when life is getting into a comfortable rhythm of being dominated and fucked, something changes. For Merrie, it came with a single scent, a smell that brought back memories she had forgotten.
68 Earning Trust Every action has consequences. Merrie learned that with her despair and the Shadowed District, but when her actions start to affect her friend Nir and Scorch, what is she going to do.
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69 The Past Returns It started with an evening where the air is cool. Nir and Scorch are finishing up their marks for the evening and Merrie is enjoying the icy breeze on the roof. But, the Shadows were shifting in ways that she had never seen before and someone was coming for her.
70 Rakin's Revenge Rakin had teleported Merrie away from her cloak, her pack, and her friends. There is no question that he is going to torture and rape her, but how will Merrie respond?
MF inc viol mc
71 Forever Broken What would give first? Merrie's flagging strength, her despair, or Rakin's rage? And who will be broken and who will become the slave?
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72 A Winter Romp It was weeks since Merrie was kidnapped and the injuries continued to drag her down. She was barely surviving with hand- and blow-jobs. But, Tamin knew what she needed to survive, even if Merrie didn't think she could handle it. As they headed out of the city to meeting up with Eolis, her alpha decides to hunt.
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73 Consequences After a wild round of sex in the snow, Merrie was finally ready to meet up with Eolis. But, there were consequences to her romp, some sexy and some uncertain.
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74 Trial of the Century The trial of Rakin would be stuff of legends. He is untouchable, he has everything planned down the last contingency. It wasn't a question of if he would escape life imprisonment or execution, but how.
75 Fang Months ago, Merrie had seen something in Fang's mind while she was giving him a blow-job. A lot has happened since then, but she is once again presented with a puzzle of the dark secrets he has buried in his head.
MF oral anal
76 Rakin's Gift For the first time in years, the Whore's Guild members stopped selling their services for a single day so they could go to the hall to party and vote on major issues, like how many times to spank Nir and Scorch for their upcoming marriage. But, in the shadows of the celebration, the real reason is given to Merrie and she learns exactly what Rakin left her.
77 Decisions Forever is a big choice and Merrie thought she was ready to make it. But, as she stared at the heavy black collar that would bind her forever, she realized that very few of the people in her live would be the master she now knew she wanted. But, there are others that are wanting to make that choice for her and they are coming for her.
F/solo viol
78 Oath-Bound Being arrested by the highest ranking knight in the country is a terrifying thing. Being lead into a featureless room deep in the depths of the World Tree, where people could disappear without even a hint of trial.
HF anal viol cons magic
79 Interrogation After two hours of waiting in the depths of the World Tree, someone finally came for Merrie. But, what did they have in mind for the bitch who destroyed part of the World Tree.
F/solo MF oral mdom
80 Duty Calls For five days, the prince enjoyed Merrie's body. But, the rest of the world refuse to remain still and all good things must come to an end.
MF oral mdom
81 Haviston's Mistake The last person Merrie expected to find on the streets of Franome City was Haviston. She also wasn't expecting to see him prepared for war. What does Haviston want with her?
82 Bitch Fight Merrie was going to kill Bass, that much she knew. But, she hadn't seen the fallen paladin in five years. Would he be waiting for her? Why did he kidnap Lady Anasome?
83 Violent Memories Merrie couldn't remember all of the fight with Bass and Sable. She didn't know how, if she was winning and they were fleeing, that Merrie didn't chase them both down and their horror on the world. The only answer came from Lady Anasome and Rose. Maybe one of them could finally explain why Merrie didn't kill her rapist.
84 The First Step Merrie is finally going back to the Puppy Mill, but she isn't capable of getting there on her own. When she came home from the Mill, she wasn't looking with her head down in Kine's lap. Now, she needed a guide.
MF oral inc
85 Paintings Catais Milliford is a fascinating painter, capable of illustrating the personal lives of so many people on the caravan. But, Merrie is curious about the colorful (in many ways) man and she finds out that he has more than just a talent with the brush and paint.
MF best viol cons rom
86 A Mistaken Tale It was Merrie's last night in the caravan and she was on the edge of excitement and terror. She didn't know if Bass would love her or hate her for what she did, but there was only one way to help set her pounding heart at ease. And that was to spend the last night fucking.
MF cons sn
87 Good Girl Merrie, Fang, and Tamin were running in the dark, fleeing before the paladins found Darrin's corpse. But, too soon, their ruse was found out and Merrie had to make a choice that she had been dreading for years.
88 Merrie It was down to Fang and Merrie and they were so close to the Puppy Mill. She looked for anything that would tell her where to go: the fence, a rock, a familiar tree. And then they stumbled onto a white stake in the middle of a hill. Her stake. She had made it.
89 Epilogue A year had past since Merrie had died on that fateful day. Borias, like many others, grieved for her passing. And, on one summer night, he headed to her grave to say goodbye one last time.