True Submissives. The rare individual who gain power when they submit to master. The more they are humiliated, bound, and fucked, the more they enhance their master’s own power and gain powers of their own. The only limit is the strength of will their master has and the depths of depravity that they will force a submissive into.

One True Submissive stood out beyond the others, Merrie. A young woman kidnapped from the streets of Franome City and carried away to be tortured, raped, and beaten has the power to become one of the most powerful individuals the world has ever known.

Puppy Mill

Merrie never really thought about her life. She just enjoyed parties at night and was always late to work. But, one day as she rushed to make it in time, she ran into a huge thriban who had other plans. Before she could do anything, she was kidnapped and sent to a farm to be turned into a sex slave.

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Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows

The only thing that could stop Merrie and her collar was a god. In specific, Lemetri, a goddess of light and justice. When Merrie battled Lemetri to save Bass, it ended in the deaths of both bitch and goddess. One of them would survive.

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