Merrie crawled through the darkness. Her supernatural vision made it easy to avoid the larger of the rotten trees and crumble rocks. Everything had corroded with the touch of the Shadows, even the ground itself. It crumbled underneath her touch, the sterile grains no longer clung to itself and it shifted with every movement.

With so much darkness around her, she easily restored the shadows of her body and patched up her wounds with bands of darkness. It wouldn't hold underneath the light, but it kept her from leaking more of her insides until her skin could heal.

Sorrow radiated from her and the shadows flocked to her misery. She could feel the beat of spirits on the other side the veil, there was little keeping the Shadows from invading the world. She could feel it stretching all around her, as if some creature's claws were pressing against fabric over a door. It was a terrible feeling but, at the same time, she wanted to slip over and embrace the death that was on the other side.

She didn't know what she was looking for, only that she could no longer see the brilliant column of light from Bass. She had seen it before, it was one of his more powerful attacks. She was thankful that he was still alive, but Tabitha's last words worried her. He would have only used it in times of crisis or maybe someone died. Images of Borias, Fir, Cinthia, and even Sable flashed through her mind, each one sending her darker and deeper into her despair.

Merrie already knew how low she could get. She almost killed an entire city with her sorrow over losing Kine. Thousands had died because of her and she would have easily killed ten times that if she didn't try to undo her mistake. It took her a long time to accept Kine's death. It was Rakin, of all people, who gave her the ability to work out her emotions against him until they both came out of that cell, bloodied and broken.

Her thoughts brought more sorrow and shadows around her. She tried to cheer herself up, but it was difficult. She had finally brought herself back to life only to lose everyone before they could ever have a reunion. She spent years trying to return to the mill, if it wasn't for Haviston's compulsion, and now she couldn't even be with the family she loved.

She continued to crawl through the rotted world of the shadow lands, vainly looking for some forgotten artifact or spell that would let her change the battle. Instead she just saw death and destruction. It washed over her, the scent of rot flooding her nostrils along with the burn of ether in the back of her throat. It was her scent, her smell. It flowed through her veins as the shadows corrupted everything including herself.

Coming around a tree, she scraped her back against it before she managed to come free. She could have easily pushed it aside if she had hands but she didn't. She didn't even use her cloak.

She stumbled free.

Seeing an empty circle of nothing, she stopped. There was nothing in the center, No rotted leaves or branches, Not a single stump or rock. Just a flat, featureless circle of death. It hung in the air, a stillness that had suffocated even the wind around it.

She let out a soft cry. She knew what was in the center. It was where Lemetri had ripped out her heart before Merrie pulled both of them into the Shadows. The last and greatest of her spells, giving her soul to the Lord of Shadows.

Trembling, Merrie started toward the center. She had nowhere else to go. The silence pressed down on her and she felt the veil between two worlds grow paper thin. It would only take a single thought to cross over. She shook violently as she reached the center and looked down. There wasn't even a scorch mark from where the goddess died.

She could feel the pressure of the veil against her. The Shadows were close, almost ripping through on their own. It bore down on her heart and head. She felt it seeping through her magical energies and her heart quickened with it.

It was the darkness, the Shadows. It reached for her, strained to cross the thin barrier between worlds. She wondered if she stepped aside if it would rupture the opening. Would the Shadows burst forth, would they be able to take on the army poised to kill her family?

Merrie knelt in the center like a proper bitch. She spread her knees and let her tail rest on the ground. Lifting her head, she looked into the inky void above her. “Why? Why did you bring me back?”

Her voice didn't echo, it was muted by the stillness in the air.

Any icy wind brushed against her bruised and battered body, teasing her nipples and sliding in the valley between her legs.

She brought her wrists up to her collar. “Please? I'm begging you.”

Unsure of what to do, she bowed her head until her hair touched the ground. She planted herself and lifted up her ass, presenting herself to what she hoped was the Lord of Shadows. Though having her pussy and ass lifted up seemed inappropriate for a being that could rend the World Tree in half.

A tingling tickled her rear.

She shook her ass, sweeping her tail aside.

The tingling grew stronger and quickly became an itch. She jerked and sat up, pulling herself away.

A flash of light caught her attention. She looked up and realized it was her hair. Light had caught on the ends and was slowly following the strands to her scalp. It was a shimmering silver, the faintest of lights. She had seen it before, when Borias showed her lips in the mirror.

Balancing on her knees, Merrie looked down. She scanned the earth but couldn't see anything. But she knew what it was, Lemetri's blood. It had soaked into the ground but was hidden in the darkness.

Her scalp began to tingle. She cringed and looked up as the shimmering spread out along the strands of her hair, giving her a shimmering silver appearance.

Her ass still tingled. Whimpering, she yanked her tail and pulled it forward. When she saw the shimmering strands coloring her ass, she let out a whine. She needed darkness, not to have her body glowing all the time.

The burning increased. The divine light was fighting with her shadowy nature. She squirmed and tried to pull at her hair, snapping strands. The shimmering glow continued to follow the strands until her ass and scalp were burning.

Merrie cried out and pawed at her hair, trying to escape the blood of the goddess. Her whine rose in volume until it filled the air around her.

And then it stopped.

One moment, she was crying out and then the next there was nothing but overwhelming pressure and ice against her body. Merrie shook as fear filled her. She slowly looked up to see the towering form of the Lord of Shadows looming over her. Terrible wings spread out across the sky, blotting out even the darkness. Claws larger than her body flexed and tightened. She had seen them tear through buildings and people, both had rotted away in an instant.

Fear gripped her heart. She felt the hot trickle of urine splatter down her thigh but there were no splatters as it rotted away before touching the ground.

(Lord of Shadows, help me.)

(Shadow Maker. Light Snuffer. You have fed.) The power of the Lord of Shadows' voice was overwhelming. It crushed Merrie's own thoughts as it projected directly into her brain. It felt like shadowy claws were scraping against her very mind, corroding everything it passed as the words echoed endless in her head. There were more, alien thoughts that she had no chance of understanding but they had a pattern similar to the calligraphic spells that danced across her thoughts.

Merrie whimpered and held herself still.

The Lord of Shadows flexed one claw and loomed closer. She could feel the ground dissolving around her, blowing way into dust as she sank down around him. The raw power of the creature was overwhelming, it both filled and drained her body at the same time. Her heart beat faster, the triple beat shaking her form.

(W-What do I do? How do I save them?)

(Save. Shadows. Give. Sanctuary.) Each word felt like a torture for a creature trying to communicate with a lesser being. The Lord's immense thoughts threatened to shatter her sanity.

Tears ran down her cheeks only to blow away into black mists. She inhaled the sharpness of Shadows into her lungs and trembled at the icy scrap against her lungs. When she exhaled her, her hair began to glow brighter. It flickered with every breath, snapping back and forth in the silent wind that rose up around her.

(Shadow Maker. Give sanctuary to your children.)

The veil between the worlds strained. She could feel a thousand claws pressing against it, trying to break through the barrier between the worlds. She pictured the other creatures that the Lord of Shadows had created. They were formed when her own energies had ripped through the roof of her mansion when she collared herself. The terrifying moment had repeated itself when the Lord of Shadows had pulled Lemetri with Merrie into the darkness. The last thing she saw was it splitting in half and two more beasts being created from the light as they feasted on the goddess' body.

The Lord reached down with one claw. It was larger than her. It touched her collar with surprising delicateness. Everything other than her and the collar rotted with its presence. (Open the gate.)

It projected with the force of a command. Her pussy grew slick and dripping in an instant. She shuddered with her orgasm and spread her legs further on the fine sand of dead ground.

Calligraphy raced through her mind, patterns she had already seen before far more complex and intricate than she had ever seen before. As she watched the Lord imprint the knowledge directly into her mind, she considered the spell. She didn't think it was beyond her limits for skill but she didn't have nearly enough power to cast it.

The Lord kept drawing the spell across her mind. The longer it took, the more she could feel her sanity being threatened by the alien thoughts that pummeled her thoughts. The Lord saw the world differently, both in a scale that treated her as barely significant but also from a view that had no basis in her reality. It was terrifying see the world different and she struggled to keep her own perceptions intake with the Lord invading her mind.

When it finally finished, it withdrew rapidly. It reminded her of an immense cock being yanked out of her cunt, with an empty ache left behind. As much as the Lord's presence threatened her sanity, it was also as if a god was inside her mind.

She lurched forward with a sob, her wrists catching her from falling to the ground. Tears splashed down as she drew her thoughts together and considered the spell. It would rip a permanent hole between the world, not unlike what she had done to the district in her sorrow. The only difference was the spell would be deliberate and focused, far harder to break than just an orgasm and blast of pleasure.

It would corrupt the world around the mill, probably destroy every living thing within the shadow land. Creatures of the night would roam free in the cover of darkness preying on not only the mill and the bitches there but also the surrounding villages.

She wanted to say no, but something stopped her. It was a longing. The creatures in the shadow district were friendly to her, loving even. Even the most fearsome beast would have obeyed her and it tore her heart when she destroyed them.

Fresh tears ran down her cheeks. She hated the feeling that gnawed at her when she killed the creatures of the shadow. They fought for her, defend her, and even sheltered her. They were her kin, but ones of the black blood that flowed through her veins.

Far away from Franome, there wouldn't be as much danger to others if a small part of the shadows remained in reality. Maybe the mill could move? She felt guilty for even considering asking.

Before her, the Lord of Shadows drew back. (Open. Sanctuary.)

Something twinged inside her, a promise to save Franome. It was her geas, the promise she made to the queen of the country to protect the land. She couldn't let the Shadows take over, even if she wanted. But, at the same time, she wanted to open the gate. It was more than a longing, it was a hunger to have the shadows swirling around her body, ice against her body.

The geas fought with her longing. It wasn't a boiling in her stomach like the last one but an overwhelming pressure to obey, to submit. Her body grew slicker with her excitement as she struggled against it, letting her ideas shift and slide in an attempt to find some way that would let her protect Franome from the darkness while still obeying the Lord of Shadows.

She knew that the shadows would spread out from the portal, they would continue to eat away at reality until there was nothing left but darkness.

Her geas responded powerfully, crushing the idea.

The only way was to limit the shadow lands from forming. If they couldn't invade, then there would be no threat to the rest of the country.

Suddenly, the geas relaxed.

Merrie let out a gasp and then smiled. She had an option, a way of obeying both the geas and the Lord of the shadows. Lifting her head, she addresses the most powerful being in her world. (I have a request.)

The Lord's attention was a lead weight against her mind.

(I-I will give you sanctuary but you can't claim all this land. You must have a limit, places you can't go.)

(There are shadows everywhere.) The alien thoughts pummeled her mind and she could tell it was not happy.

(Not everywhere,) she said as she almost lost control of her bladder again. She was about to bargain with a god. She didn't know if she should laugh or cry. Instead, she wiped the dried tears from her face. She tried to think about how to frame her response. (There are shadows and then there is… home.)

The attention intensified. She trembled under the Lord's will.

(What if… what if…) She struggled with the idea in her head. She felt ashamed for asking but it was the only metaphysical measurement she knew. (What if you limit yourself as far as my orgasm will travel?)


(I radiate pleasure when I come. It affects people. That will be your limit.)

The Lord loomed over her again. (You are strong enough to consume the world.)

Her heart skipped a beat. (Y-You aren't good enough to make me come that hard.)

The Lord's silence was painful.

(Promise. By whatever you honor, by your own being. By the Shadows, by the darkness. You will go to my limits and no further. Not as long as Franome exists.)

The Lord pulled back. Its powerful wings spread out and she felt its alien emotions grinding down on her.

Merrie bit back a whimper. She had gone too far, she knew it.


She gulped. (How do you make a promise?)

The Lord only pulled back further. (Cast the spell, use the light. A promise has been made.)

(Use the….) Merrie looked around. As they had talked,the ground had rotted underneath her. It was nothing more than fine sand except for droplets of shimmering light that had gathered on the surface. It was Lemetri's blood. The same color flowed through her hair.

She could picture the gate spell in her mind but it was too complicated to keep in her head. She needed it to be drawn on the ground.

Panting, she bent to her side and brought her tail to her mouth. Taking a large hunk of the shimmering hairs in her mouth, she braced herself and yanked hard. They snapped out and she jerked at the pain that shot up her spine.

With a whimper, she worked the hairs with her lips and the ends of her arms to create a makeshift brush tied with a sliver of darkness from her cloak. Holding it firmly in her lips, she leaned over and tipped the end into the blood of the goddess. The shimmering light surged up the strands until it glowed brightly in her mouth.

Wincing at the brightness and the prickle of divine power, Merrie began to draw out the gate spell on the ground. She had to crouch, her ass in the air and her breasts scraping on the ground, but she could draw. Her brush held and a ragged line followed her tracing.

The spell in her head both incomplete and too complicated at the same time. It was created by a mind born of Shadows not her mortal frame. But she had cast similar ones enough to know where to fill in the gaps. She crouched as she drew, spreading it out in calligraphy on the rotted ground.

It felt like she was writing on the world itself. Power surged around her as she followed the lines precisely, using her intuition more than her memory to finish the swirls and whorls that made up the spell. The power pulsed along the color painted on the ground. A wind picked up but somehow didn't disturb the lines she had already drawn.

As she traced out the lines, she felt her life pouring into the spell. The very core of her being was being painted on the ground and she could see black streaks through the shimmering light of the goddess' blood.

When the blood ran out, she dipped it into the gathered pool until it was gone. Whens he still had more, she squeezed it out of her tail and hair to wring one last precious droplet out.

The world wavered around her, both from the veil between Shadow and reality straining but also from her vision blurring. It hurt to breathe. Her limbs felt heavy when she moved them for the next whorl of power.

By the time she was on the last swirl of the spell, her entire body shook with effort. Her energy had rapidly drained with the effort to keep the brush in place. She was also out of blood. She imagined the last loop and held her breath as she hoped the color would hold. It was only seconds of painting before either the spell or color would fade.

She gasped and forced the line steadily. Only two more curves, only one more curve.

One centimeter from the end, the color stopped.

“W-What? No!” Her throat ached from speaking.

Only a centimeter of color was needed to finish the spell. Merrie looked around for any more droplet but there was none. No more blood of a goddess left. No more energy for the spell.

She felt the energy beginning to dissipate. She didn't have enough. The spell was breaking apart.

Whimpering, she looked around again, pawing at the ground. She needed just a little bit more, a single droplet would be enough.

The wind picked up around her, howling as she felt the air being sucked out of her lungs. She didn't know if the Lord was happy or not, but she could imagine a thousand shadowy beings screaming to escape. They would tear her apart if she didn't finish.

Merrie whined as she looked for more shimmering. She just needed a tiny bit more. She scanned the ground for the same color as her lips and hair.

When she found none, she slumped back. “No, this isn't fair.”

No answer but the overwhelming pressure. It ground down on her, forcing her toward the rotting ground. She licked her lips to moisten them and then smiled. She had a bit of color left.

Reaching up, she grabbed her collar with her wrists. She brought her lower lip up against her teeth and then sent the command. (Bite. Bleed.)

Unable to resist her own commands, Merrie chomped down and sliced into her lip. At the same time, her pussy surged with lust and submission. As the ether-laced black blood and shimmering color gathered on her lip, she bent over and kissed the last part of the spell.

Energy exploded from her, throwing her back. She saw blackness rip open between the worlds and a thousand claws burst out of it. They spread out from the magic circle, a boiling mass of unnatural creatures and shadowy beings that she had seen many times in the last few years. Claws and teeth swarmed over her, a boiling sea of black on black.

She was ripped off the ground and tossed into the air. Screaming, she fell back down but they were already swarming over her. Teeth scraped against her nipples and tore at her sides. The pain sparked against her senses as claws were dragged across her buttocks and back, a lover's scratch instead of a killing blow.

Merrie gasped as she felt an icy mouth filled with teeth pressed against her sex. It was large and easily took her entire pelvis inside. A tongue slathered against her, leaving behind hoarfrost that tickled against her skin.

More claws were on her, scraping against her body, covering every inch with sharp pains.

Merrie tried to twist out of the grip but she was couldn't. There were too many creatures holding on her. The helpless ignited a flame inside her.

Teeth bit down on her breasts, piercing the flesh as the sucked on the aching mounds. The pleasure and pain blurred together, overwhelming in how fast they assaulted her body. There was no gentleness, no kindness, only brutal speed and strength.

Something thick and rough was shoved up against her asshole. It slammed forward, tearing open her ass as it drove deep into her body. She felt every millimeter of the icy length as it plunged deep into her rectum and slammed against her organs.

She screamed out without wanting to, but the sound ended in a muffled gurgle when a tentacle jammed down her throat. She choked on it, but then a second and third forced their way past her cheeks and into her mouth. Her neck swelled by the brutal intrusion. She tried to breathe but couldn't as the tentacle thrust erratically into her, fucking her throat clear down to her stomach in a rapid fire series of thrusts.

The hardness in her ass was yanked out, tearing it open further before something larger pressed against it. There was no way so many creatures could reach her but the shadows were flexible and fluid. The massive intruder tore into her, ripping her rectum wide open as it began to pound a fist-sized hardness into her body.

Merrie cried out as the pleasure and pain grew. It was hard to tell the difference, it was impossible to wrap her mind around her brutal rape with the exhaustion of casting the spell. Her body was adrift in the sensations, unseeing as every centimeter of her body was assaulted.

Her pussy was invaded by a dozen claws. They scraped against her insides as they tried to reach her cervix. She felt it tearing into her insides and tried to force them out, but she was growing too wet with her helplessness and it only added to the friction. The thickness filled her up, stretching her insides as they pounded into her ass, her pussy, her mouth.

She was helpless to do anything and her lusts ignited for her inability to do anything. Crying out around the thrusting tentacles in her throat, she writhed and twisted, silently begging for more even as they bit and scratched.

Her collar glowed with its healing power but it wasn't enough.

More mouths clamped on her breasts, a hundred nibbling teeth. More caught on her sides, stomach, and buttocks. They gnawed on her body, adding to her pleasure.

Merrie choked on the cocks raping her throat. She couldn't help but feel pleasure from the intensity. They were brutal but also fucking her. They were dominating her like no mortal person could ever do. She couldn't identify the bodies only a swarm of cocks, tentacles, and teeth. The surrealism only added to her pleasure.

It didn't matter how she writhed and twisted, there was something thrusting into her. More tentacles shoved into her mouth, ripping her throat open as they forced their way in. As one drew out, two more were forcing their way inside. The constant thrusting and pulling of the b lack tentacles was too much to bear. She clamped down on them but they forced her mouth open.

They were using her, raping her. There was no part of her body that wasn't being impaled or bit.

Something gnawed on her clitoris, tiny teeth teasing the hard nub of pleasure until it ached. It wasn't drawing blood but it was close. She tried to rock away from the pain but the creatures had pilled her arms and legs away form her body. Teeth nibbled along every centimeter of her limbs, against delicate flesh and skin.

The pleasure continued to grow, it was an orgasm stronger than she had in a long time. The sudden helplessness and brutality pushed her to higher heights. She started to orgasm, but then every mouth bit down hard on her, interrupting her pleasure.

As soon as the wave past, they were once against nibbling and touching her.

She cried out, her ruined orgasm still growing in pleasure. It threatened to rip about her mind as she lost herself in the thrusting cocks and tentacles. The claws in her pussy reached her cervix and scraped against it. The entire effort for the fingers to get deeper strained her entrance with the endless back and forth of a hundred hands jamming and pulling back.

Merrie jerked violently and tried to escape. Her body shimmered as she tried to melt away but the shadows had her pinned. They would have just raped her in any form she took.

With a rush, the pain disappeared. It became nothing more than ecstasy that burned brightly in her black veins. She cried out as her orgasm rushed up and then was halted by a thousand teeth chomping down on her body. They brought her to the edge of pleasure again and again, each time it rose in power as the Lord of Shadows taught her how much her body could take.

They continued their assault on her, brutalizing her body as they raped her. She thrashed back and forth, trying to escape. Her helplessness only added to the fires, they were black inside her body, burning her insides as her entire frame clenched and relaxed in rapid.

Sheets of her juices coated her thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Her body had been flipped and twisted around that she could taste her excitement on her lips. She sucked on them, tasting blood, cock, and her pussy. Her insides clamped down as an orgasm rushed up.

A thousand teeth bit down, stopped her orgasm.

Merrie whimpered and cried out. (Please!) she begged. (Let me come!)

Just as fast as they came, the shadows pulled away. Only the ones holding her limbs held her in place.

She shuddered and gasped for breath. The suddenness was overwhelming as was the desperate hunger for an orgasm. Every part of her skin was raw and bleeding darkness. The mist swirled around her, covering her body in darkness. The parts that weren't bleeding glistened with her juices and pleasure.

She tried to pull her arm free but tentacles wrapped around her shoulders and elbow only tightened to keep her in place.

Frowning, Merrie looked around for why they stopped. And then stopped when she realized the Lord of Shadows was looming over her. She shook as she looked up.

It was holding out its fist. The limb was larger than her body but there was no question it was pulling back to thrust inside.

Merrie whimpered in fear. Her body was already dripping with need but the terror rose into a knife-like edge. She clenched.

The Lord thrust forward. Its hand slammed against her cunt and asshole, exploding into streamers of black mist. They poured into her, filling her pussy and swelling it open as icy pressure forced its way up Merrie's rectum.

She screamed out as it continued to pour into her, filling her insides until she thought she would burst open. Seconds later, it streamed out of her mouth and nose. She felt every millimeter of it scraping her insides, dragging back and forth along raw nerves.

Her ruined orgasms ignited into the purest black flame. It seared along her veins, surging as the Lord shoved deep and yanked out. Every thrust of its unnatural fist pushed her higher and higher.

Fear sparkled in her mind. The Lord was going to make her come hard enough to touch the world. She cried out and tried to hold back the pleasure, but the bites and thrusting made it impossible. She wanted to come, she craved it. When the Lord thrust into her, she lifted her pale hips up to its fist and accepted it. When it burst out of her mouth, she shuddered with ecstasy. She needed to come, it was her nature, it was her power.

The Lord of Shadows continued to assault her ass and cunt. The streamers of mist caressed every inch of her body inside and out. It danced along her veins and throbbed along her bones. It set off a thousand pleasurable sensations and she couldn't stop her orgasm even if she tried.

It exploded inside her body and mind, a pure wave of ecstasy that threatened to destroy the world. The black orgasm seared her veins but it wasn't enough. It exploded from her mind but a sudden twist of darkness and she felt it funnel through her collar, the collar the Lord of Shadows had help bind her.

Knowing that anything that went through the collar would be magnified a hundred-fold, Merrie came even hard as she dreaded the explosion. When it came, it pulverized the shadows around he before spreading out in a black wave of visible energy.

In the black field of her mind, her orgasm also rippled away from her. She could feel the hearts and bodies of everyone who ever submitted among a field of stars. All of them would be affected by the intensity of her orgasm.

The Lord slammed its fist home again, impaling her completely on obsidian mists. It burst out of her throat and set off another orgasm that rippled out for her.

Merrie screamed out and followed the energy as it burst out of the glade and slammed into the armies around them. Every man and woman who had ever obeyed a command exploded into orgasm. As one, they dropped to the ground as their bodies were wracked with the most powerful pleasure they had ever experienced. Commanders dropped as did the priests and other warriors. The smell of cum flooded the air as it soaked into robes and leaked out of armor.

The ripple of pleasure continued to expand.

The Lord of Shadows hammered its fist into Merrie, driving the obsidian mist through her entire being and setting off wave after wave of pleasure. Her entire body burned brightly as she thrashed violently, snapping free of her bounds and thumping toe the ground.

Each burst of pleasure was forced into her collar by the Lord's alien mind. Each one that came back magnified and stronger was sent out to add to the Lord's growing domain.

Pressure ground her into the earth as the Lord thrust again and again, driving the pleasure higher and higher as she was rapped from ass to mouth in rapid fire blows.

Merrie felt her orgasm reaching further, spreading out until it approached Maddy's Dairy and even the villages in Blood County. It was only a matter of seconds, a few thrusts of the Lord's powerful fist, that they would be swallowed by the shadow lands that would follow. After that, more of the county would be swallowed by darkness.

She tried to pull it back.

The Lord's hammering made it impossible to stop it. The pleasure of having something so hard, so fast, and so flexible driving deep into her orgasms was too much. It touched every pleasurable nerve, set off every sensation of being filled that she had. She cried out, her eyes no longer seeing, as she came again and again.

Merrie whimpered as she imagined all the people who would die when the shadow land swallowed them up. She couldn't hold back, she could only force it somewhere else. In desperation, she threw it into the one thing she had left, her collar. It could store energy.

With all her mental might, she drew back the pleasure and forced it into the collar, commanding it to store. It poured into the artifact.

For a moment, she thought it would stop.

The collar reached the limits of its storage and the excess energy poured out magnified even more. It circled back into the collar again and again, gathering energy and strength with every loop before the Lord of Shadows finally let it explode out from Merrie's helpless body.

Merrie screamed and drew it back, forcing it into the collar again and again. Power surged through her as her entire body glowed from the inside. The black flames seared the Lord itself as she became a black inferno of lust and shadows.

Unable to take it, she directed it up. A black beam of pure darkness burst out of her body and speared up. It was grew around her, spreading out rapidly as it pierced the cloud. Unlike Bass's column of light, darkness surrounding the beam as the sky blotted out the stars and moon with a supernatural storm that rapidly formed.

The Lord yanked out its fist and looked up. Without a thought, it launched itself into the air and into the beam of darkness. Its form swelled and then exploded into hundreds of other creatures like itself. They split themselves until the air was thick with the powerful begins that swarmed in the cloud of darkness.

Merrie hit the ground hard, the energy drained out of her. Black cum poured out of her mouth, pussy, and ass. Her body shuddered violently from her rape. But there was a smile on her lips. She managed to keep the shadows confined though she had accidentally summoned thousands of creatures to roam the shadow land she had permanently affixed to the world.

The Lord landed heavily, its body glowing with dark energies. (The limits of your pleasure and no further. No being of darkness and shadows will leave through its own will from the boundaries you have established. Thank you, Shadow Maker. You have given us sanctuary. We will honor our promise.)

Its alien thoughts were clearer now. Or, Merrie wondered, had she been changed to understand them more.

Merrie cried out at the empty feeling. It was the strongest orgasm of her life and she already felt like there was nothing but an empty void left in her body. She curled up in a fetal position and let the tears blow away into black mist.