She woke up with a bloody nose and her body shaking violently. Her joints ached as she tried to push herself up but the smooth end of her wrist slipped in a puddle of something liquid. She groaned as she slumped forward, smacking into the slick liquid. When the smell of sake flooded her lungs, she realized it was her own black blood pooled underneath her.

Gasping, she managed to jam her wrists on the rough rocks underneath her and pushed herself up. The smooth ends of her wrists squelched in her blood. She could feel it dripping off her face. It also burned in the back of her nostrils and her throat.

She felt drained and exhausted. Every joint in her body ached with her effort to get into a sitting position. She shuddered and let out a deep breath. Her throat and lungs were rough; she could taste the sharpness in the back of her throat.

Merrie levered herself up; the cloak had pulled away but she didn't know when. She could feel a burning along her asshole and pussy. Even her piss hole ached. She didn't need to look down to see that black blood coated the inside of her thighs and oozed out from her nether cheeks.

With a groan, Merrie sat up. She peeled her tail out from underneath her leg with a wince and then found a comfortable position with spread thighs for balance. Every movement sent a pang of discomfort.

“That,” she gasped with her rough voice, “was a mistake.”

At least she knew that the geas was still wrapped around her soul. No action she could do was against Franome or the royal family. Even the thought—

Merrie forced her mind away from reliving the experience. She didn't think she could take another blast from an errant thought. Panting, she tried to find a comfortable position but kneeling in a puddle of her own blood seemed to be the only one.

As she tried to push away the discomfort, she brought her hands up to her throat. The sides of her slick arms pressed against her breasts. At the same time, her tail curled up and she found herself arching her back. Her nipples were standing up, as if begging to be sucked.

It only took a moment to realize someone was approaching. Her innate abilities, the powers of the alpha, allowed her to anticipate their desires. It didn't surprise her that she could sense someone even through Natis' wards, Bass had called her a “shield breaker” because she was able to pick up the thoughts of dominants even through their natural defenses.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she sank into the desires of the person approaching. They had very specific desires: an exact position of her wrists against her collar, the arch of her back, and even the distance between her knees. She smiled as she identified one of the Puppy Mill trainers, no one else had a reflexive desire to see a bitch submitting when they opened the door.

She wagged her tail, careful to hold it above the blood.

The door creaked.

Merrie held her breath and added a wiggle to her hips, rocking back and forth with her entire body.

The heavy lock scraped and groaned, then the door pushed open.

Merrie looked up, her eyes bright with hope.

There was a low, rumbling sigh. “Oh Goddess,” said Bass, “there is no greater pleasure than seeing a bitch present herself.”

“I be agreeing,” said Borias. “There is… be fucking me, you be bleeding?”

The mage rushed forward, dropping into the blood. Magical light burst from his hand, searing into her skin and blackening it. Healing energies flooded into her, repairing the damage as fast as the light burned her away.

Merrie felt dizzy for a moment. She started to fall but Bass' large hands caught her and pulled her tight to his powerful chest. Whimpering, she sank into him.

“What happened?” Bass' voice vibrated through her body. “Did they beat you?”

Merrie tried to speak but her voice froze for a moment. (No,) she finally projected. (I was… I made a mistake.)

A broad hand stroked her hair. “Wanted to make sure the geas was still affecting you?”

She coughed and clutched his chest with her arms.

When he wrapped his arms around her, she sank into the heat of his body. She felt safe in his grip, protected and comforted. She let out a little whine.

“There, there, little bitch. We have you now.”

Merrie sniffed and rubbed her tear-streaked eyes against his muscular pectoral. (Thank you.)

“If there was one thing I learned as a paladin, there are a lot of situations where you can be right and wrong at the same time.”

(Why didn't the geas stop me?)

The light from Borias' spell faded. “There be many geases in the world. Some be stupid, others be intelligent. The royal geas be one of the most powerful that a mortal human be casting without a god.”

Merrie sniffed and looked at him.

There was a sadness in Borias' eyes as he looked back at her. He rubbed his eyes and sat back into her drying blood. “The geas still there, I can be seeing it in your energies. Very powerful but also be absolute. Whatever your thoughts, whatever your choice, it be honoring the geas.”

(But how?)

Borias struggled for a moment. “Complex geases be knowing intent and the depths of your spirit. The promise you be making, the one you be making to the Lord, it be helping Franome even if no one can be knowing how. Count Blood may not be seeing it, but I trust the geas more than I trust him.”

Bass chuckled. “I agree. You are just at a point where your choices will put you on a different path.”

(Should I close the portal?) She hated even asking.

Bass sighed and stroked her hair. His large hand easily slid down her back to her tail before he brought it back up. It was a slow, soothing touch.

Merrie blinked at the tears in her eyes and pressed her cheek against his chest. (They are my family.)

Borias opened his mouth but said nothing. He nodded and leaned back.

(I made them, not from my womb but from my energies. I can feel them in my heart when they are close. They… treat me like their mother. They love me.)

The large hand never stopped stroking her.

Borias reached out and joined with Bass, stroking Merrie's thigh and arm with slow strokes.

(The Lord asked for me to save them, my babies. My kin. It was the deal, to save you, I had to give them a home. The shadow land. I had to take it, I had to save everyone.)

“They be bound to the limits of your orgasm, right? All that space and no further?”

A memory came up, of the Lord of Shadows saying she was strong enough to consume the world. She shuddered and tried to force it out of her head. “Y-Yes,” she said, not trusting her thoughts.

Bass said, “Do you think the Lord would break his side of the agreement?”

She thought for a moment and then shook her head. (No. The Lord promised.)

“Why? It's a little hard to believe a creature of darkness.”

Merrie thought of the reasons she believed it, but she knew in her heart it was as important as not closing the portal. Their agreement was bound in darkness, a connection. She looked up at Bass. For all of his experience, he wouldn't understand a gut feeling. (Lemetri.)

Bass stiffened.

(Promises made, never broken, right?)

He nodded.

(I open the portal with her blood. I had it in my hair and I painted the lines on the ground.) She smiled. (I even ended the spell with a kiss.)

Borias inhaled sharply. “You be using divine magic in the promise?”

Bass groaned. “Be fucking me.”

“That be my line!”

(You have to believe me.)

“I do,” Bass said as he stroked her. “I always believed you. I never doubted you made that pact, any more than I doubted that you would back out of it. Promises are a powerful thing. You can fight it, break it, or embrace it.” He chuckled. “You know what happens if you commit to too many promises though.”

He sighed and ran his thick fingers along the bottom of her jaw. “Using the blood of a goddess in a pact will carry a lot of weight. You might find it nearly impossible to break; it isn't a compulsion but the weight of divinity holds the chains that you have to shatter.”

Borias ran his hand along her thigh but said nothing.

She sniffed. (Thank you.) She looked over to Borias. (Both of you, thank you.)

Bass leaned down to kiss her. “You are a good girl.”

Shivering with pleasure, Merrie kissed him back. (Good boy,) she projected playfully.

The thriban glared at her but the corner of his mouth was turned in a smile. He wrapped his thick arms around her and squeezed her with a tight hug.

The pressure of his powerful grip sent a thrill across her body. Merrie let out a soft moan as she sank into the embrace. Her tail thumped against Borias' side. She smiled and rested the side of her head against the bare chest, a few of the thriban's gray hairs tickled her nose. She drank in the musky smell of his body, a hint of sweat and a lot of sex.

Borias snorted with amusement.

“What, Borias?” asked Bass.

“Oh, nothing, good boy.”

“Don't push it, boy.” Thriban's body tense as he growled.

Borias ran his hand along Merrie's buttocks. His finger trailed up underneath her tail. “Or be doing what?”

“I'll make you regret it.”

When Borias slipped his fingers into Merrie's pussy, she inhaled sharply before letting out moan. It felt good and she couldn't help but rock her fingers up against his digits. He easily delved deep into her opening, caressing and wiggling against her sensitive inner walls.

The mage leaned closer to her to look directly into Bass' face. “Like this?”

For a moment, nothing happened. Then suddenly an intense warmth exploded along his fingers. It was a healing spell, the greenish energies flowing along her insides as they seeped into her skin. She wasn't injured but that meant the energy rushed through her body like a thousand lapping bitches as they sought out her injuries.

Merrie's eyes widened as the heat beat against her insides. A shudder of pleasure arced along her nerves and she tightened her body against the broad chest. She tried to clamp down on her inner muscles, not to push him out but to hold him in, but her body seemed to roll over his glowing fingers. It hurt but also felt good. The swirl of agony and ecstasy blurred her vision almost instantly.

“Like what?” asked Bass, the rumble of his voice resonating through her body and melding with the waves of pleasure that assaulted her insides.

Merrie's eyes unfocused as she pawed at Bass' chest, arching her back as she squirmed on the pulsating fingers deep inside her core.

Borias twisted his fingers back and forth, plunging them deep into her pussy until his knuckles smacked against her vulva. He drew out and slammed them back home. With every movement, pulses of energy raced along her body, heating her up and igniting an infernal deep inside her cunt. Flashes of green lit up the cell, she could feel the light as much as the pleasure.

Bass frowned, his yellowed eyes darkening. “What are you doing?”

Merrie whined. She looked up at the thriban, pleading with her eyes. Her body was on fire. She ground her hard nipples against his chest and spread her legs further to crush her clitoris against the hard ridge of his cock that had grown with her movements.

Borias leaned over her, pressing his chest against her shoulder blades. His lips caressed her ear. “When I tell you, my good little girl—”

Merrie whimpered as the pleasure redoubled. Borias' thoughts were close to hers, the playfulness and planning building up an anticipation that was hard to resist.

“—I want you to be giving Bass all your pleasure. No other be coming, just him. Can you be doing that?”

With a soft cry, Merrie levered herself off Bass' cock and ground her buttocks up against his hand. She met his smacking knuckles with little grunts of pleasure of her own.

He drew his dripping fingers out, then jammed them deep into her pussy. Three fingers wiggled and squirmed inside her, stretching her insides as he painted the glowing magic against the most sensitive of places.

Merrie gasped, shuddering with pleasure, as she writhed on his fingers.

“Bor, what are you… doing?” Bass groaned. He unwrapped his arms around Merrie but she nestled closer, panting loudly as she thrust back into Borias' digits. Each movement smacked her loudly first on Borias' hands and then with her cheeks against Bass' chest; she was fucking herself on the torturous fingers that assaulted her cunt.

“I thought you be making me regret it,” Borias said with a smile. He thrust hard while causing the magic to pulsate deep inside Merrie's cunt.

The burst of energy shot her forward. She fell off his fingers with a wet slurping noise. With a whine, she pushed back until his fingers once again plunged deep into her cunt. Her inner walls rippled along his digits as she grew closer to an orgasm.

Bass spread his fingers along Merrie's back. He pushed his grip down to explore what Borias was doing. His fingertips, each one thick than a human cock, caressed along the curves of her ass and then down her crack. One finger teased her sphincter before he slipped further along to spread around Borias' thrusting fingers.

The sensation of three human digits plunging deep into her body coupled with the thick digits sliding along her slick folds was too much for Merrie. She let out a soft cry of pleasure and shuddered closer to an orgasm, her entire world centered on the five digits stroking her opening.

Bass wormed one finger into her pussy and another tickled against her anal ring. It would only take a single thrust to impale both of her openings on his thick fingers.

Her orgasm cracked open stripping away all the stress and fear away in one black moment that rushed through her body. She cried out, a half-whining cry that beat against the walls of the call. Every muscle in her body tensed around the probing fingers, grinding down as she thrust back with all her might.

Before the orgasm could explode from her thoughts, she obeyed Borias' last command and drove it directly into his his thoughts. The submission of obeyed redoubled her pleasure and she drove it deep into the former paladin's own lust.

“Oh, fuck!” gasped Bass. He clutched Merrie's buttocks hard as he came himself, one finger slipping into her asshole as he lifted both her and Borias off the ground. His cock surged to full length underneath her, popping seams of his jeans as he drove his hips up against Merrie.

The rasp of denim against her clitoris and soaked labia set off another wave of pleasure. She sobbed with ecstasy and pumped it back into Bass' thoughts.

He responded almost immediately by tightening his grip. His thick finger shoved deep into her ass, pulling it open as his other caught the slick opening of her cunt. As his thick finger forced itself into the tight opening with Borias' digits, her labia was stretched into a tight ring as it tried to accommodate the combined girths.

Bass' thick knot drove against Merrie's clitoris. It was hot and large, easily the size of her fist. The fabric and the heaviness felt like she was jerking into a solid rock. It crushed her but also set off another series of orgasms as she was pinned helplessly on powerful fingers and ground hard into the knot of a creature who would be fucking her soon.

“Bitch!” he grunted. His grip tightened and his thick finger wormed deeper into her ass. His grip was powerful, he managed to pin even Borias' fingers deep in her cunt. Only the healing magic kept her from ripping open.

Merrie cried out, both her ass and pussy stuffed. She ground her hard nipples against his chest and shared each orgasm that rippled through her with the thriban.

“Damn it, Bitch,” groaned Bass, his cock thrusting hard up against her body and lifting her completely off the ground. Cum flooded through the popped seams, squiring out in all directions as he came again. “If you are going… to do… that, then share it with that… fucking bastard!”

Merrie, panting heavily leaned forward to kiss Bass. She was tiny and vulnerable, a slip of a woman compared to his massive girth. She enjoyed the looming of the mage above her, his weight would crush her easily into another orgasm.

Behind her, she felt Borias intensifying his mental shields. He knew what was going to happen.

Bass winked over her shoulder. “Take this, asshole.”

She let out a soft cry and then slammed her orgasm against Borias' mental defenses. It held but not for long. She ground her hips and clitoris against Bass' hard knot and used the growing pleasure to drive her passions even higher and slammed hard against his shields.

“Be… fucking me!” moaned Borias as the orgasm pierced his defenses. He came hard in his own trousers. He let out a long gasp and slammed his hips against her buttocks. His fingers bent at a strange angle, but he didn't seem to notice as he slammed into her again and again.

The beat of the three lovers faded slowly. Soon they were panting and looking at each other.

Bass moaned and flexed his hands, swirling his fingers in her ass and pussy for a moment before stretching her open to let Borias escape. “Okay, Bitch, let us get our clothes off and we'll fuck you properly.”

Borias pulled away from her, his fingers making a squelch as they slipped from her slick pussy. He glowed with healing magic for a moment which grew brighter as he quickly stripped off his clothes.

Merrie started to crawl off Bass but he didn't pull his finger from her ass. Instead he hooked it into her clenching orifice and pulled her up. She squirmed as he held her up, only the pressure in her ass keeping her from falling off.

With his other hand, Bass peeled off his jeans. A loud splash filled the cell when his cum poured out over the now ruined fabric.

Every movement he made was transmitted through the finger hooked into her. She bobbled on it, her body straining to keep her up. She felt like a puppet, completely controlled, and it reignited the pleasures for another orgasm.

Bass fished his massive cock from his jeans and wrapped his fingers around it. She couldn't see it, but she quickly felt it as he swirled the swollen again against her dripping slit. His cock head was easily the size of his fist, a powerful member that had only one purpose: to fuck hard and powerfully.

Merrie leaned into it, her eyes locking on Bass because she knew he loved her look.

He responded by pushing her down on his cock. A thick river of cum lubricated her but it was still tight. Her body strained to take all of his head, stretching further and further until her labia was once again stretched into a painful ring around the swollen curve. It was thicker than the four fingers and she gasped with pleasure as she felt every millimeter sliding into her with inescapable force.

She loved the discomfort of taking him into her. He was so thick, it felt like it would tear her in half. However, she had taken his length more than once and knew that with the pain came an intense pleasure once he shoved into her to his knot. If she could, she would take even more, forcing her body to stretch around the thickness in the middle.

Another orgasm almost set off as she thought about his entire length pinned inside her, the knot keeping her firmly in place as he kept coming. She shuddered and looked into his eyes. (Fuck me.)

Bass' cock head continued to impale her until she reached the thickest part. It was just on the edge of her pleasure and pain. He continued to push into her, curling his hips up even as he drove her down. The pressure increased until it was a sharp pain.

Then she was beyond it. Her pussy clamped down behind the head and the thick hardness sank deep into her pussy.

Bass ground down with his hand, shoving his finger deeper into her ass as he shoved her down hard on his cock. The hardness drove deeper into her, stretching her insides with its girth. It didn't take long before his knot slammed against her entrance.

It was larger than his head, harder too. The rock-like ball was slick with cum and pulsated with his head. It was also perfectly positioned to force the upper end of his cock to painfully stuff her pussy from opening to cervix with no escape for his cum; thriban were powerful breeders by nature.

She shuddered with an orgasm. It built inside her as she clamped her pussy around his cock, squeezing down with all her might as she fed the orgasm into both of her lovers.

Bass made a strangled growl and grabbed her throat with his free hand. The powerful grip pushed down on her shoulders as he guided her with his finger in her ass. His cock surged inside her and the knot lodged itself into her tortured opening.

“Fucking.” He drove down hard on her, forcing her opening to tear around his cock. The healing energies of her collar and Borias' magic swarmed around her but the brief sharpness of pain came over only as pleasure as he forced it further into her channel.

“Bitch!” With a growl, Bass shoved her down with all his might. The knot tore through her opening, creaking her joints as it slipped past her pubic bone.

The sensation of it sinking deep into her cunt was too much. Merrie tried out as his cock stretched her insides out in all directions. She could feel her cervix straining against his head and enjoyed the hot liquid that was forced into it as he continued to cum deep inside her pussy.

Bass wasn't done. He continued to push her down, forcing her to take more of his cock as he pulsated hotly.

Merrie was delirious with pleasure. She shuddered and squirmed, enjoying how the rock-hard length prevented her from writhing more than anything else. She cried out with another orgasm; she was utterly trapped on his cock. The pleasure burst out of her and she drove it deep into her two lover.s

Borias wasn't idle. She felt his presence as he straddled Bass' legs and pressed his own hot cock against her sphincter. There was no room in her pussy, not with the girth. The mage didn't seem to care that there was a thriban finger stretching her opening, he shoved his length into her sphincter with one powerful stroke.

The pressure increased, tearing into her insides but also setting off her orgasms.

Borias grabbed her ears, crushing them in his grip as he buried his balls into her ass.

“My finger is there,” Bass said with a smile.

Borias shrugged and pulled out. He drove back in with a fast thrust, balls deep. With every thrust, he pulled Merrie's head back.

She was caught between Bass' hand around her throat and Borias' grabbing her ears. She couldn't move, couldn't escape. She was a submissive bitch getting fucked hard and faster.

Merrie came again.

Borias slammed into her ass, driving hard and fast. He wasn't gentle as he thrust deep into the tight opening, slipping past Bass' fingers to burst himself.

In her cunt, Bass was thrusting lower but more powerfully. Every time he drove his hips up, her entire body jerked forward.

They both rode her hard and fast, driving her into one orgasm after another. Just as they began to slow, her shared orgasms inspired them to keep fucking.

Merrie loved it, even as the world grew black around her. She flailed her hands helplessly, beating against Bass' chest as she came again and again. The energies of ecstasy and submission burned deep inside her, flooding her body with an indescribable force that threatened to burst out of her chest no matter what she did.

Just as she felt her thoughts beginning to crumble, she directed the pleasure into her collar.

The ecstasy exploded and shot into it, disappearing from her senses. She felt it being sucked out of her as she came hard and long, wailing with pleasure as every muscles in her body locked into hardness.

They held there for a moment, two men coming deep into her body. They filled her completely, stretching her insides and forcing her belly to swell with the volume of cum.

Merrie slumped forward, smiling. She panted as she remained pinned on two cocks. (T-Thank you.)

Bass, his skin slick with sweat, reached up and stroked her cheek. “Good, fucking girl.”

She shuddered with a faint orgasm.

“Being good,” gasped Borias as he settled inside her. His cock surged a few more times, pumping the last of his orgasm into her abused asshole.