(And then, they told me to show up at the court in three days. That's—) The time came rising up in Merrie's thoughts. (—one day and nineteen hours left).

The realization that she would be tried for treason in less than two days brought a sick feeling to her stomach. She twisted and rubbed up against Kirin's thigh, dangerously close to the horse cock that she had been smelling for hours. The thick member was always half-hard and thicker than anything else. Her pussy grew wetter at the thought of it impaling her.

Kirin stroked Merrie's cheek slowly. “I can't imagine how you survived so much pain.”

Her finger traced down to the heavy collar around Merrie's neck. “I know this doesn't protect you from the agony, only prevents you from truly dying.”

Merrie nodded. The collar was always there, both on her body and in her mind. She could feel it, though she didn't understand it anymore. It was her but it wasn't, it gave commands that she didn't send through the link. It reminded her when she thought the cloak was a different creature, and not her subconscious.

Kirin groaned and rubbed her head with her other hand. “Psionic communication is brutal, isn't it?”

Merrie rubbed her cheek against Kirin's thigh, inching closer to the thick shaft she craved. It had been almost a day since her last orgasm and she could feel the hunger gnawing on the edge of her thoughts.

A light flickered underneath Kirin's corset. She shook her head and reached out for a bottle of wine, but all three were empty from the hours of retelling her tail.

Merrie watched, she knew that Kirin needed alcohol as much as Merrie needed sex. It was source of their powers and colored how they saw everything. (You aren't psychic and you have strong mental defenses so I couldn't easily send a single condensed thought to you.) She looked up at Kirin, easily seeing in the dark. (I would have stopped.)

Kirin shook her head and brought her hand back to her head. “No, no. I needed to know that to figure out how to help you.”

(You can fight a treason charge?)

The guild mistress chuckled. “Not easily. You already have a lot of evidence against you, namely the shadow land. Being responsible for Lem—”

Merrie stiffened.

“—that bitch's death isn't going to help your case. Death of a goddess isn't illegal, per se, but she had some influence on Franome politics and her death left a power vacuum. The paladins are still there and they are getting desperate.”

(If they didn't attack, I would have never done that.)

“No matter why it happened, any court case is going to focus on that shadow land. Thousands may die because of it, ten of thousands maybe. Blood County is far away, but we all still remember the Shadowed District.”

Merrie's ears flattened.

Kirin let out a soft cooing noise and stroked Merrie's cheek again before sliding her fingers up to scratch behind the ears.

Merrie moaned softly and leaned into the fingers. (I was in a dark place. Kine….)

“Sadly, no one knows how to handle the mental health of the truly powerful. Not to mention, you were one of those things that should have never been forgotten.” She chuckled and tugged lightly on Merrie's ear, sending little flashes of pleasure to race down Merrie's spine and gather between her legs. “Specially sexy little dog girls who could destroy the city in a fit.”



(Why did the geas let me summon the shadow realm?)

The guild mistress' hand stopped for a moment. She held herself still for a moment and then sighed. “I don't know. I think no one would. I've been thinking about that ever since you got to that part. I can't imagine any way that ever summoning another realm into Franome wouldn't be violating the Royal Geas.”

Merrie thought back to her attempts to test the geas. Her body tensed as her thoughts got dangerously close to forbidden thoughts. Tensing, she tore her thoughts away and shoved them into the back of her thoughts where they would never rise up. (Is the geas still affecting me?)

Kirin chuckled. “Yes. For anyone else, I would ask the same question but you're an Alpha. We have many years of proving that you take even the slightest mental control and magnify it. Your very nature of submission, your desire to be dominated, is what does it. You get power from it and a geas is one of the ultimate forms of submission, one that you cannot resist.”

A heat flashed across Merrie. She pressed her thighs together as liquid heat gathered along her pussy. Knowing that she couldn't do something did bring a surge of excitement to her.

“There is no chance, short of a god and probably not even then, that you have gotten rid of the geas. I don't even think your prince could do it. It would need the queen.”

Squirming, Merrie crawled up Kirin's leg. She kissed along the softness, tracing her way up to Kirin's hip. (Wouldn't that mean I didn't commit treason? Can't we tell—)

Her body tensed, muscles turning rock hard as the sick feeling resumed.

“You can't.” There was tears in her voice.

(Why not?)

“Because letting the world know that the Royal Family used one of their powerful spells on a common whore would threaten the family.” She winked. “A very uncommon and unique whore, but you are still a bed-warmer despite your many lovers.”

Merrie sniffed. (I can't even show them proof?)

“No, you can't.” Kirin wiped the tears from her eyes. “The one thing we could use to prove beyond a doubt that you didn't threaten the lives of thousands is the one thing we can't show. And… I suspect that your prince could speak on your behalf either.”

A small part of Merrie's hope crumbled. Claston had spoken at Rakin's trial. He had the ability to change the verdict, to give her freedom. Tears burned in her own eyes as she froze, losing herself in a growing despair.

“The Royal Family can't benefit their friends. If he speaks for you, if he even acknowledges that you exist, it threatens the family and your geas. That is why I cannot talk about my own geas. I can't let anyone know who isn't also bound by the same magic.”

(I'm screwed, aren't I?)

Kirin reached down. Sliding her arms underneath Merrie's armpits, she pulled the dog girl further up on her body.

Reflexively, Merrie straddled Kirin's lap, her pussy resting on the ridge of the half-hard horse cock and the severed ends of her legs brushing against her guild mistress' shin. Sinking forward, she crushed her breasts against Kirin's before she rested her cheek on Kirin's shoulder.

Kirin smelled of perfume, a delicate scent called Blue-Gold Glory by the Stars made by Lady Anasome. Merrie had her own scent by the same perfumer, but hers was called Complicated Bitch. She sniffed and closed her eyes as the tears ran down her cheeks and splashed on Kirin's shoulder; her perfume was the only reason she was sane but she had lost it during the battle with Gillette and Lemetri.

“It's going to work out,” whispered Kirin in a broken voice.

Merrie didn't need to read her mind to know she was lying. The one thing she could use to prove her innocence was forbidden to reveal. The only thing she could do it present herself as the bitch who created the Shadowed District which killed thousands, someone who summoned a swarm of Lord of Shadows that nearly killed the World Tree in the city, and then summoned a massive shadow land. She let out a long, shuddering breath. (You are lying.)

“It doesn't mean I'm going to give up. You are still my Bitch.”

The thrill of pleasure felt muted and cold. Merrie kept her eyes closed and ground her body against Kirin's. (I'm scared. I didn't mean to hurt anyone.)

“You were saving your babies.”

Merrie stiffened.

“I saw your memories. Those feelings you have, that the shadow kin are your children? Those are true.”

The world started to spin. Merrie didn't think anyone else would understand. (H-How?)

“While I'm no expert in shadow magic,” Kirin started with a dry chuckle, “I do know that shadows are formed by the intersection of light and dark. Their shape is created out of fear, out of terror, out of the dark imaginations in people's heads. You, on the other hand, shape it out of need and love and power. The shape, that's you. Powerful beast, animal-like nature like your old pack, capable of brutalizing your opponents but more important, capable of abusing you.”

A flash of heat exploded inside Merrie and she felt the power rippling up her spine. Underneath her, light seeped out of Kirin's corset. It was the guild mistress' Infernal Marks, the six symbols that identified the devils she had traded her soul for power.

Kirin's moaned. “Yes, as soon as I saw those huge cock, powerful muscles, and long tentacles, I knew they were your babies. They were made for killing and fucking, maybe at the same time.”

Through the tears and despair, a slight smile cross Merrie's lips.

Stroking Merrie, Kirin chuckled again. “You have a type, Bitch: large, powerful, and brutal.”

Merrie squirmed. (I like being dominated.)

“No, you need to be dominated. You need to be smacked around, your face shoved into the ground as someone rapes that ass of yours.” Underneath Merrie, she could feel Kirin's cock twitch and start to well. It was hot, searing actually, against her icy skin. It also felt good as the erotic thoughts began to encroach on her thoughts.

Kirin stroked along Merrie's back, silent but her desires were burning through her shields. Both of them were driven by sex, it was the source of their power and their obsessions.

After hours of tales, both were also drained. They both needed pleasure then and Merrie's nature could feel Kirin's desire brimming in her head. They needed to fuck, they both craved a brutal orgasm to recover from their ordeal.

Merrie moaned softly, lifting her head to kiss Kirin on the lips. (Hurt me.)

Unlike most lovers, Kirin didn't need a confirmation. With a grin, she reached up and grabbed Merrie's collar from behind. Yanking it down, it forced it to dig into Merrie's throat and almost cut off her breath.

Merrie's pussy spasmed with desire. She let out a gasping whine as her body grew holder.

“You've been a bad girl,” whispered Kirin.

Merrie almost had another orgasm. She clutched at Kirin's shoulder as the guild mistress tightened her grip, crushing Merrie's throat against the collar that only a god could destroy. She pulled up until the collar slipped underneath Merrie's jaw, forcing it up and back.

Kirin bit at Merrie's exposed throat. Her teeth were sharp and cutting. “A bad fucking girl who is going to have her ass raped.”

Merrie could only respond with need. She bucked her hips against Kirin, sliding her soaked pussy up and down the thick ridge of the horse cock growing against her.

Kirin surged to her feet, her hand still on the collar.

Merrie was flipped over and then she was dangling by her collar. The metal dug into her skin, cutting off her artery for a moment and leaving her dizzy.

The rush of being dominated sent a powerful surge coursing through her body.

“Fucking slut,” Kirin said with a grin. “Keep your fucking orgasm in your head this time.”

Merrie whimpered.

“We got in enough trouble when you set off the entire city. You do it again and I'll make sure you won't make it to that court visit alive. If I have to break every bone in your body, I will.”

Seconds later, she straightened while still holding the collar. Her knuckles were against Merrie's throat, crushing them and cutting off her breath as she held the cropped woman off the ground. “Now, I'm going to fuck you until I come and I'm going to pump so much fucking acid into you that you'll be screaming out in agony as it eats away your inside.”

Merrie's orgasm rippled through her body. Kirin wasn't threatening, she was promising.

Kirin's body flashed with magic and then she was lifting Merrie to slam her down on the top of the cage. The solid metal slammed into Merrie's back with a force that would have cracked bone. Instead it caused her triple heart to beat faster as the pain seared her senses and lust boiled inside her.

Leaning down, Kirin grabbed one of the empty wine bottles.

Merrie could see the broken glass along the neck and her pussy clenched with desire. In the back of her head, she knew that she would be bleeding soon for Kirin but that didn't matter. It was just the intense pleasure of anticipation and the submission that was promised in her future.

Kirin didn't shove it into her pussy like she expected. Instead, she jammed Merrie's collar down against her throat. Her weight increased and the adamantite collar dug deeper into Merrie's neck, cutting off her breath. Leaning over to increase the pressure, Kirin wedged the wine bottle into the collar that stuck below the metal.

Merrie's eyes widened with surprise as she felt the bottle forcing the collar into her fragile throat. The smooth glass jammed against the bars and the collar was forced tighter until it cut off Merrie's breathing completely.

With a grunt, Kirin jammed the bottle into the collar.

A sickening crunch filled Merrie's body and then her throat collapsed around the collar. An explosion of agony and pleasure burst inside her as she found herself pinned helplessly to the top of the cage, unable to breath.

Reflexively, she tried to grab the collar but the smooth ends of her wrists couldn't get purchase.

Even through the pain, she was having an orgasm. Her juices dripped to the ground, loudly compared to the utter silence from cries that had no air.

Kirin's cock smacked against her thigh. It was huge, sized for a stallion on a relatively slender human. But it wasn't a cock that was pressed against her sex, it was the sharp edges of a bottle.

Twisting the head into place, Kirin cut into Merrie's pussy as she forced the neck into her pussy. Every millimeter of the broken glass tore into her insides. The agony was intense and brutal.

“Fucking bitch can't stop, can she?”

Merrie flailed her legs around as she kept going for her collar. She was trapped and the helplessness only fueled her desire. She struggled as much as she could, her breasts rising and fall with her desperate attempts to get air into her lungs. She could feel her tongue sticking out of her mouth, her lips parted as she tried any way to stop from suffocating.

Kirin punched the second bottle deep into Merrie's cunt. The sharp edges sliced into her insides until they pierced the furthest point; she felt her cervix being torn into. Black blood and her juices poured out to the ground as she tensed her muscles against the pain.

As soon as the bottle was lodged inside her, Kirin released and grabbed her horse cock with both hands. Merrie couldn't see, but she felt the massive, flattened head press against her asshole. There was only the smallest bit of lubrication, mostly blood and her juices, but not enough o ease the passage of anything so large inside her.

Merrie came again and again, rolling in agony and pleasure as she anticipated being raped.

Kirin's pre-cum sizzled against her flesh.

Stepping back for only a second, Kirin slammed the cock home. It ripped through the tight, resisting sphincter with brutal force. Strength magic flashed across Merrie's darkening senses as the cock head punched into the tight ring and tore it completely apart.

Thickness filled Merrie, a ripping intensity that filled her as the cock surged almost a quarter meter into her body. It tore her insides but also scraped against every nerve, setting them on fire with lust and pain.

Kirin pulled back and slammed it home, forcing her cock into the already tight passage filled by a large wine body and Merrie's tiny form. The pressure built, squeezing both holes as the infernal-touched woman began to punch her cock into Merrie's ass with brutal efficiency.

Merrie tried to scream out. Her ruined throat refused to allow even a single bit of air escape. Her helplessness and pain only sent off another wave of orgasms as she shook on her cage.

Kirin grunted as she punched the cock repeated into Merrie's ass, ripping it apart and tearing into the soft organs. Every centimeter brought thick ridges against the raw nerves. Every thrust filled Merrie completely as she felt the wine bottle beginning to crack under the pressure.

Kirin's body was glowing, three runes searing through the corset. The largest was sex but the other two, horses and wine, were almost as bright as Merrie suffered with the three things that brought Kirin power and pleasure.

As Kirin opened up Merrie's asshole, the strokes grew deeper and more brutal. The immense hardness punched into Merrie's lungs from the bottom, nothing that she could do about it with her collapsed throat. She felt it crushing her organs and the wine bottle with each powerful thrust.

The bottle in her cunt shattered, imploding into a thousand glass shards that shredded her insides.

Merrie opened her mouth to scream out with her orgasm, the world growing black from her asphyxiation.

Something powerful punched against her face. She only had a second to see Kirin's hand holding the third bottle of wine before it was forced between her teeth and shoved into her mouth.

Merrie's jaw resisted but Kirin was in charge. With an orgasm-delivering but sickening crack, Merrie felt her jaw crack open and the base of the bottle slammed into the back of her throat. The smooth girth was agonizing and Merrie couldn't even start to close her mouth around it.

Kirin's balls smacked against Merrie's bleeding asshole. The entire length of the infernal horse cock had been impaled into Merrie. It pulsed hotly, spewing acidic cum deep inside Merrie's chest.

Her world becoming nothing more than a storm of agony, Merrie couldn't do anything but sink into the pleasure. She shuddered as she writhed on the cage and then came again and again. Her agony became ecstasy as her world continued to darken. She was dying, she was suffocating, she was coming.

With her pleasure threatening to spill out, there was only one place to put it. She channeled the intense orgasm into her collar and let her world become nothing more than agony and ecstasy.