Merrie curled up on the cold stone pedestal, listening to the cacophony of noises that assaulted her. Even pressing her ears against her head couldn't stop the din from hammering at her senses. She felt tiny and broken, not to mention hatred at herself for being unable to defend herself because of the geas.

She knew she was a sacrifice. With her sentencing, they also had an excuse to bring in Diffy and separate her from her father. The Church of Lemetri would also be dissolved, no doubt making it harder for them to keep attacking Bass.

Having her trainer stripped of all titles, though, hurt even more. Bass and Sable had enough trials in their life. She had destroyed the Puppy Mill with the Shadow Land. There was no way they could return to their old lives. Even more so, now that he had lost the barony that he had just acquired from Kessler in Blood County.

Tears ran down her cheeks, black and icy. They splashed on the stone pedestal and sizzled. The smell of sake rose around her, tickling her nostrils.

“Merrie.” It was Autiur. He stood next to her, his gray eyes looking at her.

She shuddered as she lifted her head from the stone. The audience was screaming and there the smell of fear and blood filled the air. She could feel the hatred, fear, and anger beating against her mental shields, slamming her with waves of thoughts.

Autiur leaned forward. “I want you to know, I know why you couldn't speak.”

Despite his quiet voice, she heard it in her head and past her clamped ears. The words were startling clear as she stared into his gray eyes. It felt like he was projecting to her, but in a subtle manner that deftly slid past her mental shields as if they weren't even there.

She frowned as she pushed herself up more. Something felt wrong with the man in front of her. He felt different, more controlled, more… aware than before.

Autiur reached out and stroked his hand along the side her head. His hands were cold, icy actually. With her nature, she should never feel cold again but he had a caress of something colder than the Shadows and darkness.

(W-What?) The ward around her rippled with her accidental projection. The energy glowed and she saw where the glowing energies gathered around his arm from where he reached out to her.

He shook his head. He ran one thumb along the sensitive ridge of her ear. “I just wanted to say, I know you have a geas on you.”

(H—) “How?”

“I also want you to know, what is going to happen is not your fault.”

“I… I—” The urge to project rose but she forced the words out of her raw throat. “I couldn't tell them about it.”

“No, no, sweet little puppy girl. I'm not talking about your trial. I'm talking about what is going to happen soon. It's going to be terrible—”

Merrie's blood ran icy cold.

“—but there is nothing you can do about it. I promise you, what will happen is not your fault.”

From the side, Udin stormed up. “Come on, whore. You may have some powerful friends and so-called artifacts, but the law is the law. Time to get that damned collar off and send you on your way.”

Autiur looked up at him and shook his head. “I will not regret gathering you.”

Merrie thought Autiur's words were strange but she didn't have any chance to ponder the phrasing.

Udin didn't respond as he came around. His gauntlets sparkled with energy as he reached past the ward and wrapped his thick fingers around her collar. The hard metal crushed her throat, squeezing her until it was hard to breath.

A surge of pleasure rose up, filling her with sweet power and lust. It sparkled along her senses, tickling her pussy and igniting the heat deep inside her body. She moaned as he hauled her off the platform and out of the wards.

The magical protections peeled back. Immediately, she was assaulted by spells and emotions. They both hammered against her mental defenses. There were many of them, tasting of different energies from divination to infernal.

She closed her eyes as she was dragged down the aisle back toward her prison cell. Using the energy of Udin's abuse to fuel her, she wrapped herself in stronger energies.

He responded by gripping her collar tighter. The metal dug into her neck, breaking skin. Blood trailed down. He dragged her toward the door.

“Merrie!” cried Kirin. She was forcing her way toward the shallow wall that divided the audience from the aisle toward the prison cells. “Let me talk to her, damn it!”

“Back off, whore!” bellowed Udin. He threw his other hand up. A translucent shield burst into existence, the seal of the royal court glowing brilliantly.

As the light touched Merrie, her skin blackened immediately. She screamed out in pain.

“Damn!” Udin's energy surged with a triggered spell. It was similar to the one Merrie used to enhance her strength. Spinning around, he picked her up and threw her toward the open door.

She flipped over in the air. Reflexively, she activated her own spells to increase her agility. Even that wasn't enough to lessen the impact as she slammed into the far wall of the hallway. She managed to get her feet underneath her and caught the brunt of the blow. Then, as if she had done it every day, she stepped down before the kinetic force released her from the wall.

She sat down, her knees on the ground and her ass on her heels.

It took her a moment to realize that Udin's desires was to see her that way. The surge of submission rippled through her body, filling her with power once again.

Udin backed away from Kirin, bellowing incomprehensibly. He passed through the gate and slammed it shut. Then he kicked the heavy wooden door behind it close, plunging the hallway into silence and darkness.

Merrie watched him.

“Fucking whore. She and the whole damn lot should be kicked out of town. Life would be better,” muttered the bailiff. He grunted and looked around. “Where's the fucking lights!?”

“S-Sorry, sir,” said a young page. She was at the far end of the hallway, working at a flint as she tried to start a lamp.

Merrie felt sick as she waited the painful seconds for the light to come back. She had been convicted of treason.

As soon as the flame was caught, Udin wasted no time. He reached down and grabbed Merrie by her collar. At the surge of pleasure and her moan, he made a disgusted noise and dragged her down the hall. “Clear the path back to the cells,” he ordered.

The humiliation only fueled her power, filling her with energy as he squeezed tighter.

Merrie shuddered with growing pleasure. It left her thighs and pussy slick with her juices. She could smell the sake scent of her excitement wafting around her as he continued to drag her down the well-worn path that a thousand criminals had walked.

By the time he threw her back into her cell, she was on the edge of an orgasm. It rippled along her thoughts and dribbled down her thighs. She rolled on the ground and came to a start, twisted with her tail bent underneath her and one arm holding herself up. It was what he wanted, his desires that boiled deep underneath the hard, bitter man that stared her down with all the hatred in the world.

“Page!” he snapped.

A different page, another teenage girl, ran up. “Yes, sir?”

“Get the disenchanter.”

“Don't they usually do that in the court?”

“Now, bitch!”

The girl winced and then stumbled back.

Udin turned back to Merrie. “I don't care what that whore's guild bitch says. The court has ruled and I'm going to get rid of that fucking collar of yours. I won't let anything like that break out of the wards.”

He tromped into the room and knelt down. “And then, I'm going to have your bones inscribed with the most terrible geases. I know you have seen Borias, hell the entire fucking Kivas family. You know what is going to happen, don't you?”

She nodded as the tears threatened her. She didn't know if she could live without magic. She would be nothing again, not just a weak girl, but before the Puppy Mill ever came back. She would be… just a person. A broken, cropped human."

“Yeah,” he said with a chuckle. “I like when you criminals realize what is going to happen. The mages are the worst. They scream when it happens, when they feel that connection to their very soul laid to the blade. Don't worry, you can,” he grinned, “use your magic. It will be the worst pain you have ever experienced, your insides will twist and rip out, liquefying before they pour out of your diseased holes.”

She couldn't tell him that she had many geas in her life. She didn't want to either, she could feel that his hungry desire was to dominate her, to force her to cry. He wanted to break her and she craved it.

Merrie let out a long shuddering breath, the tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Oh, fucking bitch. You are getting off on this, aren't you?”

She couldn't answer.

“Aren't you?” He backhanded her.

Stars exploded across her vision. The flash of pain turned to pleasure and a tiny orgasm rippled across her senses.

“You disgusting beast,” he snarled. He smacked her again and again, throwing her head back and forth.

The pain only increased her pleasure. Her cheeks burned with the agony of his gauntlet smacking against her flesh.

Udin growled before switching to punching. His knuckles slammed into her jaw, slamming her down. Her head slammed against the hard stone floor. A flash of blood coated her tongue.

He punched her again and again, pounding her head into the ground. The blows came faster, raining down against her.

She felt her skull cracking from his fists, her entire body exploding into agony as she flailed helplessly against him, unable to lash back herself physically. In desperation, she gathered up magic to cast a spell.

“No!” he bellowed, short-circuiting her spell. His blows came faster as he knelt down over her body, pinning her naked form against the ground as he hammered into her head with powerful, brutal strikes. Her nose cracked as did other bones. More blows caught against her throat and chest, knocking the wind out of her.

She twisted helplessly, the pleasure increasing with every blow. She couldn't divert the energies into a spell or even concentrate enough for her collar. Instead, it built up into a powerful crest of pleasure.

His armored knuckles slammed against her jaw, cracking bone. She felt the joint scraping free.

It was too much. The pain ignited into white-hot ecstasy. It exploded from inside her, radiating out in a wave of purest pleasure. In her mind, she could feel it slamming into other submissive people around her, the pages and other guards.

They dropped as they lost themselves in their own orgasms. Their cries echoed down the halls even as their pleasure came ripping back.

Merrie screamed out, her voice hoarse. Her throes of pleasure shoved Udin off her body as she came again and again, taking the reflected orgasms and magnifying them. They burst out of her again, radiating back into the city in a terrible loop of pleasure.

She felt the pleasures of the people in the city light up. There were the submissives and those who desires. Then the more powerful energies as the wave of pleasure struck the Whore's Guild and then further. Then, a brilliant light as it struck another True Submissive, Rose. The pleasure rushed back, slamming into Merrie with the force of a tsunami.

“Fucking—!” Udin staggered to his feet.

Merrie cried out, her back arching as her broken bones and muscles protested. A puddle of her cum grew underneath her as she was assaulted by more pleasure, radiating out endlessly until she felt her pleasures reach beyond the limits of the city.

Every submissive, every person who had ever gotten pleasure from obeying a command or order, exploded into an orgasm. It filled the city with brilliant motes of pleasure.

She sobbed as she tried to force the energies into the collar, to guide them safely.

“—Whore—!” Udin

The collar absorbed some of it but then stopped. It was full, the depths of the artifact had been reached and it could no longer store power. The rest of it radiated away from her, buffeting every other orgasming being in the city with fresh waves of pleasure.

“—Stop—!” Udin's kick caught her in the ribs, picking her off the ground and throwing her across the room.

She slammed into the wall. The force cracked her her head. White sparks exploded across her vision. The pain followed after, turning into the hottest of pleasures that burst out of her senses.

He stormed toward her. “Stop, or by the gods I will end you now!”

“Excuse me?” came a surprisingly calm voice.

Merrie slumped to the ground, her body shaking as black blood poured out of her mouth and nose. It also came leaking out form her pussy, the thin obsidian fluids smelled of sex and excitement. She hummed with power and felt the shadows around her beginning to respond.

The darkness near the edges of the bricks sharpened. Her energies reached out for it, pulling it closer as the room grew pitch with power.

Udin growled and unsheathed his weapon. “Stop or I will—”

“You will what, Bailiff? Command a True Submissive to do anything? Beat a woman who gains power from abuse?”

Udin jerked and looked around.

Merrie tried to look at the man standing in the door but couldn't see past the sparks and tears. She shuddered as the darkness continued to grow around her, wrapping around her body in utter darkness as her cloak snapped back into place.

Icy comfort wrapped around her body, cradling her limbs and breasts, and pussy with pressure. She pumped energy into the cloak, trying to bleed it away from her own body to avoid setting off the entire city again.

“My lord mage!” gasped Udin.

“That artifact brought her back from the dead after a goddess killed her. You stabbing her is just going to give her more energy. If you don't kill her, that pleasure will probably kill half of the city in pleasure.”

“She is a criminal and refuses… what?” Udin staggered back. “What do you mean kill half the city?”

Merrie gasped as she managed to drain herself into the cloak. She used more of her power to transform into a Bel Dark hound and back again, then did it in rapid succession as the transformation slowly and painfully healed her bones.

“Don't you—”

“Bailiff, don't stop her. She's using the energy for something good.”

Merrie sobbed as her body twisted and shifted, pulling itself back together until she was once again only human. Panting, she peeled her sweat-soaked body from the ground and pushed herself up to her knees.

The other man, the mage, stepped inside. He wore a flowing robe and had a staff in his hand. An amulet around his neck shone with protection energies, a powerful shield that no doubt protected him from the brunt of her orgasm.

Panting, Udin, stepped back. Her black blood dripped from his fists. He looked around with a brief look of fear, but there was only the mage, himself, and Merrie in the room.

Out in the hall, Merrie could hear the shuddering cry of the female page as she recovered from her orgasm.

“You called for me, Bailiff?”

“Yes,” Udin said. He started to say something but then shifted himself. He was hard, she could feel it in the back of her mind, but hated himself for experiencing it. He adjusted his armor and then then took a deep breath. “This beast has been convicted of treason and will have the Justice Geas put on her. You need to remove her magical artifacts.”

The mage looked at her. His intense gaze, red, peered through her.

She shivered as she felt his energies dance along her skin.

The mage shrugged. “The cloak is a spell and the collar is an artifact, there are no items to disenchant.”

“Her collar, Lord Mage. Remove the collar.” Udin gestured at her angrily.

The mage shook his head. “No.”

“She's a traitor. Remove her magic.”

“I will not.”

“Why won't—”

“Because no mortal can remove that collar. No spell by human or silfae can affected that.”


Merrie cringed and lowered herself against the ground. Udin's anger was beating against her and he was getting more furious with every passing moment.

He glared at the mage. “It is a conviction. You must.”

“My oath is to protect this country. Attempting to remove that collar will probably destroy most of the city.”

“I stopped beating her.”

The mage shook his head. “No, I said she would probably kill half the city with orgasms. Destroying that collar would destroy almost all of the city in fiery, burning death.”

Udin stared at the mage. “I don't believe you.”

“My oath will not let me remove that collar.” The mage turned and headed out.

“You must! It is the law!”

“My oath is to the country, I do not have to obey this one.” He turned and looked pointedly at Udin. “Want to come with me and we'll talk with the Chief Judges?”

“I'll find someone else.”

The mage shook his head and just walked away.

Udin turned and glared at her. “Fucking bitch. I'll get that collar one way or another.”