The kick caught right underneath Merrie's ribs, the steel-tip digging into the soft space unprotected by bone or muscle. If she had organs, they would have been crushed and maybe even ruptured. The force of the blow picked up her entire body and tossed her across the dirty room.

The rough stone wall caught her. The impact dazed her and she couldn't even get her arms and knees underneath her before she scraped down the rough edges to land on the moist, hard-packed earth.

Gulping, she took a deep breath against the pain. When she inhaled the sour stench of old blood and urine, she almost threw up. Tears in her eyes, she managed to get her arm underneath her and pried her aching body from the ground.

She felt the guard coming up to her but she didn't have time to tense before a second kick caught her in the breast. Pain exploded from her chest as she felt the soft mound crush against what passed as her ribs.

Reflexively, she started to gather energy to transform herself into darkness.

She stopped, remembering what Parn asked her. It was still overwhelming to comprehend what the goddess said. It didn't matter if she failed or not, only that she thought about it. There was more to it, but she didn't understand gods beyond what she had seen with the paladins and her own experiences with the Lord of Shadows.

“Dornen, don't do that,” said the other guard. It was a younger man, maybe in his mid-twenties with blond hair and dark eyes. He had a short spear with a wide, wedge-shaped blade. It didn't look impressive but they had just finished dragging her down a narrow, underground hallway where it would have been ideal. She suspected there were more of them, though she didn't know where she was.

“Why not, Hore? The bitch probably has been killing people for years. She's got the mark on her now. This is probably the first time someone been able to hit her.” Dornen was an older man, probably in his mid-thirties with balding hair and a slight gut. His kicks were strong though and she felt his strength while they were dragging her out of the wagon.

Dornen chuckled and kicked her again, this time in the hip. “Just reminding the bitch her place.” He looked at Hore. “Why do you have a problem with it now?”

Hore frowned and scratched his nose. “I don't know. She's naked and missing bits.”

“Yeah, but check these out.” Dornen shoved his foot underneath Merrie's stomach and flipped her over. She thumped against the sharp wall and then slid down until she was on her back, her bare body exposed to both men's gazes.

Both men stared at her, their lips parted with their thoughts. She could tell both of them were also getting excited as lustful thoughts washed over her.

A little thrill raced along her veins as her knee spread further apart, exposing her bare sex even more. Her pussy was bruised from one of Dornen's earlier kicks but she knew that her folds were slick with excitement as were her hard nipples.

“Fuck,” Dornen said, “this is the sexiest person we've had here in… ever.”

He grabbed his cock through his trousers and hefted it. “Going to be late to the wife tonight, that's for sure.”

Merrie's heart beat faster. She felt torn. Was she supposed to fight this? Would the Justice Geas have destroyed her by now, she gained power from being the attention of lust as much as being ignored. The tickle of energy danced along her skin, she could absorb it to use magic.

She whimpered and pushed back, both away from the two men staring at her and the energy that filled her. The sweetness of power faded, leaving her a feeling of longing.

“I like it when they cry also,” Dornen said, digging his fingers underneath his balls.

“I don't feel right.”

“About what, you pussy?”

“She destroyed the courthouse. A lot of people died.”

“She has the geas, just watch the door.”

Hore frowned. “Are you sure?”

Dornen rolled his eyes. “If she didn't, you really think she'd let me do this?”

She saw the kick coming but didn't stop it. It slammed into her ribs, nearly breaking them. The blow slammed her up against the wall and she curled up to protect her face and breasts from being cut.

With a moan, Dornen licked his lips. “I'm going to fucking rape this cunt all night.”

Hore sighed. “Just let me check first, please?”

Dornen rolled his eyes again. Drawing back, he kicked Merrie hard into the stomach twice. “Fine, get the fucking globe."”

“Thank you.” Hore left the room, hefting his spear as he did.

Dornen turned back on Merrie. He smiled and knelt down next to her. “Bet you are feeling pretty scared now, aren't you? No more powers?”

She was scared, but not for missing her powers. She could feel them, the seductive promise of shadows and psychic energies. It would take only the slightly flex of power to feel his desire for her to cry, to resist him so he had an excuse to beat her while raping her.

Merrie blanched. She was using her powers again. With a whimper, she closed the connection that had formed between the two of them.

Dornen's smile turned into a wide grin. He pulled back and slapped her face. “Can't strike back? I bet you had all those powers because of those freaky hands of yours.”

He hit her again. The crack of his open palm burned across her face.

Dornen shoved his other hand down, slapping against her pubic mound before jamming two fingers roughly into her slit. It was slick as usual. His fingertips easily plunged into her tight hole.

Merrie bit back a moan, his desires still swirling around in her head. Instead, she flailed one hand against him, beating the smooth end of her wrist against his chest. Inside, she felt despaired that she had broken her promise to Parn already.

He shoved the rough fingers in and out a few times. His fingernails scraped against her insides, adding flickers of pain to the growing pleasure. It felt good but also hurt at the same time. “Fuck, you are soaking wet.”

Pulling out his digits, he looked at them. “Cold too. This is going to be like fucking a snowman, huh?” He shrugged and grinned. “Just means I'll last longer, bitch.”

With his other hand, he smacked her again before grabbing her collar and pulling her head off the ground. “What do you think about that? Ready to feel a real man inside that frigid cunt of yours?”

She shook her head.

Dornen grabbed her knee and shoved it up against the rough stone.

Hore returned, his boots thumping against the ground. “Got it!”

In his hand, he had a white globe that was slightly larger than his hand. “Let me test her.”

“Then we fuck her?”

For a moment, Hore looked like he would resist. Then his eyes focused on the two fingers pumping in and out of Merrie's pussy. “Yeah, then we have fun.”

Stepping forward, he clenched his fingers with one hand and then pressed his other palm against Dornen's shoulder. The globe flickered to life as white energies swirled around the inside.

“Remember, the Justice Geas is about three times as bright.” Dornen shoved deeper and pulled up, rubbing his fingers against the sensitive parts of her pussy and forcing her hips away from the ground.

A flicker of an orgasm rushed through her. His roughness was turning her own. She wondered if she could stop it but she didn't want to. She needed the pleasure, not for energy but just to give her something to soothe her own fears and helplessness.

Hore squatted next to her and reached out with his hand. “Three times?”

As soon as he planted his hand right on her breast, the globe burst to life. It was far more than three times brighter, it was a shinning light that was so bright that she could see the veins and bones in his hands from the intensity of the light.

“Fuck!” yelled Dornen. He yanked his fingers out and stumbled back. “Turn that damn thing off!”

The globe bounced on the ground.

“Careful, asshole. That thing is expensive.”

“What the hell was that, Dornen!?”

Dornen frowned before crawling over to the globe. He grabbed it and then reached out with his other hand. “Let me test it.”

When Dornen put his hand on Hore, the light returned to the lower level. He pushed himself to his feet. Turning to her, he towered over her. “What the hell was that?”

Merrie shook her head. She didn't know.

“I said,” he pulled back his his foot, “what the fuck was that!?”

He kicked her and then again and again. Each blow slammed against her ribs, face, shoulder, and hips.

Merrie cried out as she curled up to protect herself but there was little she could do as he hammered her body with a rain of brutal, full-strength kicks. When she curled up in a fetal position, he focused his kicks against her pussy, slamming the steel toe up against her labia and clitoris with powerful strokes that jammed her up against the wall.

She sobbed louder, trying to reach down to protect herself but her short arms wouldn't reach. Blood ran down her thigh as he cut into her.

At the same time, desire burned inside her. She grew slick with every blow, every flash of agony that slammed against her senses. She wanted it as much as she prayed it would stop. It was agony and pleasure at the same time.

He suddenly stopped. Dropping to his knees, he grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the wall. With his other hand, he slapped her. “I said, what is going on!?”

She tried to block him but he easily smacked her arms aside and slapped her hard across the face. “Speak, you fucking monster!”

“I-I can't!” she wailed between his smacks.

That stopped him. “What?”

“I-I'm an alpha.” It hurt to talk with her jaw being slapped so many times. Her voice was also harsh as before. “W-We mag… magnify geas and they affect us more than others.”

Dornen slapped her again.

“I promise!” she screamed.

It took everything she had to not to turn into a Bel Dark hound or into shadows. The room was dark enough. She wanted to escape, to run away. Even the promise of being raped wasn't enough to stop her, she had to suffer if she would keep her promise to Parn.

Dornen slapped her again, harder this time. “Fucking cunt.”

Then he looked down. With her legs curled up to protect herself, that left her bruised and bloody pussy only centimeters away from the bulge in his jeans. He grinned and tightened his grip on her hair, shoving her harder against the wall as he used his other to fumble with the buttons of his jeans.

It only took seconds before he freed his cock. She couldn't look down and the anticipation grew inside her.

Dornen shoved his cock deep into her body, burying his entire length into her with a single thrust.

A ripple of pleasure filled her. She let it wash over her, filling her with pleasure as he jammed her head hard against the wall and started to pound into her.

She flexed to meet his body, enjoying how the thickness filled her with pleasure. Her pussy burned though, the blood and cuts scraping against his slickness only added to pleasure that swirled around her.

He slammed into her hard, stopping on every few thrusts as his cock pulsed. He was trying to torture her on his shaft but struggling with his desire to cum. It would have been brutal, but Merrie had fucked far more terrible things. It was only pleasure to her as he filled her pussy.

Hore grabbed her hair and Dornen released it.

The younger man pulled his belt over her head and brought the buckle to her mouth.

Dornen rammed hard into her pussy causing her to gasp.

Hore shoved the buckle past her teeth and then yanked on the belt, tightening it around her head. The metal forced her mouth apart.

Then, without wearing pants, he stepped over Merrie's chest. His cock was also thick and dripping.

“Pussy, get your ass out of my face,” snarled Dornen.

“Pick a better position next time, ass.” Hore's voice was distracted as he shoved his cock into Merrie's mouth and the buckle. It was strong tasting, salty and sour. He shoved it hard into her, slamming her head against the rough stone as he buried his length into her mouth and against her throat.

The pressure against her gag reflex caused her to jerk, but she was pinned in place by both men. She tried to push his legs away from her.

Hore pulled his cock almost completely out before slamming it home. The thrust slammed her head against the stone wall, dazing her again.

She almost transformed as an orgasm tore through her body. She moaned and tensed, pushing harder on his thighs and trying to lever Dornen away with her legs, but she was impaled on each end by thrusting cocks and helpless to stop them.

Hore's thrusts were far more violent than Dornen's. He slammed her head against the wall with hard, fast strokes as he pumped into her face. His cock punched along the back of her throat, causing her to gag. Wet noises filled the room as her pussy clenched around Dornen's thrusts.

“Fuck, yes!” cried the older man.

Stars swam around Merrie's vision as she choked on the cock. The ceaseless pounding against her face also drove her into the wall, the pain blossoming as she struggled to breath. She was helpless, utterly helpless as the two men continued to rape her. Her pussy clenched and tightened with the orgasms that burst inside her but the only thing that came out where puppy-like whimpers and wet gagging noise.

Hore moaned and whispered wordlessly at her as he fucked her face. His cock was dripping now, the hot liquid dribbling down her throat and causing her to gag even more.

Dornen's thrusts grew faster and harder. His cock swelled.

At the same time, so did Hore's. The thick shaft grew thicker with every thrust until it was completely blocking off her throat, lodging into the tight orifice as he ground against her face. The little friction caused her head to pull further away from the wall. When he thrust again, her head smacked against the stone.

White light tore at her vision, orgasms ripped at her very being.

Hore slammed home, driving his entire length into her until his stomach crushed her nose. “Fuck!” he cried as his cock began to spew cum against the back of her throat, painting it before it began to slid down her throat.

Dornen groaned himself, lasting only a few more strokes before he began to cum inside her. The heat of his seed was overwhelming, a wash of heat inside her frigid body.

She came two more times and then sat there, choking on cock as her body clenched and unclenched around Dornen's shaft.

“F-Fuck,” gasped the older man before he pulled out. “No, nothing as pretty ever come down this way.”

Hore grunted and gave a few more thrusts, squeezing the last of his cum. Slowly, he stepped back. A few droplets splashed against her chin and chest before he stepped back. He looked at Dornen and grinned.

“We should get more whores convicted, this could make our day.”

Merrie gasped, her body trembling from her orgasm. She ached but it was a good pain.

Dornen stepped forward and kicked her again right between the legs. The explosion of pain ripped across her senses as the toe tore into her labia. “Get that fuck in there, maybe you'll get preggy from it?”

She was sterile, the Shadows ensured that, but it still hurt as he kicked her crotch for good measure.

“Get your belt and throw her into the cell. She isn't going anywhere.”

They dressed enough to drag her down the hall to a bunch of steel doors. Opening the third one, she only saw a brief flash of a single mound of straw in a corner and a pot before they threw her into it.

In a matter of seconds, she was locked inside.

“Come on, let's sign in,” said Dornen.

“Damn shame she's going to Abbinkey tomorrow. I could use a couple more rounds.”

“I might file for a reassignment. The week journey to Abbinkey is pretty fun, I heard.”

“Just don't choke her to death.”

“I won't.”

“Because I got docked a week's pay because you did that asshole thief.”

“Relax, Dornen, this bitch can take it.”

Their voices faded as they headed down the hall.

Merrie waited until she couldn't hear the voices before the first tear dripped down her face. The promise to Parn was going to be much harder than she imagined.