It was well after dark when the prison wagon stopped.

Razor groaned. “Do you think they are going to leave us in here? I have to pee really badly.”

“Hold it,” snapped Mace. “I don't want to smell it for the next week.”

“I am, Ace.”


“I'm holding it, I just really need to pee.”

The conversation drifted off as they turned to listen to the openings in the wagon. It sounded like half a dozen guards were outside. Merrie heard Dornen, Hore, and the female guard from before. There was only one woman's name called out, Ginny. The other guards were Vace, Porlis, and Lain. There was also two wagoners but she couldn't catch their names.

“Ginny has been doing this run for twelve years,” said Monte.

“How do you know that?” asked Razor.

Monte snapped his mouth shut.

“Well, Monte?” This time it was Mace.

“Reasons,” Monte finally said.

“Like you were a guard in a previous life?”


“Then what?”

“Drop it, Mace.”


“Drop it!” Monte said sharply.

“Fine,” Mace snarled and crossed his arms. A frown crossed his face as they sat there in uncomfortable silence.

Around them, she could hear the noises of the horses being lead away and chains being undone. It didn't sound like they were setting up tents or anything. There might have been some sort of permanent structure.

The chain on the door rattled.

Monte spoke up suddenly. “Just answer ‘yes, sir’ and ‘no, sir.’ Don't give them a chance to screw with you.”

“Whatever, guard,” muttered Mace.

The door opened. It was Dornen and another guard. “All right, bitches. Who has to pee the worst?”

Razor looked around and then said, “Me, sir.”

“Well, then you're last.” Dornen grinned. Then he looked at Bitch. “Second-last. She's last.”

Razor groaned.

Dornen got into the wagon and removed the locks for Mace and Ston. “You two, pout boy and pudgy. Down and follow Vace. You step outside the white line, you'll be shot. Talk back, you'll be shot. Raise your hands, shot again. Don't give us an excuse, we get a bonus for every guy who makes it and I don't want my first run to have less than perfect. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Razor glared at Monte who shrugged back. Neither said anything with Dornen remaining in the wagon.

The guard came over to Merrie's cage and kicked it. “Don't worry, princess. You're going to have special accommodations tonight. A nice comfy bed and everything you want to drink.”

The tone of his voice told Merrie far more. It wasn't going to end well for her.

About twenty minutes later, Vace came for the next two, and then finally Slender twenty minutes after that.

Dornen left with Slender, promising to come back.

Time passed. More than twenty minutes went by and no one had come for her.

The noises quieted down but there was still guards walking around. She started to get anxious, her tail snapping back and forth. She had to pee just as badly but she held it, knowing that they wouldn't hesitate to make her sit in her own urine for the next day and maybe the week.

No one came for her.

She tried counting the seconds but lost track. There were too many. Finally, after a few minutes of debating with herself, she activated her timing spell. It was a simple one but it had kept her sanity when she was left alone for hours.

Feeling the time somehow helped. She let the tick of the spell wash over her, marking out the minutes.

Almost an hour later, they finally came for her, four guards. They had cruel looks on their faces as Dornen crawled into the wagon and unlocked her cage.

“Okay, bitch. You know the rules. Stay on the white line and follow directions. You disobey, I'm kicking you in the cunt again.”

Her muscles clenched at the memory of the pain.

Her joints were sore as she crawled out of the wagon. None of the guards helped her off, she had to jump the final meter, landing heavily on the ground.

The two wagons were in a walled courtyard emblazoned with the Franome symbol. Warnings were painted on almost every surface, warning that prisoners would be killed for escaping. The gate was guarded by two guards with brandished swords. There was also a pair on top with crossbows.

Everything was lit by magical globes paced every few meters. There was almost no shadows anywhere, no protection against the light. She looked at it worriedly but it didn't burn like sunlight did.

A thick white line was painted on the ground ahead of her. It led around the backside of a large stone building and came out the far side to come up the porch and enter the main doors. She could see barred windows on the bottom floor, enough for ten cells on a side.

“Come on, around back.”

She crawled along the painted path. There was a narrow gap between the building and the wall, only about two meters. Right around the corner was a latrine. It smelled overwhelming of shit and urine. She cringed but knew what she had to do. When she was ordered to, she stick her ass over the latrine and went to the bathroom.

Four guards watched her as she did.

It was humiliating.

It brought a faster triple beat in her chest. They had plans for her, brutal plans that probably involved her getting raped. She wasn't sure where, but she could feel it in the air.

When she finished, she took a step forward.

“Aren't you going to wipe?” asked Vace.

Flattening her tears, she held up her hand. “I-I can't,” she whispered.

All four men stepped back. Then a baby-faced man stepped forward with a sigh. “I get the first shot, okay?”

“Yeah, whatever, Porlis, just wipe her ass,” said Dornen.

Porlis grabbed a rag and shoved it into a bucket. He swirled it around before slapping it against Merrie's backside. It was icy cold and felt good on her skin and battered pussy. The guard swirled it around, gentle at first but then rubbing hard to scrub her asshole and pussy clean.

Merrie whimpered from the pain.

“Bastard really kicked you in the cunt, didn't he?”

She nodded.

“Well, it's not your cunt I want.” He stopped at her ass and shoved a cloth-covered finger into the tight sphincter and twisted it. “You better be done properly, you'll be cleaning my stick once I'm done.”

Merrie looked at him and nodded. She had sucked far worse in her training and over the years.

He hesitated for a moment. Then he stood up and dropped the cloth into the bucket. “She's good.” Then to her. “Come on, follow me.”

She did, with the other three guards trailing behind her. The path was rough on her knees and wrists. There was spot further down with piles of dirty clothes.

They didn't stop there.

They stopped at the next one, with buckets of sudsy water and rags.

“Clean off.”

Merrie did her best but it took a while to try getting it across her. Porlis finally sighed and took over, dumping the icy water over her head and scrubbing the rest of her body clean. His hands were large as he lingered over her breasts, buttocks, and even pussy.

It took less than five minutes.

The last station behind the building was fresh clothes. Porlis hesitated for a moment and then shook his head. He guided Merrie down the path and toward the porch.

When he stepped off, she wasn't surprised.

She stopped at the edge and looked around. The crossbowmen were aimed at her.

“Off the path,” came the order.

She ducked her head but obeyed.

The four guards lead her back around the wagons and to the front gate. It was open. She shivered in fear as they brought her outside of the prison fortress.

They were surrounded by a forest. A twenty meter section had been cleared out around the fortress. The space was littered with old, rotted stumps and felled rocks.

Dornen looked around and then pointed to a thick one with a relative flat top. There were already a pair of rings mounted at the base and she could smell old blood and sex on it.

She was going to be raped.

Her pussy throbbed with desire as they brought her over to the stump. Shattered wood stuck out of the top but years of weather had smoothed it over that it only looked uncomfortable, not deadly.

She thought about fighting but didn't. It was inevitable.

Instead, she crawled up on the stump. When none of the guards said anything, she lowered herself and pressed her belly.

“Wow, she just got right up there.” It was one of the guards.

“Fucking cunt,” muttered Dornen. “Probably spritzing her cunt the entire way here, thinking about all the cock she's going to get.”

Porlis reminded them he was first.

Dornen sighed. “Yeah, yeah, just get her tied down. I get second.”

Rough hands strapped her down, tying her in place and tightening the ropes until they dug into her shoulder blades and the small of her back. She whimpered but that only caused them to pull tighter. More ropes were run between her legs and over her shoulders, pinning her tightly in place.

Dornen grinned. “One more thing.”

He grabbed her hair and pulled back, forcing her head up. Her mouth opened up just at crotch level of the guards. With his other hand, he grabbed her tail.

She whimpered and squirmed. The tail was connected to her body and screamed out in agony as he pulled it back. Her ass followed, twisting forward and exposing her pussy and asshole as she tried to relieve the pressure.

“Tie these together. Make it good, she'll be here the night.”

A low whine slipped from her open mouth.

Hands worked the knots around her hair and tail. When they finally released her, she remained in a position of discomfort, three holes opened to the lustful guards and she was helpless to do anything.

Dornen leaned down. “You bite or scrape and I leave you out here until the sun comes up. I know that will hurt.”

She gasped, her body tensing as she tried to lessen the pressure of her position.

Dornen fumbled with his belt.

“Hey, I'm first.”

“You get that end.”

“I want to hear her scream.”

“Fine?” Dornen rolled his eyes.

Porlis' clothes rustled for a moment and then she felt him step up to her back end. He stroked his hands along her pulled apart buttocks, teasing the aching flesh and dipping down enough to trail his fingers along her soaked and brutalized pussy. “Fuck, she's wet.”

“She's always ready for a good fuck.”

“They are going to love her at Abbinkey.”

“Yeah, wish I could stay just to listen to the screams.”

Porlis didn't say anything. Instead, he stepped forward and pressed a thick cock up against the seam of her buttocks. He fisted the shaft and brought it down, pressing the rounded head against her tight but dry asshole.

Merrie gasped as she prepared to be raped. Her pussy kept clenching and she could smell her sake-infused pussy juices wafting in the air. She wanted it, craved it. She tried to lift her ass higher for a better angle, but she was pinned completely in place.

The pressure built at her opening, the spongy head working into the tight ring.

She panted, a whine vibrating in her throat.

“Fuck , that's hot,” whispered one of the guards.

Porlis continued to shove his cock in, lodging the head into the opening. He felt huge without her being able to look at it, huge and ready to plunge inside.

She whimpered, her body shaking with a growing orgasm.

He leaned into her putting his weight on his cock as it began to spear into her.

Knowing that he wanted her to cry, she did. It only added to the speed of the thick shaft as it shoved into the burning ring, forcing deeper into the tight sphincter. She could feel the ridges of his shaft and the pulse of his heart.

Porlis grunted as he drove deeper. He stopped only for a second to grab her shoulders and then leaned further into his cock. His weight bent her tail even further forward, giving her relief on her neck but adding a new pain as the joint screamed out in agony.

She sank into the pain, letting it wash over her as she cried out. She was being filled. It was hot and agony, pleasure and pain at the same time.

He got at least ten centimeters into her before he stopped. He pulled back. Getting a tight grip on her shoulders, Porlis thrust hard into her ass.

She screamed as she was ripped open, filled completely as his cock buried into her backside. She could feel his balls grind against her slick opening and the entire length of his shaft pulsating inside her.

With a grunt, he yanked out and rammed it home again. With every thrust, he dug his fingernails into her shoulder. The pain only added to the pleasure as he pounded her sphincter with deep, brutal stroke.

The rope dug into her body as she was jerked back and forth, yanked along the rough edges of the stump as he raped her ass. She let out little cries as she did, partially because she knew all four of them wanted to hear her suffer but also because it was the only thing she could do.

Porlis accelerated, his thick shaft pounding her abused rectum with hard strokes. She could feel him swelling inside her, stretching her out, and then he exploded inside her. Wet jets of cum painted her insides for several seconds before he pulled out with a shuddering sigh. “Fuck, that's good.”

“My turn?” Dornen said impatiently.

“Almost.” Porlis came around and presented his cock to her mouth. She couldn't move away so he shoved it deep into her mouth. She tasted cum, her juices and the overwhelming sake flavor on it. There was also a hint of feces but she had put far worse in her mouth.

She wrapped her lips around it and laved her tongue, cleaning it off.

Porlis shuddered and moaned. “Oh, fuck, this is the best mouth I've had in years.”

There was a cock at her pussy. It was Dornen. He shoved deep into her, bottoming out in her slick opening with little effort.

Grunting, Dornen grabbed her waist and dug his fingernails into her skin. Using her for balance, he pounded into her pussy. Every ridge of his cock scraped against her raw nerves but the sensation of being completely filled with hot cock was enough to push her toward an orgasm.

She moaned around Porlis' cock and finished cleaning it off. When she was done, she sucked on its length, drawing the last few droplets of cum from the opening.

Porlis moaned as he staggered back.

It was only moments before another guard presented his dripping cock to her mouth.

She kept her mouth open as he rammed it home, slamming it against the back of her throat before hammering her face with his entire length.

Merrie sucked on the cock, her body jerking in the ropes as Dornen continued to rape her pussy with hard strokes. He was lasting longer this time.

She cried out around the cock that battered her throat. Her body felt like fire as she came again and again, her helplessness setting her off but the power just shed off her. She knew it would be lost but she didn't care.

Dornen finished by yanking his cock out and slamming it hard into her asshole. The sudden pain flared a wave of agony and then he was pumping cum directly into her slick opening.

She shuddered and gulped loudly, the wet noises setting off her other rapist. He came in her mouth, splattering against the back of her throat until she gagged on it as it dripped down her throat.

Both men pulled out to be replaced by more. These two were much larger than the others. She moaned around the thick shaft as the guard slid it into place, pushing further until it reached the back of her throat. There were still a few centimeters left out, so she swallowed until it bent down and he could drive all the way forward.

She chocked on his shaft, enjoying how her entire body seemed to focus on the thickness that invaded her mouth and crushed her tongue against the bottom. His belly smelled of sweat and cologne. It was musky and hot.

The guard in front wasn't moving, he was just holding it there. She felt her lungs beginning to ache but she held as long as she could. To distract herself from suffocation, she focused on the thick member that was slicing in and out of her. It was just as large as the one in her throat. With every thrust, it rammed against her cervix with a powerful beat and drew out. Her inner walls clung to the thick ridges and her labia stung with the friction, but it didn't matter.

The guard fucking her pussy drove into her. His wide hands held her down, grinding her into the stump as he pounded her pussy with hard, powerful strokes.

She came on his cock, adding to the slickness and heat but that didn't stop as he drove her into a second and a third orgasm. She cried out but only a muffled noise came around the cock that was choking her.

Merrie looked up to see the smile on the man's face. He was enjoying it. She couldn't help but feel more fear rising as her lungs screamed for air. She needed to breathe soon, or to use magic to escape.

He grabbed the back of her head and shove her face harder on his cock. It slid down a few more millimeters and the base stretched her lips further apart. She choked on it, trying to get more air but couldn't. The only movement she could do was rock back and forth from the shaft that was pounding her pussy relentlessly.

She squirmed as much as she could.

“Don't choke her, Lain.”

“She's fine. Just a little more. Come on, take a bit more.” He ground Merrie's face harder into his belly, driving more of it until his balls were forced between her lips. It felt too large for her to take but he kept twisting and grinding her face until one large nut was forced into her mouth, stretching her cheeks and jaw achingly apart.

She didn't dare bite down, that would get her killed. She could do nothing but wait as the pounding in her ears increased and stars floated across her vision.

Then, just as darkness threatened to take her, he came. A single blast of cum, hot and slick, splashed down her throat. Without even a single moan, he yanked his cock and ball from her mouth and stepped back.

“Just move… oh, thanks.” Vace chuckled as he presented his dripping cock to her mouth. “I won't choke fuck you but still.”

It was the large shaft that had plunged into her pussy. She didn't remember when he pulled it out, only that there was another cock pounding her pussy. She opened her aching mouth and Vace shoved it deep into her mount and down her gullet.

She choked loudly, which only brought a smile.

He fucked her face, spreading the taste of pussy and cum all over her mouth as he brought himself to another orgasm. He pulled out enough to paint her face with hot jets of cum.

“I'm heading back,” announced Vace.

“I'll come with you,” said Lain. “We'll send down more guys.”

“Yeah, yeah,” muttered Dornen as he continued to fuck Merrie's upturned pussy. He was moving hard and fast, but as he came already, she knew he was in for a long fuck.

When he finally came, they were both panting from the effort. Merrie couldn't keep track of her orgasms, the mixing of pleasure and pain was a powerful aphrodisiac for her. She gasped as he withdrew, leaving his cum to ooze out of her well-fucked pussy.

Dornen smacked her ass. “There will be others soon enough.”

Then he walked back with a whistle.

She was alone. The time keeping spell was still up and she felt the passing seconds as the breeze washed over her. Her breathing calmed down but she couldn't relax. her tied hair and tail prevented her from doing anything.

Then the insects came. They buzzed around her, landing on her body. It was only moments before they started to sting her. Pricks caught her nipples, ass, and back. She whimpered as the high-pitched whine caught her ear and then more wound land on her.

The only relief came almost an hour later when footsteps approached. Whoever it was didn't say anything, they just dropped their pants and shoved their cock into her pussy with one hard, uncaring stroke. It was slick with juices and she took the entire length with a moan of pleasure.

A few minutes later, the guard finished and headed back.

It would be twenty-five more minutes before two came to fuck her ass and mouth.

The rest of the night continued with occasional interruptions of cock and cum. Beyond that, only insects and the breeze kept her tortured body company as the seconds swam by.