It was another long day and it was only the second of their ten day trip to Abbinkey. The rest of the prisoners were thankful for the two breaks to stretch their legs, get something to eat, and relieve themselves.

Merrie, on the other hand, couldn't dare handle the sun so she couldn't leave the wagon. Her handler, Dornen and Hore, were both abrupt with her and didn't give her a second though.

She didn't eat though. She frowned as she stared at it wondering why she wasn't hungry. Ever since she recovered from her death, she didn't have the overwhelming urge to eat. She could do it, but it almost seemed like she was doing it out of habit instead of need. The same with relieving herself, she couldn't imagine she would have to pee or shit if she didn't eat.

With the shadows stuffing her body, she wondered if that was just another habit also. She didn't have organs. There was no stomach to digest food, no intestines to… do whatever they do. It was as if she just assumed she needed it.

Choice. Did she have a choice to eat and act like a human?

However, the lies needed to be maintained and she didn't relish the idea of holding her pee in for hours like the other prisoners. She reached out and gathered shadows in front of her. The boiling darkness answered her easily. She brought it down to the plate and caused the food to wither away and dissolve into darkness.

As soon as she finished, she released the power.

Rolling over in her nest of blankets and cloaks, she considered the ceiling. What about having her throat fucked? Was breathing also a choice? She remembered how Vace's cock felt in her mouth, driven deep and held it inside her. She loved choking on it, to make the gagging noises, but if she was truly shadows then it was all a ruse.

The memory of the cock brought a flickering slickness between her legs. She moaned and lifted her amputated ankles up to the bars of the cage. The feel of cold metal felt good against her skin. She worked her thighs apart, hooking her legs on further bars until she was spread wide open.

Moaning, she brought both arms between her legs. Her arms pressed against her breasts, pushing them up as she rested the smooth limbs in the furrow of her sex. Pleasure teased her as she rocked them back and forth, dragging her arms over her clitoris as she brought up the memory of the guard's fucking in her head.

This time, she imagined it on a soft bed and without ropes. That didn't excite her for long, so she imagined the ropes back on and her tied down, helpless to stop them.

Still on a bed.

That brought a surge of excitement. She moaned and rubbed herself faster, lifting and dropping her chest to move her shorted limbs against her clitoris. The pleasure felt good, a slow build up as she drew on her memories to recall the thick cocks that plunged into her pussy and ass.

She opened her mouth and tilted back, trying to bring back the sensation of Vace's shaft plunging into her throat. He could stop her breathing, she would let him, just to suffocate on his cock while another guard pounded her pussy with fierce strokes.

She needed more. Much more. Soft whimpered slipped from her lips as she imagined them clawing at her breasts, grabbing the mounds and squeezing them painfully.

When she imagined Hore biting her nipples, the first surge of an orgasm came. She shuddered and let out a muffled whimper.

She kept stroking, working through the guards as she brought up each of their shafts and let them abused her imaginary body. She needed it, she craved to feel them pounding into her, treating her as nothing more than a fuck toy. The helplessness coupled with the roughness.

The first orgasm left her hungry for more.

She kept masturbating, stroking herself faster and harder. The smell of her pussy, alcoholic and sweet, filled the wagon. She shuddered as her juices splashed down her thighs and pooled underneath her buttocks. The guard's cloak would smell like her excitement for days.

Merrie grinned and kept pumping. Her memories worked toward her fellow prisoners. What would Monte look like naked? Would he have a massive shaft as he tendering slammed it into her? Slender? Razor? She knew both Mace and Razor would be rough, almost frantic.

She gasped as another orgasm crashed into her. It was an surge of ice and pleasure. With a soft whimper, she kept going, dragging her arms along her pussy until she found another orgasm.

The door of the wagon opened.

Merrie froze and looked up.

It was Monte. He stopped mid-way crawling in, his eyes growing wide as he stared at her. He had a short beard, black as his hair.

She could feel his eyes against her skin. It felt good. Arching her back, she squeezed her breasts together and presented them for his hungry gaze.

Almost immediately, he groaned.

“Get in the wagon, asshole!” yelled Dornen from behind.

“Well…” Monte started, “that wasn't what I expected.” He finished crawling into the wagon, a large bulge obvious in his pants. He sat down next to Merrie's cage, his eyes locked on her exposed body.

Razor crawled in next. He stared at her and licked his lips. “Fuck,” he muttered before sliding down the bench to take Slender's spot.

Mace followed with a snort, sitting in his usual place.

Each look brought new pleasures. Merrie moaned as she stroked herself harder, splattering her juices against her bare sex and thighs. The smell of her excitement rose even higher, flooding the room as she came just by the men watching her.

Ston froze in the door, his jaw hanging slack.

“Get in!” snapped Dornen.

Ston didn't move, his eyes following every shake of her body.

She grinned at him, lifting her hips even more to give him a clear view of her arms between her pussy lips. She knew they were glistening in the light, she could feel the discomfort of the reflected sunlight but it was worth it to see the lust in his eyes.

“Get in!”

Ston lurched forward as Dornen kicked him.

“Get in before I stab you!”

Ston finally obeyed but his eyes never left Merrie's body. He tried to sit down on top of Mace until the rough man shoved him aside.

“Get your ass off me!”

Sitting down, Ston continued to stare.

Slender was the last. The tall man crawled into the wagon, took one look at Merrie and Razor in his spot and sat down in an empty. He didn't seem perturbed by Merrie masturbating but she could tell he was paying attention.

Five men staring at her.

She moaned and stroked herself harder, pumping her arms back and forth until another orgasm role up inside her, flooding her with sweet pleasure.

“What the fuck?” swore Dornen.

Merrie opened her eyes and smiled at him. He was angry and aroused at the same time, she could see it on his face and between his legs. His cock, the same one that had fucked her repeatedly, as straining against his buttons.

He froze, like the others.

Merrie felt the surge of pleasure rising. Six men were watching her masturbate. Even if she was not gaining power from it, the rush of being on display was enough to push her to another orgasm. Soft whimpers rose from her throat as she stared at all of them, matching their eyes as they watched with lust.

Her pussy was slick, the sounds of it echoing against the walls of the wagon. She shuddered as another one rushed up. She didn't need to imagine their cocks, she could see them straining as they watched.

“Dornen! Get your ass moving!” yelled Ginny.

“I… I'm… she's….”

“Is she still caged?”

Dornen tore his eyes away from Merrie. “Yes, madam.”

“Then get out of the damn wagon and let's get going.”

He worked his way down the seats, chaining everyone into place but his eyes kept drifting toward her. He shot Merrie a final glance before crawling out. His eyes lingered on her, wide with excitement.

When the door slammed shut, she let out a cry and came a final time. Shuddering, she slumped to the bottom of the cage and smiled.

“Trying to make our lives miserable?” grumbled Mace. “Now I have a hard-on which is just going to make the next part horrible.” Even as he said it, he was watching her through the dim light as if hoping for more.

“Sorry,” she said, not being sorry. “I like to come.”

“She's an alpha,” Slender added. “They get off on submission and sex.”

Mace perked up. “You mean she can use magic after that?”

“No,” Slender shook his head. “She's a traitor, she's has the Justice Geas on her. If she tries to use magic in any way, it would cause her insides to turn to mush. She would die screaming in an instant.”

“Then why is she showing off like that?”

“I,” Merrie said with her whisper, “like to come. I'm not getting magic from it, it just… helps.”

“Well, it isn't helping me,” grumbled Mace. He turned his back on her.

She gave a hesitant smile. “Do they put us in individual cells at the fortress?”

He turned back. “Of course they don't, you'd know….”

“If I wasn't tied to a stump and fucked all night?” she asked with a smile.

Monte finally leaned in. “They didn't really rape you?”

Merrie shrugged and perked her ears. “I like sex. It doesn't matter how rough it is, I like it rough. It was just… they didn't ask me. I would have said yes, even with tying me down and fucking my ass.”

Ston gasped. “You do anal?”

Merrie giggled. “I'll do anything. Any hole, any way.”

Mace had turned back toward her but his arms were crossed over his chest and he was frowning. “You couldn't handle me.”

She was tempted to speak up but didn't. Instead, she shrugged. “I hope to find out.”

Silence filled the wagon.

“What?” Mace finally said as his arms grew slack. “Seriously?”

Merrie grinned and ducked her head. Her tail wagged, thumping against the edges of the cage. “I really like it. I don't get magic from it anymore, but the hard cocks, tongues, being choke fucked, or having my ass impaled. That is what brings me joy. I like it. I don't mind sharing it.”

Her tail wagged faster as she thought about the men surrounding her.

“But you'd fuck us? All of us.”

She nodded, then barked.

That seemed to break the ice slightly. Mace shrugged and then took a deep breath. “Well, if that is the case, go ahead and give us a show.”

Merrie looked at the others who nodded or were obviously turned on. With a grin, she rolled on her back and spread her legs to give the rest of the wagon a view. Then she brought her arms to her pussy and began to stroke herself.