“Fuck, I have to go again.” Razor squirmed on his chair.

“Really? What the hell is wrong with you?” Mace growled. “Have you tried not drinking?”

“Yeah, I do. I wasn't expecting to spend two bells every day sitting on a wagon jostling my nethers. If I did, I would have never committed those crimes.”

“It would have better if you did.”

“Fuck you, Chitori.”

“Blow me, Caldora.”

Mace lunged toward Razor but stopped as his chains drew taut. “Just wait until you and I are put in the same cell again. I'll smash your balls to fast you won't have to worry about peeing ever again.”

“That's… that's not how it works!”

“Please, men,” Monte held up his hand. “Let's just—”

“Fuck off!” yelled both men.

Razor glared at Mace who glared back. Then, as by an unspoken decision, they turned their backs on each other.

Merrie watched them, the sudden spell still on her thoughts.

Razor squirmed. He was struggling. She could see it in his body language. He had trouble but the guards weren't giving him any quarter.

Her ears perked up again. If there was one thing she could do, it was to help. Though it would reveal that her cage was never locked when Ginny put her inside. But maybe that would also show she was serious about her conviction and her lifelong trip to Abbinkey.

With a smile, she pushed herself up to her hands and knees. Licking her lips, she used her face to push open the cage.

Mace looked at her. “What the—?” he whispered.

Merrie smile at him and then crawled over to Razor. She rested a hand on his leg.

He jumped. “Gods!”

“Let me help,” she whispered.

The rest of the wagon grew silent with only the creaks and bumps of their travel filling the dim light.

“Help, how? You don't have a bucket for me to use.”

She smiled and slid her hand up to his crotch. He was getting hard but that didn't matter for long. The smooth end of her wrist caressed his length and she explored it; he was good-sized for a human with a narrow shaft and large head.

Razor moaned. “W-What are you doing?”

“Helping. Can you open this?” She rattled his shackles, it would be impossible to get her head easily into it to open it herself.

“I don't—”

Slender spoke up, “Just let her, she knows what she's doing.”

“What is she doing?”

“You got to do something?”

“Yeah, I have to pee, not get a blow job.”

Slender grinned and leaned back. “A mouth is a mouth. She's an alpha.”

“What does… that…” He looked down. “Seriously?”

She beamed at him. “I don't mind.”

“I mean..” He was getting even harder. She could smell his musk through his pants. “I mean, I never.”

Merrie answered by stroking his cock. “I can get it out with these.”

Gulping, Razor looked up at the others. Merrie peeked over her shoulder to see what he saw.

Ston was looking sick, he was already turning away. Mace also looked away. On the other hand, Slender was watching with a grin on his lips and a hardness in his crotch. Monte was pretending not to look but he was peeking.

She smiled and lowered her head, kissing his thigh and rattling his chain. “Please?”

“I… I….” Then Razor moaned and twisted. He fumbled with his pants. The trousers that the prison had given him didn't have a button. It took a moment for him to get the rope drawstring loose and lift himself off the seat enough to push it down to his knees.

Merrie looked at his cock, dark and swollen, and let out a soft, playful whimper. “Yummy.”

She pressed her face into the tight space between his arms, the chains, and his body. Taking a deep breath, she enjoyed the musty acrid scent that flooded over her. With her tongue, she drew it up his entirely length.

“O-O-Oh….” Razor froze.

Encouraged, Merrie licked again and then brought the tip to her mouth. It was hot and growing slick. It was also too hard to let him get relief, so she needed to soften it first. Giggling to herself, she bobbed down and took his hardness into her mouth.

Slowly, she drew her lips down. The little ridges and veins slid along her lips as she took it deeper. The head slid along the roof of her mouth and she rubbed the head against her soft pallet.

“Oh, oh fuck, I haven't… had this in a long time.”

She shoved her face down, trying to take all of it into her mouth. It was a tight fit. The chains scraped her ear as she worked her lips down to his hairy base. Slowly, she drew up to his tip and released her lips with a pop. “Give me a moment, I'll get it soft enough for you to use me like a toilet.”

His cock surged in her mouth.

With a grin, she held it gently in her lips. They had a while before the wagons stopped for the second break but she could tell he was uncomfortable. There was a hardness that wasn't entirely driven by the lust of having a naked woman blowing him.

She gulped and bobbed her head. He wasn't long enough to hit the back of her throat but it was still a nice, firm girth for her mouth. She moaned as she bobbed up and down, grinding her face as hard as she could at his base before bringing up to the top.

His pre-cum tasted watery. It was almost sweet and she loved it. With a moan, she lapped it up from his shaft and then bobbed back down.

Time seemed to swirl around her as she pleasured him. She loved how he grabbed his leg with one hand and the chain with the other. His hips rose to meet her lips, thrusting as much as he could with his body shackled to the chair.

The rattle of the chains and the scrape of the brackets filled the room along with her wet slurping.

She moaned and swayed her ass knowing that others were watching it and imagining themselves underneath her mouth. She curled her tail up to expose her sex. With every shift of her hips, she could feel her labia peeling apart and closing. Of course, Ston would be staring at her ass, it was obvious that he was thinking about fucking her ass for days now.

Merrie added a twist to her bobbing. At the same time, she stroked her smooth wrist against his balls, teasing them as she brought his entire length into her mouth.

Razor grunted and his cock swelled.

She clamped down and sucked harder, pulling his shaft into her mouth with suction more than bobbing.

With a groan, he came. Ropes of cum splattered against her throat, filling her mouth with his cream. She moaned loudly and lapped it up, sucking directly on the end of his cock to get every iota of salty seed from his balls.

Razor slumped with a gasp. “Fuck.”

Merrie kept her mouth on his cock. She relaxed her pressure and bobbed down to hold her mouth at his base.

“What… you meant it?” Razor's body grew tight.

“She means it?” he asked the room.

Slender grunted. “She's from the Puppy Mill. This is what she's trained to do.”

Merrie smiled and kept her mouth in place. She had many memories of swallowing urine, though she had her favorite moments.


“Just relax,” said Slender. “Let it go, I don't care.”

“It's disgusting,” muttered Ston.

“Yet you want to fuck that ass of hers.”

“I do not!”

“Yeah right. You getting a chubby right now staring at that star.”

“F-Fuck off!”

Razor's tension relaxed slightly. “I can… right?”

She opened her mouth and got a better grip, increasing the pressure on the half-hard cock. Then she added a slight suction to it, pulsating his cock in her mouth.

The first squirt was hot in her mouth. It wasn't strong tasting at all, but it was also a curious and frightful attempt. He was scared.

“I-Is that okay?”

She nodded, not taking her mouth off. Her pussy felt hot and she curled her tail against it to rub it.

He relaxed even further, the searing liquid pouring into her mouth with a hard jet.

Merrie moaned and swallowed at it, taking the acidic fluid down her throat as Borias trained her to. It brought back memories of her training, of the vegetarian concoctions he created to give her the taste but not the contents. Now it didn't matter, she was content to let it pool in her belly as a hot puddle.

Razor let out a sobbing gasp of relief. The jet of pee came out faster and harder.

She had to gulp to keep up with it. It was flooding her mouth but she didn't dare let a single drop out of her lips. The sound of her gulping filled the room and she could imagine more than one of the men was getting harder hearing it.

Then, the jet slowed and ended.

She moaned and sucked on it until she got all of it. Her stomach gurgled around the hot urine, a comforting sensation as it quickly cooled inside her system.

Careful not to let any droplet out, she lapped his cock cleaned and gave it a suck to clean out the pipe. When she pulled off of his tip, she was smiling.

“Yummy,” she whispered.

Razor stared at her, his chest heaving with his breath. “You… why?”

“Feel better?”

“Yeah, I mean, thank you.”

She smiled and wiped her lip. She sat down in front of him and let out a soft breath. It came out as sake, the shadowy nature of her system already dissolving it into darkness.

Razor fumbled with his pants, pulling them up. When he sat back down, it was obvious that he felt better.

Merrie turned and crawled back to the cage.

“Wait, how did you get out?” It was Ston.

“They forgot to lock it.”

“So you could escape at any time?”

She looked at the locked door. “Through that?”

“Don't you turn into shadows or something.”

“What?” asked Monte.

“I-I heard something about that.” Ston cleared his throat.

Merrie sighed and shook her head. “I can't anymore, remember. I'm a traitor, they sealed away my powers. I don't have magic.”

“But you could.”

“Yes, but not anymore.”

“Why are going to Abbinkey?” Ston asked.

Merrie turned to him and sat down. “Why are you?”

“I killed people.”

“I killed people. I ripped their throats out with my teeth, I withered their bodies with magic. I summoned an army of shadow creatures to tear an entire camp of paladins apart because they threatened my friend.”

The room grew tense.

“I summoned the shadow realm, as you said, which threatened a hundred thousand people. I summoned the Lord of Shadows many times, both in Franome City and elsewhere. Those rotted branches in the World Tree, the Withered Limbs?” She referenced when she first bonded with her collar and a column of darkness rose up to kill some of the lower branches. “That was me. A guild master died that night. A few days, I was responsible for another…”

Tears burned in her eyes as she thought of Kirin. “She was a good friend, but she sacrificed herself because I couldn't stop it. So, yes, you killed someone. Cut a few throats. I killed thousands. Thousands upon thousands in so many different places. I refused an order from the high courts to remove the shadow land because I thought it needed to be there. I was declared a traitor and in the process, I managed to kill thousands more as their bodies withered away and dissolved.”

She had crawled up to Ston as she spoke. “So, when I say I belong in Abbinkey, I think I belong in Abbinkey. Even if I had my powers, I promise you, I would be on this wagon, getting raped at night and fearing the light because this is where I should be.”

Ston gulped. “I-I was just asking.”

“No, you were pushing. You were hoping I had some magical card in my sleeve that would let me escape. Guess what? I'm naked. I had a wolf rip my hands and feet off. I have no pocket to pull out magic. I'm here because I belong here.”

Ston gulped. “Sorry.”

Merrie pulled back. It took her a moment to clear her thoughts, she wasn't expecting to talk so much. Then, she perked her ears. “Anyone else want a blowjob before I go to my cage?”

Slender rattled his cage. “Yeah, bring that mouth over here.”

She wasn't sure she should have been on the wagon to Abbinkey, but her words felt right. It was where she was supposed to be. Just as she was supposed to have her mouth wrapped around some cock. With a wag in her tail, she crawled over to service the second of the prisoners.