As the thriban hauled Merrie away from the brawl, the sounds of fighting quickly died down. Soon there was only the echoing thuds of his heavy footsteps beating against the sides of the narrow lanes between the makeshift homes. He grunted as he came around a corner, slamming Merrie's head hard against the corner as he turned to follow a path parallel to the cliff.

Stars exploded across her vision. She twisted in his grip but when he tightened his grip, she was turned back until her side smacked against his powerful thigh. The smell of his body, a powerful musky that many of the powerful humanoids shared, swirled around her. It reminded her of her many thriban lovers, from her first with Bass and throughout the many years as lovers, customers, and patrons.

Though none of her lovers have ever treated her with a Horge's casual cruelty. It brought a flutter to her pussy and just a bit of worry to her thoughts. There was something in his actions that tempered the edge of submission. He was given life imprisonment for a reason.

“This time, I'm going to take my time. No guards coming, no one to interrupt me.” He muttered but it wasn't really directed toward her. He was also talking to himself.

He slowed as he came up to a brick house. Like many of the homes near the cliff, it was built out of hand-made bricks and shared walls with its neighbors. The opening was a black maw, massive to fit his broad shoulders and height. Reaching out, he shoved his hand into the darkness and she heard the scrape of a poorly formed wooden door scrape against the ground.

He thumped her against the side of the door. Only his tight grip on her neck prevented her from twisting away. Instead her breasts scraped along the sharp edges of the brick frame before she was inside.

Inside was a simple cell, about three meters wide and two meters deep. The ceiling was also two meters and only a few centimeters taller than the thriban as he stood up. To her relief, there appeared to be no other windows and the lighting in the home was just a single glowing lamp hanging from the ceiling; the lamp was covered in dust and grime, dimming it to only an uncomfortable level for Merrie.

Horge turned and shoved the door shut, the wood scraping along both the stone ground and the roof before it thudded into place. Turning around, he whipped her on a pile of moldy bedding on the ground.

Merrie hit the bed hard. She couldn't get her limbs to brace herself before she rolled over and slammed into the brick wall. The sharp edges slashed at her face and side before she slumped back with stars in her vision. The pain brought a bubbling heat as she struggled to clear her senses.

Horge knelt heavily on the bed. “Don't just shove it in,” he muttered as he grabbed her legs and pulled her away from the wall. His large hands caught her knees, forcing them straight as he pried her legs apart.

Merrie gasped as she twisted into a more comfortable place. Her tail caught underneath her and she whimpered as it was crushed between her body and the thick pad of clothes and furs below her. She drew in the scents of a man from the blankets, the musky scent of flesh that all bedrooms acquired.

The thriban released her leg. His eyes almost glowed yellow as he stared at her for a moment. Then he brought his hand up and slapped her face hard. “Be quiet.”

Her face burning, Merrie stared in shock. She hadn't said anything.

His backhand caught the other side of her face. The rough knuckles caught her jaw, nearly dislocating it. The blow had his strength behind it and the entire side of her face burned with agony.

She let out a gasp that ended with a sob as he slapped her again, once with his palm and then with his backhand. Stars exploded across her vision as she gasped at the sudden pain that flooded through her.

Horge clamped his massive paw over her face, shoving her head down into his mattress. His other hand released her leg.

She started to close her legs but her ankles were stopped by his broad waist. He was between her legs and she could feel the distinct motions of him freeing his cock from his trousers.

Lust surged through her. She knew the right things to do, at least in this situation. With a cry, she arched her back and pawed at the hand.

The suffocating grip tightened, grinding his palm against her face and nearly crushing her nose. His fingers reached almost completely around her head as he pinned both of her ears to her skull.

Merrie lifted her hips. She was soaking wet as she imagined the other thriban cock's she had enjoyed. It would be thick and long with a knot near the middle of it. As thriban grew excited, the knot would form in the center; when it swelled inside her pussy, it was locked in place with plenty of shaft to still drive repeatedly into her body as the knotted cock stretched out her insides.

She moaned and writhed her hips.

He released her enough to slap her again, a series of quick blows that left her dazed. “Quiet!”

She tasted black blood on her lips when he clamped his hand back on her face. Her body protested as his weight bore down on her, pinning her skull roughly to the bed. She was helpless, unable to shift or even pull herself up. Instead, she was unable to do anything but wait for the inevitable.

Her pussy throbbed and she could feel her juices dripping from her folds and soaking her thighs. She brought her thighs back to rest against his hips, her ankles pressing against the muscular man's buttocks.

Then a heated rod thudded against her belly. The heavy weight crushed her clitoris and her labia. Something wet splattered against her sternum, it was hot and slick.

Merrie froze in surprise. She raised her hips, sliding the massive cock along the furrow of her sex as she measured it blindly. Horge's cock was far thicker than she had ever felt on a thriban. It was easily twenty centimeters in girth and was as heavy as a brick.

His concern for killing a woman made more sense. No human woman could take such a thick and long cock.

However, as much as she felt the surprise, there was no fear. She wanted to feel it tear into her, fill her completely. It didn't matter if it hurt her or not, she needed it. She moaned into his palm. Her hips rose and fell as she stroked his shaft with her labia.

“Don't shove it in,” he muttered as he drew back his shaft. The thick ridges ran along her pussy, dragging each bump and vein along her pussy. The tip of his cock continued to drip along her belly, tracing a heated line of pre-cum down her belly. Like most thribans, there was a lot of it and it dribbled down both sides of her belly to soak into the sleeping mat.

He gripped tighter on her face, holding her as he bore down on her. His other hand grabbed her thighs, digging his massive thumb into the sensitive joint between her pussy and limb. He pried her open as his cock slid closer to being lined up for one brutal thrust.

Merrie moaned as lust boiled inside her. She tried to encourage him to draw back.

“Just… just a little in. Don't make her bleed. Don't kill her, not yet.” He was trembling as he drew back. She could feel the little hesitations in his movements, the fear and desire warring inside him as he brought the rounded wedge of his cock down into the seam of her sex.

His shaft felt even heavier with just the head against her clitoris. The rounded head slipped along her excited sex, sliding until it rested against the opening of her cunt. The heat seeped into her body felt like a flame.

He leaned into her, grinding the swollen head into her sex. The head was swollen and slick. It easily lodged itself into her opening but quickly stopped as reached the comfortable limits of her inner walls.

“Oh, fuck, that's good,” he moaned. He shoved forward, the tip of his shaft forcing its way deeper into her body.

Her body resisted reflexively, but his weight and strength easily overpowered her. The massive head shoved into her, stretching her painfully open. It felt like a metal sphere inside her but she knew that she hadn't reached even the widest part of his massive cock.

She let out a muted cry of pleasure as she struggled to handle his girth. Her hips twisted around it, soaking the head with her juices and the copious pre-cum pouring out of the tip.

Horge growled. He pulled back but his cock head was lodged inside her.

Merrie whimpered and clamped down, catching his head and clinging to it.

“No, don't thrust, don't kill her. Make it last. Open her up first.” His hand relaxed slightly but then tightened powerfully. He groaned as shuddered, his cock thrust and pulled with the powerful beat of his heart. Shuddering, he ground down on her hip as he held his cock still.

Merrie moaned and writhed, rocking her hips around as she felt the pleasurable discomfort of being pried open. The ache in her entrance was exquisite, the stretching sent ripples of pleasure coursing through her veins.

She needed him to thrust, to rip into her. She strained to pull him deeper, to encourage him to do the one thing he obvious didn't want to do.

Merrie wanted to tell Horge it was okay. She desperately wanted to reach out with her mind, to send a single overwhelming pulse of lust and desire. He was at the cusp of doing so, she only had to encourage him.

She needed it, more than she could imagine. Mouthing his palm, she humped against the head, enjoying how it tugged and pulled at her insides. Tears burned in her eyes as she begged without using words, using her sweat-slicked body to encourage him.

He thrust deeper. “No, I can't!”

He tugged weakly, the thick head pulling on her insides. He wanted her, as much as she wanted him. He thrust, shoving it a few centimeters into her strained pussy. His rocking turned into thrusting, only a short distance with the tight walls of her pussy locking his cock in place. It only swirled her insides around but the feeling of something so hard and thick inside her brought waves of pleasure.

Horge moved faster, a low grunt rising. The combined juices of their excitement managed to soak the lodged head and it began to slip along tortured walls. She felt it rolling over her nerve, setting each one on fire as he rocked the head only a few centimeters at a time.

Merrie moaned into his palm, her body shuddering. She couldn't see the massive pole impaling her cunt but she could feel every ridge as it worked its way deeper into her pussy. It stretched her completely out.

Horge spend up, thrusting harder into her soaked insides. His cock continued to swell at her entrance, the girth stretching her further and further apart until she thought her pelvis would break. He was massive, a thick member almost as wide as her thigh.

Her tightly-stretched labia protested as it was strummed like a violin string. Every time he pulled back, she could feel her insides clinging to his massive cock. When he thrust back in, it pulled inside her and she felt her folds stretch taut.

The thriban grunted as he thrust, his hand tightening on her face and skull until his knuckles cracked. He was holding his weight between her outstretched thigh and her face, but he continued to move with the same, torturous thrusts as he continued to feed his cock into her pussy.

Finally she felt the thickest part of his cock head. It slid along her sex-slicked skin before burrowing into her pussy. It ached and burned as it thrust inside but that discomfort was nothing compared to the intense pleasure of being completely and utterly stretched out around the powerful shaft impaling her.

Merrie couldn't do anything. Her back could arch and she could twist her hips, but nothing would ever stop the cock from impaling her. She clamped her wrists over his palm and sank into the thrusting shaft, meeting each one with tiny strokes of her own body.

Horge suddenly stopped, his shaft buried deep inside her body. “No! Don't thrust, don't kill her.”

He tightened his grip on her body as he began to pull out. His cock pulsed with his own needs as he drew out.

Her pussy clung to every bump and ripple. She wanted it, to feel it hurt her. But he was pulling out. She could almost feel that he was going to leave her with only a hint of the agonized pleasure he could offer. She whimpered and twisted.

“I'll stop, I promise. No blood.”

She murmured into his palm but he was still clamped down on her face. Merrie had to do something, not if she wanted to feel him rip into her. It was too much. With a quiet sob, she dug into her being and drew out power from the depths of shadows. Energy and magic flowed through her, singing in her veins. Moving with practiced skill, she formed a protection spell crafted of shadows and crystal. It was for her insides, to keep her body together. As soon as it settled into place, she focused on the man towering over her. Her thoughts slipped into his.

Guilt washed over her. He wanted her but was afraid to hurt her. The memories were raw inside his head.

When she saw it the first time, the merchant's daughter begged for his cock. It was just what she wanted, to be filled completely.

He was young and foolish and a virgin. He knew that he was large but to hear her begging and to feel her tongue sliding up and down his massive length only pushed him to kneel between her legs and thrust deep.

It was heavy, a silken sheath for his cock. It was the first time he felt the liquid heat of a body wrapped around him. He thrust faster and harder, enjoying the pleasure.

Her moans turned into screams.

Something snapped inside him and he began to thrust harder and faster. He felt searing liquid bathe his cock as his shaft drove deeper into her chest, ripping through organs. His steel hardness cracked her bones, forcing her pelvis apart until it gave out underneath the ceaseless pounding of his hips driving into her body.

When he came, flooding her ruined sex with a liter of cum, she was no longer moving. Sightless eyes stared out into the sky as her body twitched and shuddered.

“Alisa?” he growled. “Alisa?”

The horror of what he had done slammed into him. He let out a choked growl as he pulled out, or at least tried to. His cock was so big that it was locked in her body. He tugged and yanked until her organs came out like a sock clinging to his shaft.

They found him that way, trying to pull out of the girl he had murdered.

Experiencing his memories, Merrie craved to be the merchant's daughter. The brutality that he killed her, the hard thrusting cock shoving deep, was everything she needed. She gathered up her desire and lust until it burned brightly in her mind. Then, with a single desperate thrust, she threw it at him.

Horge slammed forward, driving his massive cock into her magically protected cunt. It drove deep, punching the immense thickness deep into her depths until it slammed against her cervix. He howled as he rammed it harder, pounding against the limits of her pussy with powerful strokes.

Merrie came on the cock, her world lost in the pleasures of being torn open and the feeling of the shaft slamming against her diaphragm. It was crushing her, shoving organs out of the way as her stretched tight around his length. She bit down on his palm as she kept protecting the desire.

Her entire body shook violently, pinned by the tight grip on her leg and the hand suffocating her. She couldn't move which only caused the cock to impale her deeper. Soon it was inside her ribs; it would have torn through organs if she wasn't made of shadows. Instead, it was just blissfully uncomfortable pleasure as he took almost meter-long strokes into her willing body.

Wetness soaked her thighs and the furs underneath her. They were both pouring juices and it coated everything. She lifted her hips to encourage him.

He hammered into her, driving her into the bed as he worked more and more of his cock into her cunt. It took a while until the head felt like it was in her throat before she felt his large, hairy balls smacking against as ass.

She was stretched taut around his cock. Every pulse, every thrust was an orgasm that wracked her thoughts. She moaned as he used her as nothing more than a cock slave, a hot hole to fuck.

When he reached for his orgasm, she felt his shaft swell inside her. Her inner walls strained to keep together, the magic holding her apart when his cock would have torn her open from the inside. She tried to tighten her muscles but it was pointless, he was too strong to even slow down.

Horge howled as he slammed hard, paused, and then slammed into her again. Powerful strokes that impaled her from cunt to throat. His cock swelled and grew hotter, searing inside her cool body.

Then his shaft exploded. A flood of searing liquid poured into her body. It couldn't escape the length of his cock stretching out her insides. Instead it gathered in her chest, swelling and crushing her insides as he pumped liter after liter of hot cum into her body.

As the adrenaline faded, it was painful with him not moving but Merrie didn't care. She was almost humming with the energy from her countless orgasms. She moaned and enjoyed being pinned and impaled; she could only move her arms and legs with Horge dominating her helpless body. She jerked as the hot liquid pooled inside her.

“Fuck,” growled Horge. “Fuck, fuck!”

He bore down and started to pull out his cock. It was tight, her body was clamped along his entire length. His massive head slowly worked down, he had to thrust in and out to move it out from her pussy.

She came again, moaning as the cum filled the void that his immense shaft left behind and relieving the pressure. She smiled to herself and let the pleasure ebb inside her.

Horge panted as he continued to draw out. The thick veins and bulges of his cock scrape along her now-sensitive opening. Each felt the taut skin snapping around the slick shaft. Every pulse of his rapid heartbeat throbbed inside her.

Then his cock head reached her pelvis. He had to pull on it to start working it out of her opening, it was too large to easily slip out. His grip on her face and leg tightened as he drew it out, slow at first but then yanking it out of her body.

Just as his massive orgasm exploded out of her as a shower of cum, she was slammed with a final orgasm. Her mouth clamped down on his palm as she writhed in helpless pleasure as jets poured out of her pussy. It tingled along her suddenly relieved opening, soaked her thighs, and poured down in a massive puddle that the furs couldn't absorb.

Horge finally released his grip on her face, pulling his massive paw back.

Merrie slumped back as she enjoyed the pleasure pouring out of her.

Then she saw the look of horror on his face. He was staring at her gaping pussy, his cock jumping with his pulse. To her surprise, he didn't have a knot like the other thriban she had bedded. There was a hint of a knot but it was a smooth widening of his shaft to an obscene girth. No bump, no ridge, just a forty centimeter shaft with the widest part halfway down the length. She smiled and looked up.

“I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean—”

“Thank you,” she said in a hoarse voice.

He froze. “No, no, I killed you. I didn't mean….” He let out a low growl and crawled off the blankets. His knees were soaked with his cum as he backed away until he hit the door. “I'm sorry, I didn't… I didn't.”

Slowly, Horge sank down to the ground. He brought his knees up as his thick cock slumped down on the ground.

Merrie shuddered as the last surge of cum sprayed out of her. She crawled up on her knees, her body humming with her pleasure. As she got on her knees, more cum dribbled down her thighs. She smiled and her tail wagged. Moving carefully, she crawled through the puddle of cum and onto the floor. She left little wet prints behind her as she came up to Horge and then slid against his body.

Horge flinched from her and then frowned. “A-Are you okay?”

Merrie nodded and barked quietly, her mind going back to the limitations she accepted. She rubbed the side of her face against his chin before nestling closer between his legs. With one hand on his softening shaft, she moved her head to his hairy chest. It was broad and muscular.

For a moment, she felt comfortable. Sore but happy.

But Horge wasn't. She reached up with her arm and caught his wrist. Pulling it toward her, she got him to hold her. Then she barked and smiled to him before settling down again.

It was a long day and she was exhausted after her orgasms. She didn't know what horrors the morning would give her but for the time being, she was content to enjoy the afterglow.

Horge's hand relaxed slightly. Then he held her tight to his chest.

Before she knew it, Merrie fell asleep.