The ground shook underneath Merrie's body. Her ears perked up and her tail began to wag slowly. Horge had a distinctive sound when he walked, a lumbering sound that vibrated the ground in slow, purposeful steps.

When something heavy hit the side of the house, a streamer of dust fell and tickled her nose; it wasn't just her head that he hit on the sides of buildings. He frequently banged his shoulder or hands against everything. It was as if he wasn't comfortable with his own body.

She pulled her limbs from underneath herself and pushed her body up into a sitting position. Her bare breasts wiggled as she settled into place, her buttocks resting on her shin and her tail free to drag along the dusty ground. She arched her back and brought her wrists to her collar.

It would be another few seconds before he arrived. He always took the same route, always walked at the same pace. He didn't like to vary his routine and followed it obsessively. It was everything she learned not to do with her bonding with Kine but then again Horge was a thug, not a master thief.

Her pussy grew wetter. One of the reliable aspect of her life was his desires: within minutes of him getting home, her face would be shoved into his balls and her lips caressing his shaft. He fucked her ever night, treating her with the same roughness as he did from the first night.

She loved the fucking. It was exactly what she hoped for when she entered the prison. Of all the possibilities, being repeatedly roughly used and treated as nothing more than a fuck hole. She leaned to the side to tug on the rope attached to her collar. The hard metal dug into her neck, sending a little flares of pleasure through her system.

Slowly, she followed the rope with her eyes up to where it was tied to the three-meter-high ceiling. Even without her hands, there was no way she could reach it to remove it. Seeing the rough knot tied to a metal bar brought a little surge of lust and her tail wagged faster. Her spread-open pussy tingled with desire.

The door shuddered.

She barked and shook her entire body back and forth. At the same time, she steeled herself against the coming pain.

Scraping against the ground and ceiling, the door dragged open. The smell of burnt hair and wood smoke flooded in the chamber. The fading sunlight leaked around him but he effectively blocked the door as he levered himself inside and shoved it.

She only felt the briefest of burns from the light before the door groaned into place. Panting, she slumped but kept her body moving back and forth.

Smoke swirled around her current owner. It was choking and acidic. He shoved his shoulder his against the door to make sure it was tightly sealed. “Trap in the tunnels.”

Merrie could only imagine the horrors of the tunnels. Horge worked the tunnels every day. Every few days, Horge would come back with deep cuts, acid burns, or smoking from the spells. She didn't understand how or why they worked, but she suspect it was something to pass the time and to earn chits for clothes, food, and more importantly alcohol. He had said that he wasn't allowed to have one of Rat's whores, his cock was too big and would kill any of them.

She could take it. She grinned and crawled over to him, her tail wagging.

His cock was already straining at his trousers. She brought her face up to it and pressed her cheek against the rough fabric. The smell of smoke choked her but it also brought the musky smell of a hard shaft. She moaned and mouthed against his buttons, sticking her tongue into the opening to caress the damp hardness underneath.

Horge moaned, a deep throaty growl. He reached down and grabbed the back of her head to grind her into his crotch. With his other hand, he worked at the buttons to open it up.

As soon as he did, the thick girth of his shaft burst out of his trouser and smacked the top of her head. His other hand ground her face into the under edge of his shaft, dragging his hairy balls across her face.

Trembling with desire, she opened her mouth and worked the large sack into her mouth. He smelled of sweat and man, a musky smell that brought a quivering desire from between her legs. Reaching up, she used the smooth ends of her wrists to heft his balls and bring them to her mouth.

“Your mouth is always so cold,” he said in a low voice. He tightened his head on her head, forcing her to one ball and then the other. “It feels good today.”

Pre-cum splashed down on her back and shoulders. It was a steady stream, dripping in splatters that traced the lines of her body as it made its way down her spine. It split into many rivulets, coating her flanks and hips before it finally formed a river that coated her entire backside. Much of it coursed into the valley of her buttocks. The tickle of the hot liquid against her labia was maddening, not enough to bring her to an orgasm but enough to get her squirming. She moaned and sucked harder, working her mouth widely open to try bringing as much as his sack into her mouth.

“Yeah… good bitch. Suck those balls.”

Merrie buried her face and smeared the saliva covering his sack against his face. Slowly, she brought her mouth up to his pre-cum soaked shaft. It was hard and throbbing, the massive girth almost as wide as her own head. She kicked and sucked her way up the bottom edge, tracing the ridges with her lips and painting her cool breath against his length.

She loved the thickness near the center. The hardened width was thicker than her thigh and she couldn't wait to feel it rammed into her pussy. After weeks of fucking, she could take him easily but it was still a strain as he shoved deep.

Her lips traced along the widest point before sucking on the thick river of pre-cum that poured down his length. It tasted warm and sticky, exactly her favorite flavor. With a moan, she reached the top of his cock and suckled on the tip where the copious flow of pre-cum quickly filled her mouth.

Knowing that it would turn Horge on, she gulped loudly. The mouthfuls of pre-cum poured down her throat, filling her empty stomach. The heat seeped through her body, flooding her with a sense of joy and pleasure.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she drew in the tip of his cock. Her lips couldn't take all of it much less the gap of her jaw. She still tried, forcing it into her mouth until her jaw ached and a soft gurgling whimper escaped the liquid heat pouring down her throat.

After only a short time of sucking on his knob, he had enough. Horge pulled back.

She tensed, knowing what would come back.

His slap caught her cheek, the passive paw snapping her head to the side. A heartbeat later, his backhand hit her other cheek, slamming her head to the side. “Be quiet.”

It didn't matter if she made a noise or not. It was part of his foreplay, the final bit he needed to get his cock throbbing and ready to plunge into her.

Her pussy began to drool with anticipation. She lifted her face, knowing that he was going to do it again.

He slapped her a few more times. His massive hand threw her face back and forth. One of his blows caught her breasts, sending a sharp flare of pain followed by an afterglow of the smallest of orgasms.

As she panted for breath, he grabbed her face and crushed her ears against her skull. With a roar of lust, he yanked her from the ground and threw her across the room.

She let out a yelp before she landed on his bed. Rolling forward, she stopped on her belly, her breasts crushed against the furs. Her tail snapped up as she spread her legs, bracing herself to turn around.

To her surprise, he landed heavily on the back of her thighs. One hand smacked the back of her head, crushing her face into the furs. His heavy shaft smacked against her shoulders, the balls along her buttocks.

Merrie froze with the unexpected behavior: Horge didn't like the idea of anal sex. He avoided even her offers to tease his sphincter. Instead he only had a single position, with her on her back and his cock driving up between her legs.

The unexpected behavior brought a smile to her lips. She moaned and lifted her hips, cradling his cock between the globes of her ass cheeks. Her tail thumped against the side of the shaft, sending vibrations down the entire length.

His cock continued to pour pre-cum across her back. It caressing her skin as it pooled in the small of her back before splitting apart to slide down both sides of her flanks.

Horge's grip tightened on her head as he pulled his hips back. His massive shaft slid down her butt, the center girth widening her cheeks, before it narrowed again. The rounded head of his cock slid down past her tail bone.

When it rested against her sphincter, she let out a little moan of desire. It had been weeks since she had something impaling her rectum and she missed the intense pleasure.

He continued to work down, shoving his dripping head directly against her labia. Pushing forward, the lubricated tip easily parted her nether lips apart and lodged itself into her pussy.

Despite being disappointed, Merrie let out a low moan of need. Fucking in one hole was better than being torn apart. She loved how the wide head stretched her open until her inner walls strained. She lifted her hips more, welcoming him to drive into her more than willing body.

Horge grabbed the back of her head with both hands. Thick fingers crushing, he drove his hips down and shoved his massive cock into her pussy with one hard stroke.

Already excited with anticipation, he buried half of his length into her body. Her inner walls strained to hold his girth, she couldn't quite get used to it, but the discomfit set off an intense orgasm as he began to hammer into her.

Pinned against the furs and unable to life her head, she bit down on the bedding as he fucked her. It was brutal and uncaring, he was only looking to flood her insides with his cum. She writhed underneath him, enjoying the helplessness and degradation as he used her. She was his fuck toy, a hole to vent into it.

Horge grunted as he finished stuffing his entire cock into her pussy. He strained to pull out, dragging her labia along, before he thrust his ridged shaft deeper.

Merrie gasped as the cock pistoned inside her. The pleasure of having the thick rod drive deep into her body, pushing aside organs, and plumbing the depths of her cunt, were incredible. She bit harder on the furs as she pushed back into each stroke.

His balls crushed against her buttocks with each thrust. When he pulled back, she could feel their combined juices dripping off them and splattering against the curve of her buttocks.

As he hammered into her, one after another orgasm burst inside her. She clamped down on his shaft, her pussy clinging to the ridged member as he easily powered her inner walls to bury deep into her body.

The tip of his cock hammered against her diaphragm and thrust into her chest. Her entire body had been stretched out around the pole but she didn't care. She moaned and gasped, little cries being forced out with every powerful thrust.

Then his shaft swelled inside her and his thrusts grew more powerful, the pounding almost breaking bones as he drove her hard into the furs.

As his cum burst inside her, she let out a muffled cry as stars exploded across her vision. Every jet of cum seared against her insides, painting her womb and pussy with liquid heat.

He shuddered as he emptied his balls into her body, the pressure building up as his thick cock sealed the only way it could escape.

Merrie moaned at the pressure, enjoying the discomfort blending in with the flares of ecstasy. Her wrists dragged against the furs as she closed her eyes and lost herself.

Then he stopped.

Merrie felt a prickle of difference. Horge had never just stopped with his cock inside her. He always pulled out and staggered back as cum poured out of her gaping slit.

This time, he pulled her head back from the pillows. Leaning over, he worked his cock deeper into her cunt as the last few spurts flooded inside her. Panting, he pulled her head back until her spine protested and they were looking into each other's eyes.

“You are mine,” he growled. His hips thrust again, plunging into the flooded depths of her body.

Gasping, she tried to nod but he was holding her too tight. She let out a soft whimper and then a bark.

He wrapped one hand around her throat, squeezing as he angled her back even more. Her arms were picked off the fur and she flailed helplessly. “No, use words! You are my bitch!”

“Y-Yes,” she gasped, tears in her eyes. Her pussy was still clenching his hard cock that was still stuffed into her pussy.

“You don't fuck anyone else. Ever!”

Her cum-soaked breasts quivered with his violent jerk. The muscles in her neck protested as she was forced to stare at him. His powerful hand held her neck painfully in place as his cock pulsed inside him, throbbing deep inside her stuffed cunt.

“You won't let him fuck you, do you hear.”

Him? Confused, Merrie just nodded.

He pulled back and rammed his cock deep into her pussy, stretching her painfully as he filled her. “Words, quiet words! Promise. Your cunt is mine.”

“Y-Yes, my cunt is yours.” Her pussy spasmed with the thrill of being dominated.

“Yes, don't you forget that.” He continued to thrust inside her, moving faster and faster. The cum was already straining her insides and with him plunging deep, she could only feel it growing more tight. It hurt but it was a good pain as she was driven into another orgasm and then another.

Horge panted as he moved back into fucking her, but it was a slow deep thrust. His immense girth slid in and out of her cunt, caressing and stroking along sensitive nerves. He seemed to be enjoying himself instead of just rutting, bringing her from one orgasm to anther until she was whimpering with need.

He griped her tight, one hand crushing her breast and the other on her neck as he pulled her to his chest. His cock throbbed and swelled, spewing hot cum deep into her pressurized depths.

His breath was hot on her body. “Mine,” he said before pulling his cock out.

When the cum spewed out of her stretched pussy, she moaned and spread her legs. Thick jets of it splattered along her thighs and spray along the bedding. She moaned and squirmed as the pressure subsided.

Horge rolled over on his back, his cock half-hard standing up from his hairy base.

Merrie lifted herself up. She was humming from the orgasm but seeing his dripping cock, she couldn't help but crawl over and suck on the creamy tip. The strong flavors their pleasures mixed together on her tongue and she herself to cleaning every centimeter of his shaft with her lips.

Horge moaned. “Mine.”

She looked up and smiled. “Yours.”

He said nothing for a while but she could feel he was struggling with words. She busied herself finishing cleaning up his cock, gulping the thick torrent of cum until it gurgled in her stomach. She ignored the puddle on the ground though it quickly coated most of her body from her efforts to clean.

“Your fat friend got hurt today.”

Merrie froze. “Ston?”

“Yeah, the account… money guy. He was on my team and took the flames.”

A tear burned in her eye. She pressed her cheek to Horge's glistening shaft. “Is he going to be okay?”

“Rat says he can't go in the tunnels for a month at least. He can't work in the stores either. Your other friends are helping with chits but… I… I….” He squirmed for a moment. His shaft pulled away from Merrie.

She waited, knowing she couldn't push him.

“He could use the company during the day.”

“M-Me?” she whispered in surprise.

Horge grumbled and nodded. “He's having trouble. His kind always do and they never last. But he's… important to you. So, keep him company.”

She smiled broadly and kissed his cock. “Thank you.”

“Don't fuck him or I'll kill you both. He gets his dick in your cunt and I'll rip his balls off.”

“I promise. He won't.”

Merrie's tail wagged faster. It wasn't that he obviously didn't consider anal sex to be fucking but she was just happy that she would have someone else in her life. being a slave was one thing, but she liked interaction also.