Inside the bag, Merrie was unable to see where the kidnapper was taking her. All she knew was that it was hot and cramped. Her shortened limbs helped a little as did her icy blood but the temperature continued to rise steadily as he continued to carry her. Without being able to look around, she couldn't tell if it was meters or even kilometers.

Just as sweat began to form on her brow, a new voice called out. “Trien! Wait up!”

Trien, she remembered the name from her first night. He had taken one of the whores, Puss, back to his home despite the young man's pleading. Merrie's stomach clenched, his planning worried her as much as his obvious cruelty. For the countless time, she wished the sun would fade away so she could lash out and end him.

Her kidnapper sighed and turned. “What do you want, Gon?”

“Where you heading?”

“To the dump, I have a full load.”

Gon sniffed and then made a gagging noise. “By the Shadows Who Kill, what is in there?”

“Rotten food from Rat's, vomit I had to scrape off the tables, and something dead I found.” He hefted the bag. “Well, if it isn't dead, it will be.”

Merrie's eyes narrowed. She wasn't surprised Trien planned on killing her, it made it easier for her to plan on attacking him as soon as she had a chance.

“I'm surprise Rat has anything to do with you after what you did to Puss.”

“Yeah, well the bitch deserved it. All that crying and whining. I was getting pissed off. Asshole wouldn't even suck me off.”

“You sent him to the healer. Even broke an arm. I heard Rat cut you off for a month. She's really pissed.”

Merrie gasped softly with surprise.

Trien grunted but said nothing.

“Well…” Gon said slowly, “I probably could get you a bottle for your troubles.”

Trien hefted his bag, smacking Merrie in the side with his elbow. He did it again, slamming the bone hard into her flanks. “For what?”

“Thirty chits for some Ring of Fire?”

“Really? Thirty? That's three times the cost.”

“Well,” chuckled Gon, “seeing that Rat is pissed at you and I don't think hauling garbage is going to get you very far. I think it's a pretty good offer.”

Trien grunted.

“Take it or leave it. I'm taking these tools over to Rat's before heading back home over there. If I have a little extra money, I wouldn't mind grabbing a bottle for a little scratch.”

“I'm thinking.”

“Well, hurry up. I'm not going to spend all night walking to the dump and back just to give it. Well, if you make it sixty chits maybe I'll go the distance.”

Merrie tensed, the place where Trien was planning on fucking her was that far away? How would she get back in time before Horge found out? How would she know where the dump was?

She knew the answers, she had more than enough magic and the ability to step into the Shadows. She just had to wait.

With a scoff, Trien said, “No fucking way I'm giving you sixty for a ten chit bottle.”



“Let's compromise and call is thirty. Since you're such a good friend.”

“Twenty-eight and I'd rather cut your throat than call you a friend,” snarled Trien.

“Eh, I'll take it. Deal.”

“Head over there to my place. I'll be back within an hour. Don't go inside, I trapped the door. Fire glyph, it will melt your face off.”

“Yeah, yeah, I'll wait.”

Gon walked away, his shoes crunching on a gravel path. Trien waited until it faded before he turned fast enough that Merrie flew up and then smacked against his back.

“I told you to be quiet, bitch.” He grunted and walked off the path and onto softer ground. “I'm going to fucking kill that bastard one of these days, but he's right. Rat banned me because I fucked up that pussy too many times. Fragile little bitch. That's why I got you as a backup.”

He chuckled cruelly. “At least until you break too. Don't worry, I need to keep you around for a few weeks at least. By then, Puss should be out of the healer and I'll be bored with you. One thing about Rat, she always forgives with enough chits.”

Trien stopped and dropped the bag. Then he kicked her hard and the bag rolled to the side.

Merrie grunted as she slammed into the ground. Sharp rocks dug into her side and tore the canvas. Sunlight shone through the tear, blinding her.

With a whimper, she shied away from it.

Trien kicked her. “Damn it, bitch, don't move.”


“Oh, fuck me. It's just a fucking tear.”

“It burns,” she whimpered.

“You know, this plan of mine might not be worth it. Maybe I should just kill you now?” He kicked her again for good measure. “No, not going to waste your cunt. Let me see of Gon has something. Stay here. If you run, I'm going to toast your fucking cunt and eat it.”

Merrie shivered and shook her head. “I won't.”

“And be fucking quite,” he gave her one last kick before walking away. She listened to him circle around a building. Then the sound of cracking wood as he kicked open the door.

“Fucking hells, this guy is a gods damned slob. No wonder he got life for crimes against the altars.” He snorted. “I should just burn this place down to the ground. I'm… going to need to hold my breath.”

It took almost twenty minutes for him to return. “All right, let's see that bag.”

He kicked her again, the toe of his boot catching her right underneath the chin.

Her head snapped back at the unexpected blow. With a soft cry, she curled up to protect herself from the blows she couldn't see coming.

Trien grunted as he sat down heavily. Something draped over the bag and the world grew darker. “I'm going to fix this rip but if you try anything, a bite or a sound, I'm going to rip it open and throw your smoking corpse into his house. You got it?”

She nodded sharply, her ears dragging on the side of the canvas bag.

“Now shut up.” He grunted. “I hate sewing.”

Merrie kept still as he worked.

“All this fucking work just to fuck a fucking cunt,” he muttered. He jammed the needle into the canvas with sharp strokes. The tip scraped against her skin, leaving little black marks against her pale flesh.

Flashes of sunlight sparked the bag as he worked. She cringed every time one burned her skin or he caught her with another needle. It was an agonizing torture, one that seemed to go on forever.

Footsteps crunched on the ground. “Damn the gods! You broke in?”

“My fucking bag spilled. You want a dead corpse and shit on your door?”

“No, but… you broke it!”

“I'll give you thirty chits, fuck off!” Trien said as he frantically finished the tear. Leaning forward, he whispered into the bag. “You make a single noise and I'll kill you right here and now.” His voice was a growl.

She remained still, not willing to make a noise or even twitch with the sun still bright.

“Got my bottle?”

“Yeah, got my thirty?”

“Give me a second.” Trien grunted as he got to his feet. There was a scuff of fabric and leather as they exchanged their goods.

“Pleasure doing business. Want to stay and enjoy it together?”

“Fuck off.”

“Yeah, yeah, but at least now I can afford to fuck at Rat's.”

Trien made a growl as Gon chuckled. Then the kidnapper grabbed the bag and swung it around. Merrie's body was pressed tightly to the bottom as she smacked into a body and then up against Trien's back.

“Yeah, fuck you too!”

Trien stormed away, his footsteps loud as he jerked the bag back and forth. “I'm going get home and fuck the living shit out of you, you gods damned whore.”