The rattle of the lock was her only warning. With a gasp, Merrie looked up sharply at the door as a cold shiver ran down her spine. Her paw stopped in the middle of scraping, the pads of her feet dripping blood from hours of digging.

She had managed to dig a few millimeters into the ground in the long, agonizing hours since he last headed into the village. The smell of her blood was strong in the air, the stench of sake almost dripping off the walls.

The lock continued to scrape as Trien worked the door. He was moving quickly but she could hear his fingers slipping on the chains.

She let the magic slip away, twisting her body back into her human shape as she rushed over to the pile of canvas. Her body finished transforming as she burrowed deep into the rank-smelling fabric.

The door slammed open, flooding the cell with light.

Her tail ignited into flames and agony. Black smoke burst out as she cried out. Sobbing, she dug deeper into the blankets. As soon as she could, she pulled her tail tight against her pussy to protect it.

Trien slammed the door shut behind him. He strode forward as he fumbled with his belt. “God I've been thinking about this for weeks,” he said.

Merrie whimpered as she sat up. The canvas still draped over her head and it slowly slid off her bare shoulder to slump to the ground. She opened her eyes and saw only brightness.

The door was still open, painting a painfully wedge across the far wall. Her skin crawled at the sight of it and her vision blurred. Thankfully, it wasn't directly on her and she wasn't burning but she could feel the discomfort scraping along her exposed nerves. She whimpered and pulled away.

He grabbed her head and yanked her toward his crotch. “Get over here, you fucking cunt.”

She opened her mouth to take him in.

The thick head smacked against her lips, bruising them with the force of his blow. His head was dripping wet and smeared pre-cum across her face. Judging from the copious amounts of fluid deposited, she guessed from hours of walking back while thinking of sex. Reflexively, she opened her jaw wider as the spongy head thrust into her mouth.

At the taste of hot pre-cum across her tongue, she let out a low moan of pleasure. Her pussy pulsed happily as his head smacked against the back of her throat. It ground against her limits, forcing itself down into her throat.

She gagged loudly. Her pussy grew slick with anticipation. First he was going to fuck her face, then beat her, and then no doubt rape her. She couldn't wait. She started to look at him but the light from the door was too bright. Closing her eyes tightly, she let her senses focus on the cock raping her mouth.

Trien tightened his grip on her head, clamping it between his two massive hands. He thrust into her face, shoving hard and deep until his hips crushed her face.

The smell of ass teased her nostrils, not of his but someone else; he had fucked someone at the village. Merrie gulped loudly at the taste, it was foul but almost welcomed as a new flavor in her current hell.

Her strained lips touched the hairs of his crotch as they stuck out from his trousers. She was surprised that he was still dressed, usually he stripped before entering the cell. She moaned and took him deeper into her throat, working her lips against the rough fabric and sharp buttons.

“There you go, choke on it.” He groaned as he jammed his shaft into her throat. Pulling back, he slammed into her again. With each stroke, he thrust her harder into his grip. To avoid her slipping away, he dug his fingers into her skull to hold it in place as he pounded her face with hard, brutal movements.

Merrie moaned and gasped. Her tail wagged with her pleasures as she reached up to grip his thighs.

“Take it. Take it all. Take it!”

He drove hard into her, his cock swelling with his pleasure. With a roar, he stepped forward and slammed the back of her head against the wall.

Stars exploded across her vision. Her mouth jaw strained to breath around the thick cock and balls that ground against her lips.

He thrust deep and switched to short strokes that never left her windpipe clear to bring in air. The steady pounding against her gag reflex and the constant swelling in her throat was exhilarating. Her helplessness set off orgasm after orgasm as she gulped loudly in anticipation of his cum.

The strokes grew faster and harder, ramming her head into the wall with every powerful thrust. She felt his pre-cum dribbling down her throat.

Finally, Trien rammed his cock hard into her throat and held it there. His balls stretched her lips and pried her jaw apart.

Inside her, his cock swelled and then poured hot cum into her belly. It flooded her stomach with searing heat, setting off a flutter of another orgasm between her legs and an wave of pleasure across her senses as she was forced to drink deeply.

He thrust twice before pulling out. One last jet splattered across her face. It was a hot whip of fluid before it dripped down her face. “Damn, you are such a fucking good cocksucker.”

Merrie gulped and titled her head up. The bright light beat against her face, burning but not peeling back the skin. Her pussy grew hotter with anticipation even as her stomach gurgled with the first liquid she drank in days.

His slap caught her on the cheek.

Her head snapped the side.

He backhanded her again, throwing her head back the other way. His knuckles caught the bone above her eye. Before she could bring her head back, he slapped her again. It didn't take long before he was smacking her back and forth, beating her with a fury that kept his cock hard. His smacks caught her face, collar, and breasts.

When she tried to pull away or at least relieve the pain, he tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her against the wall.

“Fucking cunt!” he bellowed as he continued to beat her. His open-hand slaps began fists. Soon he was punching her with all his might, cracking one side of her jaw and then the other as he rained down blows.

Merrie writhed in agony, her face in agony but her pussy spasming. Wet dribbles of her cunt splattered against the ground as she twisted and strained against her kidnapped.

Trien released her hair. Before she could slump forward, his punch caught the side of her jaw.

Merrie's face smacked against the stone wall. Stars ripped across her vision, blinding her as effectively as the light.

He grabbed her shoulder and dug his fingers into the joint. With a surge, he flipped her toward the wall. Her nose cracked from the impact. With a snarl, he grabbed her skull with both hands and ground her face into sharp rocks.

Merrie sobbed as cuts and scratches abraded their way across his face. To relieve the agony of her spine, she twisted until her breasts were pressed against the same all and her legs spread out to balance herself.

Trien dropped to his knees behind her, his dripping cock painting a line down her pine. The thick girth bounced off her tail.

With a snarl, he shoved his cock around the base of her tail and lodged it up against her ass.

Merrie tilted her head up, gasping in anticipation and pain. Blood dribbled down her face from her bleeding nose. The taste coated her lips, flooding her senses.

He rammed hard, impaling her dry asshole brutally. The tiny opening screamed out in agony. With a grunt, he smashed her body against the wall as he thrust again and again, spearing her with all his might.

She screamed out but there was nothing she could do. Her body was crushed against the rocks as she felt the heated pole tearing deep into her rectum, ripping at the insides of her body.

“Fucking take it!” he grunted as he rammed into her ass, thrusting hard and fast with brutal strokes.

Merrie did, her world exploding into orgasms and pain.

Despite the brutality, despite the pain, she felt happy. Her submission was a drug that no agony could take away. It hummed in her senses as she felt the stones scratching at her breasts and her ass bleeding from his rape.

The pleasure and pain merged together into the heady mixture of simply feeling everything as one.

Then he pressed the knife to her throat. The tip was right above her collar.

Merrie froze, her entire world becoming focused on the sharp metal digging into the delicate skin. A new orgasm exploded inside her, white-hot agony and the darkest pleasure. It surged through her veins.

He drew the knife across her throat, cutting deep past the jugular and opening up her trachea. The blade clinked against her collar but he drew it along the unbreakable metal with a deeper cut.

Her blood sprayed across the wall in front of her, bubbling up against her throat and pouring down her chest. It was icy cold, colder than anything she had experienced outside of the Shadows. Her body shook as the jets of arterial spray took on the triple beat of her heart.

Trien grunted as he ripped his cock out of her asshole. The pain was intense but nothing compared to the sharp agony of her destroyed throat. He grabbed her hair and yanked her away from the wall, throwing her down on her back. A heartbeat later, he was straddling her head.

Merrie's throat continued to spray jets of pitch black blood high into the air. Her lungs screamed out in agony as she tried to draw air into her lungs but the wet, gurgling whistle came from her throat, not her nose.

Then he was grinding his balls against her mouth. His ass was only centimeters from her mouth. “I've been thinking about this since the first day I got you,” he growled.

Merrie couldn't do anything. She sobbed but only wet gasps came out. Her lips opened up from her reflexive training, she knew he wanted her to suck on his balls or the asshole above her.

However, Trien didn't seem to force it into her mouth. Instead, he planted his crotch and used his weight to tilt her head back.

The gaping wound in her throat opened up, spraying more blood around the cock head that was shoved into it.

With sicking sensation, she felt his shaft plunge directly into her esophagus. The cut opening tore even further apart as the spray coated his balls. It dripped down on her mouth and nose. She tried to open her mouth to breath but it was useless.

Trien grunted as he slammed into her throat, fucking it brutally with hard strokes that tore her open with every surge of his cock. His balls caught on her collar, flipping it back and forth with every stroke.

“Fuck!” He said as he grabbed her breasts. His fingers dug into the skin, his fingernails breaking skin as he fucked her hard and fast.

Merrie's head was shoved forward and back as he raped her throat.

It was surreal feeling his cock sliding into her throat, easily thrusting into her ribs. His cock was huge as he pounded against her throat and chin, ripping her open from the inside as it felt like it was reaching clear down into her lungs or stomach.

Dimly, she was aware that the spray from her throat had died down. She was dying. Her heart strained to pump more of it out of her body but the triple beat was hollow, empty.

Her entire hurt in a way she couldn't describe. It felt bone deep. Shuddering, she fought the urge to close her eyes.

Trien was still raping her throat. His cock swelled as he pumped his cum deep inside her. She could feel it painting directly into her lungs, giving her the sensation of drowning even she was losing consciousness.

He shuddered violently as he ground his ass against her chin and ground his cock deep. “I miss this so much,” he moaned. “Fucking throat? Heaven. Rat won't let me do this to those worthless cunts.”

Trien rammed hard, tearing into her throat as he tried to bury his balls into the opening.

Merrie could only weakly struggle. Everything was painful to move. She tried to lift her arm but there was no tension left in it. She struggled for air but her lungs were filled with cum and his cock still blocking her throat.

He moaned and started pumping again. “Next time, Rat won't kick me out.”

His cock thrust deep into her chest.

The world was almost black. Even the light from the door had faded and she realized she couldn't see anything.

“Your collar is going to give me another cunt. I'm going to buy Puss and put him right here. Fuck his ass until I'm done and then rape his neck. One. Last. Time!” He slammed into her before coming hard.

Merrie's body twitched as the world faded away into darkness.