Merrie's paws smacked against the ground as she ran. It was a frantic beat that shook her entire form as she raced as fast as she could. In her chest, the triple beat of her heart was a steady rumble that caused her chest to ache and her vision to blur. The darkness had been pushed back by her shadow senses; there was no way she could fight Kivas blinded.

Behind her, there was a loud bellow and then she felt the air pressure suddenly press down on her.

Spotting a boulder, she dove behind it just as a wave of rainbow energies came up behind her. Stone melted underneath her feet and the air grew acrid with power. It felt like heat and ice bit at her bare skin and her fur curled.

Holding her breath, she waited for the wave to pass and then let out the air in a rush. (That felt far away.)

Zillia unwrapped from around her body and sent a delicate tendril to peek around the boulder.

Merrie's vision blurred as she found her senses drawn into her cloak.

The brilliant rainbow giant was storming toward her, the steady pace of its feet were sending waves of multi-colored energies in all direction. Behind him, the entire village burned with a multitude of colors.

She gasped in shock and horror. (He is killing everyone?)

One of the taller buildings, only a few stories high, crumbled in an explosion of yellow, orange, and green. There were no screams.

Tears ran down her cheeks. (Why is he doing this?)

Zillia fluttered as the cloak retracted. (He's a creature of chaos, maybe you just broke whatever self-control he had?)

(But killing everyone?)

An uncomfortable wave of worry washed over her.

Merrie shook her head and slumped against the rock. (He's too big, Zillia. How can I fight that? I would need the Shadows but the barrier is too strong.)

She thought for a moment. (If I can get into his head, maybe I can do something?)

One of the tip of the cloak formed into a snake like head. It nodded as it sent a wave of approval.

“I'm sorry, Parn,” she whispered before she closed her eyes to concentrate on reaching out to Kivas.

Rage and hatred, a brilliant wall of multi-colored energies that formed a vortex of hate. She shuddered as she found herself before an insane power. It plucked at her own senses, not with control but simply beating against it as he mentally clawed for her.

More tears ran down her cheeks as she froze under the onslaught of Kivas' mind.

Zillia wrapped around her thoughts, darkening them as the sense of her mistress became a shield. The pressure wrapped around her mental form to hold it together and to give her strength. (Break his shield,) ordered the cloak.

Merrie screwed her attention and thrust forward, projecting her presence into the maelstrom of emotions.

Kivas' insanity tore at her, cutting her open in an instant. She dug past the pain and burrowed deeper, using her talent to work her way deeper.

Then she encountered Mace. Her companion from the wagon to the prison's was in Kivas' mind, bu not his physical body. His screams echoed shrilly as she felt his thoughts and memories being ripped apart by Kivas and the resulting explosion of chaotic energies being sucked toward the center of the creature's beings. The last coherent thought the convict gave was a pleading “help me!” before he was gone forever.

Merrie slumped back in her body. She sobbed as tears ran down her cheeks. The storm wasn't just chaotic energy, it was the people in the prison. It was lives and souls and spirits being used to fuel rage.

(He's approaching. Maybe ten minutes?)

Still sobbing, Merrie shook her head. (How can I fight that?)

Zillia didn't have an answer.

Merrie looked around. The garbage pile wasn't going to help anyone and this was a battle of more than just magic. In the distance, she spotted the lit-up entrance to the prison. (How far is Kivas from the entrance?)

(The entrance?)

(Fomasal and the Loyals may be able to fight Kivas.) She had taken on a Loyal before, they were powerful beings that could turn the battle.

A wave of agreement enveloped her.

Merrie shook her head and gave a quick prayer to Mace and the others who had died because of her.

Then she looked back. Kivas was walking toward her but he had moved to the side of the cliff. He was massive now, easily thirty meters tall and glowing painfully bright in a maelstrom of energies.

However the top of the cliff moved violently near him. As she watched, she saw trees reaching out into the void above the rocks to create a canopy.

When Kivas reached up to slash at them, the rainbow energies faded even as the trees ignited into flames. He tried again but was rebuked by the silfae and his magic. Kivas shook his head and turned around.

Even thought there was easily a kilometer between them, somehow Kivas' eyes caught hers.

“You!” came the booming howl. Then the rainbow giant began to stomp toward her.

Merrie turned on her heels and sprinted for the prison entrance. She only hoped it was enough.