As he delivered Victoria to the harem, he ordered Lydia to join him that evening after dinner. Eve as he gave the command, he could see the fear and terror in her eyes.

The look on her face kept him hard through dinner. He knew that Lydia would break first and fail him. Every time she struggled with her emotions, she drew closer to her screaming, agonizing death. Over dessert, he came up with the way he was going to kill her, by cutting out her sex and watching her bleed to death on the floor. He wondered if he could fuck her ass as she perished and his cock soaked the inside of his robes with anticipation.

That evening, he sat on his balcony and watched as Victoria, Juliana, and Celeste danced in the garden. All three of them were trading tips and helping each other. There were smiles as they brushed against each other. He enjoyed how they trailed their fingers along each other's breasts, hips, and inner thighs. It was for his entertainment, there was no way to avoid the shadow of his presence that loomed over the garden, but that didn't diminish the casual sexuality the three woman presented for his entertainment.

He heard Lydia approaching. She wasn't wearing a coin scarf, but her bare feet smacked against the ground.

“H-He's expecting me.”

The door creaked as it opened. He didn't look at her, but he listened to her footsteps as she crossed the room.

“My sultan?”

Suleiman smiled as he watched Celeste kissing Victoria. It was a teasing touch and their lips lingered before they broke apart.

He looked over his shoulder at her. Lydia had found a purple and red outfit. The bottom consisted of long strips of sheer purple fabric attached to a band around her waist. Her sex was bare and visible through the sheer fabric and he noticed that she had very little pubic hair shielding her womanhood. Her top was almost as sheer, with sequins sewn into the fabric. Her nipples pressed against the fabric, two large peaks that drew his attention.

Noticing his gaze, she straightened her back and lifted her breasts, showing off her ability to move her ribs smoothly and exposing her belly to his admiration.

He said, “You were chosen because you managed to appeal to me in the dirt of the slave market. Now that you are cleaned up, perfumed, and dressed, I want to see what you are truly capable of.”

Lydia took a long, deep breath. She looked around the room, curious and wide-eyed.

In the corner, a small group of musicians started to play. It was a rhythmic song, one that he thought would fit well with what she demonstrated in the slave market.

She continue to look around, then her eyes grew wide. Her head snapped around and her hair fanned around her as she looked at the musicians. With a start, she started to dance and it took a few seconds of fumbling before she got into the rhythm of the song.

As she danced, Suleiman turned to watch her. She twirled around in the center of the room and moved with the beat. Each jerk of her hip or shift of her shoulder brought attention to her bared belly and exposed legs.

His eyes trailed along her ass as she spun and up to her belly when she came around. She swirled closer to him and pulled back. Her bare feet tapped against the ground. She moved with closed eyes, somehow narrowly avoiding the bed and furniture despite her spinning. He could see her lose herself in the music. As the seconds passed by, she moved freer and more elegantly until she was gliding across the floor and swirling back around.

Suleiman rose to his feet. He stepped forward just as she swirled toward him. He knew she would draw back as a tease, but he was ready to get his hands on her body. He opened his arms up as she came around and braced himself.

Lydia spun into him, her shoulder striking his arm.

He folded his arms around her and pulled her close. Her soft body ground into him. His cock, hard and pressing against his robe, scraped against her thigh and he shivered at the touch.

She jerked at his touch and tried to step back, but he clamped his arm around her waist and pulled her tight to his body. A whimper rose up as her eyes fluttered open. He felt her fingers gripping his hand as she tried to lever his grip away.

“You just don't get it, do you?” Suleiman held her tight.

Her breasts ground into his chest and he could feel her trembling. He had power over her, to kill her and to fuck her. It brought a heady spin to his head as he realized he could do anything he wanted to this woman, no matter how much she screamed or resisted.

Lydia's chest rose and fell as her breathing grew in rapid gasps. She stared into his eyes and tears swirled at the bottom.

Suleiman gripped her tighter, crushing her wrist. “I own you. If I want you to dance, you dance. If I want you to fuck, you are going,” he jerked her tight to him, “to fuck. Do you understand?”

Her lower lip trembled but she nodded.

“And, I have no time for you crying or sobbing. You are to smile and obey, nothing more. Do you understand?”

The tears started to well in her eyes. “Y-Yes, sultan.”

He could see the glistening of her tears and felt the impatience growing. curve as they threatened to pull down. Fear flashed across her face and she trembled.

Suleiman relaxed his grip to see if she would try to escape again.

As soon as the pressure lessened, Lydia tugged at her arm. Her slender wrist slipped out of his grip and she pressed against the arm holding her tight to his chest.

Anger rose up and Suleiman released her. He stepped back and back-handed Lydia with all her might. The crack of his knuckles against her cheek was loud in the room.

Lydia spun around twice before she collapsed to the ground. The thud rang out loudly against the tiles. She clutched her cheek and bent over, a sob shaking her entire body.

“I don't accept anything less than perfection from my slaves.” Suleiman strode over and grabbed her hair. When she tried to pull away, he grabbed her hair with both hands and dragged her across the floor. “I bought you, slave, and somehow all of my warnings haven't sunk into your head. I'm not asking you to submit, I'm telling you to.” His voice was tense with anger but he didn't raise his voice.

Her feet and hands slapped against the floor as she cried out pitifully. Her shoulders brushed against his thigh and she cringed.

Reaching the edge of the bed, he pulled her up by her hair and threw against the edge.

The mattress caught her hips and she folded over the edge. He heard the muted smack of her face against the blankets. Her right foot slipped on the tile and her thighs spread apart for balance.

He could see the ragged line of her sex, with puffy folds clenching tightly to her sex. Above it, the tiny opening of her asshole squeezed tight with fear.

Lydia tried to push herself up, but he stepped up behind her. His cock ground against the curve of her ass, achingly hard with power and anger. With both hands, he bent over her firm ass and grabbed her head to shove her back down. “Don't move. You don't pull back, you push into me. You don't fight, you show me you want it. These are the actions of a slave. And you,” he shoved her face into the blankets, “are my slave.”

Her buttocks clenched against his thighs. Her feet skittered against the tiles as she tried to find purchase. Bent over the bed, she couldn't get leverage, but her movements stroked his cock with her ass and he could feel himself growing harder with every attempt to flee.

Lydia continued to struggle. Her fingers clenched the blanks, pulling them into tangles around her arms. Her toenails scraped the tiles until he lodged his groin into the curve of her ass and pinned her against the side of the bed.

“Guard!” he bellowed.

She panicked, thrashing back and forth.

Suleiman gripped her head tighter, squeezing down as he held her in place.

The tap of the guard's boots filled the room. “Yes, my sultan?”


Lydia froze, her body shaking violently. Her feet slipped on the floor as her ass lowered against the bed. He could feel her struggling against her fear, but her sobs were muffled by the blanket pressed against her face.

When the guard held the knife in front of him, Suleiman took it while keeping one hand holding her head to the bed “That is all,” he said to the man.

Without looking away from Lydia, he slid his one hand to her shoulders so he could give himself some room. With his other, he flipped the blade over and lowered it to her sweat-slicked skin. He rested the sharp tip right at the apex along the small of her back, right above one kidney.

Lydia jerked at the touch and another sob ripped from her throat.

“Do you know what I do to slaves?” His cock surged with his thoughts. “I don't give them away. I don't let them go. You are here until the end of your life and I promise you, if you don't learn to submit, it will be a very short and painful life.”

It took all his willpower not to shove the blade into her, to feel the flesh break underneath the tip and watch the blood pour out. Shaking with effort, he drew the blade down toward her ass, increasing the pressure until it left a thin line that immediately began to well with blood.

Lydia screamed out but she somehow managed to avoid jerking. Suleiman knew that if she pulled away, he would have killed her right then and there.

His cock ached against his robes as he watched trickles of blood running down her side. The tip of his weapon reached the band of her skirt and he tilted it to bring the edge under the fabric. With a little jerk, he cut the skirt and it peeled away to reveal one of the most beautiful asses he had seen.

She wasn't thin but her ass didn't hang low. Instead, it was firm and tight like a dancers, but large enough that he would have spent hours gripping it as he fucked her.

Suleiman increased the pressure on her shoulder and drew the knife along the curve of her ass to the line between her buttocks. Pressing down to cut flesh, he slowly pulled the tip down toward her winking asshole. Dribbles of blood ran down her ass, dripping off the wrinkled opening and along both sides of her pussy. The shock of red against pale flesh brought a smile to his lips.

“Maybe this will help you learn.”

She tensed, no doubt preparing for him to jam the blade into her tight ass.

Suleiman had something else in mind for her ass. He pulled open his robe and freed his aching cock. The blade flashed as he aimed it for the tiny opening coated in blood. With a shift, he pressed the bulbous tip against it and Lydia jerked.

He smacked her back. “Be thankful it isn't the blade that's about to impale you. This will hurt, but it won't kill.”

Swirling the tip in the blood for lubrication, just enough to prevent his discomfort but not her own, he leaned into her.

Lydia cried out into the blankets, bunching them against her mouth to muffle the noise.

He held out his knife, knowing the guard was still there. The blade was plucked from his palm, but the guard didn't step away.

Suleiman ran his hands down her bleeding back to grip her buttocks with each hand. He spread her ass cheeks apart with his thumbs and stared down at the crimson-stained hole he was about to rip into.

His eyes rose up to her head, waiting for her to lift her head and cry out. When she didn't, he smiled.

“I will give you one night to scream, but if your voice isn't muffled, you'll die tonight. Do you understand?”

Lydia nodded, her face still hidden by the blankets. She clutched at the fabric and pulled it tighter. He saw her bite down on a thick roll. There were tears on her cheeks.

Returning his attention to her ass, he held her tight and shoved forward.

He didn't know if she was a virgin, but he doubt anyone had ever fucked her ass. It was tight and resisted with all her might, but Suleiman had no patience for her reluctance in any form. With a grunt, he shoved himself forward. The blood-slicked cock ground into her ass.

Her shrill scream rose up, barely muffled by the blanket. He could see her knuckles growing white as she struggled to remain in place.

Her ass continued to refuse him but Suleiman bore down. He panted hard as he continued to increase the pressure. It hurt his cock, to be used as a spike, but he would teach the slave her place one way or the other.

The ring of her ass began to give. He felt the moist heat of her most private of openings give and his cock surged hotly. Precum mixed with blood as he forced his cock head deeper into the tight opening. He felt her anal ring tearing and the spasms that shook her body.

Suleiman stopped as he gasped. Pulling back an inch, he watched her wrinkled opening clenching tightly. Blood welled up from the opening, dripping down to add to the blood from the knife cut.

He grinned and gripped her tighter. She was his.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled back and slammed it home with all his might. The cock pierced the ring and tore it open. Half of his length ripped into her.

Her scream echoed against the walls, loud and shrill. For a moment, he thought she had pulled away from the blankets, but she had buried her head completely in the pillows. She shook violently as her thighs clenched and her entire body spasmed in agony.

Fueled by her suffering, Suleiman pulled completely out of her ass. The bloodied opening started to close, but he wasn't done. He slammed it home, driving over half of his cock into the tight hole. He yanked it out and did it again, each time driving a few more inches into her body.

Lydia screamed with every thrust, but she kept her head down. The sight of her writhing body against the blankets drove him to drive into her harder.

Soon, the room was filled with the sounds of her violated ass. Lubricated by blood and precum, he quickly reached the hilt into her ass. With every stroke, her rectum loosened and he could drive deeper. He dug his fingernails into her inner cheeks and held tight as he fucked her.

The heat and pressure were intense. He could feel her desperate attempts to push him out, the clench of the ruined anal ring and her inner walls. His cock slurped as it drew out, but despite her efforts, he returned to slide deep into her body.

Somehow, Lydia began to quiet down. Her body shook with every thrust, but her shoulders no longer shook violently as he buried his length into her tunnel. Her knuckles were still white but the screams were no longer shrill.

Encouraged, Suleiman threw everything he could into fucking her ass. His entire body shook with each blood and the bed sway with the impact of her hips driving into the mattress. He felt the sweat prickling his back and chest with the effort, but he wanted to break her resistance, not only for tonight but forever. She was his.

With a groan, he came. He shoved his cock deep between the spurts and held it tight into her ass as he coated her insides. Every pulse of his cock was matched by the pulse of her body. Her asshole clung to his cock, squeezing down at the base, but there was no more fight left in her.

Knowing that he had broken her forced another few spurts but soon he was drained completely. The intensity of his rape left him trembling with exhaustion and contentment.

With a groan, he pulled out and a flood of cum and blood poured out of her gaping hole. Suleiman pulled her back from the bed.

Lydia fell from the bed, her fingernails leaving long lines in the blankets as she dropped to her knees. Her shoulders shook with sobs as the blood and cum began to pool underneath her.

Suleiman grabbed her by the head and turned her around. There were tears on her face but she was struggling to contain her sorrow. Tremors shook her body, setting off the sequins of her top. He knelt down in front of her, his cock heavy and wet.

Holding her head with both hands, he forced her to look at him. “This is the last night you cry. It doesn't matter if you are in the garden, in your room, or servicing me. If you resist me, I will torture and kill you. Do you understand?”

Hot tears streaming down her cheeks, Lydia nodded. She clutched her chest tightly, as if it would protect her from him.

“No more, Lydia. You are my slave and you will smile until the day I kill you. Do you understand?”

She nodded again.

Suleiman let out his breath. It felt good to rip her open, but he wasn't sure she was smart enough to realize her position. Standing up, he looked down at her trembling form and then to his blood-streaked cock.

His length twitched at his thoughts. “Clean me.”

Lydia's head jerked up as she stared at him with shock.

“With your mouth.”

Her lower lip trembled as she lowered her gaze to his stained shaft.

Suleiman shook his head. “You really are that stupid, aren't you? Knife.” He held out his hand.

She gasped and shook her head.

The guard set the blade down in his palm.

Lydia glanced up and let out a whimper at the sight of the blade. Gasping, she reached out and grabbed Suleiman's cock. It was slick with her blood and his cum. With a look of disgust, she forced her mouth down on the tip and swallowed his head.

Suleiman wrapped his fingers around the hilt but didn't move as Lydia gagged on his length. Her lips were stained crimson, but she managed to force herself down his length. When she pulled back, his shaft glistened with her saliva.

Her body jerked as she fought nausea, but she forced his length back into her mouth. The tip of slid along the back of her throat and she gagged again.

“All the way down, slave.”

There was pleading in her eyes, but Lydia sucked further down. He could feel her struggling to burying his entire length into her mouth. The pressure grew until she gagged.

Deciding to help, he lowered his hand to the back of her head. The knife in his palm pressed against her skull as he pulled her onto his length. Between the pressure of his hand and the reminder that he had a blade, pushed Lydia enough to impale her throat with his cock.

With a rush, she took in his entire length and buried her face into his pubic hair. The heat of her throat and mouth was intense and he fell himself growing harder with the sensations.

She sucked and licked, struggling with every second. It left her lips stained with crimson and a thin sheen of cum and saliva down her cheek and along her cheeks. But, when she pulled off his cock, it was cleaned.

“My balls,” he ordered.

She took each one in her mouth, sucking and cleaning them off. It felt good and he gripped her head tighter for balance. His cock grew to full length, achingly hard as she sucked him clean.

When she finished sucking each testicle clean, she leaned back. Her breasts, coated with the slurry that stained her throat, rose and fell. She looked up at his cock, towering over her.

To Suleiman's surprise, she took it with both hands and brought the tip to her mouth. Pumping her fingers, she sucked on the end until the cum rose up again. This time, he didn't need to do anything but stand there until the orgasm took him and he exploded inside her mouth.

Lydia dutifully sucked on his cock until the last of his seed flooded her mouth. Swallowing, she cleaned him off before releasing his shaft.

When Suleiman stepped back, he was sated. "Good girl. He looked at the blood-stained mattress and the puddle underneath her. “Go back to the harem and get cleaned up. When I call for you again in three days, you will be smiling, do you understand?”

She used the back of her wrist to wipe the tears from her face. “Yes,” she whispered, “my sultan.”