Suleiman sat at the dining table. To his side were two local merchants trying earn his favor by showering him with gifts and gold. On the other, a visiting dignitary from a nearby monarchy was doing his best to drink himself into oblivion. All of his guests were happy as they swapped playful barbs and veiled negotiations over the pile of empty dishes and bottles.

He remained sober while giving the impression of drinking heavily. But, even as he listened to the drunken slurs of his guests, his attention was focused at the far end of the table where Juliana and Victoria danced in the background.

Juliana had picked her favorite outfit, a green dress with a coin scarf and sequins on her top. Her caught Suleiman's eyes as she spun around, moving in time with the musicians and the woman dancing next to her.

Victoria, though she was new, was just as skilled Juliana. She wore a golden dress that kept her belly covered but had long flowing streams around her. Even though her body wasn't bared to his eyes, he could see how she twisted and writhed with exquisite skill.

The two dancers moved in time with each other. At first, it looked like they were dancing two different patterns but then their movements would come in sync and Suleiman would feel his breath quickening as he watched them shimmying in perfect synchronization and rotate counterpoint to each other.

The delegate shifted closer. “Sultan?”

Suleiman tore his eyes away from the two dancers. The delegate was a heavyset man with a thick beard and an easy smile.

“You have very beautiful dancers.” It was a subtle way of asking to fuck one of his harem. Suleiman had heard it a thousand times before but rarely gave in. His harem were his possessions and Suleiman loathed to loan one out.

Suleiman smiled. “They are, but very busy women.”

“You can't keep both of them busy tonight, surely?”

He smiled and looked over the two women. They were spinning at the end of the table, fingers intertwined as they rocked hips in time with each other. He remembered how they touched and caressed each other while practicing. There was a growing familiarity between the two dancers in front of him. The delegate's words pushed him to find out how well the two would dance together. “Actually, I do plan on keeping both of them quite busy until early morning.”

The delegate sighed and sat up. “You are a greater man than me.”

“Yes,” Suleiman said and then laughed. “Come, drink and be merry. I have no doubt you will all find something warm in your beds tonight.”

There was a brief stunned silence and then the table erupted into cheers for the sultan. Suleiman joined in, finishing his second glass of drink to the others tenth. In the back of his mind, he was already planning which of the castle servants would be used to curry favor: all of them would come from his bathroom servants, beautiful in their own right but none of his guest appreciated the perfection of his own harem.

An hour later, Suleiman headed to his bedroom. He walked in silence despite two guards following discretely behind him. Even in his own palace, he made sure his men watched over him when he had more than a drink. One would never know when an assassin would show up.

At his door, the two men stood on each side. Suleiman leaned on the doors and threw them open. He already knew that Juliana and Angelica would be waiting for him, but he wasn't sure what they would be doing.

Juliana was dancing in the middle of the room, her bare feet whispering on the tiles as she spun around. There were no musicians to dance to, but she moved with the practiced skill that required no beat to keep up with the shakes of her hips or the seductive shaking of her stomach and breasts. She had switched her outfit, but still wore green. The sheer fabric that bound her breasts was nearly transparent and Suleiman could see the heavy breasts swaying with her movements and the dark pools of her nipples. Her bottom was also transparent, giving flashes of her sex and dark patch of hair with every spin. Along the back, her taut buttocks flexed as she prance for him.

It looked like he caught her in an innocent demonstration of dancing techniques, but he knew it was carefully crafted to inflame his lust. Juliana knew him, probably better than any other woman alive, and the sway of her hips told him that she had timed his entrance perfectly.

Victoria, on the other hand, was sitting on the edge of the bed and still changing her outfit. Her top was off and her small breasts stood firmly on her chest. Little rings circled her tiny nipples, glinting as she unfolded a sheer yellow top that matched Juliana's. She wore a fringed bottom that was short and barely covered her sex. He could see the curls of her hair peeking out from shadows and the long lines of her trim legs.

He smiled as he stepped inside and closed the door.

At the sound of the latch catching, Victoria looked up. Her eyes grew wide and she stared helplessly down at her top. Gulping, she sank to the ground. “Sultan!”

Juliana spun and gave the impression of being surprised. She lowered herself to her knee. “My sultan, I didn't hear you come in.”

Suleiman shook his head but let the lie stand. There were many skills needed to please him, and the illusion of innocence was part of it. Just like learning to wake before him, it didn't matter to him how they please him, just that they did. He gestured for Victoria. “Go and finish preparing. I'm going to take a bath.”

Victoria peeked up from her position. “Your bathing girls were already summoned.”

Juliana shot her a glare, but Victoria continued. “Do you wish for us to bathe you?”

Suleiman caught Juliana trying to calm her expression. There was a friction between the two of them and he smiled. He hoped that he would have found someone to push Juliana to her limits, but where he thought Celeste would do it, Victoria seemed to have the natural arrogance to crack Juliana's veneer.

He shook his head and headed for the bath. “I can bathe myself, at least at first. I'm expecting to see you two dancing together for me when I return.”

Slipping his robe off his shoulders, he let it slump to the ground behind him. One of the women would pick it up before he returned. Naked, he continued into the bathing area where the water was already steaming and perfumed. He sank into it and relaxed, enjoying himself as he gave the two women a chance to stew and push each other.

He wanted to push Juliana at the same time he was looking forward to enjoying both that night. The evening entertainment had gotten him hard. Seeing them both in sheer outfits, naked yet dressed, had brought life to his manhood. The only way to quell his excitement was to bury his cock into their bodies, repeatedly if he had the chance.

By the time he finished, he was achingly hard and ready. He dried off and then headed back to his room. The air washed over his naked body, but he didn't care. There was only two other people who would see him.

He entered his bedroom. Juliana was stretched up against one post of his bed and Victoria up the other. He stopped with a smile. They were beautiful. With both of them reaching up, their nearly bare breasts were lifted for his view. They both had one leg hooked up on the edge of the mattress and the sheer fabric fluttered to draw his attention to their sexes.

Suleiman gave an approving nod.

As one, the two women pushed themselves off the bed and came toward him. They moved in time with each other, hips making little popping movement. He could almost hear the beat of the hidden music as they swirled around him. Juliana stroked her fingers along his shoulders as Victoria caressed his hips.

Swirling around, the fabric of their skirts brushed against his thighs as they came closer. Juliana ran her breasts, barely contained by the fabric, along his arm before spinning back.

Victoria stroked his ass with her thigh, blowing him a kiss, before she continued her own dance.

They passed each other and shimmied for him.

Suleiman smiled and reached out for him. There was no hesitation as the two women pressed their breasts to his palm, letting him toy with their hard nipples and the soft mounds of their body. Only when did he release them did they swirl around and present another part of their body.

His cock was at full height as he grabbed Juliana's ass, shoving his thumb along the crack of her buttocks. She bent over for him, giving him completely access, but he was content to swirl his thumb along her wet slit before releasing her.

Leaning to the side, he presented his glistening fingers to Victoria. The younger dancer smiled and shimmied closer, opening her mouth and obediently sucking on his fingers as he held them for her. Her tongue was light and hot, caressing and teasing as she cleaned off his digits.

With his other hand, Suleiman shoved his hand down between her legs and then jammed two fingers into her sex. It was wet and hot, already ready for his cock. He pumped hard and watched as her dance falter with a moan rising in her throat.

Juliana ran her thigh along his cock, sopping up the precum and leaving a smear along her skirt. She ran her fingertips along his length, which brought a surge of precum, and then brought her own fingers to her mouth.

Suleiman chuckled and reached out for her, pulling her close as he shoved the fingers soaked by Victoria's cunt to Juliana's mouth.

Just like Victoria, Juliana accepted the command without hesitation and sucked both fingers into her mouth. She ground her breasts against his side as she laved his fingers, catching every hint of Victoria's juices from his digits.

He released her and enjoyed as they returned to swirling around him, touching and teasing. He was hard and aching, but every time the precum threatened to drip to the ground, one of them would catch it and bring the slick fingers to their mouths.

Suleiman caught both of them, but instead of pulling them close to him, he brought them together. Seeing their breasts, bound in sheer fabric, grind into each other brought a fresh heat through his body.

If either women had a problem kissing each other, it wasn't evident as they embraced each other while still dancing. Victoria cupped Juliana's breasts as the older woman lifted and dropped it, moving her clavicle with the sharp movements that stole Suleiman's breath away.

As they kissed each other, he stepped up and tugged on both of their tops. The fabric, though tied so it wouldn't fall off, gave in easily and he pulled the sheer material away. Juliana's breasts ground against Victoria's, their nipples circling as they kissed and rocked into each other.

He was painfully erect as he stroked and touched them. Their bodies were hot and slick and utterly hits. He grabbed them by their breasts, squeezing the soft mounds and gently pushed them to the bed.

Without loosing their beat, they shifted to the bed. Juliana turned so she was backing up and then laid back. As she did, she pulled Victoria down on her. A moment later, their crotches were presented for his enjoyment.

Victoria tugged as her skirt and pulled it aside. Juliana did the same and the two sexes, damp with excitement, pressed against each other as they fitted their bodies together.

Suleiman looked at the two pink holes waiting for him, each one only inches from each other. Above, the two women were kissing and stroking each other, still moving in a silence dance. Juliana drew up her leg, hooking it over Victoria's just as Victoria did the same.

There was nothing to stop him from penetrating either women. He fisted his aching cock and stepped into position. Breathing heavily, he ran the tip of his cock along Juliana's slit and then up to Victoria's. Both were soaked and he admired the droplets of pearl liquid that clung to his tip.

He started with Juliana. Pushing down, he sank into the familiar pussy. She took him easily, clear to the hilt, but he didn't pump. Instead, he pulled out, lifted his cock, and pushed it into Victoria. It was hotter and tighter in the younger girl's sex, but he encountered resistance sooner and an inch of his cock remained outside.

It wouldn't stop him for long, but Suleiman was content to pull out and burying it back in Juliana. He alternated pussies with long, deep strokes.

Little moans, both Juliana's and Victoria's, rose up from the bed, punctuated by wet kisses and little tremors. The little noises pushed him to thrust faster, moving from pussy to pussy and back again.

Even Suleiman didn't know which cunt he would come in, but he was sure that it wouldn't be the last that night. He didn't bother with his fist anymore, just pulled back and shoved forward. The tip of his cock sank easily into one of their soaked holes and he stopped only when his balls slapped against flesh.

He closed his eyes as he thrust, sliding in and out. He didn't care which hole he fucked, only that he was pounding into their bodies. Each moan drove him faster until he was straining to bury his length.

He was deep inside Victoria when he came. It was a sudden explosion and he dug his hands into her hips and let out a guttural grunt. Each pulse of his shaft left him drained and reeling. He leaned into her body, crushing Victoria between himself and Juliana with the effort to drive his cock as deep as possible.

After long moments of pumping his seed into her, he withdrew and looked down at his shaft. It bobbed with his pulse and long tendrils of cum dripped from both the tip and Victoria's pussy, pouring as a river down along Juliana's pussy.

“I win,” whispered Victoria.

Suleiman chuckled.

Both women peeled themselves apart and sat up on the bed. Victoria cupped her pussy, pressing her palm against her dripping hole. They looked at Suleiman for a long moment.

Victoria moved first, shifting so she was on her hands and knees. She reached out for Suleiman.

Curious, he stepped forward.

She took his cock into her mouth, even though it was dripping with the juices from all three of them. The cum smeared across her face as she swallowed him down to his root. Against his sensitive length, her mouth was an inferno but she was skilled and gentle with her cleaning.

Juliana crawled along the bed until she was positioned behind Victoria. She looked up over Victoria's ass at Suleiman and then smiled. Opening her mouth, she lowered herself.

He knew that her tongue was pressed against Victoria's slimy pussy when the younger woman jerked forward, almost taking his balls into her mouth. Her lips ground against him and her moan vibrated him from tip to balls.

Suleiman grabbed her by the head, holding her in place as he gave her long strokes of his cock. The sight of her lips clinging to his shaft, tracing out the veins along his length and bulging as his glans threatened to leave.

Wet slurps met with Juliana's movements as she lapped Victoria's pussy from clitoris to asshole.

As he watched her head bobbing from behind Victoria, Suleiman's cock grew harder and hotter. He groaned and started to thrust faster into Victoria's willing mouth. He was going to exhaust himself that night, but it was going to be one of the most enjoyable nights he had ever had.