Suleiman strolled along the first floor of the palace. He headed for the harem gardens, but he wasn't in any hurry. It was barely sundown and the palace was still preparing for dinner and the evening festivities.

He ordered one of the women to serve him over dinner. He was in the mood for a dancer to distract him from his growing political problems from the south. He hoped it would be Victoria or Juliana, but he would be happy with Celeste just as well.

He stopped and smiled. Lydia's death was still bright in his mind despite being over a week ago. The look on her face as she was cutting off her own tits warmed his heart and groin every time he caressed the scratches on his desk. His servants couldn't quite remove all the blood and the streaks of darkness reminded him of the blood dripping down her beautiful mounds.

“What are you doing here?” Victoria's sharp whisper stopped Suleiman.

He frowned. There was no reason any of the harem was outside of their rooms, not until they served him. And then the others would get food delivered from the kitchen. For the most part, they were left alone because no one was stupid enough to touch the sultan's property.

A strange man spoke up. “I'm here to claim what's mine.”

Cocking his head, Suleiman padded down the hall and peeked around a statue toward the sound of voices.

Victoria stood near the entrance to the library. She wore a long gray dress that clung to her young breasts and accented her hips. It hung off one shoulder, which she had pressed against the door to keep it open.

She spoke to an older man with a frown. He stood in formal robes dyed a rich red and black. He looked familiar to Suleiman, but he couldn't quite place the man.

Victoria shook her head. “I'm the sultan's now, not yours, Zayd.”

He reached out to stroke her hair. “You'll always be mine, Victoria.”

Suleiman tensed as he watched. Touching his property inside his own home was a death sentence. He considered barging down the hall, to order Zayd's death, but the name was familiar. With a start, he recalled it. Zayd had sold Victoria to the thief for a potion to make his cock larger.

Unfortunately, the so-called potion was poisonous and the thief had died. Only a few hours earlier, Suleiman had ordered the return of the thief's ill-gotten goods, except for the three slaves which would remain the palace and Suleiman's property for the rest of their lives.

“No.” She jerked away from her former master. “I like being here. It is a better life than you could ever give me.”

Zayd pulled his hand back. “You're a fool. He kills the bitches in his harem. I heard about the one girl. Only a week ago and he ordered her to cut off her own breasts! And that is just the latest in decades of his perversions.”

Victoria folded her arms over her chest. She said, “That won't happen to me.”

“He's a brutal and bloody man, Victoria, no matter your aspirations, you risk your life every time he enters the room.”

Suleiman's eyes narrowed with annoyance. He knew his reputation but lesser man had died for saying it out-loud.

“Not me,” announced the slave.

“And,” Zayd said with a chuckle, “what makes you immune to the sultan's blood lust?”

“I'm better than any girls he's got there. Better dancer, better fuck, and younger than the rest. He would be a fool not to cherish me.”

“These are dangerous games you play. Ask for him to give you back and I will give you a solid life where you don't fear death. He owes me a favor and you're life will become much safer. Please, for your safety. I will give you a good life.”

She narrowed his eyes and looked him over. “And you're a smaller man with a tiny house and a tenth of the sultan's wealth. No, Zayd, leave before the sultan's spies catch you here. I have no interest in ever going back.”

He sighed. “I cannot leave quite yet, not without dishonoring me. I have an appointment with the sultan in a few short hours. I will ask, I have to.”

With a snort, Victoria shook her head. “Good luck with that. The pig, Juliana, will be serving him and you'll see why I'm in no danger.”

Head low, Zayd turned and headed away from both Victoria and the concealed sultan. He walked a few feet before stopping. “He isn't going to marry you. No matter how much you fuck or weasel your way, the sultan isn't the man to marry his harem. If you stay, you will never be more than a pleasure slave.”

“Don't be sure of that,” she said in a low, sultry voice. “A lot can happen and sooner or later, it's going to be just him and me. And then, he won't have a choice.”

“Dangerous games, Victoria. Very dangerous games.”