It was early in the morning, before the sun would rise above the horizon but long after the streets grew quiet for everyone but thieves. A damp wind blew from the east, filling his room with hot eddies of moisture and scents. The fresh smells brought the hint of flowers and spices.

Suleiman took a deep breath and leaned against the headboard of his bed. In one hand, he cradled a book and flipped the page with his thumb. His other hand rested on his crotch, idly teasing it as he read through an erotic scene.

“Sultan?” Suleiman looked up to see Falah standing in the door.

“Yes?” he asked.

The young man yawned and leaned against the frame. “I'm sorry, but I was up late filing papers. Is there anything you need before I sleep?”

Suleiman looked over the young man. There were dark shadows underneath Falah's eyes and his hand clutched the side of the door to remain standing. It had been a while since Suleiman had rewarded the young man; a good clerk was worth more than his weight in gold.

He set down the book on his lap. “No, I'm satisfied. Do I have anything scheduled for tomorrow?”

“Not until the evening festival.”

“Good job, Falah.”

“Thank you, sultan.”

Suleiman held up a finger. “Do you,” he emphasized the word, “have anything scheduled for tomorrow?”

Falah stood up straighter. “Some minor audiences. Permits, requests, the usual. Nothing I can't handle.”



Suleiman smiled. “I want you to reschedule everything and take the day off until the festival.”

“But, what about—”

Suleiman stopped him with a glare. “Don't question me, Falah.”

“I'm sorry, my sultan.”

“For questioning me, I want you to go down to the harem and send one of them up here.”


“And then pick another one for you, until the festival that is.”

Falah shook his head and stared in shock.

Suleiman grinned. “I gave an order, Falah.”


“Go on. Pick one out and enjoy her. I know you're tired, so I'm giving you the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. Go on,” he waved his hand, “enjoy.”

“I-I don't know what to say.”

“Nothing. Just send up one up for me first. The sultan,” he said with a grin, “always gets first choice.”

With a second wind, Falah bowed deeply and sprinted for the room.

Suleiman smiled and returned to his book and his shaft. Stroking his length with his thumb, he smiled and waited. He knew that Falah would pick Juliana, he had been fascinated with her for years. Which meant that either Celeste or Victoria would be sent up. It didn't matter, all of them were beautiful.

When he heard the whisper of fringes and the clink of coins, he smiled. Without looking up, he tried to identify the woman walking down the hallway.

In his palm, his cock grew harder with anticipation. He squeezed down and smiled, pretending to focus on his book. His senses were focused on the door, trying to catch a whiff of perfume or some other sound that would tell him before hot lips wrapped around his cock.

“Good evening,” purred Celeste, “my sultan.”

Suleiman smiled broadly and set his book to the side.

Celeste was in a pastel yellow outfit. The top was heavily embroidered with fringes hanging along her ribs and at her arms. Tiny sequins sparkled among the intricate threading. She wore a matching bottom with a coin scarf wrapped around her waist so her right hip held it up and the left side dangled along her thigh.

Her eyes drifted down to his crotch, where his manhood stood at attention underneath his robe. She put on a sultry smile and drew her gaze back up. “It looks like you started already without me.”

He chuckled. “It was a good book.”

She stepped over to the bed and crawled on it. One hand reached down to pull her scarf up and away from her sex. “Do you want to finish it, my sultan?”

He admired her body, his cock straining underneath his robes. As she moved, her thighs brushed against his shins. She worked her way up until the ridge of his cock pressed against her naked sex.

Willing to try something new, he nodded and picked up the book. He brought it between him and her and focused on the words.

Celeste eased his robe open. His cock jumped once it was freed and he tensed in anticipation of her sucking on him. But, she surprised him by shifting her hips forward until his cock ran along the matted curls of her sex and his head slipped between the slick folds of her body.

Letting out a moan, Celeste lifted her body and aimed his shaft for her sex. Sinking down, she enveloped him and he shook with the intensity of his cock plunging into her hot depths. She settled down with her thighs pressing against his hip.

Her breasts bumped his book twice before she settled into place. He glanced up to see her holding her arms behind her back, which kept her angled back to avoid disrupting his reading.

Suleiman returned to his book and concentrated on the words. It was difficult with the wet heat wrapped around his shaft, but he managed to keep focusing on the words until it became just another way of imagining the women inside the story.

Celeste rose and fell slowly, never moving fast enough to be more than a pleasurable distraction but she never stopped moving. He knew that she had endurance from her dancing, but the torturous strokes of her wet sex kept him hard as he read through the next few chapters.

Reading, he rested his free hand on her hip. The softness of her skin and the feel of her rocking added to his imagination. It was a torrid story filled with sex and having his cock sliding in and out of a beautiful woman added to the depth. He stroked her body as he read, enjoying every moment though he frequently had to read the same paragraph twice.

Celeste's breasts occasionally bumped against his hand as he read. He caught her nipple between his two fingers and pinched down. She whimpered but continued to ride his cock with deep, heated strokes. The angle of her movement changed as she tugged on her nipple, never enough to free it but to keep her moving.

Finally, it got too much for him. Suleiman let the book slid from his fingers and grabbed her hips with both hands. He thrust up into her with a hard stroke that lifted her from the bed.

She clutched his chest for balance and rode him faster, jamming her body down. He body heat was a brand against his skin as she pumped her body. With every stroke, a squelch filled the room.

Suleiman moaned loudly. With a grunt, he flipped her over and began to pound into her pussy. Her body jerked with every thrust, but the scenes in the book flashed across his mind and he quickly reached an orgasm. He slammed deep into her body and came, flooding her insides with hard jets of cum.

Panting, he pulled out and slumped to the bed. “That was good.”

Celeste smiled and shifted to the side. She got on her knees and lowered her head to his crotch. Her hair tickled his thigh as she licked him clean, sucking him from tip to balls and back again.

Suleiman stroked her back and closed his eyes. “You can stay until evening.”

Celeste lifted her head and wiped her lips clean. “Thank you, my sultan.”

“Be awake when I wake.” He started to fall asleep.

“Yes, my sultan,” came her whisper, “I'll be waiting for you.”

He woke up with the afternoon sun on his face. The heat felt good against his skin and he rolled over. Stretching out on his belly, he pushed his arms underneath his pillows and pressed his palms against the warm wood. He pulled his knees underneath him and sat back so the sun baked along his shoulders and back.

From his crotch, his cock stood up straight with the hardness that came every morning. He considered heading straight for the bathroom but then realized he was interested in another blow job.

He tapped his cock.

He heard a soft snore.

A flare of annoyance prickled his thoughts. He looked down to where Celeste slept next to him. She had lost the waist scarf as she slept and her bare ass rested right in the center of the sunlight. It glowed with a halo, shadowed only by the cleft of her ass and the brown curls of her pubic hair that stuck out from between her legs. He leaned back enough to look at the line of her slit where some of her hairs were still dusted by the dried cum of their fucking.

She slept in her top. The embroidered yellow cups held one breast but the other had slipped out and pressed against the side of her pillow. He could see her soft nipple shadowing the mattress.

Celeste had been told about sleeping when he was awake. One reason he kept multiple women in his harem was so they could rest during the nights he didn't want them.

Hissing with annoyance, he reached down and tweaked her nipple.

She groaned and rolled away, curling up underneath the sheets. Her eyes fluttered for a second before she settled back down to sleep.

Suleiman considered slapping her to wake her up. He pulled the sheet away from her body. Her trim body brought a smile to his lips and he relented. Crawling off the bed, he headed for the bathroom to relieve the pressure and clean up.

To his surprise, when he returned, she was still sleeping. With a sigh, he headed back for the bed. It had only been a few hours, he could forgive her once.

There was a knock on the door. Suleiman turned and headed for it, pulling it open. On the other side, the guard looked nervous.

“Sorry for waking you—”

“I wasn't sleeping.”

“But, Falah is currently unavailable. One of his appointments, Mubarak, did not get the message about rescheduling and is currently looking for an audience with you.” The guard gestured down the hall.

Suleiman looked to where the slaver leaned against the door. He was pouring wine from a skin into a glass. Shrugging, he nodded. “Bring him in.”

As the guard brought in Mubarak, Suleiman pulled on his robes. He smacked Celeste's ass but the girl remained sleeping. Shaking his head, he pull two chairs into the center of the room and sat down.

Mubarak bowed deeply as he entered. “A thousand pardons for interrupting your day of rest, my sultan, but I request a favor.” His eyes flickered to the bed; when he saw Celeste sleeping, they grew wide with surprise.

Suleiman gestured to the seat. “I always have time for a good friend. Come, sit down and tell me what bothers you.”

Moving quickly, Mubarak sat down. “This won't take a moment.” At Suleiman's gesture, he continued. “For this festival, I have acquired a larger number of slaves to sell. Larger than usual,” he gave a sheepish grin, “when a large village is desperate for money and had many, many beautiful women, what could I do?”

With a chuckle, Suleiman nodded. “Of course. But, what is the problem?”

“According to your decree, no slaver is allow to bring in more than thirty slaves. And I have fifty-three to sell before I travel back across the wastelands. If the sultan allow, I would humble request an exemption to your decree just for this evening. I have no doubt I can sell enough to bring it below your esteemed rulings.”

Suleiman glanced back to the bed just as Celeste rolled over. Her shoulders caught on a pillow and she slumped back, her large breasts sticking high in the air as a snore filled the room.

When he turned back, he was glaring. “Are there any women that would appeal to me? A replacement, perhaps?”

Mubarak gulped. “I'm sorry. The sultan's standards are very high and I would never offer any slave that didn't match your requirements.”

“You haven't done well with her,” grumbled Suleiman. Even if Celeste was beautiful and skilled, he could not accept her sleeping through a conversation. She had signed her own death sentence by slumbering.

“A thousand pardons, my sultan. I was not aware she was flawed. If there is anything I can do, please just ask your humble servant.” Mubarak bowed his head.

Suleiman thought for a moment. “Donate three of your most beautiful slaves to the palace. I will have Falah come down and pick them out as soon as he is available. While I may not have enjoyment of them, there are those in this building who would appreciate fresh cunts.”

“Of course. Thank you.”

Standing up, Suleiman gestured for Mubarak to stand.

The slaver stood and bowed. “Thank you again.” He glanced over at Celeste. “And this humble servant is humiliated that I have sold you something less than perfect. If it pleases the sultan, I would honored to refund your purchase.”

Suleiman cocked his head for a moment, then bowed in return. “I will return her before the festivals.”

“No, please, keep her.” Mubarak held up his hands. “I know the sultan's desires and I have no interest in taking away even the smallest pleasure for him. Thank you, again, my sultan.” The slaver bowed as he left the room.

Suleiman sighed and looked at the naked body of his harem slave. She was beautiful, with brown hair cascading over the blankets and her body poised to accept him. She would wake up if he fingered her or pressed his body against her, but it was too late.

Shaking his head, he returned to the door and stuck his head out. “Your knife, please.”

The guard handed the long curved blade without question.

“And when Falah is done with Juliana, send her up. She needs to see the consequences. She failed to instruct and lead.”

The man bowed quietly.

Suleiman shut the door behind him. He didn't bother locking it. Circling around the bed, he hefted the blade as he admired her from all angles. She was beautiful and obedient, but she didn't know her place. She humiliated him by sleeping while the slaver was there. Thankfully, it was the man he bought her from, but Suleiman didn't have patience for women who didn't serve him with all their skill.

His cock grew to full height as he stripped off his robes. It bobbed with his pulse. Carefully, he crawled up on the bed and over to Celeste.

Her chest rose and fell with her sleeping. A soft snore escaped her throat as she rested against the pillow. It left her exposed from throat to pussy.

Setting down the knife, he reached out and stroked her nipple. It hardened underneath his touch, the aureole wrinkling as the nipple stood up. A soft moan escaped her lips, but she remained sleeping.

He spread his hands and stroked her belly and chest. Her skin was soft and perfumed, everything he was looking for. He would miss the way her hips rocked while dance or the smile on her face as she served him. Her lips, her pussy, her ass. Her body was all his, but she still didn't understand what was required of her.

Using his left hand, he stroked his fingernails along her perk breasts up to her throat. Not trying to be gentle, he stretched his fingers and wrapped it around her neck. As he moved, he wished she would wake up and realize her predicament. There was always a chance he would just punish her.

But Celeste remained sleeping.

He picked up the knife with his right hand and drew the tip up to her pussy. His knuckles stroked her inner thighs and spread them apart. He looked down at her furred sex, the lips beginning to grow rosy with his touching.

Suleiman aimed the tip of the blade to her pussy, working the edge between her hairs until it rested against the pink opening of her sex. His breath came faster as he saw the curved blade poised to punch into her most private of spaces.

He took a long deep breath, calming himself as he readied to strike. Reversing the grip, he brought the curved blade up high above his head. The sharp point glittered in the light. With his other hand, he clamped down on her neck and squeezed down.

Celeste's eyes fluttered.

He drove the knife down. The tip punched into her belly, right above her belly button. The broad-blade pierced flesh as he punched it down, forcing it through the tight resistance of her stomach and organs until the hilt slammed into her belly. The tip of the blade scraped against her spine before it was buried into the mattress below her.

Her eyes snapped open as she screamed shrilly. Blood splattered along the sheets as she kicked out blindly.

Suleiman threw his weight to hold her down. His knuckles grew white around her neck from the effort to subdue her now thrashing form. He withdrew the knife with a splash of blood and slammed it home again, punching into her flesh. He pounded the blade into her stomach, piercing it with hard, brutal strokes that pierced the blankets. Bloody feathers flew everywhere.

Celeste was in a blind panic as she flailed around. Her arm struck his shoulder and face as she tried to crawl away.

With her struggles, the stabs of his knife caught her hips, her stomach, and legs. Blood splattered in all directions as he methodically pierced her with hard, angry strikes.

She kicked out violently, trying to free herself, until one slash of the knife caught her tendon. With a wet snap, her leg went limp.

Her scream echoed shrilly off the wall. There were no words except for a panicked babble.

He shoved her into the pillows and continued to ram the knife into her stomach and hips. Blood poured out from her wounds, soaking the mattress and pooling underneath her. His fist was soaked with her gore but he didn't care. The knife flashed as he punched it deeper, his fist slid into the holes and the blade carved deeper into her organs.

Yanking the knife out, he threw it aside. It clattered on the ground, spinning in a spiral of blood before stopping by the wall.

He shoved down with his hands as she writhed on the bed, flailing her one good leg as she tried to escape.

Sobbing, Celeste clutched her belly, desperately trying to cover the hundred holes that perforated her stomach and hips. Blood poured out between her fingers and she sobbed shrilly, her eyes unfocused through the agony that tore through her. Her body had been ruined by his knife. Blood poured out over her labia and coated her thighs in a sheen of crimson.

Suleiman succumbed to a surge of lust. Grabbing her limp leg, he pulled her to him and buried his cock into the dripping hole. It was hot, hotter than anything else, but very little friction. With a grunt, he fucked her hard with his fingers digging into her hips for balance.

He didn't care about her pleasure or even her actions. He was going to pound the remains of her body until she stopped moving. Blood splashed everywhere as he drove into her, fucking her with all his might.

Marie continued to scream, her chest rising and falling with every shrill sound. She tried to push him off, but he batted her arms away before resuming his frantic rutting.

Pillows and blankets slid off the bed, splashing down in the blood and gore that streamed off the edges. The mattress couldn't soak in any more and it gathered underneath him in a sticky puddle.

He groaned as he came, but he didn't stop pounding. His cock tore through her shredded organs, ripping them further apart. He knew he was coming directly into her stomach but the heat that poured around him pushed him harder. He drove hard, ramming his cock far enough he could swear he was ramming his lungs.

By the time Suleiman came again, her screams were dying down. They still filled the room with shrill desperation, but her fingers no longer clawed at his chest and her head lolled back.

He gave a few, frantic thrusts before coming a third time. His body shook from the intensity of his orgasm, but he held it deep in her body as the hot cum soaked her insides. It didn't matter if he was fucking her vagina, womb, or ass. All that matter was that he fucked her until the life fled her body.

Panting, he withdrew and crawled back. Blood and cum dripped from his cock. Everything on the bed with soaked in crimson. Her legs, splayed out and no longer moving, drew his attention to the gaping hole of her sex.

He continued back until he was off the bed and standing in front of her. Panting, he stepped back again and then looked around. He had killed one of his favorite slaves because she failed him.

He smiled to himself and looked down at his cock. It wasn't only Celeste that failed him, but Juliana for not teaching the women their rightful places. It was two slaves now that died because they weren't up to his standards.

Suleiman headed for the bathroom to clean up and plan the death of his next slave. He had no tolerance for mistakes.