Three guards followed Suleiman as he strolled down the lane of the slaver's market in Alanya. Around him, everyone stepped out of the way and bowed their heads. He didn't acknowledge them as he drifted from stall to stall.

He realized that he needed to look in the odd chance that he would fine another Lydia. The woman had been skilled, though she didn't understand the life she was given. He sighed and moved to the next one, peering in at the half-naked women who looked pitifully back at him. The ones that knew his preferences ducked their heads, but no one escaped his attention.

It took him almost an hour to reach Mubarak's place. There were two different slave women standing at the entrance, but they knew their place. As he approached, Mubarak stepped out.

“My sultan, how wonderful to see you again.”

“Good morning, Mubarak. How are you doing?”

“Never better. Money flows today and I am blessed with your presence. How could I not be in glorious heaven?”

Suleiman took a deep breath. “You know what I'm looking for?”

“Of course, my sultan. And I have two fine women who I promise you will meet with your exacting standards. And I will give you both for the grievous insult I inflicted on you by giving you a woman that was less than perfect.”

He looked at the slaver for a moment and then nodded. He could use another pair of slaves. One way or the other, he would get his pleasure out of them.