Two months had passed since Celeste died on the hall floor, but Suleiman still found his eyes focusing on the circle where she bled out. It brought a smile to his lips. She had almost been the perfect pleasure slave, except that she failed him.

Once again, he was down to a single woman in his harem. Victoria knew her place, at least most of the time, and pleasured him every time he called her up. He had enjoyed every hole in her body and she cried out for more. Her skill with the finer arts made her a prize worthy to keep.

But, he had a nagging feeling that she wasn't as obedient as he hoped. The stolen conversation with Zayd continued to haunt him. Victoria wanted more than he would ever give her. Not that he couldn't, but Suleiman refused to elevate one of his slaves to a wife.

He glanced over to where she danced to the side. Her young body twirled and swirled in her bright green skirt. Her breasts, barely bound by her top, flexed and swayed with her movement.

Turning back, he noticed that almost everyone was watching her instead of himself. He chuckled and looked down at the proclamations. Some he had already signed while others were brought before him during the audience. Before him, two hundred men stood in the hall, waiting for an answer to their queries.

He flipped through the page until a name caught his attention: the Count of Aversa. Curious, he pulled out the page and read through it. A slow smile crossed his lips. The current count, Victoria's uncle, had submitted a formal request for Victoria to be his personal slave.

Suleiman continued to read down. The reasons were strong. The count's lands were rife with unrest and as long as Victoria was alive, there was hope that he would be overthrown. Victoria's father had been killed along with every other member of her bloodline. She was the last of the original count's seed.

Curious, Suleiman gestured for Falah and handed him the request.

Falah stepped forward. “The sultan will now hear the request of Count Richard of Aversa.”

Next to him, the sounds of Victoria's dancing stopped. Suleiman sighed but didn't look over there. He counted the seconds until the clinking of her dance resumed.

She started dancing again after six seconds. It was a short moment in time, but it sealed her punishment that night. He thought about it for a moment, then made a note to bring a whip to the room. Two strokes for every second she stopped dancing.

The count was a young man, only a few years older than him. He had three men with him, but he stepped forward and bowed. “Sultan Suleiman, I request a favor that I do not deserve.”

Suleiman continued.

“I request one of your most prized possessions, the harem slave behind you.”

Victoria came to a spinning stop and her gasp ripped through the sudden silence in the room.

Suleiman began to count the seconds again. “Why?”

“My land is poisoned by rebels who still hold a torch for the old count.” Richard spat to the side, “Even after his and his son's deaths, they still fight in hopes that your pleasure slave will take charge. I wish to ensure that she will never be in line for the county.”

“By making her your pleasure slave?”

“Yes. I know I'm not worthy, but I'm willing to honor anything the sultan requests if it brings peace to my land.” He gestured to the other man. “I bring gold and spices. I'm wiling to increase my taxes, but I can't let rebels tear apart the lands loyal to you.”

Suleiman smiled broadly.


He jerked at Victoria's sharp words. Looking to the side, he was surprised as she stood there, both hands clamped over her mouth. Her face was pale as she stood there. Then, with a gasp, she turn and fled the great hall.

Glancing back, he saw ripples of shock in the gathered people. Interspersed with the others were people who shook their head sadly.

Suleiman's cheeks burned with humiliation. His slave had spoke out in front of hundreds. She knew better, even without anyone telling her. He tightened his grip on his chair arm as he struggled with his emotions.

Falah stepped forward, working as a good clerk for the sultan. “Today's audience is now over. Please, returns to your inn rooms and residences. We will resume tomorrow.”

With murmurs and whispers, the crowds began to filter out.

Suleiman clenched his teeth together, but he gestured for the count to remain.

It only took a few moments for the great hall to empty. Two guards shut the door.

Richard dropped to his knee and bowed. “I'm sorry, my sultan. I did not—”

“All you care about is ensuring that there is no doubt who I am favoring?”

The count nodded. “Yes, my sultan.”

“Then, you will have her head when you return to your home.”

The younger man tensed and he bowed deeper. “Thank you.”

Suleiman waited until the count left before he stood up. “Falah.”

“I will take care of your schedule, my sultan. Do you need more than one guard to accompany you?”

Suleiman glared at him for a moment, then shook his head. He took a deep breath to calm his breathing. “No. You did a good job. Thank you.”

“I serve you, my sultan, until I die.”

With a smile, Suleiman patted him on the shoulder. And then he turned on his heels and stormed after Victoria.

It didn't take him long to find her. She was cowering behind the bed in her harem room. Suleiman found her by following the soft sobs that echoed against the walls. He stood in the doorway and watched as her head bobbed in times with the sobs that tore through her body.

“You embarrassed me.”

Victoria sobbed and shook her head. She looked up with tears streaming down her face. “You can't give me to him. He killed my father!”

Suleiman toyed with the rope in his pocket. He had a knife in the other one, hidden from sight. He sighed and leaned against the door, giving the impression that he wasn't furious beyond description. “I wasn't going to.”

She inhaled sharply. “Y-You weren't?”

“You're my pleasure slave. Why would I give you away? I don't give away possessions.”

“You gave Juliana to Falah that night.” She pressed her lips together.

He fought the glare that threatened to ghost across his face. “Yes, I did. But, you aren't in a position to question that, are you?”

“I-I'm sorry.”

Suleiman fought the urge to jump over the bed for her. He patted the door. “Come, let's walk in the garden.”

Hesitantly, she stood up.

“Come on,” Suleiman said encouragingly. Inside, he was seething but he wasn't in the mood for her fighting him. He would wait his time.

She walked around the bed and came to him. The tears were glistening on her cheeks.

Suleiman wiped her cheeks clean and then wrapped his arms around her waist. “Just walk with me.”

She let him guide her to the garden. It was a sunny day, filled with the soft buzz of insects and the heady scents of flowers. He picked a random path and followed it, walking slowly as he spoke.

“You are a beautiful woman, Victoria.”

She tensed briefly but relaxed. Her bare feet walked along the soft flowering plants that lined the path.

“And I would never give you up. You are beautiful, talented, and the envy of any man in this town.”

“T-Thank you, my sultan.”

He came up to a fork in the path and picked the one that would lead them to the horse statue. His shoes scuffed the path. As he walked, he drank in the smell of her body, the flowery perfume and the natural scent of her body. “You have given me hours of pleasure, but I also enjoy your companionship.”

Victoria's eyes flickered toward him and then away. “W-What are you saying?”

Her chest rose with her quickening breath. He knew that she hoped he would marry her, to make her his wife. He smiled and kept along the vein, lifting her hopes as he whispered nothings in her ear while leading her to the horse statue.

They were just reaching the shadows of the massive statue when he reached his end. “And I would love to have you as my companion for the rest of your life.”

There were happy tears in her eyes. “T-Thank you, sultan.” She peeked away and then back. “Does that mean you want… me…?”

He stopped her right underneath the head of the statue. “As what?”

“D-Do you,” she blushed, “do you want me as your wife?”

He smiled and stepped into her. She backed up, but she could only move a foot before she was pressed against the statue. He brought his lips to hers and kissed her hard.

Victoria let out a guttural moan. She ground her body against him, lifting one hip to hook along his leg. “Oh, sultan.”

Suleiman dropped his hand between her legs, forcing his fingers past the fabric to plunge his fingers into her sex. It was damp and tight, but quickly warmed up as he fucked her hard.

Victoria clutched to his shoulders as she gasped. Throwing her head back, her hair flared out as she gasped. “Suleiman!”

He felt her cum on his fingers. The tightness of her pussy clamped around his digits, but he continued to drive up into them as her entire body shook from the pleasure coursing through her veins. She cried out and dug her fingers into him.

Pulling out, he looked down at the dripping digits. When he looked up, she shivered at his look. “I want to fuck your ass.”

She smiled and nibbled on her lip. Turning around, she planted one hand against the statue and pressed out with her ass. With her other, she tugged up the skirt until her bare buttocks were exposed. “Yes, my sultan,” she whispered in a sultry tone.

He fished his cock out. It was hard and hot in his palm. Inching forward, he ran the tip up and down her crack until it was lubricated with his precum. He found the opening of her ass and pressed down on it.

Victoria moaned and pushed back. The tiny wrinkled opening spread open for his girth. Her body had long since adjusted to his size. Pushing forward, he watched as the opening spread open and then swallowed his cock.

Panting, Suleiman continued to ease his cock into her ass until he was full encased inside the tight, clenching confines of her rear.

“Oh, sultan. It feels good.” She rocked her hips back and forth, angling his length inside her. Her muscles tightened and relaxed around him.

Suleiman panted and reached up to grab her hair with one hand. Pulling back, he arched her back and thrust deep into her.

Victoria moaned and jerked. Her breasts thrust out and he crushed them against the statue as he pulled back and slammed home. The firm curves of her ass ground into his hips, and he almost came from anticipation. Moans of need rose up, filling the garden. “Yes, I'm yours!”

He drove into her, hard and strong. He was almost cumming, but he held it back as long as he could. His cock felt huge as it slid in and out of her tight entrance. He could almost picture it pushing out against her tight, young belly.

Suleiman planned on shoving something else into her belly before the sun dipped below the horizon. He grunted as he felt a surge of heat from anticipation. As he pounded into her ass, reminding her who owned her body, he dug into his pocket. He pulled out a coil of cord. It was long with one loop already formed in the end.

Struggling to keep up the pace, he worked his thumb along the knot until the loop was large enough to slip over her head. As he prepared to throw it over her head, he almost came. With a grunt, he stopped and ground her against the statue, fighting the surges of heat that threatened to explode inside her.


Suleiman grunted. He released her hair as he brought the cord over her head. There was only a moment of freedom and then it was around her throat.

She gasped, her entire body tightened painfully around his cock. The pressure held back his orgasm and he jammed it hard inside her, no longer caring for her pleasure.

Yanking it tight, he pulled her head back. Her buttocks ground against his hips and her breasts where thrust out as he brought his lips to her ear. “You embarrassed me.”

She tried to gasp, but the cord was too tight around her neck.

He wrapped the cord twice around his hand and yanked back harder. The cord dug into her throat, digging into the soft flesh. He slammed into her ass. “You humiliated me in front of my guests.” He grunted as he drew back to drive it deep into her tight, hot hole again.

Victoria's mouth opened and her eyes bulged out. She clawed at the cord, trying to pull it free. Suleiman pulled on it tighter, cutting off her breath as he pounded her ass with all his might. Each thrust slammed her body against the statue, crushing her breasts and bruising her elbows from the impact.

“You are my slave.” He slammed her into the statue, his cock exploding inside her.

“You do not speak.”

He punctuated the surge of seed with another powerful blow.

“You do not question.”

Another slam left a bruise on her breasts.

“You do not ask for anything.”

He came again inside her, flooding her bowels with his seed. “And you will never humiliate me again.”

Victoria twisted and continued to claw at the cord. Her entire body was tight and writhing, but he was fully seated inside her and she would not be able to escape.

Panting, Suleiman loosed the cord.

She gasped for breath, the darkness in her face almost purple. “S-Sultan.”

He held still, his panting coming out as a growl. He wasn't giving her a chance to breathe, just a chance for his cock to stop throbbing in the tight sheath of her ass.

“I won't do it again, I promise.” Her breath was raspy. Each shudder of breath send pleasurable vibrations through her body. She clenched her ass and he felt his cock being milked by her tight muscles.

Trembling from the effort, he swung the cord up over the horse's head. It caught on the ears and the end of the cord came down next to him. He panted for a moment and then grabbed the rope. He pulled the knife out of his pocket and shrugged off his robes. The fabric pooled beneath his feet. It would be ruined by her death, but he didn't care.

Yanking down on the rope, she was pulled up. The cord dug into her neck, leaving a second line, and the knot came up behind her ear.

He strained to keep her weight, but anger drove him to slam into her ass again. Each thrust shook her body. He could feel her trying to scream but only a faint gurgle escaped her slack mouth.

Bringing the knife around, he lowered the blade until it was between her legs. He thrust hard but carefully to avoid cutting himself. He stroked the side of the blade until he nestled it between her labia.

Victoria was thrashing violently and he had to slam her against the statue to pin her long enough to bring the knife edge to her clitoris.

With a jerk, he sliced through the flesh. It gave almost no resistance, but the response was immediately.

Her entire body tightened into rock hardness. Her mouth opened widely but no noise came out. He couldn't even drive his cock into her ass, the pressure was too much. He continued to drag the knife up, pressing down as it parted flesh. It sliced along her pubic mound and he sliced to the bone.

She tried to kick out, but he yanked the blade up into the softness of her belly. Hard muscles from hours of dancing, parted underneath the sharp edge and he felt her intestines slip out onto the ground.

His thrusting finally drove home. He tore through her sphincter, violating her as he cut up into her ribs. With a grunt, he brought the knife across her breasts and down the other side. The deep gash splattered blood against the statue. Jamming the knife into her belly to slice a large “X” across her stomach, he tossed the knife aside to grab her hips.

Victoria thrashed violently as she tried to scream. Her face was turning purple from the lack of air and circulation, but he just held on tight to the cord as he ripped into her, slamming his cock deep into her body until she jerked in agony.

Strong hands grabbed the rope from his grip.

Surprised, Suleiman stopped and Victoria managed to force him out of her sphincter.

Falah needed both hands to keep tension on the rope. He pulled it to the back leg of the horse and wrapped it around three times before tying it off. Without a word, he bowed once and stepped away.

Suleiman grinned and grabbed Victoria with both hands. He reared back and slammed his cock home once again, tearing through her ass. Blood sluiced down his shaft and he used it as lubricant to ram her ass.

He drove in as hard as he could, tearing her open and shoving his cock in as far as he could. He could feel her choking to death and the realization drove him harder.

Suleiman came again and again, filling her until it poured of her ruined ass. He continued to rape her body until she stopped twitching. The last few strokes were her swinging back and forth, her body thudding against the statue as he vented the last of his pleasure and anger into her body.

Gasping, he stumbled back. His cock ached from fucking her. He looked up at her body.

She swung back and forth, with her intestines hanging out of her belly and cum dripping down her legs.

Suleiman looked around, but he was alone once again in the garden. Turning back to Victoria, he stepped forward. He wasn't done.