A long time ago, I came up with a map of Nine Sisters. However, it never really got far since I lost the paper with the map but I've been keeping it in my head for close to fifteen years while writing. Of course, it got a bit vague (“Lexember is west of Franome”) but I kept making little mistakes (I always swapped the country Luxember for the continent of Emberka).

So recently one of my fans asked about a wiki for Nine Sisters since not everyone can read a couple million words of porn and memorize the characters. Not to mention there are another fifteen years or so of Dungeons & Dragons and HERO games, online RPG sexting, and other things that contribute the world.

I've been meaning to create a wiki about the world for a while. This just gave me the inspiration to do it. That comes in two parts. I've created a slippery map of the world which shows the various sisters and brother (the continents) along with the countries of Emberka. There is depressing little amount of information but that will change over time.

In the past, I found wikis to be open to abuse. So, I'm going to set up a Git repository that will contain the data and anyone who wants to contribute will be able to create a merge request to make changes and have me approve them or request specific sections be written up. This will generate the codex as part of the site generation.

The map is going to be private though. Mapping doesn't really scale well and I'm working with a single massive SVG file. Later, I hope to figure out something like Open Street Map that would give me better tools.

... but I need to finish Puppy Mill 2 and Breeders first.

Much of this wouldn't be possible without my patrons. Thank you.