For this month's submission, I have four chapters of Breeders for my various patrons enjoyment. It's a rather horny set of chapters, given that we last had Erlea pinned down by a spider monster trying to lay eggs. That takes a few chapters to get through that and meet up with the next adventurer in a little group of hyper-violent breeders hunting down a bunch of well-hung wolf-hybrids.

Related to that, I'm also going to chance how I'm releasing Puppy Mill 2. Previously, I aimed for keeping a steady weekly cadence for those chapters but it's getting hard to maintain that weekly schedule on top of the other votes. So, I'm going to stop trying to do both and moved PM2 into the monthly votes.

Of course that means there is a danger of really getting behind on PM2. I want to avoid this because the PM2 does pay me monthly much like my Patreon and SubscribeStar subscribers. To be clear, the scale is different: I get $90/month from Patreon and $45/month for PM2. To keep the same balance and avoid slipping too far behind, I'm going to just have a veto that says if I have two months of not working on PM2, the third month is going to be PM2.

As usual, if you comments and suggestions, please speak up.

Back to Breeders. The second arc of Breeders is shaping up to be a heartbreaking one. Some of the earlier comments about the bees fucking other bees is going to come up quite a lot but also a question of how far Erlea can advance as a character if she is supposedly limited by a 25 CP goblin. If you are curious, she's well past 25 CP at this point.

I hope you enjoy the story and it looks like next month is shaping up to be another batch of Breeders. And vote to tell me what you think, I use that feedback to shift my writing to hopefully bring you more things that turn you on.