Because I have so many projects going on, about half of my month is scheduled to ensure my obligations. In the first half of the month, I normally work on my subscriber posting of eight to ten thousand lines of code. Recently, the second half of the month is working on my game project, Perverted Lands.

However, due to a case of walking pneumonia, getting anything done has been hell. I'm not going to get my writing project before… well, today. Writing is more important than the game, so I'm going to get it done for the end of the month and skip Perverted Lands development this month. I should be back on track for next month.

For the higher level patrons, they can read the current progress at Economies of Scale 2 using the most recent password. For others, it will be done by the end of the month but higher left folks won't get the normal week of advance reading (unless I'm amazingly productive next week).

Related to that, I started releasing the first Economies of Scale in a slow drip (a chapter every four weeks to match the current serialization of Breeders).

Now, I find it easier to do a little programming while I'm sick. It's strange, but I did spend a little time to add a feature to my website that I've been meaning to for a long time: downloads. There are only three files so far (both Economies and Puppy Mill) but there is now a link for EPUB and PDF versions on all the pages (plus a link on the bottom of each chapter).

(Files are controlled by the most limited access and are password protected.)

As a side note, Puppy Mill is 1,683 pages long and a four megabyte download of pure text!

Also, I would have done MOBI but I need to have a cover image and I haven't finished writing something that would make a pretty, generic cover for the books I don't have custom covers already made.