He only fell a few meters before smacking hard against the surface of some pool. Despite the agony that surged along his back, in that mere moment before he slipped under the surface, he realized that he needed to worship one of the gods, if just to curse them.

Now to find a list of gods he hated the least.

The hot water washed over him, and he hoped it would extinguish the flames on his stealth suit. It rushed against his face and nostrils, he clamped one hand over his nose to prevent from drowning and flailed around for the surface of the pool. To his surprise, his feet caught the bottom of the pool seconds later; it was only a meter in depth. Kicking up, he gasped for air as soon as his face broke through the silky surface.

He couldn't see anything, his eyes still adjusting from the brightness of the flames. Unsure if any guards were rushing toward him, he lowered himself until he remained just above the water's surface with his black hair billowing out in a cloud. He patted along his side to where his knife was, not that he knew how to fight with it, but he only encountered sensitive bare skin. The flames had destroyed his suit, and he lost his weapon in the process.

Rolling his eyes with frustration, he lowered himself into the water until it lapped at his lips and the bottom of his ears. He waited the long, painful seconds while his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness by feeling around.

The pool was relatively wide and long but shallow. It took a moment to get to the marbled edge and press his cheek against the smooth stone. The smooth, perfumed water felt luxurious against his skin compared to the harshness of the water he usually used for bathing. The scent was unusual, delicate but complex, like a mixture of many different scents he had enjoyed over the years. It also smelled slightly of sex, the musky rasp of spent passions.

His back ached from the impact. Working blindly, he explored his outfit along his side. His fingers caught the scorched edges of many rips and tears. The fire had all but destroyed the suit and only a few straining threads kept it from falling off his body. He cringed at the idea, it would be hard enough to explain why he was in the pool much less why he was in the pool naked.

Derik's questing fingers found his back. He found a lump already forming along his spine but otherwise no discernible injuries. He breathed a sigh of relief that rippled the water. He could handle a few burns along his smooth skin, but a serious injury would make it impossible to pay back Rick.

Rick scared the fuck out of him.

He lifted himself up and then gagged at the burning smell. There was no way anyone could miss smelling him if he was above the surface. With a silent snarl, he bobbed back down and breathed in the perfume.

Looking at the dim light, he tugged at the remains of his outfit from his body. The thin shreds wouldn't do anything to protect him, and he didn't think wearing smoldering rags would be any better than being naked. He ran his fingertips along his shaft before yanking the fabric clear from his tight buttocks. His long hair caught on his hands but he shook them free as he stripped.

A loud yawn interrupted his efforts.

Derik froze and looked up over the edge. At the far end of a hall he saw a light growing brighter. It bobbed slowly from a young woman carrying a lantern. The beams of brilliance that speared out from it lit up parts of the room. Derik looked at it and then when he saw the floor covered in naked women, he did a double-take.

Dozens of them, all gloriously nude, naked, and very female. There were breasts and pussies on display, some of them sprawled out on pillows while others were bent over in the casual relaxation that only sleep could bring. The women slept on blankets. Some stretched out across each other. He gasped, feeling his cock twitch to life as he stared at shadowed nipples and shaved pussies.

His eyes focused on the only one moving, a woman probably in her late teens or early twenties. She wore nothing but a silk robe that did nothing to hide her beautiful body. Yawning, she held a magical lantern over her head as her eyes drooped sleepily. Her bare feet moved with practiced grace as she made her way between the naked limbs that obscured the floor. Reaching the edge, she yawned as she disappeared down a hall and the room once again plunged into darkness.

Derik promptly decided that he needed a god to thank.

As he realized where he was, he revised his opinions again.

The baron's harem.

The forbidden harem.

The “if I get caught, I will lose my balls painfully” harem.

Baron Hamel refused to marry himself, holding out for the “perfect” wife to hang on his arm. Instead, he had a harem of nearly a hundred women, each of them living a life of sensual comfort. While most of them selected from the cream of society, the baron also accepted exotic women as part of negotiations and treaties.

Remembering the sheer amount of naked bodies before him, Derik decided that Hamel was very good at statecraft.

Slowly, he pushed himself out of the water, wincing as the water dripped off and the last ruined remains of his stealth suit slipped from his body. As the water sheeted off, the warm air caressed his bare skin. He turned around to strain as much of the remains from the water to hide his presence.

By the time he gathered up as much of his outfit as possible, nearly choking from the burnt smell, his eyes managed to adjust to the dim light. Peering around, he could only see the shadows above him, where the priceless sapphire rested inside some ventilation.

He breathed in the smells of naked women and promised he would find a god to hate later.

Creeping as quietly as he could, he sneaked to the edge of the room, hiding behind a pillar. To his luck, he found a mirror reflecting just a hint of light and used it to inspect the damage.

His slender body looked unharmed, but he missed a few strips of cloth. A burnt patch caught along his hips, barely hiding his manhood, and a few more strips held on the rest of it. Swearing in a whisper, he shrugged out his outfit and tried not to think about losing such an expensive tool of his craft.

Expensive if he actually paid for it, of course.

Despair filled him as he shoved the remains into the bottom drawer of a nearby dresser. In the dim light, he carefully fumbled around, trying to find something to cover his now-naked body. His cock, hard at the thought of the harem just steps away, bounced with each movement as he pulled open the drawers.

Soap and perfume, not even a strip of silk to cover himself.

“Fuck,” he whispered. Standing up, he looked back and forth for another dresser when he caught the reflection of a woman staring at him in shock.

She had sandy brown hair and a silk robe that, spread open, revealed small, perky breasts that left him breathless. His eyes drifted down as he turned around, a blush rising up in his cheeks. Focusing on her, he saw her shaved pussy framed by her perfectly delectable legs. His cock surged to full height, swelling until it ached, as he lifted his eyes to stare at her.

“Um, hi,” he whispered as softly as possible.

She cocked her head as she took a hesitant step forward.

“Why are you naked?” she whispered back.

Derik let out a sigh of relief. She didn't yell for help as the first thing. “Um, I fell down.”

She glanced up and he almost managed to step out of the light of the lantern, but she stepped to the side to keep him centered on the pool of brilliance. “Okay, but why are you naked?”

Her whisper had a hint of amusement.

Derik blushed hotly and pulled his long black hair around to cover his groin, one hand holding his hardness tightly as he looked around for some escape. He gave her a helpless glance and tried to step away from her.

A sudden grin on her lips made his heart skip as she stepped forward again, following him as he tried to duck behind a pillar. “The guards will kill you if they find you.”

A heat rose to warm his cheeks as he glanced up. The opening to the vents stood above him, three meters and just out of reach. Even climbing the wall, she would have too much time to call for help.

Her head still cocked, she grinned. “You're desperate, aren't you?”

Derik's head snapped to stare at her. “Um…”

She took another step toward him, the grin turning into an evil mask, the type of playful mischief that sent a shiver down his spine. “Admit it, you're fucked.”

Derik tried to back away, then realized that she was almost illuminating the rest of the harem. One may play with him, but if the entire room woke up, he was screwed.

The flush burning on his cheeks, he turned back to her and nodded.

She grinned triumphantly. “Want me to help?”

Surprised, Derik just stared at her with his mouth gaped open.

The harem girl motioned for him to come back around the pillar. He obeyed, keeping his eyes locked on her as he inched his way back.

She looked in both directions. “You have to do something for me.”


She grinned and looked down at her tight body. Her nipples were standing up straight and he caught a whiff of her pussy. “Lick me.”

Derik froze, staring at her with wide eyes. “Um, what?”

She grinned, “I just went into the bathroom to frig myself, but couldn't get off. I bet you could do a perfect job, those slender hands, that pretty face.”

Derik's lips parted in shock. The heat grew with every word she said. His hands trembled as he risked a glance down to her shaved mound. “I… I never did that.”

She rolled her eyes. “You have to be kidding?” she whispered, “You never went down on a girl?”

Derik nodded, whispering back, “It's dirty and smelly. I mean, that's what whores—”

She interrupted him with a glare. “Well, if you don't want me to scream, you better get on your knees.”

When he didn't answer, she inhaled sharply.

Wincing, Derik forced himself to his knees, feeling the warmed tile against his naked skin as he stared at the swollen lips of the harem girl. He froze, he didn't mean to, but the idea of sticking his face in there disgusted him. He looked up in hopes of finding some compassion.

She just looked down with an evil grin. She gestured with one middle finger toward her sex. “Now.”

A whispered command, just on the edge of being a spoke word.

He shuddered, wincing at the sound of it. Carefully, he leaned forward, breathing in the smell of sex from her pussy. He gingerly reached up to stroke against the soft, warm skin that slid sexily against his palms.

She sighed loudly.

He inched forward, steeling himself to do it when she reached down with her other hand, twisted his hair into her fingers, and yanked him forward.

Derik couldn't even yelp before his face was pressed against her vulva, soft and slick with her juices. He gasped, pressing his palms against her thighs, but she ground his face against her pussy, spreading open her lips until his lips pressed against the tangy pinkness of her sex.

“Start licking,” came the whispered command.

His cock aching with heat, he started to draw his tongue against her folds, tasting woman for the first time. It was overpowering, the smell of sex and juices. He cringed at the wetness soaking his face, but the hand in his hair refused to let him pull away.

Instead, she ground him harder against him.

“Use your tongue, damn it,” she hissed loudly.

Fighting back the shame and humiliation, he used his full tongue to lap at her pussy, from ass to clitoris. At her moan, he hoped it would be enough, but her guiding hand kept him tightly against her pussy until he started to lap harder, tasting every fold until her juices dribbled down his face.

He held her thighs, feeling the muscles flexing as she adjusted in position. Derik heard a click, then her other hand pressed against his head, guiding him as she whispered commands.

“Lick there… oh… yeah, use your tongue… there…”

Her lust-filled whispers filled his hearing as he lapped and sucked, obeying to the best of his ability even as he fought down a shame of being forced into such a position.

Then she came.

Derik had never had his mouth so close to an orgasm, and he choked on the flood of juices that splashed against his face. He tried to pull back, but she held him tight against the soft flesh.

She let out a high-pitched gasp of pleasure.

He didn't know what to do, so he stopped licking. When she jerked him tightly against her, he resumed his lapping, pinned by her iron grip.

She came again, her juices splashing off his chin, before she relaxed her grip, giving him a chance to pull back. She gasped happily, “Oh… that was a good start.”

Derik made a face as he wiped his mouth. He could taste her juices. It was tangier than he expected, but not entirely unexpected from the inevitable scents that came up when some whore lowered herself on his shaft. His cock, dripping hard, bobbed with each movement as he looked up at her.

She smiled, then her smile dropped when a third voice whispered over.

“Teri, what are you doing—”

Derik's head wrenched around.

Teri's hands pulled his hair down as they both looked over at another girl.

The new girl was a blonde. Her hair cascaded off her wrists as she rubbed her eyes clear.

A shiver started deep inside. It grew into a sick feeling that blossomed when Teri's hands tightened in his long black hair.

“I found him trying to escape, Sherrel. He's really desperate for some help and he's willing to earn it with his tongue.”

Derik's eyes slid to look up at Teri, her swollen sex right on the edge of his vision and her juices in the back of his throat.


Sherrel pushed back her blond hair and peered at him. A slow smile crossed her lips as she regarded him. Derik, caught by Teri's grip in his hair, could do nothing but look back at her with pleading, helpless eyes.

“Really? How desperate?” Sherrel stood up straighter and lowered her hands. Her breasts were much larger than Teri's, swollen mounds that would fit perfectly in his palm and wrap around his cock. She would have been the perfect whore, but Derik wondered if he would ever see anything besides a prison after he escaped.

Double fuck.