Derik's tongue hurt. He looked up from the fifth woman he had been forced to service. He could still feel Teri's hand in his hair, guiding him. Her touch might have seemed comforting, except she kept holding his head against the plump pussy lips. Letting out a sigh, he opened his aching jaw and began to lap.

Soon, soft moans of pleasure rose from her body, another hand grabbed his head to guide him to her special places of pleasure. Knowing what to do, he worked his slick and slender fingers up between her legs, easing them into her slick sex and pumping with short strokes. His fingers dripped with the liquid that flowed out of her, and he curled his fingers, trying to find that spot of pleasure. He didn't at first, then he brushed against it, his fingers working in the dripping depths of her pussy, and rubbed it as his tongue lapped against her clitoris.

She came, hard.

Derik, with the embarrassment of being recently and forcibly taught how to pleasure women, continued to lick and pump until she pushed him away, letting him sit back on his haunches as he looked up pitifully.

His face dripped with sweat, and he couldn't get the taste of woman out of his mouth. Around him, five of the harem members giggled and whispered to each other, passing a bottle of wine between them as they leaned against the walls and pillars. The dim lantern, the one Teri first held, remained on a hook right above Derik's head, highlighting his rather precarious position between the women.

Teri lifted her hand, the streamers of his long black hair slipped out between her fingers and she smiled. “You do have beautiful hair.”

Derik didn't know what to say. He worked his tongue in his mouth, trying to get the tangy sweet taste out, but it refused to go. He could feel it in his throat and his senses, the scent of pussy overwhelming him. It clung to his face and drowned out his sense of smell.

Teri grinned and handed him the bottle. “Here, you deserved it.”

Gratefully, Derik stood up shakily and had to lean against the pillar. His knees hurt, his back hurt, and most importantly, his dripping cock hurt. A small puddle of pre-cum between had formed between his knees, and thick droplets ran down his length.

Taking the bottle, he carefully drank from it, watching Teri as he did.

She smiled playfully as he drank. As soon as her expression changed slightly, he stopped.

No getting drunk.

But the drink did somewhat clear the taste of girl-flesh from his mouth.

“T-Thank you,” to his surprise, Derik's voice was rough.

Sherrel worked the bottle out of his hand and leaned against him. Her soft body felt wonderful against his skin, he would have been attracted to her if it wasn't for the nearly an hour he spent licking, lapping, and slurping between her and the other's legs.

“So, why were you naked?” she whispered.

The others giggled and looked at him.

For a moment, Derik considering the various lies he could say. Instead, truth was stranger than fiction. “Um, my clothes caught fire.”

Five women stared at him in shock. Then burst into a whispered giggling.

Sherrel took a swig of the bottle and handed it to the next woman, a short-cut, raven-haired woman with a tattoo right above her slit. When her hand was free, she gestured at him. “Fire? You can't be serious.”

He blushed before he sheepishly pointed to the chest of drawers. Sherrel padded over to drawers and opened each one until she found the remains of his burned stealth suit in the bottom.

Wrinkling her nose, she looked back. “You're serious.”

A third woman, one with thick red hair named Graf, a nickname to be sure, stared at him in shock. “Why are you here?”

“I, um,” he blushed even hotter, “I fell.”

As one, they looked up at the ceiling. Derik glanced up as well, seeing how all the vents were open, but then glanced around as he considered running. Catching Teri's sharp gaze on him, he gave her a sheepish grin and leaned back.

His eyes scanned over her. Her perky breasts still got a rise out of him, but his balls ached from nearly an hour of no release. And none of the five women around him looked inclined to release the pressure or let him walk out.

Feeling Teri's eyes still on him, he looked at her again.

She held the bottle again in her hand as she regarded Derik, then took a swig before handing it to him. “A deal is a deal.”

Derik almost dropped the bottle. “You'll help?”

Teri grinned, “Of course, I mean, you've been giving head for—”

She stopped in mid-word as she cocked her head.

Sherrel gasped next to him as a brighter light appeared across the room. “Shit, Madre!”

All five women looked surprised as they stared at Teri.

Teri thought for a moment, then yanked the bottle from Derik's hand. With her other, she grabbed his hand and pulled him. “Come on, you got to hide.”

Graf whimpered as she stepped back. She had thick hips and huge breasts. The look of fear in her eyes frightened Derik. “Where?”

Teri suddenly grinned and then pulled Derik to his feet. As the light grew brighter, the other harem women were stirring, groaning as they lifted their heads, their naked bodies still sprawled out on pillows and blankets.

Derik cringed like a cockroach as Teri dragged him near the center, carefully stepping over the stirring women, then sat him down on the pillows.

Right in the middle of the room.

He looked around in confusion. “What—?”

She silenced him by pushing him back.

Despite the sick feeling growing in his stomach, exposed and vulnerable, he flopped down on the scented pillow.

Sherrel came up. When Teri yanked her closer, she whispered. “What—?”

Teri hissed, “Sit on him!”

Derik opened his mouth to say something, then looked up to see Sherrel straddling his face. He barely had time to take in a deep breath before she set her pussy on his face, knees on each side of his head.

He tried to jerk away but more sat on him and pinned him to the ground. He wanted to say something, but the soaked folds were pressed against his mouth, smothering anything he could have said.

Sherrel gave a coo and rocked her hips back and forth, smearing her wet pussy against his mouth and nose.

Seconds later, he was completely covered in soft, womanly flesh.

Except for his cock. Warm air caressed it, reminding Derik of his exposure.

He struggled, but Sherrel just ground her cunt against his face and he had to open his mouth more to relax the pressure.

Then, the most incredible sensation of a hot, soaked pussy sliding down his cock, pulling it into the wet, steamy depths of some woman and hiding him completely. He was trapped, pinned, and helpless. He was also almost on the edge of an orgasm in his helplessness.

Sherrel's thighs blocked his hearing and he lost himself in a world of liquid silence.

The pussy wrapped around his cock squeezed, and he twisted. Sherrel's juices flooded his mouth as she ground down, unconsciously at first, then a soft rocking. Moving as he was recently trained, Derik extended his tongue and began to lap. She grabbed his chest tightly, but only to grind down harder on his face, nearly smothering him.

He could barely contain himself, his cock buried in the sweetest pussy he could ever imagine. It was indescribable pleasure, compared to the torture of lapping at woman. But Sherrel was hiding him, so he lapped harder.

The other girls must have noticed it since hands guiding his fingers into wet places. He obeyed, sliding and pumping in and out with slow movements. Even one of them rocked against the ridge of his foot, hiding him even as they used him as nothing but a toy.

Shame and helplessness flooded his thoughts and he imagined being caught at any seconds. Only the pussies wrapped around him, the hottest on his cock, distracted him for the endless minutes.

Sherrel came, a silent shuddering that suffocated him before she lifted her body enough for him to get some air.

Then, the girl on his cock came herself, squeezing down wetly, soaking his shaft as she ground down.

Heart pounding, the ache in his balls, the growing need for orgasm, and the clenching pussy was all he needed.

He came so hard, stars exploded in his vision, his body tightening hard as his shaft exploded in a white-hot burst of flame and pleasure. Surge after surge pumped into the girl, the intensity growing with the realization that he had come inside one of the baron's private harem.

Drained, he relaxed more for the endless seconds before Sherrel's hips lifted and he breathed in the air scented of sex and perfume. He looked down to see Teri sliding off his swollen shaft.

“You were fucking him!” whispered Graf, shocked.

Teri shook her head in sharp denial. “Was not!”

“You were fucking! And he came! I can see the cum on your thigh. Madre's going to kill you!”

Teri blushed and held her fingers between her legs, raising them up to see the white fluid dripping down. “Well, fuck.”

Sherrel chuckled before whispering sharply, “Well, what did you think would happen? You get pregnant and the baron's gonna have your tits for dinner!”

Teri started to say something when one of the other harem girls looked over at them.

“What are you whispering about… who's that?”

Looking around sharply, Teri suddenly got a grin on her face. “Oh, we found him.”

As she spoke, she stepped over to Derik. He stared up at her, feeling helpless as more of the women perked up, staring over at him.

Teri straddled his head, and he looked up to see her swollen lips, oozing with his cum. The very thought of lapping at his own cum nauseated him, and he tried to get up, but Teri slapped her pussy against his face and pinning him down.

The taste of their combined juices was almost too much. Derik's hands clenched the pillows tightly as she ground down, overly wet from his orgasm.

“And he's really good at giving head, too,” she said with a giggle and a grind.

Tears burning in his eyes and his heart pounding in his chest, Derik opened his mouth to lick her clean.