Teri drew him down a different hallway with a grin.

Derik, naked as her, just followed, his hand in hers until she stopped in front of a gilded door.

“Here we go, Madre's room.”

Derik looked around and blushed. “Um, what do I do?”

Teri kissed him on the cheek, then on the lips. “Don't piss her off. She will probably cut off your balls if you do.”

“Oh.” He sighed and reached for the door.

Teri stepped back, then cleared her throat. “Derik?”

“Yes?” he turned to look at her tight body, with pert breasts and a slightly worried look on her face.

“Look, we all went through this, um, what you are about to. So, don't get too upset.”

A shiver of fear filled him. “Um, what?”

Teri looked away and quickly walked down the street.

He watched her disappear, then turned to face the door. His hand trembled as he reached out. Before he could knock, a voice cut through the door.

“Just come in, girl.”

Derik froze at being called a girl. A flush rose in his cheeks and he looked down at his naked, hairless body. His hand continued to tremble, but he pushed open and stared into the dim light inside.

Her room smelled of perfume, but a muskier one than the rest of the girls used. A few candles flickered in the darkness, a dim cave, of Madre's room. He took a deep breath and stepped inside.

He froze in the door, his eyes catching the reflections of an immense tub in one corner, a wall of drawers in another. Turning slightly, he spotted her form on a bed large enough to house five people comfortably.

Madre slept under a sheet, the fabric draped over her body. Her back was to him, but a mote of light hovered in the air above her head and he could see a book in her hand.

“Door, please.”

Blushing even hotter, he shut the door quickly, then looked around. Finding no seat in the room, he stood near the center, unsure what to do.

Languishingly, Madre folded her book closed and sat up. A silk robe rippled along her body, black in the dim light as she regarded him. “You're late.”

“I-I'm sorry, Teri didn't wake me up until—”

“Doesn't matter. You are still late. I don't care if there are a dozen men begging to fuck you,”

Derik's blush hot even hotter and he whimpered softly at the thought, disgusted but also terrified.

She grinned at him, “But, still means you'll get punished. There is only one person who can keep you away from your duties, girl, remember that.”

He couldn't decide to take offense at the ‘girl’ comment. Instead, he quietly asked a question. “Who?”

“The baron, of course.”

Derik let out another tiny whimper. “H-He wouldn't… you know, with me?”

Madre scooted along the bed to sit on the edge. The mote of light followed her, bobbing slowly in the air. She said, “You better hope he doesn't. I don't know how he would take to finding a man in his harem. But, if he does, there is nothing I'll do to stop him or save you.”

“I-I better make sure that won't happen.”

Madre chuckled dryly and stood up. The silk robe parted down the middle and his jaw dropped at the sight of her body. At first, he could see her large breasts and the swell of her belly. She was old, but not fat, just comfortably plump. Then, his eyes adjusted more to the light, and he saw scars on her body.

She almost looked sad as she stepped up to him. With a shrug of her shoulders, the robe slipped off her skin to puddle at her feet. Derik gasped, staring at the hundreds of scars that crisscrossed her body, the gouge of a knife fight, and even three parallel lines of some creature that took a chunk out of her side. His eyes snapped up to her light, then down to face her as realization dawned.

“You're a battle mage, aren't you?”

Another chuckle, this one more amused. “Bright boy. How did you guess?”

“M-My financée was one… Madre.”

She cocked an eyebrow, looking over him. “I would have pegged you for being utterly gay,” that brought another flush to his cheeks which only deepened as she stroked a hand along his chin, chest, and hips. “You have the body of a woman, Derik.”

“I-I'm not gay,” he sputtered, “I wanted to be here, didn't I?”

She looked at him, her brown eyes piercing him again as the air seemed to beat around them. “No, you don't. That isn't the reason you were in the harem.”

Fear burst inside him as he stared at her. His hands trembled as they formed fists and he desperately tried to remember the exits.

Madre cocked her head slightly and held out her hand. A ball of faint flame appeared in it, hissing loudly as it spat sparks in the air.

Derik swallowed hard, feeling his testicles crawling up into his body.

Madre closed her fingers and the flames dissolved into incense. “You are very frightened, aren't you? Desperate?”

Shaking, Derik said nothing.

Madre looked him over, then glided across the room. Stepping into the tub, she looked over at him. “I'm not going to report you. You have a secret. I can hear your heartbeat speeding up every time I talk about it.”

He stared at her in shock.

She gestured for him to come closer.

He obeyed, stepping into the steaming hot water next to her.

She nodded in approval and sat down, her back to him.

He stared down at her battle-scarred back for a moment, then up at the soap she held in her hand. No directions were needed. Not finding a washrag, he soaped up his hands and began to rub them against her back. Even through the suds, he could feel her scars. They terrified them, but they also reminded him of the scars he used to caress along Wendi's body. The thought of his former financée sent a shiver down his spine. He distracted himself by rubbing, listening to the grunts of pleasure as he cleaned her back.

When he finished, he started to get up, but she leaned back against him, hooking the back of her head against his shoulder. He looked down at her glistening body. Her nipples were hard as she looked up at him, saying nothing.

Soap dripping from his fingers, he took a deep breath and started to clean her front. His cock twitching as he rubbed his slick hands against her breasts, hefting them as he worked the soap along her curves. His palms teased her nipples and she just smiled.

Encouraged, he soaped up more of his hands. As he worked in silence, his hands moved further down until his hands brushed against the puffy mound of her sex.

“Go on,” came the command and he delved his fingers between them.

Her clitoris was hard and hot and he teased it. A bit too rough, and she shifted her position. Thinking furiously, he thought back to Sherrel masturbating against him. Moving his other hand around her waist, he closed his eyes and recalled how she moved. It took him a moment to find a rhythm, but the intake of breath and the soft moans of pleasure guided him.

He slid his fingers into her pussy, working them with long, slick strokes until she arched her back. His cock pulsed against the base of her spine, but he struggled to keep it still as he brought her to a shuddering orgasm.

As she came down from her high, she lifted her leg and he obediently washed it. She lifted the other and he worked his fingers along her toes, washing each one before she let it splash into the water.

“Good, one of the rules I have: you never wash yourself.”

“Um, why?”

“Because we are sisters.”

He started to interrupt her, but she turned to look at him.

“We. Are. Sisters.”

A hot flush on his cheeks, he nodded.

She sat up and turned around. At her gesture, he mimicked her movement until his back was to her. He leaned forward as she began to soap up his back, working his hair to the side as she cleaned him.

“I'd rather you have all your orgasms at their hands too, but I already know everyone jerks off. Just… keep it to a minimum or at least share it with someone.”


Her cleaning was harder than his, scrubbing at his back. He jerked with every movement until he could relax enough to enjoy it like a massage. Slowly, he closed his eyes.

“Because it isn't just one girl here. There are thirty-eight at the moment, including you and me. And there are times when we are called to perform together.”

His cock surged with the thought of multiple girls making out for someone's pleasure. Then he realized he had already experienced it.

Madre chuckled as she finished and pulled him toward her. Her large breasts pressed tightly against his back as she wrapped her arms around him, soaping him up and cleaning his hairless skin.

“The baron usually has three to five girls a night, he is very large and wears them out.”

“I-I won't have to, will I?” Every muscle in his body tensed.

“If he commands it, yes.” She spoke in his ear as she scrubbed him, “If he commands it, I'll spread you out and let him fuck that ass of yours until it bleeds.”

He let out a whimper and she chuckled.

She reached down to grab his cock, working her slick fingers around his length and balls. “But, that won't happen.”

He let out a tiny sigh of relief. She chuckled as one of her hands left his cock to work around him. Her fingers teased his hips and he tensed. She continued to caress his side before working down to his buttocks and then to slide one digit up between the curves of his ass.

“Um,” he squirmed, “I don't really WANT TO!”

His last words came out as a yell as her finger brushed against the wrinkled opening of his ass and delved inside. It was hot and uncomfortable as he squirmed, trying to pull away.

She flexed her arms, squeezing down on his cock as she pulled him back against her. Her breath tickled his ear, “Because you won't bleed after I'm done stretching you out, that's why.”

Derik whimpered pitifully as she pinned him against her. Even the slick, soft body of Madre couldn't distract him from the finger worming its way into his sphincter, pumping with tiny strokes. The heat gathered in his cock, the shame of being turned on by such a debased act. She just breathed into his ear, working her finger deeper until his body started to adjust to her.

She pumped with her other hand, stroking his cock until it almost exploded, then she drove the finger deeper into his ass.

Against his will, his body exploded into an orgasm and he let out an inarticulate and humiliating grunt. Hot cum poured into her hand as she fucked him with her finger, using him like nothing but a common whore.

Derik sobbed as she pulled away from him.

She pulled her invading digit from his anal ring and wiped both the finger and her cum-soaked palm on a small table. When she looked back, she sighed. “It's a start. You are very tight.”

Unable to look at her, he continued to cry. He felt dirty, used, and helplessly. Wallowing in his own feelings, he didn't realize Madre had started to wash his hair until he felt the shampoo against his scalp. Wiping away the tears, he looked at her.

She had almost sad eyes as she worked her fingers through his hair, combing it with the shampoo. “You'll get use to it. They all do.”

He sniffed, tears still burning in his eyes. She just scrubbed his hair, then pointed to the edge of the tub. Slowly, his eyes looked over to see an array of dildos resting on the edge, the largest easily dwarfing even Rick's cock.

“Once we get you loosened up, I'll be using some of those on you.”

Derik trembled, unable to tear his eyes away from the immense toys.

She washed and rinsed his hair. Then, she stood up and pulled him out of the water. “You are to serve me, Derik… actually, we need a new name for you.”

Derik looked at her, his mouth opening softly.

Madre looked him over, cock still hard and dripping water at the edge of his tub. “Can't use Deri, that's too close to Teri. How about Dora?”

“W-Why can't I be Derik?”

She responded as a matter of fact, “Because you are a girl in the baron's harem. And soft, little sluts like you don't have boy's names. You have slut names, lover names,” she leaned forward, “woman names.”

The door to the room opened, flooding it with light from the hall. Derik looked up to see one of the other members of the harem walk in.

“Madre, we're ready.”

“Give me one second, Nightingale, I have one more thing.”

Nightingale nodded and started to turn, but Madre stopped her. “No, please stay. I just have to punish Dora.”

The girl looked quizzically at Derik, “Dora?”

“Her new name.”

Derik's blush burned hotly, searing his cheeks as he looked away.

The girl smiled and nodded in approval. “It does fit her.”

Madre glided back to her bed, then motioned for Derik.

He obeyed, unable to match either of their eyes. He started to sit down next to her, but Madre gestured to her lap.

“Bend over.”

Frightened, Derik looked at her.

Madre gave him a stern look. “You were late.”

“B-But, it wasn't my fault.”

“It doesn't matter, so bend over.”

“I-I, please don't!”

“Every time I give a command, I'm going to add to your punishment.”


“This is four.”

More tears in his eyes and he shook his head. Madre stared at him, her voice hard.


He looked helplessly at the girl who just shrugged.

“I wouldn't get to ten, she starts to use the paddle,” added Nightingale.

Paddle? Derik looked at Madre who nodded.


Tears running down his cheeks, he forced himself to bend over her lap. The softness of her thighs cradled him. Both of their bodies were damp from the perfumed water of her tub.

Then, her hand stroked his backside. He cringed, praying she wouldn't force her finger into his most private of places.

What she did was far worse.

A single crack filled the room as his ass blossomed into pain. He gasped, jerking against her as she raised her hand and slapped his other cheek. He tried to stand up, but her other hand pushed him down, pinning him as she spanked him hard again. His ass burned with heat as she smacked him hard, her fingers spread out to cover as much of his delicate buttock with a single strike.

Five more came, each one smarting more than the one before it. Even in the moments between her spanking, a searing feeling refused to subside. The discomfort and stinging somehow ignited his cock once again. Hot tears dripped down his face as he realized he was growing hard at being spanked.

Two more came, each one powerful enough to drop him to his knees. He could barely balance on her lap as she spanked him mercilessly, driving her hand against his buttocks until he screamed out at the humiliation, shame, and the burning heat.

Then it was over.

She held him to his feet as she stood up again.

“Tomorrow, don't be late.”

Sniffing at the tears that wet his cheeks, he nodded.

Her eyes trailed down to look at his cock, hard and dripping once again. Madre chuckled dryly. “We'll have to work on that one later.”

She turned to the girl. “Gale, help Dora get a little release and dress her. Her new outfit is on the corner of my desk.”

Pulling her silk robe back on, she walked out of the room, leaving Derik alone with a burning ass and a flush on his cheeks.