Derik settled down between the sprawled bodies of Teri and Sherrel. He sighed unhappily as he rested against an overstuffed pillow, looking down at his hairless body. His cock, purple and half-hard, twitched slightly as he focused on the wrinkled balls.

It disgusted him.

For his entire adult life, the difference between the him and whores had been hair. Tiny short hairs and a thatch right above the legs. It was his mark of importance, his manhood. With his slender body and no hair, he almost looked like the harem women spread out around him.

Thinking of that, he glanced over at Teri who took his hair removal with a giggle and a night of forced licking. The smiles and the giggles burned against his cheeks like a brand.

But when she slept, there was an innocence to her sweet body. A delicateness that almost made him want to wake her up in the way she wanted most, with his mouth between her legs.

“Good morning,” said a sleepy Sherrel.

He shifted slightly to glance at her. She smiled and reached out, stroking one fingertips against his cock. “It's beautiful.”

Her voice barely carried over to him.

He shook his head. “It's disgusting.”

Her hand wrapped around his shaft, and it warmed in her palm. He could feel, and see, his balls twitching, tightening up against his skin as she brushed her palms against her side. Sherrel looked up at him. “No, all of you is beautiful. Your hair, your body, even your cock.”

“But…” he let his voice trail off for a moment, “I…”

Sherrel shifted slightly until her large breasts pressed against his thigh. Her hand trailed down, dragging the smooth ends of her fingertips along his wrinkles. His cock twitched with his humiliation.

“What? Just because she removed your hair?”

Unable to form the words, he just nodded.

She raised an eyebrow, her fingertips teasing his cock as it stretched up to full length, a throbbing ache burning inside him. “Give me a man without hair any day.”

He couldn't understand it. “W-Why?”

Sherrel smiled and reached over to suck lightly on the side of his shaft. The warmth and liquid heat sent waves of pleasure coursing along his entire body.

“Because it is clean, it is pleasure. Every little touch,” her mouth worked down the side of his cock, to suck lightly on his sack. A burning wetness that sucked one ball in, then the other.

He clutched the pillows next to him.

“And you don't have to pull hairs out of your mouth. I mean, the baron is huge, but it is just worse when your face is buried in that forest of hair. Y-You can't really breathe around it.”

He shivered at the thought, suddenly remembering Rick's cock.

Sherrel let out a giggle as his cock surged even hotter. She pulled her mouth from the base of his cock and giggled. “Thinking about the baron?”

Derik shook his head sharply. His cheeks burned and he refused to admit it. “No!”

She giggled again then dragged her tongue up his length, to tease his cock-head. “I bet you just masturbated in the bathroom?”

Derik nodded as he looked over the harem. It was late in the morning, but everyone remained asleep. With Madre back in charge, the harem woke up closer to noon and drifted to sleep well after midnight. He always preferred sleeping until afternoon, but in a room with three dozen harem members doing the same, it was both familiar and surreal at the same time.

“Did it feel good?”

He looked down, then gave a little nod. It was an okay orgasm, just enough to take the edge off his aching balls, but nothing else.

“As good as this?”

She lifted her body over him, nipples teasing his legs as she pressed her lips against his cock. Her hand reached down to tease his balls as she drew his length into her mouth.

He let out a soft moan of pleasure, feeling the liquid pleasure taking him.

Sherrel smiled at him and began to bob, sliding up and down with her firm lips caressing every millimeter of his length

Please, please, please let me come, echoed in his head as he watched her swallow him. Lips to his base, then sliding up his glistening shaft to kiss the tip. Soft, almost gentle, slurping noises filled his hearing as he watched.

His orgasm stared to burn inside him, almost ready to crest when Teri touched him without warning.

She smiled as she stood up. “That looks like fun.”

He closed his eyes, praying she wouldn't interrupt him. He didn't hear her moving. When her thighs stepping on both sides of his head, he jumped in surprise. Looking up, he watched as she straddled his face, pinning him back against the pillow. He opened his mouth, automatically now, lapping at the soft mound of her pussy as Sherrel continued to blow him.

Not being able to see Sherrel pleasure him intensified the experience. He gasped, lapping at the familiar taste of Teri's pussy.

Teri moaned softly, grinding against him.

Derik surprised himself by reaching up to cup her buttocks, pulling her tight.

Sherrel rewarded him with deeper, wetter strokes.

His cock swelled painfully hard. Then, his pleasure crested inside him, a powerful orgasm that consumed his thoughts. He could only clutch to Teri, lapping frantically at her slit. He barely registered her grabbing his hair as she came.

She pulled away with a gasp. “Wow, you are getting good at that.”

Derik flushed at the compliment, then looked down to see Sherrel cleaning off his cock with her mouth, a tiny bit of cum oozing out of her full, red lips.

She smiled at him as she licked her lips. “As I said, beautiful.”

Teri grinned and patted his head as she headed into the bathrooms, her feet stepping over the others. Derik watched her, then turned back to Sherrel.

“Um… do you want me…?”

Sherrel grinned. “Give me some head?”

Cheeks hot, he nodded. She shook her head and sat up to press her back against his chest. She spread her legs and let one hand drift down.

“Just hold me, okay?”

Derik held her and stroked her breasts with his thumbs. His fingers touched and stroked her as she jerked in his grip, both hands buried between her legs as she arched her back in pleasure. Derik's cock surged back to full heat as she brought herself to a silent, powerful orgasm right against his body. He could just stare, marveling at the intensity of her actions.

When she finished, Sherrel slumped against him. She looked up at him with a smile. “Sometimes, my own fingers are the best.”

He chuckled and then said nothing. She held his arms around her and soon he heard her breathing slow. Together, they drifted back to sleep.

Teri woke him up again, and Derik automatically opened his mouth for her pussy.

To his surprise, her fingers pressed lightly against his lips. “That's sweet, but you need to get up.”

His eyes focused on her as she stood above him. Slowly, she drew her fingers from his lips and leaned down to kiss him. It took his by surprised, but he melted into her embrace. His hands reached up, clutching her body against him until her perk breasts pressed tightly to him. A kiss so sweet and powerful Derik was utterly lost. When she broke it, he could barely catch his breath.

“Come on, you have ‘new girl’ duties.”

With a giggle, she helped him up, and he followed her toward Madre's room.