Limping painfully, Derik had to lean against the wall just to move. The coldness from the tile beneath his feet did nothing to soothe his burning ass from Madre's single magical blow.

Outside, he could feel the patter of raindrops splattering on the roof, rolling down gutters, and splashing beyond the walls of the harem. The ceiling and walls shook from the rain hitting them.

He looked out at the harem, the sprawl of naked women. Somewhere in the sea of flesh rested Teri with her evil thoughts and Sherrel with her compassion. His eyes scanned up to the skylights. Flashes of lighting lit up the room and, he blinked at the brightness.


His life had changed already. Just a few days had passed, filled with abuse from Teri and forced lapping at the pussies of the rest. Somehow, he had this strange feeling of comfort that he never had outside.

He sighed, his eyes sliding along the shadows of the ceiling to focus on one of the many open vents above it. Somewhere above him, the most precious gem in the country waited in a vent. Or it had fallen and was underneath or behind some furniture. Remembering how it seemed to move with its own will, he grimaced. It was probably waiting to drag him into some other annoying situation, like the guard barracks filled with horny men.

He shivered at the thought, then blushed as he realized his cock twitched at the thought. Blinking, he looked back up at the vent.

It would only take a second. A rapid climb, and he could be running in the streets with the gem and his freedom.

Slowly and painfully, he limped around the harem, circling the naked flesh. He found the chest of drawers and the fountain, knowing that right above it was the gem. His eyes, adjusted to the light, stared up at the darkness.


He jumped as Sherrel groggily spoke up from the pillows. He looked guilty as he turned around.

She had lifted herself slightly off the pillows, her full breasts teasing the soft velvet.

“Are you okay?” she whispered.

Derik turned his back to the vent of his freedom and limped over to her.

Sherrel sat up as he got closer.

He started to sit down, then let out a groan as his abused ass protested.

Realization flashed across Sherrel's face and she pressed a hand against her mouth. “My god, was that you being punished?”

Derik whispered back, “Yes and no.”

“I don't understand.”

“I foolishly took one for Gale.”

Sherrel stroked the side of his face. “Why? She's a bitch.”

Derik sighed as he tried to sit down again, but the pain in his ass was too much. Even the thought of the soft velvet against his buttocks caused a twinge of pain to rise up his spine. “Because I'm an idiot.”

She shook her head and smiled. “You aren't an idiot. Here…”

She shifted on her back, spreading her legs like a lover. Arching her back and shoving forward her breasts, she situated some pillows behind her back. Then, with a grin, she placed one precisely on her sex, covering it. “Lie down, on your stomach.”

Derik frowned, but obeyed, wincing as he knelt between her legs. His strength failed him and he landed on her, his nose bumping her forehead. Her skin was warm and soft compared to the chill teasing his exposed backside.

Sherrel's breath blew hot across his skin. She wiggled into place then wrapped her arms around him. “Just use me as a pillow, Dora.”

He settled down, one hand against her right breast and the other on her hip. His cock, the traitor of flesh, rose up to grind against the pillow, and he rested his chin her shoulder.

She suddenly stroked his hair and he jumped in surprise. When she only ran her fingers along it, he relaxed again.

“I used to do this with Teri, you know,” whispered Sherrel.


“Yes, she was always getting in trouble. She'd come limping out of that room, her ass practically on fire and trying not to cry. Though, I never thought you'd be a troublemaker.”

She giggled and Derik found a grin crossing his face. Then, guilt grabbed him and the smile faded. He pressed his face into the pillow under her, his thumb teasing the hard nipple in his palm. “Why are you doing this?”

He wasn't sure why he asked, but he had to.

Sherrel stroked his hair and shifted her hips under the pillow before she answered. “Because, there is something about you. When I first saw your eyes, I didn't see a pervert.”

His heart skipped a beat. “What did you see?” he asked.

She turned her head, and he lifted slightly to look at her. Her bright eyes shimmered in the light of the storm. “I saw someone who belonged here.”

A tear formed underneath one eye. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. Derik tried to say something again, then just pressed his chin against her shoulder, staring into the pillow.

Sherrel stroked his hair softly.

Derik sniffed. “It can't last, you know.”

She shook her head. “No, it can't. Sooner or later, the wrong person will figure out you're a guy. Then, you'll be taken away, or you'll leave us.”

He sighed, blinking back the tears.

She smiled sweetly at him. “I was lying here a little bit ago, and you know what?”

He leaned against her, drinking in the scent of her body and the feel of her skin. She was soft and compassionate, beautiful and comforting.


“I wished you were one of us, a real woman.”

Silence pooled around them as he stared into the pillow. Then he slowly lifted himself again to look into her eyes. “Why?” It came out as a soft, broken whisper.

She smiled up at him, like a true lover in his arms. “Because I like you. You are sweet and compassionate. Just the right amount of submissive and slut,” he blushed at that, “and you belong here.”

He stared at her in shock.

She lifted her head to kiss him.

He froze for a moment, then kissed her back. Her lips were so soft and delicate, but they were hot and powerful. He followed her down, resting her head against her pillow as their lips embraced, moving against each other, sending wonderful pleasures burning inside him.

The hand on his head held him firmly, holding his mouth against her own as their tongues caressed, teasing with the flavor of another in his mouth. It was hot and tender and he never wanted it to stop. He gasped but she held him there, their kiss growing hotter as she twisted her head slightly so their noses brushed against each other.

Underneath him, her body arched up, pressing the firm mounds of her breasts up to him. His fingers wrapped around her breast, teasing the hard nipple and trailing his fingers along the puckered tip. She moaned, deep and throaty. He curled his hand under her back, holding her tightly to him. His cock, hard and aching, ground against the pillow. Without, he would be violating one of Madre's laws. Instead, he just pumped into the pillow as she ground her hips from the other side.

Soft whimpers escaped her throat as she jerked up against him. Then, she released his head and pulled away. Looking up with smoldering eyes, she parted her lips. “Finger me.”

He said nothing, but his hand slid around the pillow, delving along damp fabric to plunge his fingers into her wet pussy.

She let out a low moan of pleasure and arched her back.

He trailed his lips against her collar and throat, moving down to take a hard nipple in his mouth. His fingers drove into the smooth, soaked folds of her womanhood, driving up into her as she let out gasps of ecstasy that filled the room.

Wet and slurping, he drove into the molten core of her being until she arched her back sharply and brought in a long, shuddering breath.

Her body squeezed his fingers while she ground up against him.

He continued to pump, his fingers dripping with her juices. Just as he started to withdraw, she grabbed his head and brought him into another kiss, grinding her lips against his and stealing his breath away.

Derik kissed her as if she were the only woman in the world. His fingers toyed with her entrance and he ground his cock into the pillow, feeling how his own juices had soaked the surface in sticky cum. He didn't even remember coming, but the passion of the kiss brought another orgasm in his loins, and soon he was pumping more seed into the pillow.

When she released him again, he was gasping for breath. She panted, looking into his eyes, then looked around.

He followed her gaze to see three others watching them, fingers delving between their legs as they lost themselves in their own fantasies. Derik's eyes widened but Sherrel made no attempt to move.

“Look at them, all pretty little things,” she whispered.

They watched the others as one of them, a raven-haired woman came with a shuddering gasp of her own. She blew both of them a kiss before rolling over to return to sleep. The other two continued to finger themselves, their eyes closed tightly.

Sherrel cocked her head. “Let's go help them.”

It was a command, but a playful one. He wiped his cock on the pillow and set it aside before crawling toward the nearest. His ass, still on fire, protested as he brought his fingers to her pussy.

She welcomed him, and he brought her pleasure as Sherrel pleasured the other.

Later, much later, he sank into the tub and yawned.

Sherrel slid in next to him, her body sinking under the surface of the water before surfacing. “I'm not sure how those things get started, you start licking one woman, then another wakes up and joins. By the time you know it, you are wrists deep in pussy and your fingers hurt.”

Derik chuckled as he gingerly tried to sit. Uncomfortable, he rolled over and let himself float in the water. “Story of my life lately.”

Water splashed as she came up to him, rubbing her hands against his back. “It isn't that bad, is it?”

Derik thought for a moment, “Actually, no. It's very pleasant.”

He flinched as she trailed a finger down his ass crack. “I'm glad.”

Neither said anything for a long time. Then he spoke abstractly. “Are you really a princess?”

Sherrel's finger froze on his back. “Yes, three years ago. A different life.”

“What happened?” It was the wrong thing to say. He knew it the second it passed his lips.

Her fingers pulled away, and she turned her back to him.

Ashamed, he turned over and sat up, wincing as his beaten ass pressed down on the tile. Trembling, he reached out with his hand. “I'm sorry.”

Sherrel looked back, with tears in her eyes, and leaned away from his hand. “I just can't talk about that right now.”

She stood up to leave.

He held out his hand, feeling sorrow and guilt inside him. “Please don't go.”

“Stay here, Teri should be back soon.” Her voice was lower and had lost all the tenderness.

Derik watched as she walked out of the room, dripping with water but not looking back. He listened to her fading footsteps and every step made him feel more horrible than the previous. He waited for nearly twenty minutes, half hoping she would return. When she didn't, he crawled out of the tub himself and used a towel to dry. His ass remained sore, but some of the heated pain had finally faded. Half fearing of what he would see, he inspected himself in the full-length mirrors that lined the bathroom.

It looked like he had avoided serious damage. Curiously, he stroked his fingertips along the curve and enjoyed the warmth against his tender skin. As he reached near his tailbone, he stroked down just to enjoy the pleasure and pain that teased his senses.

When he straightened up, his member was, once again, at full mast, and he had a flush on his cheeks.

“Damn it, I don't like being spanked,” he lied to himself.

Deciding to keep that bit of knowledge to himself, he wrapped the towel around his body and padded back into the main room. For a moment, he didn't know where to go, but then he spotted Sherrel back in her place, legs spread and a pillow placed on her sex. Just like before.

Relieved, he returned to her and knelt between her legs. After a moment hesitation, he leaned his hip into her. She tensed up for a moment, and he thought he did the wrong thing, then she reached up to stroke his head. He rested his chin against her shoulder, his cheek pressing against hers, and sighed. “I'm sorry.”

She didn't say anything, just stroked his hair.

Embarrassed, he tried not to think about his failings. Instead, he concentrated on the warmth and softness of her body caressing his. “I didn't want to hurt you.”

Sherrel finally answered, “I know. I'll tell you when the time comes, but you need to sleep a bit. Madre will want you in her room come noon.”

Her other arm wrapped around his back and he pressed his arms against her. Embraced, he gave her one kiss on the lips, a soft brush of pleasure, and they both drifted to sleep.