Madre woke him with a frown and an angry tapping on his shoulder. He looked up, sleepy and exhausted, into her tense face. She gestured down at Sherrel, and he looked at her. Asleep, she smiled as she groaned and spread her legs a bit more.

Derik sat up, thankful his ass didn't hurt as much. His eyes looked down to the junction of their beings, where the velvet pillow kept them safely apart. He picked up the pillow and held it up to Madre.

To his surprise, she suddenly smiled and gestured for him to follow.

He scrambled to his feet, not wanting to wake up Sherrel. Hurrying up, he picked his way across the room, cleaned up, and hurried to Madre's room. Instead of knocking, he entered and looked around the room.

Nightingale was there, curled up on the foot of the bed. Leather straps held her arms behind her back and pulled her knees up to her chest. His mouth slowly opened as the sight of a large dildo driven up in the cleft of her being, glistening with rivulets of excitement that soaked the blankets. Her eyes were half-focused, looking out into nothing as she worked her lips around a bright blue gag in her mouth.

Madre chuckled dryly next to him. “I suspect she didn't get much sleep last night.”

He found himself staring at her splayed open pussy. She seemed to respond to his look by rocking her hips, moving the dildo back and forth as a fresh river of pussy juices dripping along the member. His throat was dry. “Is… Is she okay?”

Madre laughed, “Never better probably. Nightingale is happiest bound at the foot of my bed, with something shoved into that cunt of hers.”

The flush on his cheek spread to his ears as he stared at her. He knew his mouth was open in surprise, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from her face. He could see her mouth working around the ball gag and drooling into the blanket.

Then, for a brief moment, he wondered what it would feel like to be in her position and his cock almost exploded right there. With a groan, he turned away with his cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Madre chuckled dryly. “Come on, we need to do one more thing, and then I'm putting her to sleep in the main room. Teri and the others should be back from their night with the baron, so its going to be a quiet day.”

He looked at her with surprise, “Baron?”

“Yes, I sent five of them over to keep him company last night. He was in a mood, and best to keep your master happy, right?”

Derik blushed as he helped Madre pull Nightingale toward the edge of the bed. Her skin was slick with sweat and hot with excitement. But, at his touch, he could feel her tense.

Madre tugged her off the bed, forcing her to her knees right off the edge. The dildo slipped out and bumped against the ground. As he watched, Nightingale's legs spread out slightly to drive it back into her glistening slit.

To distract himself from the girl impaling herself, he swallowed before asking Madre a question. “Does he need that many?”

Madre answered with another question, “You mean, does the baron really need to fuck five women in a night?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Yes,” came the simply reply.


“As you no doubt heard, he is very large. He is also very hard and can easily go five or six hours without growing soft.”

The flush that was almost fading ignited in his cheeks. His jaw tightened as he listened.

Madre spoke as she brushed out Nightingale's hair, tender and caring despite the bondage and gagging. “And… well, it's hard to explain, but they get tired. Drained, if you will.”


“Yes, I was one of the few who has ever done a single night with the baron by myself, a ‘solo run’ as they call it. The more he plowed every hole in my body, the more exhausted I became. By morning, I couldn't even find the energy to crawl out of bed.”

The last bit ended with a grin and a laugh, but he wondered if he would escape before he suffered the same fate.

“Now, I think it is time for Nightingale to be reminded of something.”

Madre worked the blindfold off Nightingale. The girl looked up at Madre with shimmering expression, which instantly hardened as she spotted Derik. Madre reached down to cup her chin and spoke softly, but firmly. “Now, my love. I know you promised you wouldn't put anything of Dora in your mouth, but I want you to suck her off, okay? Then you can sleep.”

Both Nightingale's and Derik's eyes widened with surprise. Her eyes focused on him, anger and frustration burning brightly. He could see her twisting and shifting, rocking on the dildo driven in her pussy and her own desire to lean away from him.

Madre, on the other hand, wouldn't have any of that. She drew Nightingale's eyes back to hers. “I am Madre.”

A nod and frustrated tears in her eyes.

“And she is going to fuck your mouth.”

Another nod.

Derik's cock jumped up at the thought as he looked back and forth. He cleared his throat. “Um, Madre? I don't know if I'm comfortable with this.”

Madre looked up with a curious expression. “I wasn't aware I asked you, Dora.”

He flushed as Madre used her fingertips to work the ball gag out of Nightingale's stretched lips. Nightingale gasped with breath, licking her lips as she stared at Madre with pleading eyes.

Madre shook her head and motioned for Derik.

Helpless to obey her, he stepped in front of Nightingale with a throbbing cock already dripping with pre-cum.

Nightingale looked at it with all the disgust of someone coming up to a half-rotted corpse.

Madre walked behind him, then held his hips firmly. “Now, grab her head.”

Ashamed, he obeyed, his heart pounding in his chest as he aimed his cock toward her mouth.

Nightingale glared at him and kept her mouth sealed shut. Her short hair teased his palms as he held her head firmly.

Madre pushed him forward, and he pressed his cock up against her lips. The pressure built before her jaws parted. His cock slipped past her lips and scraped past her teeth. He gasped, shuddering as Madre held him down.

“And tell me if she uses her teeth,” came a wry but playful whisper.

Instantly, Nightingale's mouth opened more, and he lurched forward, driving her nose into the base of his cock and his entire throbbing length into the moist depths of her mouth. She swallowed his length, her tongue trying to shove him out and he shuddered with the pleasure.

“Now, Dora, I want you to fuck her mouth, but if you come, you'll be punished.”

He let out a whimper. Looking down, he just saw Nightingale silently glaring at him, with a look that could cut the throat of a god. He shuddered as Madre shoved him forward, grinding the base of his cock against her lips.


Holding her head tightly, he rocked back and thrust into her mouth.

She threatened to close her jaw.

His heart lurched in fear, but her teeth never touched him. Nervous and frightened, he just held her tighter and thrust into her mouth. With every stroke, he ground her face into his stomach. His balls slapped against her chin, and he pulled out. Each thrust brought more anger to those eyes that refused to look away from him, and he suddenly wanted her to stop hating him.

Using the only weapon he could, Derik began to drive into her, fucking her mouth with hard, almost brutal strokes. He could feel his balls slapping against her, the tickle in the back of her throat. Tears formed in his eyes as he held her gaze, silently begging her to stop hating him. His cock, glistening with her saliva, plunged in and out with a wet slurping noise and he almost came from the sounds alone.

Then, something cold pressed against his ass.

He gasped, lunging forward to bury his length, but Madre just pulled his hips back, and a pair of lubricated fingers worked their way into his anal ring.

“Don't stop,” came the command.

He whimpered and saw a look of triumph on Nightingale's face as he found himself in a different type of movement, driving into the wet depths of her mouth or pushing back against the slick fingers that pierced his most private of places. As he drove into Nightingale's hot mouth, Madre's hand would pull him back, impaling him on her slick fingers.

The intense sensations in two different places filled him with a burning heat.

He tried to slow down, but Madre pushed and pulled him, forcing him to fuck Nightingale and himself at the same time.

With horror, he realized he was about to come and tried to stop it, squeezing down on muscles he didn't realize he had in a desperate attempt to stop. His cock betrayed him and he started to orgasm, but the pressure in his rectum prevented the cum from spraying out. He let out a whimper as his body betrayed him by trying to come again and again. The ring of his ass tightened on her fingers but he kept on fucking his cock and ass between mouth and fingers.

The intensity of his orgasm rose up higher and higher, a knife edge of pleasure. Finally, it was too much and he let out a strangled sob as he began to flood Nightingale's mouth with his searing hot cum.

She gagged for a moment, then swallowed down as Madre shoved him forward. Nightingale's nose ground against his base and he let out more surges of pleasure against the back of her throat.

Madre sighed, “I didn't give you permission to come, Dora.”

Then she drove a third finger into his ass, pumping in and out of him with the same hard, rough strokes he had fucked Nightingale's mouth with. He bent over Nightingale's head and planted one hand on the blanket behind her for balance. As Madre pounded her three slick fingers into his body, he whimpered. Feelings of being used and violated filled him. She pumped him in the same manner that she had forced him to use against Nightingale. Now he was the victim of her lusts.

His hardness surged again, flooding Nightingale's trapped throat as he came a second time. This time, he saw stars in his vision as Madre drove the fingers deep into his rectum and held them there. He sobbed from the pleasure and pain, caught between Madre and Nightingale's hot, churning throat.

After an infinity of time, Madre allowed him to pull his dripping shaft from Nightingale's mouth.

She breathed deeply, gasping actually, as he withdrew, but his cock came out glistening clean. Her eyes burned a hole in his heart, the icy glare scraping against his senses as she look up.

Madre unbound Nightingale and helped her up.

Nightingale was unsteady, but ignored Derik's offered hand. Deliberately, the harem women turned away from him as Madre whispered to her. A few moments later, the dildo dropped to the ground and Nightingale limped out of the room.

Madre watched her, then turned to Derik with a disappointed look on her face. “Tonight, you are taking her place.”

Derik could only whimper.