Powerful arms scooped her off the bed, blankets and all. Merrie let out a gasp. She writhed and tried to escape before something attacked her.

“No, no, relax,” said Eolis in a deep rumble.

She didn't stop. She pawed at the blankets, trying to find the opening to escape. She needed to breathe, she needed to move.

Eolis sighed. “For Rubin's sake… freeze!” Eolis' bellow shook her entire body and his command pummeled her mind.

Her pussy grew instantly wet as a flash of pleasure coursed along her body. She whimpered and clutched herself, obeying instantly as an orgasm rippled through her body. Captured in the confined of the blanket, she was inundated by the scent of her orgasm, alcoholic and sweet. Shuddering, she inhaled deeply and then relaxed.

Claston chuckled. “Fuck, that command was loud.”

“Alphas need to obey, even if it isn't their master,” explained Eolis. “Give them a strong enough command and they will do it. Or, as I suspect from the moans in here,” he gave the blanket a gentle squeeze, “they will orgasm first and then obey.”

“I'll have to remember that.”

"With your highness' presence, I suspect you wouldn't have to yell loud. But you have to believe the command, force it. Their telepathic abilities means they can pick up when orders are not genuine."

“Like when Lady Anasome ordered Alestri to command Merrie and Merrie ignored it.”

Eolis' arms stiffened. “I wasn't aware the prince was there.”

“The prince,” Claston said with another chuckle, “has very good reports.”

The thriban grunted.

A door creaked open. “Be coming inside, please. The stairs are behind the stairs, either side.”

Eolis' footsteps thumped on wooden steps. His arms were powerful as steel as they cradled Merrie. The heavy blankets prevented any light from coming inside and she wasn't sure if it was day or night when they arrived.

As he carried her through the entrance, she smelled the mill house around her. It was an old scent, one that she hadn't sniffed in over five years but the memories came rushing back. She remembered the night she was first kidnapped and raped out front. Bass had shoved his cock into her with brutal strength, showing the rest of the kidnapped bitches their fate. Later, when he took her up to the third floor, he had raped her face for using the bathroom and pretending to be human. Since then, the more she submitted, the more she acted like nothing more than a bitch, her power grew.

She craved the submission and the orders. She wanted to be told what to do, to be forced down and made helpless. Everything that ground her down make her more powerful. She squirmed in her confines and pressed one wrist against her wet and aching pussy..

Eolis carried her into the basement. She felt the cool air seeping in through the blankets and the scent of alcohol, urine, and shit tickling her senses. Borias taught the bitches how to swallow anything including noxious meals that looked far worse than they were. His room was musty but cold, something she craved.

“Little hard to see in the dark,” Eolis said.

Borias said, “Take three steps forward, one more. Half a step to the left. Okay, there is a bed in front of you.”

Eolis bent over and set Merrie on the bed. It was soft and comforting. She moaned and curled up under the blankets unwilling to peek out in case there was light. (Thank you,) she projected to both Eolis and Borias.

“Be safe,” Eolis said as he patted her through the blankets. “I can't tell you how happy I am to see you have returned to the mill.”

“Without you be killing everyone.”

“Hush, Borias.”

Merrie sent a pulse of thanks and affection. She felt safe in the basement. It shielded her from the light but she also was filled with the memories that came from the scents that surrounded her. They were all familiar as the day Borias first took her down there. The remembered submission warmed her and she closed her eyes.

“Come on, Eolis. We be having dinner in the great hall.”

“Are you sure Bass won't mind us sleeping here?”

"No, but we be putting Claston in Bass' bed." A smaller hand pressed against her. “You be okay down here?”

Merrie let out a small pulse of contentment.

“Food? Water?”

Neither appealed to her. She shook her head.

“Can you call us up from upstairs?”

She thought for a moment, then reached out with her mind. It grew easier the more she was awake. She felt Claston, Zeob, and another man in the great hall. The third was familiar only by sight, it was Duke Natis. Eolis and Claston had powerful shields, but it was nothing compared to the skill of Borias who paled compared to Natis. She didn't even think she had a chance to project to the duke unless he wanted it. She tapped on Claston's mind and then projected, (Yell “yes” please).

A second later. “Merrie says yes!”

Borias leaned over and kissed her through the blankets. “You be showing off. Good girl.”

The words brought a familiar pleasure. She smiled and closed her eyes, letting her mind drift back to sleep as the most powerful men in her life headed back upstairs to watch over her.