Borias' snore woke her up. Merrie opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling. She was nestled in his bed with the blankets drawn up to her breasts. Her nipples were hard and aching in the moist coolness that surrounded her. She stretched her feet out, dragging her severed ankles underneath the comforter until she found a cool spot and relaxed again.

She knew if she looked to left, she would see the entire wall filled with casks of lager. She turned her head and looked past her knees. On the far wall was a beautiful kitchen set. It was out of place with the rest of the house, but it had hundreds of tiny drawers. This time, she could see the sheaves of spells on parchment sitting on shelves. There was magic around the cooling boxes and more glowing faintly on the stove. The different colors and flavors of magic washed over her, reminding her when she was watching him cook vegetables for her while using magic to make them look like shit.

It was the first time she had someone piss into her mouth also, though he chased it with a load of cum and a glass of lager. She moaned softly at the memory of him holding her in place and guiding the beer into her mouth and down her throat.

Another snore interrupted her thoughts. She followed it to the source. It was between the bed and a brick wall where Borias slept with a blanket wrapped around him. He looked uncomfortable, sleeping on the hard-packed ground. At the same time, a swelling of affection rose inside her. He almost died for her and there was no question that he loved her as much as anyone could.

She smiled to herself. He would have been a good master to her. His mother begged her not to consider him, and Merrie obeyed the former wizard priest, but looking down at him and recalling all the sweet things he did for her, she couldn't help but wonder what life would be like if he was the one the collar bound her to instead of herself.

Merrie sent a pulse of love through her collar. It came back magnified, a wave of love that coursed through her body in a lazy wave of pleasure. She smiled and then rolled over on her stomach. Her short limbs made it hard to move but she inched over to the edge and then reached down with one hand to brush against his face.

The touch was fire against her raw nerves but she didn't care. She did it again, caressing his chin before sending out a soft pulse of warmth with her mind.

Borias snorted and froze, his eyes snapping open.

(Come to bed.)

Borias yawned. “No, the floor be comfortable.”

Her tail wagged back and forth. (Now, I need you.)

He raised an eyebrow but then stood up. He wore only a pair of shorts and she took a moment to admire his slender body. He was beautiful, though scarred from all his years in Abbinkey Prison and solitary. She glanced down to his shorts. (You won't need those either.)

“You be sure?” Even as he spoke, he hooked his thumbs on the waistband. His cock grew instantly, swelling out the front. Moments later, she could smell his musky excitement in the air.

She stared at it and felt the familiar hunger coming back. It would hurt, but most of her life was about pain. What she needed down was to be fucked. She needed sweet and loving. Lifting her gaze, she projected her desires to him.

Borias answered by pulling down his shorts and kicking them off. He had a beautiful cock. It stood out straight from his body with only a little curve going up. His balls, two hair ones, hung underneath thought they were tight to his body because of the cold. He stroked it twice before crawling on the bed.

Merrie stared at his body and held out her arm. The smooth end hovered centimeters away from his body. Taking a deep breath, she touched him.

The caress was fire against her senses but she relented. She drew her body close to him as he settled into place. Every touch burned but she welcomed it as she snuggled against his body.

Borias reached down to kiss her forehead.

She tilted her head up to match his lips. When they touched, it was an electric fire that burned across her senses. She gasped and kissed him back, loving the contrast of his hot body against her cold lips.

It didn't matter if it hurt or not, she lost herself in the passion of the kiss. She caressed his arm, enjoying the muscle underneath, then used the tip to lever his arm away from his body and around her.

His palm against her shoulder brought fresh waves of agony but she felt better as he held her tight. She lost herself in the pulses of pain and pleasure that filled her, both seemed to pool in her pussy and she grew slick with need.

He broke the kiss and whispered to her, “Do you want me to fuck you as a bitch or a woman?”

Merrie answered by rolling on her back and spreading her legs. The cool air of the basement swirled around and she shivered at the touch. She felt exposed and vulnerable to him as she looked up at his body next to her. Her pussy tingled with desire and she felt the desire for his cock gathering deep inside her cunt.

Borias let out moan as he rolled over her, careful not to touch her. He looked down her body for a long moment before shifting away from her. His muscular ass rose up as he lowered himself to his elbows between her legs.

She held her breath as he brought his lips to her moist vulva.

The first touch of his tongue against her pussy was electric fire. It slammed into her, pleasure and pain. She let out a cry and slapped her arms against the mattress. She couldn't grab anything, but she could delve her limbs underneath the pillow as she focused on the wet tongue laving her from asshole to clitoris and back again.

Borias knew exactly how to lick her pussy. He dragged it back up and sucked on her clitoris. When she whimpered, he released it with a pop and lapped further down to tease her opening.

Merrie writhed on the bed, whimpering with need and the pleasure built up inside her. It was hard to resist, every touch was like the first time a man had touched her. But this was a man who knew exactly what she needed instead of some teenager fumbling at her jeans.

The only part of his body touching her was his tongue. He swirled it around and sucked at the opening of her pussy.

She planted her legs on his shoulder. The pain flashed through her mind and she grew even hotter. Whimpering, she arched her back and sent a pulse of desire coursing through his mind.

Borias shuddered and finally grabbed her. His hand seared his skin as he spread her legs obscenely apart and lapping harder and faster. The slurps filled the room, echoing the pleasure that wracked her senses.

He lifted her ass from the mattress and delved further down, slobbering against her asshole before shoving his tongue into it.

The wet pressure inside her sphincter pushed her over the edge. She let out a cry and let the orgasm slam into her, burning its way through her black veins and throughout her body. The magic from her ecstasy gathered along her limbs, giving them more strength and solidity that she didn't have before.

Borias continued to lap at her ass, licking hard and fast.

Before she knew it, another orgasm slammed into her. She moaned and ground her ass against his face using his hands around her severed limbs for angle. The pleasure of having her sphincter opened up by a wet tongue was almost too much to bear. She moaned and felt her mind shaking in its foundation from her pleasure. She knew that her orgasms could be more powerful and give her more energy, only if she came harder.

(Fuck me,) she ordered.

Borias looked up. His face would have glistened in the light, but she could only see it was damp. He smelled of whiskey and her pussy. Without a word, he spread her legs enough to hook them on his hips and crawled up her body.

She reached out for him, caressing his chest with the smooth ends of her arms. The pain grew but she wallowed in it, enjoying it as a precursor to the pleasure she was about to enjoy. Her breath came out in soft gasps mixed with whimpers of need.

Borias panted as he positioned himself, his cock poised millimeters from her soaked pussy.

Every point their bodies touched, from her inner thighs to her arms on his chest, burned. She felt it rise and fall, almost overwhelming.

He hesitated but she sent a pulse of need through his mind. He shuddered and rocked his hips forward. His cock pressed against her pussy and easily slid into the slick folds. It bumped against her clitoris and slid down, dragging along sensitive skin as he sought out her opening. His head was swollen and shiny pulsing with his desire. She could feel it through the vibrations of his heart against her nerves and the way he held her tightly with his fingers.

Merrie gasped and arched her back, silently begging for him to hurt her by sucking on her nipples.

Borias braced himself on the bed and pushed harder, driving his cock into her pussy.

It was the first time her new body had taken a cock. Even her insides burned with the rawness but it also felt good. She needed it, she craved to feel hardness inside her. With a moan, she lifted her hips to meet him, using his hips to pull herself up. Her smooth body, freshly made by magic, slid along his rougher skin and she moaned at the touch.

He pushed deeper, a single slide that brought almost his entire length into her.

Merrie cried out. She felt the entire length burning inside her but wanted more. “P-Please,” she whispered in her broken voice.

Borias jammed his cock deep into her body, splaying her legs out obscenely in the effort. She didn't resist and almost came from having his hot, throbbing cock buried so deep inside her.

He drew out and drove it back home, quickly establishing a fast and hard stroke that filled her completely. His muscles flexed with every stroke that ended with his hips slapping against her inner thighs; her entire body slid up from the impact. Bursts of pleasure and pain warred inside her body, stealing her breath away as he drove into her.

She stared up into his eyes, seeing love and compassion in them. He was a silent lover but one that had her every pleasure in mind as he drove into her without slowing down.

As the ecstasy built, Merrie squeezed down his length with her inner muscles. The friction added to her pleasure but didn't increase the pain. She clamped down even harder and whimpered for more.

Her needs leaked out form her own shield and she felt others beginning to pick up on her own lusts. The first was Zeob in the wagon who was being fucked by Eolis. Claston and Eolis both responded by it wasn't as intense as the orgasm that left Zeob splattering his cum all over the sheets.

Borias grunted as his thrusts grew faster. “You… be…. coming?”

Merrie moaned and nodded. (Harder.)

He rammed into her, thrusting hard. It hurt, every centimeter of his cock plunging into her soaked hole was agony but she craved it as much as the pleasure. She needed to be hurt, beaten, fucked roughly.

Another orgasm rose inside her, a cliff of ecstasy that threatened to explode inside her. She held it back until it was a knife edge against her senses.

Borias let out a grunt and then flooded her pussy with his seed. The hot jets became a wave of agony as it painted her insides. Every touch brought more pain but it also overwhelmed her battered senses lifted them to heights she wasn't expecting before she exploded with an orgasm of herself.

Her pleasure rippled away from her, slamming into the others in the mill. She felt Claston coming in his hand and Eolis spewing his load deep into Zeob's rectum. Borias also came again, adding the flood of juices that poured into her and set her insides afire. Even Boz responded, though she didn't know what he was doing.

The only two not affected were the duke and Alestri. Neither seemed to respond, though Merrie knew there was no submissiveness in the Loyal to ever let her power hold sway.

Borias shuddered as the last of his burning cum poured into her pussy. Then he pulled out with a grunt and drew away from her.

Merrie moaned at the burning inside her. The afterglow throbbed deep inside her body as she shifted to the side and gave Borias space to lie down without touching her.

“You be okay?”

She shivered from the discomfort flooding her pussy. (Yes,) she said and meant it.

He kissed her once, a brand against her shoulder, before wrapping her in a blanket. “Be safe tonight, k?”

Merrie smiled and projected love toward him.

Borias wrapped himself in a blanket and rested next to her. The fabric didn't burn like his skin, only his naked touch. He chuckled and held her tight with the blankets between them. “Tomorrow, I be taking care of you.”

Merrie smiled and closed her eyes. Even with his cum burning her insides, it felt good to have the glow of pleasure pulsating inside her. It made her feel like she could change the world. Or least herself.