Merrie stretched out on Borias' bed and let out a content sigh. Her stomach gurgled with hot cum and hotter food. The rest of her body hummed with the afterglow from a quick series of orgasms before Borias had to return upstairs to finish his chores for the day.

She knew that it would take him a few hours. By then, the sun would have gone down and they could risk taking her out into the front yard to pee outside and get some fresh air. They tried bringing her upstairs the day before, but even with all the curtains drawn, it was still too bright. She shuddered at the blinding and burning light that leaked through the cracks of the windows.

Rolling over on her belly, she spread her legs as far wide as they would go and wagged her tail. She could wait. The darkness felt good against her skin. With a soft moan, she lifted her hips and let the cool air caress her damp pussy.

She considered masturbating again, but she didn't want to move. It felt good to have her breasts grinding against the mattress and her arms pressed against the pillows. It gave her a sense of presenting herself to unseen eyes which gave her a little thrill. She adjusted her body slightly, her knees sliding along the sheets, as she tried to present herself perfectly for a mistress who couldn't possibly see her from that angle.

With a grin, she tried to imagine what Borias saw when he came into the room. She knew she had a tight ass from so many years of crawling on her hands and knees. She used to pace back and forth in Kine's mansion for exercise. It wouldn't be long before she would have to do the same in the basement. She imagined the curve of her back and the rise of her shoulder blades. She swished her tail, rocking her hips back and forth just to enjoy the friction of her swollen labia as it rubbed against each other. At the right moment, her opening split wide enough for the cool air to caress her clitoris and opening.

In her mind's eyes, the image came clearly. She was beautiful and helpless, a cropped bitch laying on the bed waiting for her master. She could even seen how her pussy lips parted slightly with her position, giving just a hint of the delicate opening underneath. She imagined a droplet forming on her pussy before it slid down her folds.

To her surprise, she felt the droplet caressing her nerves at the same time that she saw it.

She moaned at the sensation.

Instead of hearing it from the vibrations through her body, she heard it from a distance.

Merrie moaned again, wagging her tail faster. She could imagine it directly, see it actually. She followed the movement of her white tail rocking back and forth, snapping in the air. The wind of her movement didn't caress her naked ass and back but buffeted against her body a meter away from her heart-shaped rear.

Elation poured through her.

Her concentration wavered and her senses pulled toward her body, sliding in the air before they began to sink back into her own body. She gasped and forced her concentration to hold it still. To her surprise, it stopped just as her sense of vision was only centimeters away from her glistening pussy.

With a grin, she admired her sex like no woman could. Then, with an effort, she imagined the focal point sliding through the air back to its original position a meter behind her ass and cunt.

She tried to use her eyes to look back but couldn't. The senses that were cast away from her no longer functioned from inside her body. She couldn't hear the triple beat of her heart or see anything besides her body.

With her mental might, she turned the focal point of her senses around. It was as if she was standing as she scanned the room, seeing it from a higher position than possible with her severed limbs. She smiled broadly to herself and concentrated on moving the focus of her senses again.

It was easier now that she understood how it worked but it took energy to move it. Her senses—the knot of hearing, sight, and touch—flowed through the air. She tried to pull them apart, to see if she could cast them in separate directions, but they remained locked together. She managed to guide her focus into the corner and then looked back at herself.

It was surreal watching herself from the gap between two beer barrels. At the same time, there was a thrill as she looked at herself as a stranger, seeing her body as someone else would see it. Her vision roamed over her skin, drinking in the sight of her severed legs, flowing hair, and large breasts. She wanted herself, desired it more than anything else.

She smiled and an idea came to her.

Merrie gathered her energy and shaped it into a spell that she knew by heart, an intuitive form that had helped her through many years as an extension of her body. From a distance, she could see the black energies gathering along her body, rippling from her skin and orifices. It coalesced above her, spreading out in ribbons of darkness that quickly blossomed into a rippling fabric of her unconsciousness, her cloak.

With effort, she managed to bring her senses to above her ass, imagining it was some snake-like beast that loomed over her and stared at her with lust. The cloak shaped itself to match her imagination, forming a long tendril with two points of utter darkness for eyes. The two spells merged together, her senses snapping into the body of the cloak and sealing into place. The effort to maintain both effects faded into a single one, one that required almost no effort to keep stable; she had used the cloak for many years without realizing it and it felt like a part of her very being.

She shook the cloak and her vision moved with it. She smiled as she imagined it above her and then guided it down to stroke along her thigh. The feather-light touch, the touch of Shadows, was alluring and seductive. Like seeing herself from a different point of view, the touch was a stranger's, different and unexpected.

She moaned and lifted her ass further from the mattress.

In her mind, her pussy lips spread open in quiet invitation. She reached out with her cloak and grabbed her buttocks, jumping when she felt it through her own skin. The wonderful touch was hard and cruel as it pried her open, exposing her dusky anus and drooling cunt to her own hungry gaze.

More of the cloak rippled against her body, stroking her clitoris to asshole with unnatural waves of pressure. Her pleasure grew from the touch and she could smell her excitement in the air, she wondered if she really did taste like Borias' sake.

She thrust up, silently begging for the cloak. She tried to clench her cheeks together, but the sharp grip of the cloak kept her forced open. She was vulnerable and helpless, only half sure of what she would do.

With another part of her mind, she send the commands. The dual nature of being an alpha and a mistress at the same time made it easy to view the cloak as her mistress and her bitch form as the alpha. The commands raced through the collar and then came back as her mistress. It took no effort to imagine it was the cloak giving the orders, not herself.

Merrie cried out into the pillow as she waited for anticipation. She wasn't even sure who was giving the cloak orders anymore, but she didn't care.

It struck. Her vision blurred as it drove deep into her sphincter, piercing it with only the bluntest of tips. It drove deep, almost a quarter meter before yanking out.

Merrie's entire body shook with the intense pleasure that slammed into her. She clutched the pillow, using her arms to shove it into her face.

The cloak stuck again, impaling her ass. With every stroke, it grew thicker and harder. It twisted together as it punched into her sphincter, the ridges of each loop riding against her sphincter as it forced her open.

She shuddered and cried out again, losing herself in the growing pleasure that formed as the cloak impaled her again and again.

The cloak continued to thicken with each thrust, more of its body joining the coil that impaled her asshole. She could see the tiny opening beginning to gape open between the rapid fire strokes that filled her deeply before yanking out. Her vision bobbed with each stroke, bringing her closer and closer to the impaled asshole.

Merrie's stomach thumped against the mattress as the cloak reached deeper into her body. She could feel the girth, now two fingers wide, as it thrust deep into her rectum and to the curve of her insides. The welcoming thump at the gate was a blast of discomfort and pleasure. She moaned and pushed herself to her knees, holding herself up as she begged her own cloak to fuck her harder.

It swelled as it obeyed her command. Soon, she felt her nether ring beginning to strain underneath the girth of the intruding cock. It didn't need lubrication, it was smoother than any mortal fabric. It drove deep with little resistance but she felt every ripple of cloth and darkness as it raced past her straining asshole.

When it hit the curve of her rectum, it simply bent and followed it deeper. It burrowed far into her organs, swelling her belly and making it hard to breathe before yanking out. As it did, her tiny little hole gaped open. It began to close but then the cloak was already impaling her again. She felt it curve almost up to her lungs before yanking out. Every ridge of its twist rubbed against her sphincter, sending bolts of pleasure coursing through her system.

Her body protested the intrusion. The cloak was almost as thick as her forearm and it plunged deep into her body. Her insides strained around it, stretching like a glove as it took meter-long thrusts into her body. Each one filled her completely before sucking out.

She moaned as she remembered how the cloak would pour into her enemies' mouths and noses before ripping out of their chest. The intimacy wasn't lost on her; if she lost control, it would drive so far into her ass that it could come bursting past her lips.

Merrie came hard at the thought of the cloak fucking her from sphincter to lips. At the same time, she was terrified of it but the image of it filling her to the point of bursting as it pumped in and out was too much. She screamed loudly into the pillow as her body exploded into black flames of ecstasy.

Her shields crumbled under the onslaught of her own orgasm. It rippled out from her, an unconscious wave of pleasure that easily shattered the wards to Borias' room and spread through the rest of the mill. There was only one person nearby, but that only meant the full brunt of her orgasm focused on him.

She felt his orgasm like a flame in the darkness. It exploded and rippled back with pleasure of her own. She welcomed it and felt his orgasm slam into her own. It added to her own pleasure as she writhed on the bed with her own cloak impaling her ass.

Shuddering, Merrie held herself up off the bed until the last of the pleasure faded. Then, with a happy sigh, she let the cloak pull out of her tortured ass and thumped down. The pulse of her afterglow ran through her veins as she let her focus remained on the cloak, watching a sated bitch spread out on the bed.

Above her, the front door to the mill house thumped open. “You be a bitch!” bellowed Borias. It sounded like he was smiling.

She wanted to see him. Before she realized it, the cloak had taken her senses as it raced up along the ceiling, fluttering as it floated across the boards until it found a tiny crack between the floorboards above her. Her vision and hearing both blurred as it squeezed through but then sharpened as it blossomed back into shape underneath one of the couches in a sitting room.

Light streamed through the curtains. It blinded her but didn't burn. Instead, it cast most of the room into a hellish glare that hurt to focus on. Fortunately, the front door was shadowed by curtains.

Borias stood there, his hand down his jeans. He had a smile on his lips as he pulled out his hand. Cum dripped off his grip. He sniffed at it and then wiped it on his jeans. “She need to be learning how to shield again. I can't be coming when I'm working with tools like that. Might be cutting off my dick.”

With a grin, he headed for the back stairs.

The cloak followed, dragging Merrie's senses along it as it found a shadowed spot underneath a cabinet and then around the stairs. When he opened the door, she saw the inky darkness of the basement as a welcoming comfort. There was no glare of light blinding her down there.

As soon as Borias headed down the stairs, she sent the cloak flowing after him. It accelerated in the darkness and she used it to slide under the door. When it wrapped around her, she found it easy to release the spell that let her cast her senses away and they settled back into her familiar icy body.

With a gasp, her vision cleared and she could see again.

A throbbing in her chest drove her to crawl to her knees and pull her arms up to her collar. The icy metal thumped against the ends of her severed limbs, reminding her that she was submissive to any master, even Borias.

The door slammed open. There was the dimmest of lights behind him, he had forgotten to close the basement door, and it haloed his body with brilliance.

Merrie winced at the light, tears streaming from her eyes.


Her pussy pulsed with the dominating tone.

“You be making me come.”

Shivering with hunger, she barked once and wagged her tail. She knew the exact things she needed to do to turn him on. Lifting her buttocks slightly, she threw her hips and breasts into the movement, shaking her entire body back and forth as she panted.

Borias let out a strangled moan. He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. “Come here, I'm going to fuck that pretty face of yours. And then I be fucking that ass of yours until you scream out.”

She couldn't wait.