Merrie woke up to a tingling in the back of her head, a sense that the man next to her was waking up. She opened her eyes and peered around the pitch black room, her eyes easily seeing through the dark. She breathed in the cool scenes of lagers, magic, and man before pushing herself up to her knees and wrists.

Her breath came quietly as she let her senses play over Borias' mind and body. He was still dreaming in the half-lucid state before he woke up fully. His body was stretched out on the bed with his blankets around his knees and his bare chest exposed to the cool air.

Life on the mill was hard. He didn't have heavy lifting but years of manhandling kidnapped girls and breaking them into a life of being a bitch had refined his muscles. Not to mention he cannibalized his own body for the small amount of magic that he was able to use.

She focused her senses on his talents. The last time they were close enough for her to inspect him, she was still learning magic. Now, after two masters and her improved skills, she could see the pulse of power beneath his skin. It was an alluring swirl of arcane powers, dancing among itself with such potential. It felt wild and structured at the same time, like waves on a beach that never stopped lapping up on the sand.

It was beautiful, more so with the contrast of his geas. The geas was a nasty knot that tied into every part of his body. It was attached to his very spirit and bound his body into place. Threads of the black spell were jammed into the swirls of his very being and she could see where it had torn through his powers. It also was anchored into his mind, cutting through his ability to speak. There was no elegance to the geas, just a spell that was brutally bound into him with no care for the restrictions.

From what she heard, the geas was the price when Bass broke Borias out of Abbinkey. She couldn't imagine what happened that would force the geas on him, or why not returning to Franome City was important enough to kill him if he broke it, but it was there, threaded into his spirit, body, and magic to ensure he never returned home.

Merrie knew that he had a second geas on him, the prison one that all mages got. It was supposed to tie into their magic and prevent them from tapping into the one thing that gave them strength. She remembered how Rakin had it put on him during his sentencing; it ensured he would never get angry again or die horribly but both Merrie and Rakin knew that he would never be able to feel rage again, not after their brutal rape of each other.

Her pussy grew wet at the memories. As much as Rakin hated her and she feared him, he was one of the few people in the world who could truly be her master. He was a legend for his magic and tactics, a three hundred year old warrior who could have taken over the world. He was also brutal, intelligent, and powerful. He knew how to command her, how to degrade and humiliate her until her powers blossomed.

With the alpha's ability to enhance their masters, he would have ruled the world. She let her mind drift through the imagination of the brutal rape and destruction he would inflict on her, but also the raw power that he would use to conqueror the known world. She would have been a bitch queen, the right hand of an immortal man who could destroy the entire Franome Army in hours.

Her pussy drooled with excitement, though the images was terrifying. She knew that he would have corrupt her, not only in the moment they bonded but as they both grew in power. He would torture her and push her to the very limits her mind and body could handle and she would reflect that brutality into turning him into a god. She would have become cruel herself, mimicking her master's powers until she would be feared as much as he was.

Merrie shook her head to stop her thoughts. She had a master, he was beautiful and kind. He wasn't, however, a good master for alpha. He didn't even know what one was, but she had his power inside her. The triple beat of the shadows thumped in her chest and flowed through her veins. She knew that she would bleed black now, the energies of the other reality corrupting her as it leeched the life out of her.

Both were powerful but neither were her life now. She would always be a creature of shadow, her gift from Kine, but she was her own mistress and alpha at the same time. Like the geas, her spirit was bound in on itself, endlessly ordering and obeying herself as the power surged inside through her collar.

Merrie looked back at Borias, curious to see what the prison geas looked like. She didn't find it though. She expected it to be another knot of power tied into his very being but she only found gaping wounds in his power that were beginning to heal. The energies were raw and unfocused, bleeding out into the air around him. His normally powerful shields were fractured from the leakage and errant energy washed over her body like a thousand fingers caressing her skin.

Her tail wagged back and forth as she watched and felt it dance along her senses. It was wilder than he had ever been. Over time, it would heal and he would once again be a powerful healer and blood mage. This time, though, he would be able to delve into the power that came from cannibalism and use that death to create far more powerful spells. She could feel it, the desire for women begging him to take their lives and the sweetness that came from the first knife wound and the last breath.

Her body grew hotter with her thoughts. Her pussy drooled down both sides of her legs and soaked into the mattress below her. He had shown her some of his memories before and she brought them up to remember the intensity of lust and hunger that echoed through them.

His cock twitched and grew to half mast. He was submissive enough that she could read the half-waking thoughts of his body. He had to pee, like most guys, but he dreamed of the bitches that he trained before. They had orders how to wake him up, it was part of their training that Merrie remembered herself, though she was given far more leeway than the rest of them. Her visit to Borias' room was to shield her, not to train her.

Licking her lips, she decided to finish her training from five years before. Settling on the mattress next to him, she brought her lips to his cock and kissed it lightly. Flares of heat caressed her lips, the agony burning her face.

His cock grew harder.

She pushed past the pain of touching him and levered her head so she could scoop up the tip of his cock and hold it between her lips. It felt like a hot pepper against her tongue but she ordered herself to ignore the pain and sucked lightly.

The command came through her collar, an order that she couldn't resist. She knew it was be agony to wrap her lips around his shaft but the anticipation brought a surge of lust coursing as she submitted to the command. She opened her mouth and sealed her lips around the ridge behind his glans. The agony increased and she fought the whimper rising in her throat.

The cock grew harder in her lips, lengthening and stiffening rapidly.

With a smile, she bobbed up and down. Saliva gathered in her mouth and she used it to lubricate his shaft before sliding it deeper into her mouth. The warmth and hardness in her lips threatened to bring up a moan, but she kept quite as she explored his beautiful cock. It was long and smooth, with a few ridges for his veins and a relatively narrow head at the top. It didn't take her long before she was sliding her lips up and down his entire length. She stopped with her nose buried in his pubic hair and took a deep breath of his musk.

A thrill coursed through her body. She turned slightly and pulled up, taking her time to draw her lips to the very top before pushing back down. The searing of their touch only added to the thrill coursing through her veins.

His cock thumped against the back of her throat and she reflexively gulped to swallow it so she could take his entire length once again. She pressed her lips tight against his base and felt the hairs on his balls tickling the side of her lips.

Borias was awake. She could feel his attention and lust burning in her mind but he was trying not to move.

She wagged her tail and let her entire ass move with it. Reaching out, she pressed the smooth ends of her wrists against his chest and thigh to brace herself. Taking a deep breath, she bobbed harder and faster, smacking her face against his belly as she took his cock deep into her mouth.

He moaned and pre-cum flooded inside her mouth. “That be feeling good.”

She wagged her tail harder and shoved all the way down, grinding her face tight against his pubic and swallowing the pre-cum that dribbled down her throat.

He shuddered with pleasure.

She resumed pumping his cock, laving it with her tongue as she fucked it with her face. The willing submission sent ripples of pleasure through her as she continued to drool around his shaft. Her pussy was also dribbling down both sides of her thighs, soaking the sheets; she always got soaking wet when she submitted to anyone. The anticipation of the agony only added to her excitement and she could feel her entire sexy tingling with aching need.

He reached out for her and stroked his soft hands against her thigh as he reached for her pussy.

Merrie didn't stop pumping. An image flashed through her mind, either from him or her own imagination, but she liked it. Without taking her mouth off his cock, she lifted her body and turned around until she straddled his face. Her pussy continued to splatter down but she heard it splash against his face.

His breath was hot against her bare pussy. It contrasted with the icy touch of her skin and she moaned at the touch.

Her pussy dripping, she held herself centimeters over his face. She knew that she was dripping on him but she could feel his lust rippling from his mind as her juices coated his lips.

She settled down on him, grinding her large breasts against his belly. Her nipples caressed his stomach and it felt like claws digging into her sensitive tips. The touch of their bodies was painful but less. It seemed that it was only a discomfort, something easily pushed over in the growing intensity of the moment. She smiled to herself and spread her legs wider.

“Breakfast?” Borias said with a grin and reached up to cup her buttock with one hand and the base of her tail with the other. “I be liking to drink me meals.”

She shivered at the sensation, her tail was sensitive. Willingly, she lowered her pussy down his mouth.

His cock surged with hardness as his lips pressed against her cunt. He lapped deep into the soaked folds, smearing her moisture across his face and sending sharp agonies radiating from her pussy.

Merrie finally moaned and ground down, shoving her entire hairless cunt hard against his mouth and nose as she bobbed faster and harder. More pre-cum poured out of his cock and she gulped it down greedily as she deep-throated him repeatedly.

Borias joined in, alternating between licking every folds of her vulva and sucking on her clitoris. His fingers caressed her asshole, teasing it and circling it as he assaulted her sex with a well-practiced tongue.

Pleasure blossomed inside her, coursing through her veins as the orgasm rippled through her body. The pain only added to her pleasure, pushing the orgasm to higher limits. She kept her pleasure tight in her head so he wouldn't be forced into an orgasm. She wanted to feel him come from nothing more than their bodies pressed together and their lips on each other.

His cock grew harder and his hips thrust faster past her lips. He didn't bother telling her that he was about to come, she felt it boiling in his thoughts as he strained to hold it back.

Merrie ground her aching nipples against his stomach and came again, enjoying the struggles and submission. Her juices came out in a flood and his body shook from the effort to gulp them down.

The cock grew hotter, almost searing. Her lips slid up and down it as it swelled inside her mouth, straining the tight ring. With a single surge, it exploded inside her mouth. Hot cum painted the back of her throat and she greedily gulped it down as a third orgasm wracked her body. The salty taste was one that she never grew tired of and she suckled his cock as it continued to pump hot jets into her mouth.

Borias moaned and thrust hard with his hips. He planted his feet on the mattress and thrust hard a few times before holding it in place, emptying his balls deep into her mouth. His tongue never stopped sucking on her clitoris and she felt every gulp shake through their bodies.

Slowly, their thrusts and grinding slowed to a stop. She let his cock rest in her mouth but pulled her soaked pussy off his face. The slurp noise of her breaking the seal brought a smile to her lips and she rested her head to the side to enjoy the afterglow of her orgasms.

“I be missing that.”

Merrie sucked one to answer.

He jumped. “Carefully, we not be having a bitch in here for a year since… you be going away. I'm not used to pretties waking me up like this anymore.”

(I'm sorry.)

“I be sorry and I not be sorry. Bass always be pretending to be evil, but now he's a baron and in charge of an evil man's farm. He doesn't have to be pretending to be evil. Plus, you know, he be wanted in Franome City for kidnapping that perfume lady.”

(But he was protecting her against Gillette's men.)

“Reality and the courts don't always agree.” A wave of sadness throbbed inside him; he was convicted of snuffing a girl who wanted to be, all because her father refused to let it go. “Though, eventually that be changing.”

Merrie's ears perked up. She knew why the second geas was missing. (You were pardoned.)

Borias stiffened. “How you be knowing?”

(The geas is missing, ripped out. I can feel where it is healing.)

It was as if something drained out of him and he slumped back. “Oh, thank you.”

At her quizzical pulse, he cleared his throat. “I know Claston be saying he be pardoning me, but I be living with this geas for so long, I not be thinking he could do it. I be still terrified of seeing a girl die, though now I really be wanting it. It be a long time since I be killing someone.”

Merrie smiled and released his cock to kiss the top. (I'm almost immortal now.)

His cock twitched.

(I can be killed but I always come back.)

The length grew against her cheek, a burning brand that she adored. She kissed the side of the shaft. It was still moist from his orgasm and she lapped up a bit of cum that cling to the ridges.

(I want you to be the first one.)

“Didn't the goddess—”

(The first mortal to kill me. I want it sweet and beautiful, with lots of fucking, submission, and domination.)

His cock surged against her face, a splatter of cum smearing against it. “Oh, Merrie.”

She kissed it again, lapping the cum that oozed out of the tip.

“But, we should be waiting until both of us recover.”

Merrie sent a wave of agreement.

They both rested against each other. Merrie let her eyes drop against the throb of discomfort of their touching. The longer they embraced, the less it hurt.

Borias squirmed after a few moments. “I need to get up.”

She could feel why, the prickle of his bladder was already rising in his senses. She smiled to herself and held herself still. (Why?) she projected as casually as she could. The only thing that betrayed her emotions was the growing wetness between her legs. The other bitches knew exactly what to do, he was the one who trained them to swallow anything presented to them.

“I gotta be going pee, k?”

Merrie opened her mouth and scooped up his cock again. It was still half-hard and she easily seated her lips against his base.

The shock and lust that exploded from Borias made her smile. She felt him concentrating on his bladder, preparing to relax to let the urine flow. “You be sure?”

She gave him a suck. (This is what your bitches do, right? Gulp it down?)

“You're an omega, the most powerful True Submissive anyone ever be knowing. You not always be following the rules.”

(I'm a bitch serving her master. What does my master want to do?)

He moaned. “I be wanting…”

His cock throbbed and swelled between her lips. “I be wanting to fill your belly.”

She moaned around his cock and made sure not a single drop would escape.

With another moan, he slumped back. The sensations and emotions rose inside him, he was well practiced from going between hardness and urinating at the same time. It was only seconds before a hot jet of urine shot into her mouth. The acrid taste flooded around her tongue and ran down her throat in a thick river.

Knowing it was coming, Merrie was already sucking it when it flooded her mouth. The heat poured down her throat and into her stomach, filling her as another orgasm rippled through her body. She gulped loudly, knowing that it would turn him on more, and drank from his cock until the steady stream slowed. She opened her mouth enough to let some cool air in, and then sucked his piss hole to ensure every droplet was safely in her now gurgling belly. The taste of his pee coated her tongue and she inhaled to drink in the sharp tastes.

Borias chuckled. “I don't think you ever be waking me up like that.”

Merrie moaned and fought the urge to plaster her cunt back on his face.

“Though…” His thoughts grew smoldering with lust. His shields grew together as he tried to obscure his thoughts.

Merrie's ears and tail perked up. Her tail wagged back and forth.

“… I be thinking that you need the same?”

Merrie froze. She could picture it in her head, her straddling his face as she peed into his mouth. A surge of heat filled her, no one had ever done it to her before though she had frequently been a toilet slut for Rimmy before.

Borias laughed and hooked his arms over her buttocks. “Come here, alpha. I want to be drinking my breakfast.”

He pulled her down to his mouth. His tongue swirled around her opening and teased her clitoris before he lapped at the tiny hole of her urethra. The discomfort of his touch swirled with the growing pleasure. The sensations were intense and it added a flame of desire to the smoldering heat boiling inside her.

Merrie gasped and pushed herself up, angling until she had her entire weight grinding down on his face. She knew not to ask for confirmation, his thoughts already told her everything she wanted.

She watched as his cock grew hard and aching. It took her only a moment to concentrate on releasing her bladder. When it did, she felt the icy liquid pouring out of her into his mouth. Where he was hot and searing, she was cold as icy.

His grip tightened and he gulped loudly, drinking as she peed into his mouth. There was an intimacy in their position, his helplessness and her domination pushe her toward another orgasm. She let out a tiny cry and ground down, rocking back and forth as he kept his lisp tightly sealed against her intimate of places. Her juices soaked his face. She felt every gulp as he drank down her piss, each swallow shaking her body and sending intense waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

It took her a long while to empty herself into his mouth. When she finished, she had come more than once. Panting, she lifted herself and he gave her one last lick to leave her glistening from asshole to urethra to clitoris in a single blow.

With a moan, Merrie slipped to the side and turned around. She nestled her body up against his, their lips nearly touching. The taste of her pee was on his breath, but it wasn't urine that she smelled but alcohol and ether.

“It be cold,” he whispered.

(Everything inside me is cold now. I'm not human anymore.)

“No, but you be just as beautiful.” He kissed her. “Though I be disagreeing, you not be tasting like smoke and whiskey to me.”

(What do I taste like?)

“Beautiful,” he said with a smile. “And also like Belkim wine be called sake. It be made from rice and has this tingle in the back of me throat. That be what you taste like.”

(I've never had it before.)

“I should be getting you some. You bet you be liking it.”

She smiled broadly and sent a pulse of love toward him.

“I be loving that smile. Even without magic, it be the only thing I can see.”

Merrie hesitated, confusion in her thoughts.

“Your lips, they be glowing.”

She stared at him in shock.

Borias pulled away long enough to pick up a mirror from the side table. Bringing it over, he held it in front of her.

Merrie stared at her image. It had been a while since she looked at herself. Her face was still beautiful but it was missing the signs of her age. There was no lines around her eyes or the sight of anything other than a young woman in her late teens or early twenties staring back. The problem was that she was twenty-nine years old, not nineteen.

Her thoughts caused her ears to shake. They were sticking out of the side of her head but they weren't human anymore. Instead, they were narrow edges with tufts of white hair at the tips. She remembered when she earned her ears at the mill and how they have been a part of her ever since.

She drew her attention to her lips. They were just as she remembered but they sparkled with a pale white glow. As she watched, she could see energy rolling across them, causing a strange but hypnotic pattern to dance along every curve. In her mind, she could feel a different type of energy pulsing along them, divine power, the power of a goddess.

"I be thinking that when you be biting Lemetri, you got some of the goddess' blood on your lips."

Merrie pursed her lips and then parted them. She licked them and tasted brightness against her tongue. It was Lemetri's. She had tasted a goddess' blood and it had marked her. It didn't burn like the rest of light but was a balm against her fading discomfort.

“Now, I be sure the rest of you not be glowing.”

She looked up and smiled.

“Though, I be willing to inspect you much more. Claston and the others be leaving yesterday, Bass and the others not be back for a week. I be thinking we could spend that time seeing if we can be getting you use to the light. And maybe be fucking a little.”

Gathering up her pleasure, she let it wash over him. It sank into his skin and thoughts.

“Or, we be fucking a lot.”

She grinned at him and wagged her tail.

“Yeah, we be doing that too. But occasionally I must be going out to dump it. We can't drink forever.” Images from his head rose up, back when she was first learning how to be a bitch. They were out in the front yard as he guided her to raise her leg and pee on the ground.

She projected the memories from her point of view, the rush of submission as she spread her legs while he watched.

His cock surged to full hardness. A low moan shook the bed.

Merrie smirked. (Good boy.)