As soon as Merrie hit the ground, the impact and the light broke her concentration on her transformation spell. She let out a strangled gasp as the fur melted off her body and her canine form reformed back into a cropped, naked woman.

She didn't have time to scramble to her knees or regain her dazed senses when the spiders swarmed over her. Their weight pressed down on her as their tiny, needle-like legs scraped along her skin. Even though each one was no heavier than a handful of rice, more of them kept crawling on top of her until the pressure squeezed her ribs and ground her body into the ground.

Merrie tried to pull herself up to her wrists and knees but the carpet of spiders held her in place. She knew she could move them individually but somehow the creatures linked together and she couldn't find the leverage to get more than a few centimeters of leeway underneath the blanket of spiders pinning her to the ground.

They wasted no time attacking. Tiny pricks from their legs became sparks of pain as teeth dug into her skin. Those increased rapidly as more of them began to feast on her helpless body. It wasn't just one bite, though. They all attacked at once, turning her world into a sparkling cloud of agony as they bit at her nipples, breasts, and inner thighs. With every bite, their poison seeped into her body and set her nerves on fire.

Merrie cried out and tried to wipe them away. The smooth end of her wrist smashed against them but the spiders bowed underneath the weight and dug their feet deeper into her burning flesh. She needed fingers to pry the small bodies away but she hadn't had them for years. Instead, she flailed uselessly against them as they crawled up her arm and began to feast on her wrist, elbow, and even shoulder.

It was too much for her. She screamed out in agony as she thrashed back and forth, trying to crush them with her body. The only thing she did was grind them into her breasts where they tore into her nipples, sides, and thighs.

Her helplessness set off a flame between her legs. Despite the agony and pain, being pinned to the ground caused her pussy to grow slicker and desire to the curl in the back of her thoughts. The urge to surrender to the attacking spiders fought with her senses. It would be a painful ending to her life but she would come harder than ever while it happened.

Merrie clamped her eyes shut and fought with her desires. She couldn't give up, no matter how much she desperately wanted to wallow in her helplessness. There were too many people who needed her, her friends were in danger.

Gathering up her willpower, she managed to force an order through her collar. (Don't give up!)

The command came back as a hammer, slamming into her mind and shoving her desires away.

She tried to send out another command but couldn't think of one. The countless pricks and agonies from the teeth and legs assaulting her senses made it impossible to find a command that would work. Desperate, she tried to cast a spell to melt into darkness but the poison pouring into her body made it impossible to concentrate on the calligraphy. She could only create a few swirls of shadow across her mind before a sharp wave of agony interrupted her.

Merrie tried again but couldn't form the spell.

Her attempt to command herself failed, even thought was nearly impossible with the teeth gnawing at her flesh.

She beat at the spiders, smacking them with her useless arms and rolling back and forth.

The spiders tightened their bodies across her, cutting off her movement until their heavy weight crushed her body. The weight of them ground her joints together and squished her breasts tight against her ribs.

The lust between her legs grew hotter. She could feel her juices soaking the spiders that were crawling between them. The squirming bodies that slickly moved against her pussy made it harder to concentrate between the pain and her helplessness.

A thud of a combat spell interrupted her struggles for only a bit. She cringed, waiting for the flash of light to strip away her flesh but only darkness surrounded her. The spiders, somehow, had saved her as they crawled over her body and crushed her.

To her horror, the spiders continued to force themselves against her. Among the countless bites and scratches, she felt them prying their way against her openings. Pin-like legs levered open her buttocks as they forced themselves in between her cheeks and up against her vulva.

Her slickness betrayed her as they slipped into the tight holes, sliding their bodies to jam into her openings.

She screamed out for only a second before they started to squirm their way past her lips and teeth, scraping her tongue and cheeks as they pried her jaw apart.

Merrie thrashed hard, pawing at her mouth and body. She tried to force them off, but the needle-like legs were pinched against her body. She couldn't get the smooth end of her wrist underneath the attacking creatures enough to force them off. She needed fingers to pull them off, fingers she hadn't had in years.

It was impossible to concentrate with so many creatures attacking her. She tried to focus on getting the spiders out of her mouth, but the infernal burning seared her tongue as they gnawed at her inner cheeks. More of them were driving themselves into her mouth as they reached for the back of her throat, scraping against the delicate flesh as they crawled toward the back of her throat.

At the same time, they were forcing their way into her pussy and asshole. Sharp pains of being pried open by needles followed by biting that traveled further. The thickness of the spiders was nothing compared to the burning agony of their bodies and the sharpness of the poison that surged through her body. She tried to squeeze her muscles down, but she couldn't maintain the pressure to keep them out when the rest of her body was being attacked.

The only relief she had, though small, was that the carpet of spiders attacking her blocked out out the brilliance of Sable's holy magic. Her skin no longer burned and crinkled from the light; it only suffered countless bites.

One of the spiders managed to slip into the tight channel of her pussy. The agonizing bites were somehow more intense as it tore into her insides. It didn't stop crawling further into her, clawing its way deeper into her body where it's tiny claws ripped into her delicate inner walls and along her cervix.

Merrie's entire body locked from her suffering. Her back arched back when she wanted to curl in a fetal position. It exposed everything to the spiders who didn't hesitate to attack her. She felt the poison filling her body, staining her insides as they tore into her nipples, ribs, and every delicate part of her body.

More spiders were in her throat, ripping it open as they clawed own for her lungs and stomach. There was pressure at her asshole as spiders surged deep into her body; her attempts to keep them out were disrupted when one of the spiders clamped its mandibles down on her clitoris. The flash of agony was enough for the creatures to breach her opening. Now, there were at least three of them forcing their way as they chewed against her insides.

Merrie tried to concentrate to cast a spell, it was impossible. The spiders, the sheer number of them, made it impossible. She couldn't form a coherent thought with the panic surging through her mind.

With a flash of inside, she realized that the panic was part of the spell. They were forcing her to struggle against them. The fear of the swarm, the countless attacks that couldn't be steeled against, and even the sharpness of the poison. They were crafted to prevent casters from using magic.

The idea that Borias and Haviston would suffer the same way brought tears to her eyes. She already knew that the spiders were clawing their way into Dixie's and Tabitha's organs, no doubt to kill them from the inside.

That left only Sable as the lone defense against the spiders. There was no way the alpha could defend anyone but herself and her master. If the spiders attacked, they would die.

Despair filled her, filling the gaps of her thoughts between the flashes of agony and pain. She thrashed and sobbed, choking on the spiders tearing into her throat and shaking violently as she tried to squeeze out the creatures invading her pussy and ass. She was being violated, violated in ways no mortal creature could even comprehend.

There was nothing she could do besides writhe in the last few seconds of her life as the moment stretched into an infinity of agony.

Black despair of her situation roared through her mind, muting the agony as she considered just stop moving and let the spiders feast on her corpse.

But she couldn't.

There were spells bound into her psyche to prevent her from killing herself.

It didn't stop the darkness and hopelessness.

Then there was the lust of being pinned and violated.

She was helpless, unable to do anything.

Unable to stop the agony.

Unable to free herself.

The pain began to increase as she twisted against it, embracing her helplessness as much as she suffered by it. She was an alpha, she gained power by being ground down and surviving. She only had to embrace it.

It took all of her willpower to force her body to stop moving. She concentrated on the sensation of being violated: the spiders choking her throat, the biting against her cervix and inner walls, and even the chewing of her intestines. The boiling swarm of creatures, both inside and out, were overwhelming but that only magnified the growing energy inside her.

For the briefest of moments, she found an equilibrium of pain and pleasure. It was only enough time for a single rapid spell.

A thousand spells from domination to defense raced across her mind but only one gave her what she needed. With all her might, she gripped against the thin barrier between the world and tore open reality.

As the realm of Shadows poured around her, the spiders screamed out as they crumbled away. The floor joined it, withering away into dust in a heartbeat.

Grateful and despite, Merrie fell sideways into the rip and let darkness comfort her agonized body.