The spiders came with her in a choking, biting blanket of agony. They gnawed on her body while the ones crawling inside attacked her insides. Flashes of heat and pain exploded along her senses.

The sensation of a hundred spiders crawling and biting inside her cunt and bowels was maddening. She tried to force them out with her muscles, but the spiders only slid around the slickness of her pussy and bit down on new places.

Merrie wasn't sure if she successfully shifted into the Shadows but she thought she felt the comforting icy seeping through the carpet of agony that surrounded her.

The spiders in her mouth forced their way deeper, prying open the tight confines of her throat as they squirmed deeper. They reached the point where her breath and stomach split. Some of them started to crawl into her lungs while others forced their way deeper toward her stomach.

She jerked violently and pawed at her throat. She couldn't breathe. It was agony as black spots form across her vision. Despite being blind in the carpet, the darkness of her suffocation was surrounded by a haze that was invisible but somehow visible at the same time.

The weight and pressure of the spiders attacking her lessened slightly. A small bit of hope rose inside her but she continued to paw at her throat, trying to clear her throat.

The spiders in her pussy were maddening. The thousand legs pricking and poking her from the inside were almost as distracting as the slid of thick, heated bodies as they rolled and twisted inside her. It was a hundred fingers stroking her inner walls that forced more juices to pour out of her cunt.

The spiders in her intestines were just as painful. They were forcing their way deeper into her body, swelling her stomach as the spiders pried their way into her sphincter and pulling themselves deep. Waves of pain rolled across her nerves. She tried to clamp down, to stop them for violating her further, but they continued their march through her lower organs.

A wave of icy wind slammed against her body. She shuddered at the pleasure of it, it sparkled along her pussy and along her agonized limbs. Not willing to give up, she pawed at her throat with one hand and at the spiders with her others.

To her surprise, the spiders were brushed away. She snapped open her eyes to see black claws flashing over her body. They were ripping the spiders from her body. As her vision cleared, she saw that it was a swarm of shadow creatures. They were smaller ones but their inky forms and small claws were large enough to pluck the spiders off one at a time.

Despite seeing an end to her agony, she couldn't stop the spiders inside her body. They continued to violate her, biting at her inner walls and intestines. They were forcing their way into her lungs and more had slipped into her stomach and were biting her innards.

Tears burned her eyes as she thrashed violently.

And then one of the shadow kin loomed over her. She froze in shock as it slammed its claws down on her shoulders and pinned her against the ground. An intense wave of lust burst across her senses as she stared into the black voids of its eyes.

She tried to reach out for it, to read its intentions but the squirming and biting infernals inside her body made it impossible to read thoughts. Instead, she looked up at it helplessly, unsure of why it pinned her to the ground.

The answer came soon enough as a massive black cock grew between their bodies. It was a meter long and shimmering black. The head was an arrowhead, a narrow point that looked like it was designed to impaled a tight orifice.

Her body shuddered at the sight of it, the lust rising up. The familiar sensation of wanting to surrender to being pinned grew up. This time, when she looked into the eyes of a creature she had created with her own energies, she knew that it was going to happen no matter what she did.

When the shadow kin drew his cock back, she fought against the agony of her insides and lifted her hips to meet it. The thick head, large no matter how sharp of an opening, slipped down along the valley of her slick vulva and then over the small bump to press against her sphincter.

Deep inside her body, the spider continued to gnaw.

She didn't know what it had in mind, but the unknown loomed over just as her child, her get, was prepared to impale her.

Black spots swimming her vision, she silently urged him to hurry up.

Powerful muscles gripped her tightly and his claws dug into her shoulders. Then her entire world exploded into pain and pleasure as the cock drove into her. It was thick, more than she thought it was. It tore open her sphincter and plunged deep into her body.

An explosion of pleasure coursing through her senses. It doubled when she felt the infernal spiders being crushed against the walls of her bowels, the girth impaling her grinding them violently as the shadow kin drew back and slammed its cock home again.

The crushed spiders twitched feebly against the icy hardness that impaled her. She could almost feel the energies crumbling under the pressure.

Merrie shuddered with her pleasure.

The shadow kin drew back and slammed it hard, ripping open her asshole even further and plunging deeper into her bowels. Its powerful claws dug into her shoulder as it put more of its weight on her, holding her tightly as it built up to powerful thrust. Every second, he rammed his cock deeper into her body.

She could feel her abdomen swelling from the spiders and cock impaling her. The sensation of being stuffed to her limits slammed into her, adding to the juices that poured out of her cunt and lubricated the pitch black shaft that impaled her.

A wave of giddiness rolled over her as the darkness encroached across her vision. She resumed her pawing at her throat. She tried to project to the shadow kin, to free her lungs before raping the spiders that had impaled her sphincter.

Something grabbed her head and tilted it back. She blinked past the black spots to see herself staring down the hard length of another cock. It was a second shadow kin, this one holding her skull firmly in place as it lined up its cock toward her mouth.

Her mind growing dull with suffocation and the storm of pleasure and pain from the first one, Merrie did the open thing she could think of: she opened her mouth wide.

The second shadow kin wasted no time in slamming its cock home. The thickness forced open her mouth as it drove into the back of her throat. Spiders were crushed against her inner walls as it pounded her face hard, tearing into her throat as it fucked her.

Merrie's world became nothing but the two cocks slamming into her and the growing desperation to breathe. She couldn't thick, her mind was a dazed swirl of sensations as she bucked against the two members. She could feel the spiders being crushed as her organs were stretched around the thick cocks, but the one impaling her throat pounded too fast for her to draw in even a single breath.

The first kin's balls slapped against her lust-slicked thighs. The cock head rammed against her diaphragm, adding to the pressure of the cock that drove into her mouth, down her esophagus, and was forcing its way toward her stomach. Her entire body swelled with the girth of the two shafts, the pressure growing intense with the tiny pops and crushes of spiders being destroyed.

Claws dug into her head as the second shadow kid drove deep into her. She saw the long shaft disappearing into her, felt it as it stretched open her throat, and then the strain of her body to contain it. The balls, three of them, swung toward her fast; they came closer with every stroke. The base of the shaft was even thicker and her jaw threatened to dislocate from the pressure.

Her body grew tight with pleasure. She was helplessly, impaled from both ends by two cock that rammed deep. Knowing that they were her own children, her shadow kin, only made it more intense as she willingly accepted their lengths.

Both kin's balls slammed against her as they buried their entire length into her body. She could feel every thick ridge and pulse of icy pleasure as they drew out and then rammed home again.

The spiders were crushed by the battering lengths that rammed into her. Even the ones in her pussy were crushed as she began nothing more than a cock sleeve for the two immense creatures fucking her.

It was almost impossible to concentrate. The spiders in her lungs were still there but it was the cock she was suffocating on, not their bodies. Violent tremors coursed through her body, reflexive actions as she tried to eject the cock that raped her throat with hard brutal strokes that threatened to tear open her insides.

The shadow kins pounded faster and hard, splatters of pre-cum pouring out of her ass and mouth. The icy liquid poured into her stomach and seeped into her lungs. She felt it corroding at the crafted bodies of the spider, dissolving them with energy-draining properties of th the Shadow.

Merrie twisted violently but the shadow kin pinned her tighter.

Tight claws dug into her throat, squeezing it around the cock that impaled her. The cock impaling her throat began to drive faster. His balls punched her face, the icy mounds of the three testicles beat against her face; each one was the size of Bass' fist. The impacts only punctuated with the tightness in her throat and the sensation of being impaled from lips to stomach by hard, unbendable cock.

The kin drove faster and faster, flooding her body with pre-cum as the cock swelled inside her. She felt it tear at her insides as it grew, stretching her throat further apart until the taste of blood flooded her mouth.

The shaft pounded her face.

The joints of her jaw threatened to dislocate. Her teeth scraped against the entire length of the shadow kin but it didn't seem to care or notice as it fucked her brutally.

The cock swelled to inhuman thickness and then exploded. A jet of icy cum blasted inside her stomach, swelling it instantly as her stomach grew. The pressure grew rapidly as she felt more jets of cum force its way down the shadow kin's cock.

It didn't stop thrusting and the cum poured out of her stomach and up into her esophagus. Icy liquid flooded across the plunging cock, lubricating it as it flooded up and into her lungs.

Almost instantly, the pitch-black cum of the shadow kin dissolved the spider bodies. The blessed coldness poured into every nook and cranny of her lungs. Her chest swelled with the pressure as she strained to keep her jaw from popping open.

The thick ridges of the cock scraped along her lips and throat, tracing their way down as the shadow kin continued to pump liters of cum deep into her body.

It took her a moment to realize that it was withdrawing withe very stroke. She couldn't see but she felt the hard jets of cum pulling back. It soaked her insides and then her lungs, and finally it was in her mouth, spraying out from her cheeks as the kin withdrew completely.

Confused, Merrie opened her mouth to beg for help but then the first shadow kin drove hard into her body. The cock head slammed against her diaphragm and a thick gout of cum was forced out of her lungs. It surged out of her mouth in a thick sheet of icy liquid.

When it withdrew, her lungs were pulled down and sweet air flooded into her lungs.

The brief moment of respite and fresh air was all it took to see off her orgasm. Pleasure exploded inside her as she inhaled sharply,t hen exhaled as the first cock worked her lungs. The cock drove deep, forcing her to exhaled. When it pulled out from her ass, she inhaled.

The helplessness of controlling her own breath was intense. Pleasure coursed along her senses as she cried out, gurgling from the cum that still flooded her lungs.

Her pussy clenched with the hard thrusts of the cock that impaled her. With the spiders gone or crushed, she sank into the icy liquid of the shadow kin's cum and let the pleasure washed over her. Her entire world focused on the shaft that impaled her asshole. Every ridge and bump traced its way along her insides, scraping at her raw skin and igniting her orgasm into higher limits.

She let her mind spread out with her pleasure. A ripple of ecstasy spread out from her, catching the inky darkness of the shadows that surrounded her . They came themselves, creatures of shadows coming from pleasure.

A wave of icy liquid, cum from a thousand creatures surrounding her, poured down. it traced through every centimeter of her skin, soaking her completely.

It also pushed her into another orgasm. She cried out, choking on the cock that forced cum from her lungs, and then sank into the pleasure.

The shadow kin slowed down. Instead of pounding her brutally, it slowed down into a sensual thrust that took meter-long strokes inside her spasming depths.

Merrie sank into the pleasure, moaning and letting out soft whimpers as orgasms rippled through her body. She smiling and looked into the black eyes that stared down at her.

Reaching out, she caressed both of the shadow kin's minds with a wave of thanks and love. She looked around at the other surrounding creatures; the shadowy beasts of the woods that had rescued her before. They were all fro her. She sent out a wave of love toward the shadow creatures, her children.

The first shadow kin slowly pulled his shaft out of her asshole. An explosion of cum followed faster it, pouring out on the ground in a thick puddle of black liquid.

Merrie slumped back. (Thank you.)

The love that came back warmed her heart. She panted in the last of her afterglow and thought about how to rescue the others.