Merrie woke up choking. Dazed from her fall into oblivion and the torments of her own mind, she assumed her inability to breathe came from having her face against a pillow or stuck in a pile of bodies.

She reached out to clear her face but her arm thudded against a muscular arm. The response from her impact was an immediate pain as powerful fingers dug deeper into the side of her neck and the pressure across her throat increased. She could feel more than hear the crunch of cartilage, the fracturing sound resonated across her body and sharp agonies burned in her throat.

Still blind and dazed from waking up, she flailed. Her bare arms and legs smacked against someone kneeling on her chest, crushing the edge of her ribs with their thighs as they bore down on her. Her shortened legs weren't enough to reach them but she couldn't stop the helpless flailing against a mattress and blankets.

She could beat her attacker with her arms, but her impacts weren't enough to dislodge the hands crushing her throat.

“You fucking bitch,” growled Tabitha with a blast of alcoholic breath. Her hands tightened and the cartilage cracked further. A sharp agony filled Merrie's throat as the drunk silfae continued to choke her.

Merrie's vision and senses came back into focus, the details filling in despite the burning agony in her lungs. She briefly saw that she was in a small, stone room but her attention was to the figure on top of her.

Tabitha was straddling her chest, tears running down her cheeks and a mask of rage on her face. Her hair was matted and still covered in blood. Fresh wounds still oozed, adding the stench of copper to the air along with the alcohol.

“… fucking killed him!” Tabitha's voice rose into a screaming slur. She shoved down with her body, crushing Merrie into the pillow underneath her head.

The sound of cracking cartilage turned into a pop as the delicate structure of Merrie's throat collapsed. The tightness in her throat became a wave of agony.

The pain pushed past the suffocation and her dazed thoughts enough for Merrie to come to her senses. Pushing herself past the pain, she drew on the darkness surrounding her and let it pour into her body. The icy comfort surged through her veins and filled up the aching depths of her soul.

She didn't need a spell to melt her body into darkness, it was almost innate after so many years. As soon as she could escape the hands around her throat, she poured off the bed and raced for the door.

As she did, Tabitha thumped loudly on the bed. Her hands clutched Merrie's pillow. Lifting up, she tore it in half. “I'll kill you, fucking bitch!” Her voice echoed loudly off the walls.

Tabitha rolled off the bed and transformed into a wolf. It was a large one and it dwarfed the tiny room Merrie was in.

Merrie could feel the stone underneath her as she started to flow out of the room but the hallway outside of the door was bright and painful. The streaks of magical light burned her shadows and she flinched away from it.

Tabitha landed on top of her, the magic wrapped around her body somehow pinning Merrie into place. She bit down, teeth scraping against stone but the energy in the bite ravaged Merrie's form; it was a killing spell that would have ended Merrie instantly if Tabitha had managed to bite into living flesh.

Merrie tried to flow away but the paws kept her pinned in place. The magic burned at her skin, not like light outside, but more of a chewing into her blackened body as it prevented her from escaping.

The sensation of being helpless while a shadow creature was unusual, but the rush of pleasure that came wasn't. It filled her with the pulsating ecstasy and a sense of longing. It poured into her being and spread out across her mystical nerves. She felt it sparkle along the ragged rents of her form and filled the gaping pit of despair in the back of her mind. It was a liquid orgasm that gave her hope and, more importantly, power.

With a fresh infusion of energy, she forced her body to take on a three-dimensional shape while transforming into a Bel Dark hound once again.

Tabitha snapped her head forward to bite down, the raw magic glowing in her teeth. She was aiming for Merrie's shoulder.

Merrie forced her body to keep her shoulder dissolved to avoid the blow while solidifying the rest of her form. She used the momentum of her growth to throw her weight into Tabitha's throat and chest. The impact shook both of them but it was enough to toss Tabitha across the room.

Before the snarling wolf could get back to her feet, Merrie regained hers. She consider shoving herself through the door and racing through the light to the nearest dark room but she didn't know where she was.

Tabitha leaped on the bed and growled. The sound shook the air and Merrie could feel Tabitha rapidly casting spells on herself. The taste of druidic magic filled the air, it was a suffocating pressure that scraped against Merrie's senses.

Merrie prepared her own spells, letting the darkness of the room seep into her body and mix with the pleasure that filled her. She drew the calligraphy across her mind and triggered the energies that would give her strength and speed.

She tried to summon her cloak to protect her but Tabitha attacked before the thoughts solidified. The wolf's jaws glowed with her cropping spell as she lunged for Merrie.

Merrie melted away.

Tabitha slammed into the wall. She hit it with a sickening crunch. With a snarl, she spun around. She charged forward with her mouth gaping open to bite down again.

Waiting for the last moment, Merrie jerked to the side and Tabitha crunched into the wall again. The smell of fresh blood filled the air.

Realizing the Tabitha wasn't fighting clearly, Merrie raced for the opposite side of the room and waited for the attack.

It came, a wild and drunken charge.

She dodged again, spinning around the kick at Tabitha as she raced by.

The wet thud and muted crack shot through the air. Tabitha slumped forward and left a dark smear on the wall before she hit the ground.

Merrie jumped on Tabitha and landed heavily on the silfae's back.

Tabitha groaned and tried to get up, her body shuddering from her injuries and a growl shaking her body.

Taking a short jump, Merrie landed on Tabitha and slammed Tabitha back to the ground. She jumped again, driving the weight of her Bel Dark form into the wolf underneath her. She wanted to lash out, to attack in kind, but held back. No matter what Tabitha did, she was still a friend.

Instead, she staggered off Tabitha and headed for the door. She couldn't face the light with her shadow form but she hoped her hound form would give her some protection. At the door, she took a deep breath and pawed it open.

The light was blinding and it burned her skin. She flinched back into the blessed darkness.

Tabitha groaned and tried to push herself up.

Merrie looked at her friend with a sense of sorrow. Tabitha was hurting, no doubt because of Dixie's death. Merrie couldn't help the druid, no with her own weak form. She also couldn't fight with Tabitha, one of them would die if they kept attacking.

Steeling herself against the pain, she rushed out of the room and down the hall. There were two doors on both sides but she saw a door straight ahead that looked like it was ajar. Her paws made no sound as she covered the distance in a few seconds. Her shoulder smacked hard on the wooden door and she burst inside. Her paws skittered against the floor and she thumped against the far wall before she could stop.

“Merrie!” said Bass as he stood up. It had been a long time she had seen the thriban and even longer since she saw him completely naked. The powerfully built man was like a human male but he was much broader and taller. His skin was a pale gray and covered with thousands of scars from a century of battles. Gray hairs covered his chest, highlighting the firm lines of well-defined pectorals and abdominal ridges.

Reflexively her eyes dropped to his crotch. His cock was half-hard, a swollen rod of manhood that stood away from his body. It was a gnarled length with a half-formed knot in the middle of his length. Her pussy clenched at the sight of it, she still remembered the first time she had seen it and the first time it was slammed into her pussy the night he kidnapped her. It was thick than her wrist and the large head at the tip would have dwarfed her own fist. Now, it was just a thick, swollen member that she forgot she had craved.

Underneath his massive cock, his two balls were huge. Covered in white hair over nearly black skin. Each one was the side of a melon and she knew that he could come liters while fucking for hours.

A snarl behind her tore Merrie away from her growing lust. Merrie spun around and backed away, preparing herself to use the wall behind her.

Bass jerked and looked at the door. “Is that Tabby?”

A snarl and the sound of a charging wolf echoed through the open door.

Merrie nodded and braced herself.

Bass kicked the door shut. The wooden door slammed into its frame less than a second before Tabitha hit it head first. The wet impact sent a sick surge through Merrie's stomach.

“Damn it, she's drunk.” Bass stepped forward. To Merrie's surprise, he came for her instead of heading for the door. His large hands easily scooped her up from the ground before he turned and lifted her over the bed.

Merrie let out a moan from the casual way he just took over her body. Her moan became a whimper when she saw that he had been buried under a lot of thick blankets. It formed a protective nest in the middle. Nestled against the edge was Sable, naked and helpless. Tears glittered on the older alpha's face.

Bass slid Merrie's massive form into the nest of blankets. “Keep her company,” he ordered.

Merrie shivered with pleasure as the transformation spell melted away. His rough fingers trailed along the smooth lines of her thighs and back before he released her. The very last touch was one finger tracing the line of her tail.

She looked up to see him push the blankets closer to both of them before striding for the door. He didn't bother getting dressed. The door creaked open. “Okay, you bitch, we have to talk,” he said in a low rumble of a voice. The door slammed shut behind him.

Merrie settled into place, spreading her knees for balance. Her tail rested against the ridge of blankets. She took a deep breath and took in the musky scents of Bass' manhood and Sable's pussy. She glanced at Sable but when the older woman turned her head so she was face down on the blankets, Merrie looked away.

Emotions radiated around Sable in a cloud of sorrow, fear, and desperation.

Tears burned in Merrie's eyes. It was her fault that Sable was afraid. It was her choice to make the alpha think she lost her master.

Unable to look at Sable, Merrie reached out for her with her mind.

Sable blocked the connection with a wall of sorrow and her natural shields. Her mind was wrapped too tightly around her cloud of despair. Merrie knew the despair too well, it had haunted her for years after losing Kine. Even though Sable didn't lost her master, the pain was just as real. Merrie could too easily remember the ragged emotional wounds that the lie had left behind.

Merrie had a similar injury in her own spirit, the rawness of losing a master even a temporary one like Dixie. The intimate connection she had to the Copir silfae was still deep when it snapped. She recalled the last moment with Dixie, that moment when the cancer finally ate through his heart and brain. The shock of his death, even in memory, threatened to encompass her thoughts and she struggled not to break down in a sob of her own.

The walls of the room shook when something powerful hit it. Both woman jumped at the sounds, the mattress shifting with their movements.

Merrie leaned forward until she pressed her face against the warm sheet and balanced on her knees. The pain she woke up to, the fall into oblivion, they were all a well-tread path in her life. She had lost another master, been closer than any lover at the point they died. Dixie's and Kine's memories and experiences were both inside her, raging along the rawness of the core of her being.

Her very nature—the ability to give everything to herself to grant her master power—had been torn out. It had almost destroyed her the first time but she managed to survive because of Haviston's geas. Now she was faced with it a second time and there was no magic protecting her from the despair.

To her surprise, though, the pit of darkness wasn't gaping inside her. It hurt, hurt more than anything she could comprehend, but the suicidal thoughts and sorrow wasn't. She knew she could survive because she had done it once before.

She peeked at Sable. The curvy woman was still face-down in the blankets. Sweat prickled her body as she curled her short arms and legs up against her body. The ends of her elbows barely reached her wide hips but the smooth end dug into the skin.

Merrie knew that Sable was hurting. Even though Merrie also suffered, she had already gone through it and survived. The years of agony still marked her but Sable, for her older age and skill, had never even had a hint of losing her master before that point.

Taking a deep breath, Merrie pushed down her pain and inched toward Sable.

Sable tensed, her legs shifting slightly to press her thighs together.

Merrie tried to reach out with her mind but Sable continued to block her. After a third attempt, Merrie inched closer until their bodies were only centimeters apart. “I-I'm…” Her voice ached to speech, telepathy was so much easier, “I'm sorry.”

Sable sniffed, her shoulders shaking.

“I didn't want to hurt you but I couldn't… I couldn't….” She thought about the endless things she could have done to save the others. She wondered if she could have braved the holy light to save them or managed to push back the pain long enough to stop the spiders. Maybe if she triggered the spiders sooner or didn't tell Dixie then they would all be alive.

Her throat swelled up with her sorrow. She inched until she could press her cheek against Sable's shoulder.

Sable tried to pull back again but she was pinned against the wall of blankets. She squirmed slightly, pressing out with her stubby arm but there was no strength behind it. The touch slid against Merrie's side before stopping against her ribs. The emotions leaking through Sable's shields assaulted Merrie, threatening to break her down into cries.

Merrie stroked her cheek, not looking at Sable but whispering through her hoarse throat. “I had to make a choice. I couldn't help you, not with your magic and mind. You were panicked, h-holding them off but not winning. It hurt me to ask Haviston to do it… to ask him to make—”

Sable tensed, every muscle in her body growing rock hard.

Merrie swallowed before saying something else. “It hurts. It hurts more than I can ever describe. W-When it happened to me, I was in a cage. Unable to escape, unable to get to Kine.”

The older alpha's movements stopped instantly.

The memories came back. Merrie started to explain them, not knowing why or what it would do to help. “It was our thing, he would cage me to make me wet. It was the day he proposed to Rimmy. They were so,” the tears were coming faster now as they splashed on Sable's shoulder, “happy. Years of struggle and they were finally going to be together. I was going to have two masters, two people to tell me what to do, to command me, to… to…”

“Dominate,” Sable whispered, her raspy voice choking on the word.

Merrie nodded and then let out a tear-filled snort. “Together, they almost made a good master. Neither really pushed me, neither could. They were lost in their own lives and I was a toy to play with, not one to dominate. And then the paladins came. A night of horror.”

Sable shifted slightly.

“I did everything I could but I couldn't reach them. I saw both of my masters die that night, right in front of me. When Kine died, he summoned the Lord of Shadows right into the room with us all. Everyone died except me: my master, my mistress, my pack, the paladins. I… I… when he died, he ripped my heart out. I wanted to go with him,” sobbed Merrie. “I wouldn't have begged but that damn geas almost killed me when I called out to him. I was bleeding and dying but I couldn't go with him.”

She curled up, leaning against Sable. Tears burned in her eyes. “And then, there was nothing. I tried to kill myself but the geas wouldn't let me. I tried to go to him but there was nothing. It was days, months, I don't remember, with me caught in a cage and slowly wasting away as I… I… kept remembering his death. I couldn't stop, it just kept going across my head in endless, painful details.”

Sable's arm hooked Merrie's neck. She rolled back away from Merrie, pulling her along.

Merrie obeyed the silent command, rolling with Sable until her back was pressed against Sable's large breasts and her buttocks were nestled into the nook of the older woman's hips.

“We missed you,” Sable said in her smoke and whiskey voice. It was a low rasp of a woman who rarely spoke with her throat. “When we heard, we tried everything to find you. We couldn't, not with the law saying we were bound not to enter the city.”

Merrie nodded and leaned back, still crying.

“One of us was always at the villages or at the keep, trying to find any shred of information. You were never at fault, love. We should have never let you go but we thought it was the best thing, you were going to be a beautiful alpha.”

Merrie sniffed and smiled. “We are beautiful alphas.”

Sable kissed her neck. Her cheeks were also wet with tears. “We are.”

“I'm sorry, Sable, I didn't want to lose you. I'm not good at fighting like you are. My powers, I-I don't always remember what I can use and how to use them. Most of it is instinct, it just works but then after I realize I could have done it—”

“It's okay. It's okay.” Sable punctuated the sentences with tiny kisses. “Your master wasn't a warrior. He was a thief, right? He worked in Shadows, flowing around instead of charging forward. He didn't need strategy, did he?”

Merrie couldn't help but giggle. Kine was a very talented thief but he was a terrible planner. That was Rimmy's job. “No… he wasn't good at plans. They usually drank and fucked away everything they got. Not like Rakin.”

Sable stopped kissing her and her body stiffened. “At least he was never your master.”

Merrie's thoughts drifted to when Rakin had captured her. “He almost was.”

The wind sucked past Merrie's ear as Sable inhaled. “We know that he kidnapped you. That ended with his arrest and sentencing to Abbinkey Prison, right? When did he… could he bond with you?”

Merrie lifted one arm to her black collar. “This. He bribed a god to turn it into an alpha's bond, my bond. An artifact that would take a god to remove. It duplicates the bond almost perfectly, except there would be no escape. He kidnapped me because he was going to collar me.”

A heat fluttered to life deep inside her body. She fought against it, she was in agony and pain and trying to help Sable, not tease herself into an orgasm.

“Oh, poor baby.” Sable kissed her on the shoulder again.

The words started to flow. Merrie could easily recall Rakin's attempt to break her down, to fuck her into submission and beat her senseless. He had everything planned masterfully, prepared for every magical and psionic power she had. Once he broke her down, he was going to use the collar on her and she would be his until the end of time.

The heat inside her fluttered faster and she felt her nether lips growing slick. For all the brutality and beating, her helplessness was just as intense as the moments when she bonded with every master she had. Rakin was a master, a true master for a true submissive. He was also a power-mad warlord capable of destroying the known world.

The magic of the collar was beyond most mortal limits. People were slaughtered to have access to her, not only for her natural ability to magnify her master's powers but also the high-level spells inside it. Her near immortality and regeneration was one thing, but the absolute control her master had over her would make her the envy of any.

It would have been the ultimate bondage, an inescapable tie that she could never escape. It would be a rape that never ended, a surrender that would set her on a constant edge of excitement and lust knowing that she was a slave to the owner.

Realizing that she was getting slicker and her breath was coming faster, Merrie tried to stir her thoughts away.

Sable moaned softly as her kissing became a nip. “You are getting turned on. Tell me? Tell me how he did it? What did he do?” There was a longing in her voice.

Merrie clenched her thighs together, enjoying the tingle of excitement that danced along her senses. She gulped and then started as close as she could from the beginning. “His men ambushed us at night. It was a brief fight but it ended when he tried to grab Nir and me. He was going to use her to force me into obeying. If I didn't, he would torture her.”

“Bastard,” whispered Sable. Her nipples were hard against Merrie's back. As much as Rakin was a threat to everyone, she was also the only one to experience his dominating force besides Merrie. She was reliving her own torture at his hand from so many years ago.

Panting softly, Merrie forced herself to tell the story. “I managed to use my clock to pull her free when he teleported, but that meant it was only me when we appeared in this brick room…”

It felt like hours as she told the story of how Rakin raped her in the cell while preventing her from using her powers. He fucked her repeatedly, pushing her to an orgasm before going again. It was a brutal rape when she realized that if he left her prison cell, he was going to use the collar to bind her. She managed to keep him there, pushing the limits of his rage and anger until they were hate fucking to the very limits of their minds and bodies.

When it was over, they were both bloodied and broken. Both of their sources of power, Merrie's despair and Rakin's rage, and been burnt out. Rakin's cock had been twisted and ruined beyond all use, endless orgasms driven first by his rage, then his pride, and then her desperate mind control had pushed him beyond even his considerable limits.

By the time she was finished telling her story, her tears were dried but she was wet with excitement. She went into too much detail of their fucking and she felt the familiar cravings plucking at her senses.

Sable moaned and nipped her shoulder. She slid her short arm down over Merrie's breasts to tease the aching nipples. The touch sent electric sparks along Merrie's skin.

The older woman breathed heavily, the heat washing over Merrie's sensitive ears. “I could never be with anyone but my master, but if I could… if things were different, he would have been a glorious master.”

In the warmth of the blankets, Merrie could smell both of their pussies in the air. They were both excited from the story as they both recalled their submissions to Rakin before they escaped.

Merrie turned her head to look at Sable. “Do you miss him?”

Sable worried her lip. (Yes,) came the telepathic reply. It was raw and powerful, a lust-tinged thought. To her surprise, it also had no echoes of Bass' voice in it.

Merrie's eyes widened with surprise.

Sable blushed and ducked her head. (Sometimes, when we aren't thinking, I remember him. He used to hold my head down when he fucked me. I… I couldn't move away, my legs were unable to prevent him as he raped me.)

Images came flooding through the connection, hazy and almost forgotten but polished as an ancient fantasy.

Sable tried to pry herself off the cold ground but she couldn't escape the rocks or even the hands that held her down. Her short limbs, still uncomfortable from being cropped, flailed against the ground. She couldn't get them underneath her and her efforts only bucked her naked body up against the hard cock that speared her asshole with brutal efficiency.

Rakin grunted as he leaned into her, almost crushing his head. HIs cock was a burning pole as he violated her ass. His hips crushed her tail with each short, powerful stroke that slammed her body into the ground and drove his length deep into her body.

He had been fucking her for almost an hour without stop. The source of his anger was in front of Sable, choking out the last of his life's blood as he watched with wide-eyed horror. His cut throat no longer sprayed Sable with every spurt but she could see that Rakin was somehow keeping him alive until he came deep inside her.

Sable sobbed as she watched him, lost in agony of her violation but also choking under the intensity as she tried to escape. He was controlling her, he was dominating her. No matter how much she wished she was back in her master's arms, there was nothing to compare to how easily he used her for his own angry lusts.

Merrie broke the connection with a gasp for breath. Her own body was humming with excitement as the images continued to roll through her head. She felt the same hunger as before, to have a master drive her into the ground, pin her like his own personal fuck hole, and pound her body until she cried out in pleasure.

Sable panted herself, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

Merrie rolled over, her thigh squelching with her lust. She settled back into place and reached up with her arm and brushed the smooth end of her wrist against Sable's dry cheek. (I'm sorry.)

There was an intimacy with the telepathic communication that no words could ever breach. She knew that was why Sable didn't want to let her in at first, it was hard to lie with emotions. She sniffed. (I would never hurt you if I thought there was a choice.)

Sable reached up with her own but her arm wouldn't reach Merrie's face. She rested it on the swell of Merrie's breast. Her upper leg tilted into her, resting in the soaked gap between Merrie's thighs. The impact sent tiny currents of pleasure coursing along Merrie's skin. (I know. It hurts so much. Every time I touch him, I think about how I thought I lost him. I almost died at just… just the thought of losing him.)

The raw emotions came through the connection, pummeling Merrie's thoughts. It was agonizing and painful but without images. It was the same sensation of having the link snap when Kine died. Haviston must have used her memories to simulate the broken connection. But experiencing it through another's memories made it almost impossible to pull away.

Tears sparkled in Merrie's eyes. (I'm sorry.)

Sable smiled sadly back at her and then reached up to kiss her. Both of their breasts, slick with their sweat, slid against each other. Merrie could feel her aching nipples caressing Sable's skin while the hard points of the other alpha traced along hers.

Their kiss was delicate and touching, a caress of softness that quickly became something more passionate. Sable's tongue flashed first, teasing Merrie's mouth open. Merrie answered with her own, losing herself in the caress of their bodies and the kiss. Their mental connection grew deeper, not to the point of bonding, but almost as close.

Merrie didn't have a conscious thought when she lifted her knee to slid against Sable's soft pussy but that wouldn't surprise her. She was an alpha, she knew what her lover wanted before her lover did. Sable's pussy was bare, that was the way her master loved it. Merrie's knee easily slid into the wet folds and she stroked against the heated liquid that coated her skin.

Only a heartbeat later, Sable broke the kiss. Her lips peppered along Merrie's chin as she worked down to the sensitive point where the shoulders and neck met. The tiny kisses and nip invoked moans from Merrie's lips as she shuddered with pleasure.

Sable's leg continued to stroke against Merrie's pussy. It was shorter and thicker, but Sable had been cropped for many years and she expertly stroked it directly against Merrie's clitoris while teasing her opening. The thickness brought surges of pleasure to dance along Merrie's nerves as she moaned louder.

No words were needed as they shifted their bodies against each other. Merrie broke the embrace to lift herself to her knees and then down opposite of Sable. The sweet smell of pussy surrounded her as she delved her head in between Sable's thighs and lapped at the soaked folds.

Sable wasted no time of her own as she did the same. Her mouth was sure as it caught Merrie's clitoris and sucked on it.

Moaning, Merrie lapped at Sable's cunt, swirling her entire face in the soaked folds as she lapped at the hard clitoris and the opening below it. She even teased along the wrinkled opening of Sable's asshole. Her mouth only stopped at the soaked fur of Sable's tail as it curled over her with Sable's pleasure.

Sable lapped harder as she ground her breasts into Merrie's belly. The hard nipples traced little circles with every movement as she bucked her hips into Merrie's face and plastered her lips over Merrie's pussy. Her tongue was sure and strong as she lapped hard and fast, drinking from Merrie's cunt as much as she was licking.

Merrie grinned at the idea of Sable drinking from a water bowl. (Like a dog?)

Sable chuckled and lapped harder. (Like a proper bitch, now get going yourself.)

The little command, though in jest, brought a surge of heat. Merrie delved her face and gulped down the juices flooding out of Sable's cunt. She slurped and ground her face in, not caring that it was soaking her hair, ears, and throat. It tasted like it should, the slightly tangy sweetness of a beautiful pussy.

The pain of Merrie's thoughts faded as she sank into Sable's mind, sharing the pleasure as much as the alpha gave back the same. It was a circuit of them, a wave of pleasure that swelled from Sable's thoughts, washed through Merrie's, and then flooded back to Sable. With every repetition, it grew stronger as they began to share the same growing orgasm.

The pussy under her mouth grew wetter and liquid. Juices flowed down Merrie's face as she tried to keep up, driving more of her face and tongue into the soaked hole.

Their orgasm continued to build, gathering in pleasure as they shared it between the two of them. Soon it was stealing her breath away and Merrie had to strain to keep lapping at the pussy that threatened to drown her. She gripped Sable's strong buttocks with both hands as she drove her face down, lapping and slurping with all her might.

Pleasure grew rapidly, magnified with every passing second. Soon Merrie was rocking her hips into Sable's face with hard strokes while Sable did the same for her. They were both lapping and sucking.

The orgasm ignited in both of their minds at the same time. For Sable, it came as a burning explosion of pleasure that locked her entire body. An explosion of juices poured into her mouth and squirted out of her lips. It surged hotly against her face and shoulders before pouring out onto the mattress.

Merrie's orgasm did the same to her, freezing her body and sending every nerve into overload. The orgasm rippled along her nerves, setting each one on fire, as her muscles strained to keep her in place. It assaulted her mind and body with the intensity.

But when Sable's pleasure seeped into her own, Merrie redoubled it and sent it back, setting off an explosion of ecstasy in the other alpha. It came back magnified even more, bouncing back and forth between the two women until it started to hurt.

Sable whimpered, the noise muffled by Merrie's clamped thighs and soaked pussy.

Merrie couldn't take it much longer herself. She let out a cry and it exploded from her mind, spreading out in a wave of orgasm that would affect every submissive around her.

As the surrounding building lit up with cries of pleasure, she felt a thousand orgasms exploding along the hallways of the keep and then in the city beyond it. There were so many people in close quarters, all of them vulnerable to the overwhelming pleasure of her orgasm.

Each one of the other orgasms rippled back to her, a mystical connection to the one who invoked it. It slammed into Merrie as an intense wave that pummeled her mind and ignited more pleasure. She took it and cried out, choking on the fluids that poured down her throat. She shuddered as she came again and again.

Each orgasm blasted out of her and into her surroundings. She cried out as she lost control of her body. She was choking and spasming and shaking but it was a glorious wave of pleasure that continued to fill her with ecstasy.

(Merrie! You need to stop.) It was Haviston's thoughts in her mind.

Lost in the daze of pleasure, Merrie could only do one thing. She reached out for the collar and poured her orgasm into the connection. The collar could store power in it, but Merrie never knew how much.

As powerful as the orgasm was, building up from the pleasure around her and the alpha in her embrace, it was instantly snuffed as the collar sucked it up and drained her completely.

Merrie peeled her face from the soaked cunt and let out a gasp of breath.

(Fuck,) moaned Sable. (I forgot how powerful your orgasms were.)

Merrie panted and rolled on her back. She shivered with the intense afterglow that shook her body.

Sable, trembling, lifted herself up and turned around. She plopped next to Merrie and kissed her. Her face and body were soaked with Merrie's juices. (Thank you. Thank you for saving my master, thank you for being so sweet and sexy. Thank you for everything, my sweet little bitch.)

There was still a haunted tone in her voice, the agony of losing her master, but it was briefly sated by their pleasure.

Merrie kissed her back. (I'm sorry—)

(No, don't ever say that.)

Merrie nodded. (Then, you're welcome.)

Sable's eyes glittered. (You did get my master pretty horny though.)

She nodded above Merrie.

Merrie lifted her head to see Bass standing at the foot of the bed, his cock hard and throbbing. The glorious length was easily thirty centimeters long and thicker than Merrie's thigh. Thick veins pulsed along its length, spreading out from the thick knot that lodged itself in the middle of his length.

Sable kissed Merrie's throat. (He wants both of us right now, but I don't think I can. Do you think you'd like to feel him inside you?) There was a playfulness in her thoughts, she already knew the answer.

Merrie moaned. It had been years since he fucked her. She remembered the sweetness but also hardness inside her. She nodded.

Bass' yellowed eyes were wide as he crawled on the bed. His weight sank the mattress and tilted Merrie toward him. She slipped through the wet spot created by Sable's and her orgasms. He held out his hand as he planted both knees on the edge.

Merrie reached out for him but she stopped a meter shy.

He didn't seem to care as he reached out with one large hand. He stroked along her throat, breasts, and stomach. The thick, rough fingers were delicate and teasing as he curled two fingers into the aching opening of her pussy and then pulled her closer.

Being moved like a common object sent an intense wave of lust coursing through her body. Merrie opened her mouth as she was drawn between his legs. She kissed his cock as it passed and then clamped her mouth on the side, tasting the musky hardness that had teased her memories for years. He was thick and hot, a swollen length that jumped against her lips.

“Fuck,” he said in a low rumble that shook her body. He pumped his fingers into her pussy, stretching it open. Each one of his digits was easily as thick as a normal human's cock. The two together strained her limits but it wasn't enough to take his length.

She kissed and caressed his cock, exploring it with her lips and nose. She loved the smell of it, hardness and musk. Even the thick patch of black hair at his base had the scent clinging to it. She buried her face between his two thick balls and drank in the scents.

Bass pumped harder, driving his digits into her slick channel. Her legs quivered when his knuckles smacked against her perineum and his thumb crushed her clitoris. He drove it in deep, twisting slightly as he eased her open.

He was going to fuck her. Merrie moaned louder and sucked on one ball. She was unable to get the large nut into her mouth but he seemed content to have her suckling on it. His testicle jumped at the touch and ground against her face, suffocating her with their swollen; they were full and ready to pour into her as soon as she could take his length.

Bass chuckled. A third finger curled into the space between her legs.

Merrie spread her thighs as wide as they would go. Her excitement grew higher as she anticipated the discomfort of having three fingers plunged into her pussy. She mouthed his ball.

He drove his finger in with his considerable strength. Her opening and inner walls protested the intrusion but there was no stopping him as he forced his digits to the first knuckles into her spasming tunnel.

Bass planted his other hand against her breasts, pinning her to the mattress as he forced his fingers to the second joint into her. The thickness was overwhelming but he pulled out and jammed it back into her liquid depths.

Merrie cried out into his testicle as she came. The pain of intrusion was nothing compared to rush of the submission and the anticipation of his cock buried deep into her cunt. She broke her embrace and lifted her head to suck on the side of his cock. Reaching up, she added her hands to slid his entire, ridged length between the skin of her wrists.

Bass' moan shook her world. He yanked his fingers out and then jammed them deep into her.

She shuddered with the pleasure, her hips rising up to meet each thrust of his fingers as he pounded his digits into her. The tightness of her cunt quickly loosened up as he drove deeper with every stroke. Soon his knuckles were punching against her skin, a splash noise filling the air as he drove them deep.

Merrie came again on his fingers, crying out into his glorious cock as she lost herself into his pleasure.

Bass continued to drive his fingers into her until she experienced another orgasm before pulling his dripping digits out. Merrie looked up past his throbbing length, almost black with his excitement, to where he fed his fingers to Sable who moaned as she lapped them up.

Sable was in a begging position, on her knees spread far apart and the severed ends of her arm up as close to her throat as possible. Her tail, the same color as her namesake, wagged back and forth as she gulped and cleaned each finger in turn.

Bass chuckled and looked down. “You are beautiful, Bitch.”

Merrie smiled.

The smile faded when Bass reached down and yanked her free. He spun her around and slammed her back against the mattress.

A surge of lust raced through Merrie. She cried out and pressed her thighs together, not sure why she did it until he jammed his hands between them and pried them apart. The submission, the act of resisting, was what he wanted as she fought back helplessly as he dug his thumbs into her thighs and lifted her ass from the mattress.

Her pussy lifted until it was positioned right at the tip of his thick cock. The head was swollen and dripping, a river of pre-cum that had coated Merrie's chest and the blanket below. It splashed hotly against her thighs as he took a deep breath.

Merrie didn't have to wait long. Bass slammed it hard with no pretense of being kind and gentle. His cock punched her pussy with the force of a hammer blow, ripping it open and driving deep into her pussy.

The shock of being penetrated so hard sent an explosion of lust burning through her body. She cried out into anther orgasm as he buried half of his length into her with a single thrust. The knot in the middle punched her pussy, crushing her vulva with the hard thrust.

Sable moaned with her own pleasure. (You like it hard.)

Merrie moaned and came on the cock. It was so thick and hot and hard. IT filled her up completely, stretching her inner walls with waves of pleasure as her insides molded around his length.

Bass grunted and pulled back until only the head was lodged inside her. The movement caused her inner lips to cling to each vein as it pulled out of her, a ripple of pleasure that would never stop.

He punched inside her again, driving deep into her liquid depths until his cock slammed against her vulva. She felt the impact through her bones and a flash of agony. It quickly dissipated under the intense pleasure that came from being filled once again. His cock was so hard and hot. Every stroke filled her insides with his hot pre-cum until it poured out from her tightly stretched opening.

Bass began to hammer into her, slamming into her with hard, powerful strokes. His cock drove deep into her pussy, setting off countless orgasms, as his cock punched against her opening. The slickness of his pre-cum and her own excitement caused it to force itself into her opening, stretching her painfully opening as it began to impale herself with every stroke.

She cried out, begging for more but unable to use words. She knew that Sable would communicate her lusts, so she only pawed at his muscular chest and begged for him to keep going, to use her until he was sated.

Bass never stopped. His body grew slick with sweat as he drove into her repeatedly, slamming hard and fast until the entire bed rattled against the wall. His knot hammered into her opening until it was stretched around it. It felt like a fist that drove into her opening and pulled out.

Finally, the knot slipped inside with a brief respite of pleasure.

Then Bass ripped it out of her cunt and drove it back inside. He punched it harder and faster, driving more and more of his cock into her pussy until she felt it driving against her cervix. The pain and pleasure blended together into an ecstasy that ravaged her insides. She couldn't count the orgasms that tore through her, it didn't matter. All she wanted was to feel his entire length inside her, his balls pressed against her ass and the patch of hair at his base scratching her swollen and abused pussy.

The thick ridges of his cock slid up and down her length, ripping along her sensitive insides in endless ripples of pleasure. She could barely concentrate as she felt her mind fracturing under the onslaught of pleasure and ecstasy. She jerked but her body was impaled by his cock, she couldn't move until he wanted to.

Bass growled as he pounded into her, forcing more and more of his cock into her tight pussy. She felt her insides stretching and straining, she couldn't take much more as she was pulled taunt along his entire massive cock. Her stomach swelled with every thrust and she felt it ramming against her insides, shifting them aside as he dominated her cunt like a true master.

“Don't. You. Fucking. Make. Others. Come!” snarled Bass. He punched his cock into her willing body with every word, driving it home until his balls smacked against her thighs. She could feel every centimeter of thick ridges and knot sliding against her insides in delicious pleasure before he pulled out.

His pre-cum continued to pour out of him before spewing out of her gaping hole. It flooded the mattress, soaking blankets and sheet in a wide puddle.

“If Sable comes, I. Will. Punish. You!” he said with a powerful thrust that drove Merrie up the length of the bed and smacked her head against the headboard.

She braced herself on the wall but it was hard to do anything with the cock jackhammering into her pussy, swelling her entire body up as she became nothing more than a hole to fuck and a sleeve for his length. She lost herself in orgasms, basking in the liquid pleasure that flowed through her veins. It was too much for her, she cried out again and again, her voice raising into a howl that she knew everyone could hear.

Another orgasm began to rise up, punctuated by smaller ones. It rose like a wave and threatened to consume her thoughts. She concentrated on it, enjoying the intensity as it rose up. It would spread out across the countryside if she let it go, but she knew that she could easily channel it into the collar and use the energy later.

But that wasn't what he wanted. She smiled and reached out for Sable.

Sable tensed briefly and then moaned as the pleasure rose between them.

The cock inside her swelled immensely, stretching her painfully apart as the knot almost doubled in girth. Even Bass had trouble yanking it out of her cunt as he gave a few last strokes.

Merrie brought the connection from Sable into her collar. Only one other person would experience her pleasure.

Bass let out a roar and exploded with his own orgasm. Cum exploded from his cock with the force of a fireball, painting her insides before filling her completely. The searing hot liquid flooded her pussy until it reached her knot which kept it inside her. There was only one place for it to go and she felt every surge of cum shot deep into her womb, flooding her completely as her belly swelled up.

The orgasm exploded inside her. She channeled it into Sable and the other alpha fell to the pillows as the orgasm ravaged her body. It reflected back redoubled but Merrie just accepted it and then channeled it into the collar, letting the circuit of pleasure caress against her nerves and senses before being sucked away.

Bass tried to fuck her still but his cock was pinned in place. His movements only dragged Merrie back and forth on the bed for a few more times before he finished pumping his cock deep into her depths. Her uterus and womb were completely filled and her belly looked like she was months pregnant. It felt good, an intense pleasure that radiated along her senses as she looked down at her rounded belly.

“F-Fuck…” gasped Bass. He shook with his afterglow, his yellowed eyes glazed over from his pleasure. She could sense his thoughts, he was going to hold it there until he softened.

Merrie didn't want that. She moaned and spread her legs as wide as they would go. (Rip it out.)

For a moment, the roughness of Bass melted away to the kind-hearted thriban underneath. He didn't want to hurt her, he loved her.

Merrie shuddered with anticipation. She reached out with her mind and repeated her order, her request.

Sable came again, thrashing on the bed from his thoughts and the last of her pleasure.

Bass reached down to her thighs. He wrapped his powerful digits around Merrie's waist and along her swollen belly.

Merrie moaned, her hips rocking around his steel-hard cock that impaled her completely. She panted as she steeled herself for the pain.

With a roar, Bass crushed her stomach and then yanked his cock out of her with a single powerful blow. The swollen knot punched against her insides before cracking bone. It burst out of her pussy in an explosion of cum that painted Bass' thighs with his own seed.

Merrie screamed in pleasure, losing herself in ecstasy as the pleasure and pain blurred into each other, sending her into the heights of intensity that she craved so much. She let it rip through her veins, as a white-hot explosion of fire. It burned her, suffocated her, and centered her entire world on her ruined cunt but she didn't care. It filled her completely and she blossomed under the assault of her senses.

Cum continued to pour of her pussy as her belly sank down. It was a thick river that poured out onto the mattress, soaking it instantly, before splashing down on the floor. The sound of dripping cum filled the air as the scent of it tickled her senses.

She shuddered and came gain, enjoying how her pussy gaped open after being assaulted so powerfully. She gasped and slumped back, her body slick with sweat and the afterglow humming through her body. With an effort, she tried to close her legs but nothing works.

Instead, she let her body sink into the soaked mattress. A smile crossed her lips. (Thank you,) she sent to both of them.

“You were a bad girl,” said Bass with a low growl.

Merrie moaned and nodded. (Yes.)

Sable slithered against Merrie and sank down. Her body was covered in sweat. (You were beautiful.)

Merrie stared into her eyes. (I'm sorry I stole him.)

Sable kissed her back. She wrapped one arm around Merrie's sweat-soaked breast. (You didn't steal him, we shared you. I haven't had such pleasure since the last time you were here.)

Bass groaned as he crawled off the bed. The mattress jumped when his weight no longer pinned it. “Better find drier quarters.”

Sable perked up. (She was a bad girl—)

Merrie shivered at the pleasure of being called a bad girl.

(—make her sleep in the wet spot.)

Bass looked down and chuckled. “The entire thing is a wet spot. Come on, we'll go back to her room.”

Before Merrie could move, Bass reached over and scooped her cum-soaked body and Sable's slick one and picked them up. When Merrie was crushed against his muscular check, she let out a sigh of pleasure and sank into his grip. It felt good to be held by someone willing to do anything for her.

Her pussy continued to drip cum. It splattered against the ground, leaving a trail of white globs, as he carried both of them out of the room and down the hall.

Merrie saw blood on the walls but said nothing. Tabitha was obviously not going to attack again but she felt in the back of her head that Bass was making sure by keeping her close. For a moment, she wondered if she should have held her own against the druid but then realized that she liked being taken care of for once. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed the pleasure and company of a master, a true master, that wasn't her own fantasies.