Merrie let out a happy moan as she woke. She didn't have to open her eyes to feel Sable's naked body against her left side and Bass on her right. The warmth from both of their bodies washed over her with every breath.

The other alpha had one short leg and her breast hooked up on Merrie's body, pinning her effectively against the solid ridge of Bass' chest and thighs. Sable's hard nipple poked at the side of Merrie's breast, the heat seeming to gather on it. Slowly, Sable ran her leg along Merrie's. The short length didn't give her much angle or the ability to hook, but Merrie loved the touch of bare pussy that tickled against her thigh as Sable ran her leg up and down.

Merrie cracked open one eye and looked at Sable.

Sable's dark hair was plastered to her face, probably from the dried cum from the night before. Her eyes were closed but she had a smile on her lips. The smile grew wider as she lifted her body and freed her tail from the blankets. The movement was sensual, seductive; it was exactly what brought a flutter to Merrie's heart. The movement also dragged her moist pussy along Merrie's skin until it settled into place right above Merrie's knee. She rocked back and forth, spreading her vulva open with slow movements.

Merrie closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations. She flexed the muscles of her leg and ground her thigh into Sable's pussy.

The flood of moisture that smeared against her skin encouraged Merrie to put more pressure against the grinding alpha on her leg. Her effort pushed her back against Bass, her shoulder resting against his rock-hard muscle. She considered pressing her back firm against the ridges of his body but didn't, she wanted to give Sable as much room as she wanted to hump her leg. Merrie compromised by angling her body against Bass' sleeping form and keeping one leg.

Sable moved with Merrie, she kept perfectly in balance and her rocking never paused. By the time Merrie settled into place, Sable was once again humping her leg as she smeared pussy juices along Merrie's leg. Every stroke ended in a moan.

Merrie reached up with her one arm, pressing the smooth end of her wrist against Sable's breast and nipple. She smiled as she stroked Sable, enjoying the pleasure as the older alpha worked her pussy higher.

Soon, Sable's pubic mound was grinding against Merrie's. Their slick, hairless folds caressed each other and the steady movement and wetness brought a surge of pleasure coursing through Merrie's body.

Sable leaned against Merrie, her short arms on each side of Merrie's neck for balance. Even with her eyes closed, Merrie could feel Sable's attention on her as the woman humped her leg and ground her cunt against Merrie's. The slick pleasure rose and fell with every movement and the only sound that punctuated the slurping was their panting.

Merrie reached up with her other arm to hold Sable. She arched her pussy to press her soaked folds against Sable's wet ones. The pressure and pleasure of their sexes driving together sent bolts of pleasure crawling through her body. It was hard work, grinding and thrusting, but the way their bodies seemed to move perfectly together, driving by the alpha's telepathy, brought more pleasure with every passing second.

Neither the alpha nor omega were in a hurry for an orgasm. It was a slow but pleasurable progress as their hips rocked back and forth. They ground faster and harder, straining as the pleasure built up into a lazy orgasm that swelled instead of sparked. It wasn't until it was about to crest that both began to frantically grind their cunts together.

Merrie gasped as she came, the flood of juices soaking their thighs and the sheet below them as they jammed into each other, scissoring their legs around each other as they jerked and shuddered with their own orgasms.

Despite her orgasm, Merrie managed to keep her pleasure inside herself. She felt a little proud of that, obeying Bass' words from the night before. Her tail thumped against the mattress as she reached up for Sable to pull her down.

Instead of sinking into Merrie's arms, Sable lifted her body slightly.

Merrie looked down curiously. Strands of juices clung to their bodies, connecting the splayed folds of their pussies together. The sight and heat of their swollen lips brought a soft moan to Merrie's lips. She looked up, unsure of why Sable lifted instead of settled down.

The answer came almost instantly as Bass eased his cock between their bodies. The gray shaft was almost black with his excitement. The gnarled length traced the line of Merrie's sensitive slit and pushed along it, teasing her with the thick ridges and bumps.

He stopped when his knot settled against her pussy. It seemed to slid into the opening, splaying open her labia and nestling into the wet hole. The pressure and heat radiated across her senses, a thousand little sparks of pleasure coursing along her nerves.

Sable panted softly as she lowered her body, trapping his cock between both Merrie's and her pussies. The pressure of her body ground the knot against Merrie's clitoris before it slid back into the opening of her being. She rocked forward, rolling the thick member against Merrie who could only moan in pleasure.

Still sensitive from her first orgasm, Merrie rotated her hips.

His knot slipped around her wet fuck hole like a joint.

She pulled off it enough to slid her sex up and down his length, painting his black shaft with her juices.

Sable did the same from the other side, adding his musky scent to the sweetness of both of their pussies.

Bass reached underneath Merrie, lifting her up easily as he burrowed his hand underneath her armpit. The thick muscles ran along the bottom edge of her breast as he curled his hand over and cupped her opposite tit. The thick, scarred fingers could easily hold both of her tits, but he grabbed a single one and rolled it between his fingertips.

Pleasure rippled along Merrie's senses. She felt caught and helpless, sensations that added to the growing lust that burned between her legs. She clung to Sable's hips and pulled her tight against her body.

Bass tightened his arm underneath her body, pinning her in place as his hips drove his cock between their bodies. She could feel the matted hair at the base thump against her buttocks as he crushed her tail between their bodies. He was already slick from their juices.

She loved his strength. It was irresistible and powerful. He could snap her spine with only a surge of strength but he would be using that power to only drive his cock deep into her body. His hot breath burned the back of her neck and she moaned at the sparkles of pleasure that radiated along her skin.

Sable leaned over Bass's arm and kissed Merrie. Her thoughts were pulsating with lust but she made no effort to project her thoughts. The wave of love and affection sank into Merrie's mind, spreading like wet fingers across her consciousness.

Bass crushed Merrie's breast, grinding it between his powerful fingers.

She moaned, her body jerking with a tiny orgasm that rippled through her senses. She clamped her legs tightly around his cock, wishing it was buried inside her.

He chuckled and pressed his thick lips to her ear. “You want me inside you?”

Merrie moaned, shivering with anticipation.

“Say it, Bitch.”

She gulped. “Yes,” she gasped. “Inside me.”

“Then get me to come first. I want to mark you.” He thrust his cock between Merrie's and Sable's body with a short thrust. The heat radiated from his length and seeped into her skin.

She nodded and thrust her hips along his cock. She soaked his length with her pussy, moving her cool body up against his length.

On the other side, Sable did the same but her skin was searing hot compared to Merrie's icy darkness. Her short legs easily kept the pressure on his cock as they both slid from his base, over his knot, and then to the tip.

Bass moaned and gripped Merrie's hip tightly, pinning her in place as he thrust in time with their movements. His cock pulsed with heat and pressure as he drove it between their pussies as much as they rode him.

Merrie lost herself on knot that rolled against her pussy and crushed her clitoris. The wet pressure and hardness pushed against all of her buttons, wonderfully smashing her body tightly. The little sparks of discomfort adding to her pleasure.

Sweat prickled her skin as she rocked her body with hits, crushing herself against his powerful arms before shoving back against the hard-muscled chest. With every stroke, Sable's soft body ground against her own, adding an overwhelming heat to envelop Merrie's icy body.

“You were a bad little bitch,” Bass whispered as he drove faster into her body. His hips smacked loudly against Merrie's buttocks. The sweat between their bodies caused their skin to cling together for only a moment but that didn't stop him from driving his cock hard against her body.

Merrie gasped at his words. She was a bad girl and he was going to punish her.

His cock grew thicker and harder. The heat rolled off it as the knot swelled.

Merrie and Sable both increased their pressure around it, forcing Bass to strain more as he shoved his cock between the tight, soaked lips of their bodies. The knot thump against Merrie's asshole, pussy, and clitoris with intense pressure.

Bass groaned and gripped her tighter, crushing her body.

Merrie cried out as she came on his cock, flooding the junction of their three bodies with her juices.

Sable came again only a heartbeat later.

“Fuck,” growled Bass in a tone that shook through Merrie's body. His cock swelled for a moment and then shot out a huge stream of cum across Merrie's body and the blankets. It splattered the blankets in a jet, liters of it pouring out. When he pulled back, it sluiced down Merrie's thighs and stomach before jetting directly against her cunt and clitoris before he forced it out from their bodies.

When he was fully seated against her, his cock stuck out from Merrie's body like a black cock of her own. She could feel every pulse, every tremble, every shake of his body.

Merrie cried out as he hammered her buttocks.

His knot forced her thighs apart as he blasted the last of his cum against her body and out across the blankets. He shuddered one time before slumping forward, crushing Merrie as he panted loudly into her ear.

Merrie looked across the blankets and grinned. The entire bed was soaked with his cum. It sheeted off the ridges of the blankets and formed pools. When thribans came, they came more than humans. It was part of their nature, they way they fucked. Most of the time, they bred through violence and rape. She panted with anticipation, she was about to enjoy him again.

Sable slipped off of Merrie and Bass. She crawled over the cum-soaked blankets and then rolled to her side, facing her. The puddles squelched around her body as she settled into place, heedless of the slime that covered her gloriously naked body.

Merrie watched her, her eyes locked on Sable's. Behind her, she felt Bass draw back his cock, squeezing the knot out from between her thighs before lining up the thick, swollen head up against her sphincter. She thought about the first time he buried his length into her rectum; she had forced him to rip into her by using her shock collar.

The memories slammed into her and she came at the thoughts. It was intense and hot, searing through her body.

Bass chuckled and increased the pressure against her sphincter. His cock head was larger than a man's fist but it was swollen and slick with his recent orgasm. Cum still poured out of it and she could feel it splattering against her tight ring.

Her body hummed with pleasure. She pushed back on him, increasing the pressure herself as she relaxed her lower ring.

The thick head forced itself into her sphincter, spreading the opening into a burning ring. None of them slowed down though as he continued to push against her, forcing it deeper with every pulse of his body and twitch of his muscles.

Merrie gasped. (Don't stop.)

“I'm not going to, Bitch,” Bass growled. He tensed his muscles up and clamped his arm across her body. His cock pulsed hotly and the head swelled with his thoughts.

She knew, in the back of her mind, that he was was going to tear into her. He was going to make her hurt and she wanted it. She wanted, needed, to be dominated and taken. Now they knew she could take it. No matter how hard he thrust, no matter how much damage he did to her, she could take it.

Sable crawled forward and wrapped her cum-soaked body over Merrie. Her thoughts were a wave of pleasure and anticipation as she kissed Merrie passionately, smearing both of their faces with Bass' cum.

Merrie tried to relax her sphincter. Her heart fluttered quickly.

Bass slammed himself into her. His huge cock tore through her sphincter, ripping through flesh and and skin. The swollen head punched deep into her body.

Merrie only had a second to gasp for breath before the knot slammed into her sphincter, ripping it even further open in a burst of blood and agony. The thick, swollen cock drove deep into her, stretching and tearing her insides as he buried his entire cum-slicked length into her with a single stroke.

Bass held himself still, every muscle in his body frozen in rock hardness. His cock pulsed hotly, the entire length feeling like molten steel inside her shredded rectum.

Merrie's mouth opened his cock but she couldn't form even a thought. Everything had focused on the burning pole that dominated every sense of her body. She shuddered and tried to clamp down on her inner muscles but they refused to move.

The smell of sake flooded the air around him. It mixed with the sweetness of her orgasm that also assaulted her senses. She was coming, hard and fast. She didn't even know it, only that she was lost in the perfect mixture of agony and pleasure, a point where every sense of her body could no longer distinguish between agony and ecstasy.

The pleasure threatened to explode from her mind.

Bass yanked back his cock and slammed it home again, crushing her buttocks with the force of his blow. Icy liquid and hot cum splattered against her cheeks. “Don't you fucking dare make everyone come!”

Merrie let out a strangled gasp. She clamped down on her pleasure, forcing it to remain inside her head. The pleasure grew faster despite it blossoming across her thoughts and body.

He pumped into her again, driving his thick cock deep into her body. The sake scent grew hotter and she felt her icy blood pouring out of her ruined sphincter. It didn't matter, the heavy collar around her neck would ensure she would survive. The danger and pain was only only foreplay to her limits.

Bass pounded into her ass. The force of his blows tilted her forward. He followed the movement until he was looming above her, slamming her brutally into the mattress as he tore her ass further open. His knot, already larger than any human male could achieve, ripped through her sphincter and filled her completely. The end of his cock punched against her diaphragm, forcing out more strangled cried from her lips.

He planted his hand on the back of her head, crushing her face against cum- and sweat-soaked pillows as he raped her ass.

Merrie thrashed and flailed around, losing herself in the agony and pleasure as she felt her body opening up around his girth. His hardness traced a burning line from her sphincter along the length of her rectum and into her intestines.

She came hard and fast, her body exploding into pleasure as she fought to keep it inside her head. Her mental shields strained against the intensity of it.

Tears ran down her cheeks. The force of Merrie's thrusts caused them to splatter against the pillows, splashing everywhere as liquid heat and ice poured out from her gaping ass and pussy.

Sable moaned and tilted Merrie's head toward her.

Merrie sobbed with pleasure.

“Fuck you, Complicated Bitch,” she whispered in her hoarse voice. She clamped the smooth ends of her arm against Merrie's head and leaned forward to kiss. The alpha easily moved in time with the powerful thrusts that shook Merrie's body. She rocked as if she was an extension to Bass' body.

Merrie gasped between the kisses. She felt empty and filled at the same time. Her entire body had become a vessel for Bass' and Sable's lusts and she loved every moment. She shuddered as the orgasm assaulted her senses, slamming against her internal shields repeatedly.

She wallowed in the ecstasy as long as she could and then redirected the pleasure into her collar. It sank into the metal, seeping out of her mind and into the void around her neck.

Bass groaned and drove deep one last time. His cock swelled painfully thick before he exploded inside her again. Liquid hot cum poured into Merrie's ruined opening, flooding her insides until her belly swelled and she felt it gurgling up the curves of her organs.

Merrie shuddered and moaned with pleasure. She curled her feet against Bass' thick thighs and let her body slump forward. She kissed Sable as more orgasms coursed repeatedly through her body, ricocheting repeatably before she funneled it into her collar.

He held himself still, his cock pulsating deep inside her body. With every beat of his heart, more cum poured into her body until she strained to keep it.

The agonies of her penetration intruded on her pleasure. She pushed it aside already knowing that the regeneration in the collar would keep her alive. She became aware of his sweat-slicked body crushing her painfully as much as his cock continued to beat inside her.

She panted with her afterglow, straining to move with the weight pinning her down. Her insides twisted around his hardness as the sweat-, cum-, and blood-soaked fabric clung to her body. Thick liquid poured out from her ass, tickling her bare pussy as it puddled underneath her pubic mound.

“S-Sorry,” gasped Bass. He started to lift himself.

Merrie shook her head. (No.)

He froze.

Despite the pain of having her body impaled and the liquid still pouring out from her ass, she reached out with her mind. (No, please. Just here. Keep me down, just for a little. Hold me down.)

Sable kissed her again. (You sure?)

Merrie nodded. (Just hold me down, hold me down like a bad girl.)

Bass chuckled and settled his weight back down. His cock barreled deeper into her body, pinning her painfully in place as a fresh orgasm ravaged her mind.