A tickle woke Merrie up. It was just a finger against the back of her thoughts, a gentle prodding. She reached out and tested her shields to make sure they were still wrapped tightly around her thoughts before focusing her attention on her physical senses.

It took longer for her body to respond. After so many years of waking up in strange places, she kept her body still and her thoughts contained as she grew aware of the pressure around her. The easiest to identify was the broad, muscular chest that held her up. Her legs were spread on either side of his hips and his heavy cock rested against her still aching pussy. It had slipped out of her while they slept but the heaviness and the girth felt good against her nether lips.

The corner of her lips curled up as she cracked open one eye to look at the gray chest of her lover. It was Bass. After years of agony and pain, she finally came back to him.

Sable was on her back, sprawled out with her breasts grinding against her shoulder-blades. Her nipples were hard as two tiny points against Merrie's skin.

Merrie's tail stuck up between Sable's thighs. It was caught by the older woman's body. She could feel the soaked hairs of Sable's pussy along the length. It would only take a little effort to thump it against the alpha's cunt and wake her up.

(I don't recommend it,) came Haviston's thoughts.

Merrie's smiled grew wider. (Haviston. I'm glad you are safe.)

There was a cloud of emotions in the psion's thoughts. They were wrapped tightly in his shields but she could feel muted waves of fear, concern, and relief boiling inside. (Safe is relative. I have come to the conclusion that every time you and I encounter each other, I will soon experience a grievous injury.)

A shock rippled through her. (Oh no, did you lose a leg?)

There was a brief moment and then a burst of joy. (No, I still have the limbs I had previously.) His thoughts turned sour as an image waved across her mind. It was Haviston staring into a mirror. His right eye was nothing but scar tissue and his vision were strangely flat. (I was severely injured. It was a paladin and holy magic. It burned clear to the bone and the count's healers say they don't have the ability to restore that.)

A tear burned in her eye. (I'm sorry.)

(You made a choice, Merrie. An emotional choice and one that I strongly recommended against, but you were the only one capable of making that decision.)

She wanted to respond but he continued.

(Once made, you did everything you could to ensure that you succeeded and your friends survived. In that regard, you have demonstrated legendary prowess and talents beyond my expectations. You are far beyond anything I'm capable of.) There was the briefest twinge of jealousy in his thoughts.

There was something else strange about his thoughts. It felt final, a closure of a conversation. She tried to reach out for him but he deftly shifted her thoughts away.

Her ears flattened against her skull and her tail curled away from Sable's pussy. (You were injured. You lost your—)

(I lived,) came the deadpanned response. (Only one of us died when we were outnumbered by a superior opponent. We survived an army that spent at least a year planning our slaughter. There is no way it could have been done without loss.) An image of Sable crying wavered across her thoughts, it was right after Bass woke up. It was followed up by images of Dixie's body in clinical details.

The tears rolled down Merrie's cheek. (I—)

(Don't apologize.)

It was a command but without the full force of one of Bass' orders or Haviston's own magical compulsion. It was enough to trigger her nature and a flicker of pleasure raced along her nerves. She inhaled slowly and let the tease fill her.

Sable's tail flickered. The psychic nature of alphas meant she would pick up on Merrie's pleasure if she wasn't careful. It didn't matter how powerful Merrie's shields were, an alpha could always pick up desire.

Haviston's thoughts grew guarded and tense. (You are required for a far more serious discussion.)

(About what?) A prickle of fear raced along her skin and the hints of pleasure evaporated.

(I cannot tell you. I recommend you come to the count's hall properly dressed and not smelling of Bassimar Sarmo's cum and Sable's pussy. There is a bathing facility on the each floor—) He finished with a detailed map of the mansion.

Merrie shivered at the intensity of his thoughts. Fear tickled her thoughts.

Before she could respond, he broke the connection.

Merrie looked at Sable. The alpha was beginning to wake up, the natural ability of the alpha to sense when they were wanted. Reaching out, Merrie caressed her thoughts with a gentle wave of love and affection before casting a sleeping spell directly into Sable's mind. It sank deep into the alpha's thoughts, her submissive nature magnifying the spell into something more powerful.

The alpha closed her eyes and settled back to sleep.

With the fear growing inside her, Merrie let her body melt into shadows.

The alpha sank into her master's arms, settling into place as if they belonged. They did and Merrie felt a brief pang of jealousy. The collar was her mistress but it wasn't capable of holding her tight, or fucking her violently. It was in her mind but capable of commanding her body.

Slipping away, she let her pitch-black body slip across the room and toward the darkness to summon her cloak and find a bath. There was one in the basement, she bet it would be dark enough to shield her from the sunlight.