Merrie whimpered inside the pitch-black cell. The severed end of her arm pressed against her pussy, rubbing against the cool slickness as she struggled to contain the pleasures that wracked her senses. Her tail was also curled up against her crotch, rubbing the soaked hairs against her fingers and labia.

The guard—a victim as much as herself—groaned as he slumped against the door. “S-Stay!”

The order punched her but it had lost much of the force of will. She could feel the pleasure and ache rolling off the young man. He probably wasn't expecting to feel the full brunt of her orgasms until his cock ached and his pants were soaked.

He had lasted longer than the previous guard, a cocky older man who strolled in, gave one order, and then had to leave as he soaked the insides of his pants.

Merrie panted and then drove the power of her orgasm into her collar. It resisted, to her surprise, and the pleasure was sluggish as it flooded into the adamantite metal. That worried her more than anything else, she had never reached the collars limit before, not from channeling pleasure into it or using it to heal her body. It was an artifact, empowered by the magic of a god.

She took a deep breath and projected a sheepish thought, (Sorry.)

The young man chuckled. He wiped his hand on the side of his shirt and stood straighter. “I never thought I'd meet the creature… person who was making everyone come in the city.” His voice was strained and exhausted.

(I'm trying to keep it in.)

“This… isn't all of it?”

She shook her head, her ears down. (No, it's a lot stronger if I don't pull back or….)

“Or someone could give orders better?”

Merrie nodded again.

The guard leaned back. His leather armor creaked as he rested against the door to the cell. He wasn't armed, but he was in no danger. His order, though weaker than when he first came in, was still enough to stay her.

Not that she wanted to attack. She had presented herself but it wasn't done. The duke's command still held her thoughts, she had to present herself for her crimes.

“What makes a good order?”

Her ears perked up.

“I mean, that's what is keeping you here? Right? Being told what to do?”

She sighed and nodded her head, but then realized he couldn't see in the pitch darkness. (That is part of is. I like being dominated. No… I have to be dominated. The more I am, the more powerful I can become and the more I enhance my master's power.)

“I've heard of that, a pure submissive?”

(True Submissive.)

There was a prickle of interest, a joy blossoming in his thoughts. “I know of those. There was a special one out there about two years ago. My sister called her the… um… The Lost One.”

(The Lost Alpha.)

“Yeah!” He snapped his finger. “She was interested because she kept coming and our pa was calling her out as a slut. She said it was you that was causing it but he didn't believe it.”

Her ears drooped. (Sorry, back then, I wasn't able to control it very well and I had a good set of masters.)

He shrugged before slipping down to sit on the ground. He wiped his hand off again. “… gonna get a bath after this. So, what's your name? The Voice said Merrie.”

(That was one of my names.)

“Really? What others?”

She resisted. She didn't want to expose all of her identities. Kine, her first master, had always thought knowing a name made them vulnerable to attack.

“Don't worry, The Namer is going to tell everyone anyways.”


“The Namer of Justice. He announces all people coming up to the podium. One time, it took him almost five minutes to list all of the aliases of this thief. It was impressive because he does it in a single breath. Nice guy, but when he off duty, he speaks only in single word sentences except for using your full name. I can't tell you how many times ‘Autiur Degassin Malfay the Third’ can be said in a single conversation.”

Merrie sent a pulse of amusement. She liked how Autiur was just talking with her casually, not treating her as a murderer of tens of thousands and guilty of treason.

“We've never had someone like you before. What happened to your legs?”

(They were bitten off.)

That shocked him. “B-Bitten off? As in someone gnawed your legs off? How awful.”

(No, it wasn't awful. It was and it hurt, but it was also one of the most intense moments of my life.)

“Well,” Autiur said as he tucked his hands under his head and leaned against the wall. “I have twenty-five minutes before I have to give you another order. Want to tell me about it?”

Merrie resisted for only a moment as a wariness rose up. With her mind, she reached out to scan his thoughts. He had almost no shields, the sign of a young child more than an experienced and hardened warrior. She only picked up curiosity in his thoughts, a desire to pass the time while standing blindly in the dark.

A niggling feel tickled the back of her head, but she couldn't place it. There was nothing about the young man that should have worried her, but it was Kine's voice that warned her to hesitate.

She thought about it for a moment. There was no reason to hide her motivations, she tried to tell them to Natis and the count before. She had to open up the shadow land, she had to save her friends and it was the only thing she could offer. Even now, days after she made the decision, it still felt “right” to her.

With a deep breath, she made her decision. Dreading up the faded memories, she began to project.