“So, how about this?”

Autiur took a deep breath. She could feel his will rising up as he concentrated. It bubbled through his thoughts, this time far more forcefully than his previous attempts.

Her pussy grew wetter with anticipation. Tension rippled through her legs as she could feel his command before it came from his lips. She smiled, enjoying the play of his voice against her submission.


His command, backed by the desire to make her submit, punched into her again. It left a flare of white-hot pleasure coursing through her nerves as her buttocks smacked against the stone ground.

The impact, plus the pleasures of submitting, ignited another orgasm. Waiting for it, she channeled it directly into her collar. Most of it sank into the enigmatic depths before the rest of it exploded out in a burst of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck!” Autiur sank to his knees again. He clutched his crotch with both hands. “D-Damn that feels good.”

A few reflected orgasms came rippling back. She took them and let the pleasure dance over her skin. She was thankful he wasn't capable of belting out commands like Loyal Alestri or Bass; the last ten minutes would have set off orgasms across the entire city if one of them had been ordering her repeatedly for the last ten minutes.

Merrie grinned and panted. (Much better.)

“Yeah… yep… yeah,” he said with gasp. “I could feel that one.”

(Are you okay?)

“My balls are probably going to fall off, I better stop.”

She wagged her tail. The movement caused her entire hips to rock back and forth. She loved how her slick labia felt as it bumped against itself or on the rough rasp of bare stone underneath her.

“Well,” he said with another gasp. “I think I'm finally getting better at that ordering thing. My instructors always said I was weak at yelling at others.”

Merrie sent out a pulse of encouragement.

When he chuckled, she took a deep breath and drank in the scents of fresh cum—both his and hers—and the musky scent of papers that permeated the room. She suspected the room used to have records before they turned it into a cell. She was tempted to test the limits of the cell but the command still rippled in her thoughts.

Instead, she leaned against the wall. (Thank you.)

“For what?”

(My future doesn't seem so bleak while talking to you.)

“I just like to talk, Merrie. Nothing more.” He groaned and cupped his crotch. “Though, most of the time, when I come this hard, we're both naked.” Amusement rippled through his thoughts.

(It still helped,) she projected with a pulse of affection.

There was a moment of silence. “If it is so bleak, why did you do it?”

The quiet question threw her for a moment. She wasn't expecting a guard to ask but it seemed like the same practice. (It was the right thing to do.)

“Being accused of treason is a pretty serious problem. You sure it was the right thing?”

In her heart, it was. She sent out a pulse of agreement with just a hints of her growing conviction. (I am doing the right thing, there are… reasons I know this but I don't know how to tell the judges.)

“I've only been here a few years, but I suggest you are honest. It might hurt, you might get convicted even—”

A sick feel twisted in her stomach.

“—but honesty wins out in the end. If you truly did the right thing, if your treason is for the greater good, then they will see that.”

(You think I'll be free?)

Autiur's uncomfortable silence told her enough.

Ears drooping, she settled against the ground. Her naked breasts ground against the icy stone and the rasp scraped against her nipples. She splayed her legs until her entire body was measured against the ground and her pussy was exposed to the cooler air.

“Do you regret it?”

She sighed. (Every moment.)

“Would you do it again?”



Her ears perked up.

"Only fools don't regret their decisions, even when they think they are right.

Autiur groaned as he stood up. “I hope you are right, Merrie. I'd love to be able to chat with you again, after all of this. Right now, I think I need to see a healer and I'm sure there is another guard coming on deck.”

Merrie took a deep breath and spoke out-loud instead of using telepathy, “T-Thank you.”

Autiur smiled before pounding on the door.

Three guards came in with weapons drawn to protect Autiur from being attacked as he limped out and a burly made came in. It was the same maneuver from the previous guards; Merrie didn't have the heart to tell them that there was no order to prevent her from killing them if she wanted.

Seconds later, she was once again in a pitch-black room with the new guard.

“There is no way you'll make me come, slut.”

She smiled to herself, her tail beginning to wag.