A hand stroked along her flank. She felt the questing fingers exploring up along her ribs to cup her breasts. Her nipple, hard as usual, ached for the touch even as she was waking up. The hand caught it between two fingers, gingerly exploring the crinkled tip before spreading out to hold the entire breast between their fingers.

Merrie could smell Ston behind her. His cock was pressing against her thigh, the thin fabric of his underwear soaked with his thoughts. His other hand was underneath the thin, barely serviceable pillow they both shared.

His breath was hot against her neck as he shifted slightly and brought his hand back to her breast. He trailed over one nipple before caressing the other.

As he did, his hips shifted forward and he lodged his shaft between the curves of her buttocks. The slick tip rasped along her recovering pussy lips. It would take only a slight angle change to take him inside her body.

He let out a soft breath. “I'm sorry.”

She didn't know if he was talking about his daughter or his wife. It didn't really matter anymore. More than once, she had been a proxy for lovers and fantasies. It was one of her favorite parts of being a whore on the street, there were always people who needed her to act as forbidden lovers.

However, she usually used her empathy and telepathy to figure out what they needed. It would be harder without that information, without being able to connect the mannerisms that made it “real” for her lover.

She worried her lip as she enjoyed Ston's questing hand on her breast. It dipped lower to caress her stomach, as he started to search down between her legs.

Merrie decided not to use magic for Ston. The projecting of comfort was one thing, he needed that. To have an intimate connection was another, not to mention she didn't have high hopes of lasting long in Abbinkey and she didn't want his life on her hands.

With a soft moan, she lifted her leg as his hand sought her pussy.

He inhaled sharply as he froze.

“It's okay, I like this,” she whispered quietly.

“I'm sorry.”

“No, please.” She pushed his hand down until he cupped her pussy. She wasn't soaked but the pressure against her slit felt good. She moaned softly and pushed back, working his cock into the tight confines of her buttocks.

Ston moaned as he stroked two fingers up and down her furrow, working his way past her lips even as she grew slicker by the second. “So smooth. She was never this smooth.”

Merrie rocked her hips against his cock.

He moaned again.

She turned to look over her shoulder at him. “You can have my ass, if you want.”

He inhaled. “R-Really?”

She nodded. “Please? I need to feel you in my ass… Daddy.” It was a guess but it was the right one.

He groaned and she felt his cock surged to become even hotter. He thrust it against her buttocks as he pulled his hand away from her pussy to fumble with his own clothes.

Merrie smiled to herself. When he grabbed her hips, she leaned into it, guiding the slick cock up between her buttocks. It rocked back and forth along her sphincter, teasing her as much as him.

Ston was soaked and dripping. He reached for her hip again and slid his hand down between her legs.

She opened herself up, lifting one short thigh into the air to give him better access to both of her holes.

He fumbled with his cock for a moment, working his hips back and forth along the slick seam of her buttocks before he managed to lodge the head against the tight ring.

“Oh, right there,” gasped Merrie in the quietest voice she could muster.

He moaned. “Oh, baby.” He pushed forward, increasing the pressure of the slick hardness against her opening.

It opened minutely, the pressure sending waves of pleasure across her senses. She shivered with pleasure and arched her back to increase the pressure.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whispered back.

He thrust forward with excitement. A flash of pain left her whimpering but he didn't stop as he drew back and thrusted in again, spearing into her asshole with short, insistent strokes.

Her rear entrance relaxed after a few thrusts but there was still tight pressure as he worked his cock deeper into her ass. Every thrust was frantic, right on the edge of control. She could feel him trembling to control himself as he plunged into her.

His other hand came up underneath the pillow. She expected him to grab her breast but then his fingers wrapped around her throat.

“OH, Daddy!” she gasped a little louder.

The grip on her throat tightened as he thrust harder. He moaned as he pushed her forward, rolling her onto her stomach and yanking his hand free as he did. His weight increased the depth of his thrusts, soon he was driving deep into her back entrance with slick strokes that left her feeling slick and filled.

He gripped her shoulder with his other hand, digging his nails into her until they broke the skin.

She moaned from the pain and pushed up, impaling herself as much as he thrust into her. The pressure of her insides being stretched out felt good. It was only intensified by the hand over her throat that was digging into the side. She could feel him trying to crush her throat, squeezing down. If she could breathe, he would be starting to suffocate her.

That only spurred her to further moans. She pushed back, gasping “Daddy” as if she was choking on his hand.

He groaned and thrust harder, moving from deeper strokes to slamming into her buttocks. Her entire body was driven into the mattress as the slap of their bodies filled the cell.

She clamped down on his cock, adding to the pressure. Whimpers, desperate and gasping, escaped her lips which only fueled his thrusts.

Ston panted as he drove into her, his fingers tightening on her shoulder and neck until she could almost feel her throat collapsing. He had lost himself in the pressure as he hammered her ass.

“H-Harder, Dad… Daddy!” Merrie whispered as quietly as she could but it was hard. Her body was already in the throes of an orgasm as she felt the pain and pleasure collide with each other. She shoved up with every thrust, desperate to feel more of his cock as it stretched her inner walls and filled her with the incredible sensation of liquid hardness.

She felt him come inside her, flooding her insides with hot liquid but he didn't stop. Instead he only increase the strength of his thrusting, slamming harder until her body was crushed against the mattress.

He released her shoulder, giving her only a moment's notice before wrapping his other hand around her throat. With two hands, he squeezed down as he fucked her, driving into her with brutal strokes as his fingers creaked with the effort to crush her throat.

She tried to whimper but no noise came out. There was no way she could get air into her lungs. It took a few thrusts and a blast of yet another orgasm before she remembered that breathing was a choice for her.

But, he needed her to struggle. She could feel it. She let the black stars slid across her vision as she took his cock. Her ass a was burning from his thrusts, he was getting rougher than any guard had ever been before. It was intense, slamming into her as he came again inside her.

The wetness of his cum coated her buttocks and dribbled down her bare pussy lips. She could feel it tickling along the sensitive nerves as she was repeatedly impaled on his cock.

Then, with a loud groan, he slammed hard as his fingers crushed through cartilage. Her throat collapsed as he came a final time in her ass, flooding it with more cum than ever before.

She tasted the regeneration spell starting up. It would be painful but a crushed throat was easily healed.

Shuddering, he held his position, his fingers seemed to shake. Sweat dripped across her body. He groaned as he peeled one finger after the other from her throat.

“Oh, Madock… not again,” he said in a broken gasp.

Merrie could hear the horror in his voice. She squeezed her muscles around his cock.

He slumped off her. “Oh, gods, not again, not again.”

She turned and looked at him. She managed to smile even though her throat was in agony.

“Bitch?” Ston peered at her. “Bitch?”

“I'm o… okay.” Her voice was broken and ragged. She could feel the cartilage shifting with the effort to speak through the agony.

“No, I can't.” He inhaled to call out to the guards.

She shoved her arm into his mouth. “O… okay,” she rasped.

Tears glittered in his eyes. He reached out for her.

Merrie kept a smile on her lips despite the pain. She let him stroke her cheek before she motioned for him to put his head down.

Reluctantly, Ston did.

She turned away so he wouldn't see the damage to her throat. The healing magic was already working at knitting the damage but she felt every agony as if it was healing ten times the rate. With tears in her eyes, she backed up against his naked hips and then closed her eyes.

He hovered his hand over her for a moment, as if unsure what to do.

Merrie answered by guiding his hand to her breast. When his fingers cupped her mound and his finger rested against her hard nipple, she smiled and let herself relax.