Merrie felt good. The last few days of the trip to Abbinkey had finally found their stride. She spent the days pleasuring almost all of the prisoners in the wagon and her nights being gang-fucked by the prison guards with occasionally spending the night fucking one of her fellow prisoners.

The constant orgasms relaxed her. She wasn't gaining power, nor trying to use magic, but just the constant submission and abuse was exactly what her psyche needed.

There was only one prisoner who she hadn't enjoyed: Monte. She looked at him through the cage bars. He was sitting quietly as Mace and Razor talked about working together to defend the rest of the wagon at Abbinkey. It was a way of passing the time since none of them really knew what to expect.

No, that wasn't true. Monte occasionally spoke up with a tidbit of information, usually about the guard. It was infrequent enough that the others seemed to miss it, even Mace stopped calling him a guard.

Merrie wondered why Monte never asked for her to join him. The other prisoners had, if it was drinking from Razor to relieve the pressure or letting Mace vent his passions into her face or pussy. Even Ston had opened up after their night together; the relief on his face when she was fine in the morning was enough to break much of the ice with him.

Merrie stretched. They still had one more night before they would reach Abbinkey. She let her tail wave back and forth for a moment, her entire body twisting in place to fuel the movement. It felt good to stretch, more so that the cage wasn't locked anymore.

She grinned. Something happened with her night with Ginny also. Merrie's abuse hadn't lessened, they still fucked her rough and hard, but they didn't work very hard to keep her on the white trail or make sure they locked the door. At the same time, they frequently forgot to feed her which didn't bother her at all.

Pushing herself up, she swayed with the movement of the wagon for a moment before crawling out. Turning around, she crawled up on the bench between Monte and Razor.

Razor automatically rested his hand on her thigh.

Merrie smiled at him but then turned her attention to Monte.

Monte glanced at her. “Bitch.”

“Anything I can do for you?” she whispered.

“No, I'm good.”

Slender perked up. “You gay, Monte?”

Monte shook his head. His hand reached up for his chest before spreading across his sternum. Merrie watched it as a prickle of danger rose up inside her. She had seen that movement before, many times when priests and paladins went for their holy symbols.

She dismissed her fear and leaned against Monte.

“No,” Monte said, “I'm just not… really into sex.”

“Is it a girl?”

“N-No, not really. Just not my thing.”

“You an ace?”

“Ace?” Monte frowned.

“Asexual. Someone who doesn't like fucking.”

Monte's face brightened. “Yeah, that's it.”

The mountain of a man glanced at her and then lowered his hand.

The sense of wrongness rose. It was too wrong, too many coincidences, too many questions. She still remembered the compulsion spell. It was divine and she had only seen clerical magic users reaching for their holy symbols.

Wary, Merrie leaned against Monte. It was a friendly gesture, one that she had done more than once with everyone in the wagon. “No,” she said in a whisper, “I bet he made a promise.”

She wasn't sure, but she felt a bit of tension.

“A promise?” Slender asked.

“Yeah, maybe a promise of chastity or celibacy. You know, those promises to keep one pure for their god? Those are easy ones, keep your dick out of some pussy or ass.”

This time, she felt the muscles in his leg tightened and then relax.

“Why would someone do that?” asked Mace, turning his attention to their conversation.

Merrie shrugged. “They gain power by it. The fallen paladin I told you about, Bass? All of his magic was based on promises. Promises to his goddess—”

The faintest of twitches.

"—and also promises to the girls he kidnapped. It was part of a goddess' way of power. Almost all of her paladins were like that, because each promise gave them more power."

She glanced at Monte. It was too dark to see anything but she thought she spotted something glistening on his brow. It took her a moment to consider using magic, from empathy to darkness. She wasn't sure but the feeling that something was off was getting too much.

She let the connection to the shadows brush against her, pulling back the darkness so she could see clearly even in the dim light.

Monte was sweating. His eyes stared at her, shifting slightly as he bore into her.

Merrie sighed as a sick feeling filled her. He might be like Gillette, a paladin of Lemetri who pretended to be something else to worm their way into someone's trust. That let them spy and attack when most unexpected.

If Monte was a spy, he wasn't as good as Gillette. Of course, Gillette had no peer for his skill including wrapping his thoughts around a different personality.

However, he was reluctant to have sex also. Chastity was one of the first promises a paladin made to Lemetri. It was hard to break any promise; she though she had continually broke her promise to Parn throughout the trip.

Merrie let out a soft, fake moan and leaned against him. “There were other paladins too. I don't know why, but Lemetri—”

Monte twitched and then groaned.

“—always hated Bass. He was part of the old guard, back when she had a different set of powers. That changed though.”

“What? Why?” asked Mace.

“Lemetri is dead.”

“Yeah, everyone knows that. They got in trouble building up an army and something killed… oh, that was you.”

“Three alphas serving their masters. But no, after that. A god took over Lemetri's powers, the paladins have a new church.”

“What!?” asked Monte sharply.

Everyone else stared at him.

Monte blushed and ducked his head. He shifted away from Merrie. “S-Sorry, I didn't know about that.”

“No one knows about that, she has be lying,” Mace grumbled. “That would be news that all of us would have heard in the cells. Everyone would be talking about that. You keep telling these stories, they can't possibly be true.”

Merrie made a show of sighing. “If you say so, but I could prove it.”

“Then prove it.”

Merrie smiled at Mace. “Are you a paladin of Lemetri?”

“No, no fucking paladin would be sent to Abbinkey.”

“Are you sure?” She glanced at Monte who was pale. She crawled off the bench and back into her cage. “But, you must be right, Mace. No way I could know about that.”

As she closed her eyes, she hoped she was right.