Merrie yawned as she crawled into the final fortress before they reached Abbinkey. Her pussy and ass were comfortably sore and she had a stomach full of cum. She smiled and swayed her hips as the guard took her down the hall toward one of the cells.

As they passed one of the middle one, Monte called out. “Hey, could I have her tonight?”

Vace, who had just choke-fucked Merrie into multiple orgasms, looked at him. “I thought you didn't want… yeah, whatever. Get your rocks off. I hope you like sloppy seconds. I fucked that ass of hers until she'll be shitting logs for a week.”

Monte frowned as he stepped back. He looked sick but then nodded.

A quiver of fear and concern rolled over Merrie, but she kept quiet.

Vace shoved Merrie into the cell and slammed the door shut. “Enjoy the cunt,” he said with a laughter before heading toward the front to go upstairs.

Merrie looked around. She had never been paired with Monte, but it was obvious that he wasn't interested in sex with her. She crawled into the center of the room and sat back on her haunches. Bringing her wrists up and spreading her thighs, she look at him.

“Don't do that!” he whispered.

“Do what?”

“Stop being a slut!”

Merrie cocked her head and shook her head. “I can't change, you know that.”

“I…” Monte looked around and then leaned forward. “I know, but it is making me uncomfortable.”


He gulped and shook his head. “No, not about that.”

She smiled. “You mean I'm an unclean creature of darkness that has stained—” She remembered the words various paladins have described her over the years.

Monte slapped his hand over her mouth.

Merrie moaned but stopped talking.

He squatted in front of her, bringing his lips close to where her ear would be if she was human. Then he glanced and lifted himself to speak into where her ear actually was. “What do you think you know?”

“That you are a paladin,” she said quietly. “Or a priest, I'm not sure.”


“You reached for your chest, I guess. And you turned me down.”

“I'm sure plenty of people don't want to fuck you.”

“Yes, but it was how you did it. You were too eager to turn me down.”

Monte worried his lip. “I'll remember that for next time.”

He took a deep breath. She felt the air grow tense around them. “You will forget you ever thought of that.”

The spiderweb spell draped over her. She felt it dancing along her thoughts. Like before, it shattered into pieces instead of forcing her to forget everything. She didn't know why it wouldn't work but she felt an intense rush that she appeared to be resistant to the one thing that had destroyed her life before.

Still buzzed with her orgasms and the energy dancing around her, she felt suddenly playful. She let her face go slack and her mouth open slightly.

Monte stared at her for a moment. He let out a sigh. “Oh, that's a relief.”

“Why?” Merrie smiled. “You are still a paladin, nothing changed.”

He jerked. “H-How? You are an alpha, those spells are more powerful on you.”

She grinned and leaned into him. “Who told you that? Were you briefed for this mission earlier? Before you were arrested?”

He groaned and sat back. “Damn the devils.”

Merrie lowered herself and crawled over to him. “Can we talk then? Or do I have to guess more details?”

He looked at her, a worried look on his face.


His jaw tightened and then he nodded.

“You're new, right? First mission?”

“Second. How did you guess?”


“He told you?”

“No, he betrayed me. Earned my trust and broke it. I survived but a heart remembers that pain. Something was off in the wagon, you just reminded me of a few things he also did.”

“The chastity promise? It was my first.”

She gave him an easy smile. “Really isn't a good idea to send someone who made a vow of chastity and celibacy with an alpha trained to submit sexually to everyone.”

He gestured to her. “But you don't have your powers anymore, it should have been easy.”

With a soft smile, she gestured back, “I've been fucking people for many years. I know body language, actions, the smells of it. Do you know cocks smell differently when you get excited?”

“Yeah, but I never thought about.” He frowned. “I'll remember for next time. Say, why aren't you trying to kill me now?”

“I never had a problem with Lemetri.”


“Neither did Bass. All he wanted to be was left alone with Sable at the Puppy Mill. He wanted to be alone and die of old age, not be constantly attacked and betrayed.”

“That's not what the church said.”

“Of course not. Lemetri used to be a goddess of joy and parties. Things changed when she became the goddess of light. She had… to put on a better face and that meant getting rid of her embarrassing past.”

“No, that can't be right. She's always been the goddess of light since the beginning of time.”

“Have I tried to kill you?”

“No,” he said sullenly.

“Have I revealed your secret?”

He shook his head.

“Have I raped you?”

Monte gasped. “No!”

Merrie grinned. “I swear, I don't want to be betrayed myself. I have to go to Abbinkey. Knowing there is a paladin waiting to stab me—”

He blanched.

“—would make it harder to survive. I assume you were told to get rid of me if the chance came up, right?”

Monte's uncomfortable look answered her.

She sighed. “Monte, I just want penance. I did terrible things, let me suffer in peace.”

“I have orders.”

“You have a new god.”

Monte looked around and leaned forward. “What do you mean? Are you the reason I'm having these dreams?”

Merrie realized that he was really a young paladin, one with relatively little training. He was thrown into a dangerous situation, a death sentence if anyone in Abbinkey found out. She almost felt sorry for him but she did feel anger at the church willing to sacrifice their men for one last chance at revenge.

She tried to think of Galladin and his portfolio. “Are they of a large man with chain armor? Maybe a glowing symbol?”

Monte nodded.

“Do you know of Galladin?”

He frowned. “A god of light and destruction. He is one of the companions and mentors of Lemetri. His symbols are a fist of… light.”

There were sudden tears in his eyes. “Galladin? Galladin took Lemetri's powers? I've been seeing the fist, I didn't realize.”

He suddenly stumbled back. “No, no, that can't be it. You are deceiving me. They said the shadows would do that.”

Merrie felt sadness. There was no way she could speak to him and let him understand. She also wondered if Galladin knew that Monte was still following Lemetri's orders, maybe in hopes of an “accidental” miscommunication and assassination.

“Go away!” Monte said loudly. “Out of my cell.”

“Man, quiet down,” snapped Mace from the opposite side.

Circling around Merrie, the paladin pounded on the gates. “Guards!”

After a few moments, Vace came stumbling down. “What the hell? Did you blow your load already?”

“Please, I don't want her in here.”

“Damn, what happened, she laugh at your pee-pee?”

Monte frowned for a moment. Suddenly he was surrounded by an overwhelming sense of Presence, an intense desire to listen and obey everything he said. “Put her somewhere else,” he said firmly.

Merrie was stunned that the Presence wasn't affecting her.

Vace blinked. “Yeah, sure.”

Merrie looked worriedly at Monte and then let herself be led out of the cell.

With a yawn, Vace pointed to Slender's cell. “Come on, maybe you can scare creepy instead.”

As they walked down, Merrie looked into the cells. When she saw Ston, she gasped and sat down.

“What now?”

She nodded to Ston's cell.

“Really? The accountant? He's short, he can't have that big of dick.”

Merrie smiled and wiggled her ass.

He shook his head but he opened the cell and let her go inside. Merrie watched as Vace staggered up, flicking off Monte before heading up the stairs.

Turning around, she had an idea. Panting softly, she crawled into Ston's bed and snuggled against his back.

“Bitch, not tonight.”

She leaned over him. “Ston, you worship Madock, right?”

He blinked and then looked up. There was confusion on his face. “Y-Yeah, why?”

“Could you pray to him?”

“Why? What for?” He turned around so he was facing Merrie. “Why would you want a favor from Madock? He's a god of deals. When I had my business, I would sacrifice five percent of my earning to him to retain his favor but I'm broke at the moment.”

“What if someone was breaking a deal?”

“He might listen. Gods just don't answer because you ask. They never answer when you ask.” He sniffed as his voice cracked a little.

“I know, but… could you try? Please? Just trust me?”

Yawning, he sat up. “Yeah, I can try. What deal is broken?”

Merrie ducked her head. “I can't say. I'm sorry, I just thought it might help.”

“That makes it a little harder. I can't promise anything.”

“I know. Thank you.”

Ston nodded. He stretched for a moment and began to chant softly under his breath.

Merrie didn't know what to expect, all she knew is that she witnessed a deal and she though something was going on. If Madock could do something, maybe he would. Otherwise, she would have to deal with Monte on her own.