Merrie woke up to Trien slapping her. His palm smacked against her hip and thighs in rapid succession. He attacked from one side or the other, battering her with ceaseless brutality as he alternated between his wide-open palm or the knuckles of his backhand.

She let out a strangled scream. Reflexively, she reached up to try pushing him away but her arms bounced against his muscular arm.

He batted her limbs aside and continued to batter her.

It took her a few gasping moments to realize that his other hand was wrapped around her throat. The thick fingers dug into each side and crushed the collar across the front. She could barely breathe; she woke up suffocating just as she passed out.

Unable to stop his ceaseless blows with her arms, she tried to shove back with her feet. The smooth ends of her ankles were useless, slipping off his sweat-slicked naked body and falling to the side.

Using his knee, he twisted her body to the side and began to focus his blows between her legs. His bare hands punched directly against her pubis, the thick fingers crushing her clitoris with every strike.

Her entire body shook violently from the force of his beating, if it wasn't for his hand clamped down on her throat, she would have slipped away. Instead, she tried to twist away but he pinned her knee with his and beat her harder.

“Fucking cunt!”

He twisted his arm and punched her pussy.

Unable to do anything else, Merrie let out a scream of agony as the white-hot flames of agony tore through her. She was soaked, but she couldn't tell if it was blood or excitement that splattered against her thighs.

“I didn't say you could pass out!” He continued to hammer her pussy, punching harder and faster until her bones almost broke.

Sobbing, she writhed helplessly in his grip as he assaulted her cunt, tearing into it until the entire area felt like tenderized meat. When she tried to inhale, her breath only came in a gasping wheeze that barely got past the pressure around her neck.

“You!” He punched her again, the force almost tear open her cunt. Thick knuckles drove into her wet opening, ripping it further apart.

“Are!” Hammering down, he hammered into her. The sick sound of her body being abused was nothing compared to the pain that threatened to overwhelm even her own lust of submission.

“Mine!” One last punch caught the ridge of her hip before his fingers were fumbling for her collar. Growling, he knelt over her as he grabbed the collar with both hands and peeled her off the ground.

The adamantite metal dug into the back of her neck.

Pulling her close, he spoke in an infuriated and angry voice. “I don't care how pathetic you are, you will never tell me no!”

To make his point, he twisted his knuckles underneath her collar, crushing her throat as he squeezed painfully. The smell of her blood, the sake taste, flooded across her. She blinked past the stars that sailed across her vision. Every part of her was in agony from his blows but she was sure he had torn her completely open with his final strikes.

Trien snarled as he lifted her off the ground. His knees jammed between her legs before he shoved them apart. Panting, he brought his now naked cock up to her tortured opening.

Lost in a world of pain, the anticipation of sex seared across her mind. She wanted to grasp it, to gather the power and let it flow through her. Instead, she shook and tried to avoid it.

He yanked down at the same time he thrust his hips. His thick cock speared into her bloody cunt. The friction of her blood wasn't enough to avoid layers of skin being ripped off as he impaled half of his length into her.

Merrie's entire world focused on his cock as she felt the thick intruder stretching her out from the insides. The friction was intense but she knew it would grow slick soon enough. It was the pressure that tortured her, his wiry hairs scraped against her battered pussy.

Trien thrust hard into her, slamming her against the wall as he buried himself entirely into her body.

The pain blossomed into an orgasm that tore through her body. It was agony and pleasure at the same time. She sobbed.

Trien growled. “Time to learn your lesson, cunt.”

He began to rape her harder, thrusting with powerful strokes before using the grip on her collar to pull her off. Unlike before, he wasn't using short strokes to keep her gagging, he was pulling entirely out and then slamming the blood-soaked cock head into her opening to tear it open again.

With tears running down her cheeks, Merrie writhed in the throes of her orgasm. The two sensations were blurring together, a heady mixture when it became nothing more than an intense sensation that set her off. If she still used her powers, she was only seconds away from broadcasting waves of pleasure into every submissive.

Unwilling to tap into her energies was almost freeing. The only thing she could do was lose herself in the moment, to be tortured and pleasured at the same time. With a surge of masochistic hunger, she thrust down into his strokes and accepted the agony as his hips ground into her ruined pussy. His cock filled her completely, stretching her inner walls until it crashed against her cervix. The burst set off another

Trien grunted as he fucked her faster and harder. The steady smack of his hips against her bleeding pussy and the thumps of her head hitting the wall became a steady staccato that matched the flashes of pleasure that tore through her.

It didn't even matter that she was struggling to breathe.

Too soon, he came inside her.

She focused on the hot jets of cum that painted her insides, flooding her tortured cunt and sending her into another wave of orgasms. Soon, the hot liquid poured out of her and stung along her tortured flesh before dripping to the ground. Despite the burning, she tightened her muscles around his shaft and let a soft cry escape her lips.

Trien gasped as he pulled out. A spurt of cum splattered on the ground. Panting, he looked up at her and grinned. “I might keep you longer than planned. You are a good fuck.”

Merrie whimpered softly, her body trembling from the afterglow of her own pleasure. She knew he wasn't done, it was just a matter of time before he gave her the next command. Until then, she could only writhe in the discomfort of her beating.

He stood up and shoved her to the ground. “Kneel.”

This time, she obeyed.

He grabbed the back of her head and yanked it toward his dripping cock.

She could smell her blood and juices along with the taste of his cum. She opened her mouth as he impaled it, smearing fluids all over her face as he buried his entire length into her.

“Clean it, cunt.”

She pressed her wrists against his thighs.

He yanked his cock out and slapped her twice. “Clean it!” His bellow echoed against the walls.

When he shoved it back into her mouth, she opened her jaw and let the thickness invade her. It slammed against the back of her throat and slid down, filling her with a heated warmth as he fucked her face more than she cleaned it. With each thrust, he crushed her nose and beaten face.

Her whimpers were punctuated by the thick member pressing against her vocal cords.

That only excited him more and soon he was coming into her throat, pouring his seed directly into her stomach. When he pulled out, he was shuddering with pleasure. “I guess you can learn quickly.”

Merrie looked up at him, her body swaying slightly from dizziness.

“You are my fucking bitch, do you hear?”

She opened her mouth to respond.

He slapped her. “Answer me!”


“Good, you fucking cunt. If you want to eat again, you will do what I saw. If you want to drink, you obey. If you want a chance to ever escape, you will do every fucking thing I say.”

She knew the last part was a lie but she nodded anyways. She just needed the opportunity. Until then, her submissiveness would keep her going.

He chuckled and straightened. “Speaking of which….”

Her eyes flickered down to his half-hard cock. Her stomach grumbled. She knew what was coming next and she was thankful Borias had trained her.

Trien grinned and grabbed his cock. Smearing the wet head across her lips, he ordered her to open her mouth. His cock was already hard again, dripping with his thoughts.

With a surge of lust, she obeyed and pulled it into her mouth.

“Damn, your mouth is cool. It feels good.”

Trien clamped his hands on her head, holding her in place as he pushed his cock head deep into her mouth and rested it on her tongue. “You spit this up and I will beat you unconscious.”

She moaned as she stared up at him. He was going to use her like a toilet and it brought flutters of pleasure coursing through her tortured body.

It only took a moment before the first jet of urine splattered against the back of her throat. It was hot and searing. The fluid flooded along her tongue, bringing the rank taste to her nostrils, before it dribbled down her through. His grip on her skull tightened as he held himself still, groaning as he emptied his bladder.

Merrie gulped loudly, sucking on his cock as the heated liquid poured down her throat. She gagged on it but that only caused him to squeeze her head tightly in place.

“Don't you fucking dare,” he muttered.

Her stomach gurgled as it was filled.

He finished with a gasp. Releasing her skull, he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Slowly, he dragged the wet head across her face, smearing urine and juices across her nose and lips. “Not bad for your first time. If you're good, I'll bring you something to eat.”

Merrie coughed. She felt warm and flushed.

Trien turned to the door and then back to her. Pointing to the blankets, he said, “You have ten seconds before I open the door. If you don't want to get burned, get under those blankets.”

She scrambled over, burrowing into the musty canvas. The rough fabric scraped along her skin, abrading along the bruises and cuts. She winced as she found the bottom and heaped the blankets on top of her.

Curious to her imprisonment, she then stretched one arm out to hold up the bottom edge of the blankets. She didn't know how bright it would be but maybe she could get some clue on how to escape if she could see outside the door.

He fumbled with the handle for a moment. He hadn't bothered locking it. After wrapping both hands on the door, he yanked it open.

Light poured into the cell. Brilliant, burning light that blackened her skin almost instantly. With a yelp of pain, she yanked her arm back and burrowed deep into the canvas as he chuckled.

She couldn't see anything. The light was too bright that the glare blinded her completely. The only thing she was sure was that it was a magical light and one that wouldn't be fading any time soon. It was like the glowing globes they used almost everywhere but he had removed the glass coverings that filtered and colored it. Now, it was just a killing brilliance.

The door shut and her cell was once again plunged into darkness.

Despair flooded through her. The only way she was going to escape was if he made a mistake. He seemed to be prepared to handle her, which meant that she wouldn't have any hint of an opportunity until it happened. Despair lapped at her thoughts and she closed her eyes with a sob of sadness.

She wouldn't be able to save Ston.