Merrie whimpered as she rolled back on her back. Her inner thighs and pussy were still burning from Trien's latest rape. Every time he came in, he slapped and punched her. Beating her seemed to be one of his ways of getting excited; his cock was never harder when it was being rammed into her bruised throat or her battered cunt.

She spread her thighs and rested one knee against the stone wall. Reaching down with one arm, she pressed her wrist against the slick mound of her pussy. The touch was electric, a mixture of pain and pleasure. She could feel the bruises and lacerations stinging as she smeared her juices across her sex. Moaning, she rubbed her clitoris and lost herself in a slow, growing pleasure.

It had been days since he kidnapped her. Days of worrying about Ston and unable to do anything about it. She could only hope that Horge had seen reason not to blame him or Ston found a hiding spot.

Closing her eyes tightly, she shook her head. There was nothing she could do but letting her thoughts dwell only threatened to drag her into the pits of despair. She couldn't let herself get too depressed, though she didn't know if Trien could handle a shadow land opening up in the middle of his cell.

She grinned at herself and let fantasies of her children, her creatures of shadow, flood through her mind. They were big but tender. With her connection, they knew exactly how to please her. She had no doubt they would be gentle as they thrust their thick fingers into her pussy, sliding in and out.

Merrie moved in time with her fantasies. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed tender, romantic pleasure. Even with a hint of being overwhelmed, it was better than the ceaseless cycle of brutality and fucking that Trien demanded.

She closed her eyes tightly and curled up, tilting her pussy so she could rub harder along the tortured flesh. Soft whimpers echoed against the walls as she rolled her wrist back and forth along her clitoris. She needed the pain as much as the pleasure as she imagined it was the shadow kin that was preparing to fuck her.

More than ever, she wished she could have a cock at the moment. At least something willing to fuck her.

She moaned and continued to stroke herself. She shoved her knee against the wall harder, bending herself up as she tried to find some angle to shove her amputated wrist into her cunt. She couldn't, but she managed to roll the hard end of her limb at the opening of her sex.

It was enough. With a cry, she let her fantasies of the shadow kin flood her thoughts. She could just pretend it was a massive black creature looming over her, working his cock into her cunt in preparation to impale her.

Her orgasm bubbled up, a rush of pleasure and longing. It ended with a sob as she curled up with her wrist still against her pussy. Tears ran down her cheeks as she remembered the heady rush of feeling the shadow kin fighting with her at the mill.

She missed them. She missed everyone: the shadows, Bass, Sable, and Borias more than the others. Life was easier when she was just a bitch, even as an alpha. Would she ever return or were those days now behind her?

Breathing heavily, she rubbed her pussy slowly as she let the idle fantasies lure her to an uneasy sleep. Trien would be back soon to beat and rape her. Until then, she could present there was still happiness in her world.