The back of Merrie's head rolled back and forth against the stone wall. Her face was buried between Trien's muscular cheeks, her mouth planted firmly against the tight ring of his asshole.

“Lick it, cunt!”

She gasped, drawing in a little air through his crack, before she focused on the task he demanded. Using the tip of her tongue, she ran a circle around his opening to get it slick. The ridges of his asshole were already familiar to her mouth; this wasn't the first nor the latest time he was going to force her to rim him.

Trien responded by bending over and shoving back harder. Her head was pinned against his asshole as he rocked back and forth. Low moans shook through his body, vibrating the muscular thighs that pinned her.

She reached up to his balls. The hairy nuts were heavy against her wrists. When he groaned with pleasure, she cupped his testicle and rolling them back and forth between her limbs.

“Yeah, that's the right.”

She speared his asshole with her tongue. The taste was strong but not overwhelming anymore. It reminded her of Borias when he turned vegetables into shit-flavored stew to teach her how to lick and suck without gagging. She closed her eyes and lapped harder, fucking his asshole with her tongue. She took her time, exploring the ridges of the clenching hole until they were dripping with saliva.

Trien moaned with pleasure, his thighs trembling as his cock swung down to strike her hand. It rose again, his knuckles brushing against her arms. He was pleasuring himself, pumping slowly. The slick sounds of his pre-cum were audible even with her cheeks pressed between his.

She knew he wouldn't come for being rimmed, this was just foreplay before he started to beat her again. It was violence that turned him on, not submission.

Merrie focused on pleasing his ass. There was always a chance that he would reach an orgasm if she licked him deep and hard enough. A minor hope that he wouldn't beat her like he did every days. She speared the tight ring of his sphincter deeper, lapping and slurping loudly. She twisted in the confines.

“Fuck,” came the gasp as he pumped harder. “That feels so good.”

He shoved back. “Deeper, cunt!”

She obeyed, worming her slick face between his buttocks and thrusting her tongue deep into the hot depths of her ass. She moaned as she did, her hips rocking back and forth as her pussy tingled with humiliating excitement. The feeling of her tail dragging against the stone wall was surreal, it only added to the feeling of being pinned helplessly.

Pre-cum dripped down onto her arms as he pumped faster, jamming back with his hips to crush her. Every stroke forced her mouth harder against his sphincter. She gulped and lapped, fucking him as much as he was fucking her.

Without warning, Trien pulled away and turned around. His dripping cock swung and smacked her in the face.

She turned away from the blow as the hot smear of lubrication streaked her face.

He grabbed her hair. With his palm crushing her ear, he pulled her away from the wall.

Merrie tensed knowing what would happen next.

Trien slapped her hard, a powerful blow that tore hair from his grip.

With a sob, she almost lost her balance as she swung to one side.

He brought her back with a backhand that blinded her with pain. His grip on her hair tightened as he smacked her again and again. Each time, his palm caught her cheek and face.

Then he moved down. His hand smacked against her shoulder once before he focused his attention on her breasts. With agonizing brutality, he smacked one and then the other. There was no gentleness, no pulling back. He used his full strength to smash her breasts into her chest before back-handing the other.

She cried out in pain, partially because of the agony was intense against already brutalize flesh but also because she knew it would only excite him more. She couldn't escape him as pull her into the blows.

The taste of blood flooded her mouth. It was something she had gotten familiar with but it was never easy. Her jaw ached, her nipples were in agony. Every part of her body stung constantly from bruises and split skin.

He switched from smacking to punching. His knuckles slammed into her ribs as he rained down blows that caught her throat, chest, and stomach with hard strokes.

Unable to defend herself, she writhed to escape the blows but that only forced him to push her head to the ground so she couldn't escape. Soon he was punching straight down, crushing her organs with every powerful blow.

Her pussy was soaked. No matter how much pain she was in, she could feel the urge to sink into it. She wanted to embrace it, to let it flood through her veins and surge into indescribable power. It took all of her effort not to tape into her own submission.

An orgasm borne of pain flashed across her body.

She screamed.

He snarled and flipped her over. Before she could get her arms underneath her, he was between his legs. His hard cock, dripping and incredibly hard, slid down along her blood-slicked buttocks. The tip rested against her asshole before he brought his hips up to line it up to impale her.

Merrie tightened and pushed back.

He thrust. Already slick with his pre-cum and her pussy juices, the shaft easily impaled the tight ring and plunged deep into her body. There was a burning sensation as her sphincter resisted but there was no time to get accustomed to it before he began to thrust into her body.

“Fucking whore,” he growled as he grabbed her hair with one hand. Planing his elbow on her back, he pounded into her body. Just as his cock was embedded completely in into her tortured orifice, he fumbled for her collar.

Merrie whimpered as the orgasm tore through her. She was nothing but a hole for him to fuck, a wet opening to rape and abuse. Even with her entire body aching from his beating, the feeling of having his thick cock deep inside her rectum set off waves of pleasure coursing through her system. Shuddering, she pushed back against his cock as it buried balls-deep into her body.

“Cunt! Bitch!” He continued to mutter profanities as he hammered into her ass. His thick cock plunged deep into her body, shaking her violently.

Then his fingers finally caught on her collar. With a groan, he grabbed it with both hands and yanked her back.

Merrie's back protested as she was angled off the ground, her battered breasts hanging in front of her as the unbreakable metal dug into the soft flesh of her throat. Unable to breath, she was forced harder onto his thrusting cock as he accelerated into brutal, short strokes.

His shaft pulsed.

She couldn't breathe. Her eyes bugged out as she fumbled for the collar. It was too tight across her neck. The metal dug in, splitting skin until her blood dribbled out from the mark the ring left in her skin.

He smashed her face against the wall as he braced to fuck her harder and faster. His cock thrust powerfully, each stroke pulling out of her stretched opening before plunging back in.

Each time he rammed inside her, she came. The combination of her suffocation, the beating, and the fucking was enough to keep her on an edge of pleasure that threatened to drown out everything but her pleasure and pain.

He tightened his grip as he loomed over her. His hips smacked against her buttocks, the force almost snapping her tail.

With a powerful groan, he came inside her. Hot jets of searing cum splattered against her insides. It flooded deeper into her body as the hot shaft pulsed deeply.

Trien didn't relent his grip on her collar.

Merrie choked, her body shuddering as her lungs screamed out for air. She pawed helplessly.

Trien slumped over her. His hand relaxed on her collar as his weight bore down on her. His shaft, still hard, pulsed as he emptied his balls into her rectum.

“F-Fucking whore,” he said.

Merrie gasped for air. Tears burned in her eyes as she drew in one breath after the other. She felt small underneath his muscular body, weak and helpless.

Trien strained as he pulled his cock out. A surge of cum followed, splashing across her buttocks and then down into the valley between her legs.

“Get up. Kneel.”

She obeyed, struggling through her discomfort but growing slicker with anticipation. As soon as she got on her knees, she opened her mouth and held her breasts out.

He thrust his slick, dripping cock into her mouth. “Clean it, cunt.”

After days of drinking nothing but cum and urine, there was not even a hint of feces on his shaft. She buried her face clear at the back, smearing her face against the cum that clung to his skin. The hard shaft slid easily into her throat, stretching it as she cut off her own breath.

The little desire to throw up rose and faded. She moaned and bobbed her head, sucking and lapping at the thick cock that had raped her only moments before. It didn't take long before it was glistening with her spit.

As soon as the veined shaft popped out of her mouth, he shoved hr back. “Ten seconds,” he announced before heading to the door.

Merrie crawled underneath the blankets. She had used a small shred of magic to test the door when he first arrived but the killing light still kept her pinned in place. She found a safe spot and closed her eyes; she just had to suffer until he made one mistake. That's all it will take, one.