Four hours later, Suleiman sat at his desk. He was clean but Celeste's corpse remained on the bed. Her blood had soaked all the pillows and blankets. The bittersweet smell filled the room, sharp and pungent. Her head had been removed, though, and sent to Mubarak as a silent notice of his return. It would be a lesson the slaver would not forget for a long time.

He had replacement bedding already waiting. The slaves were in the bathroom just waiting for his discussion with Juliana before they clean up the mess and do something about the smell.

Outside the window, the celebrations were already starting. Cheers and calls echoed up across the walls. Torches lit up the streets and cast everything in flickering glow. He smiled. He needed to be out there soon, but he didn't think Juliana would take long.

The door creaked open. Juliana's scarf clinked together as she sway into the room with a smile on her face. She wore a bright red and white outfit, with a few coins along her hips and matching silver embroidery on her top and bottom. A little jewel clung to her belly button, the ruby glinting with her footsteps. She made it two steps before stopping and wrinkled her nose. She turned to look at the room, a frown crossing her face.

Suleiman watched her carefully as she caught sight of the corpse on the bed.

With a gasp, Juliana pressed a hand to her mouth. “Gods!”

Suleiman stood up and walked toward her.

Juliana looked at him, her eyes wide. “W-What happened?”

“She didn't know what was expected of her, Juliana.”

“I-I told her! I told her everything.”

“Apparently, not enough. She decided that sleep was more important than serving me.”

Tears glistened in Juliana's eyes. She shook her head. “No, no, I told her. I said it was very important.” Her voice had risen in volume and shrillness. He could almost taste the fear around her as she backed away from him. “I know the rules.”

He reached her. He reached up to stroke her cheek and she flinched, but kept her head steady as he stroked her face. “Juliana.”

A tear ran down her cheek. “Y-Yes, my sultan?”

“You failed me.”

Her eyes softened and she sobbed. More tears ran down her cheeks. “P-Please, I didn't mean to. I did what I was suppose to do.”

“If you did, she would still be alive.”

“I-I…” her voice trailed off as she realized what he was saying. She sniffed and wiped the tears from her face. He watched the struggle to control her emotions and it brought a heat to his body.

Gulping, Juliana glanced back to the corpse and then to her master. She bowed her head. He saw her will breaking. “How… how may this slave…” she took a deep breath. “How may this slave serve you?”

Her soft whimpers brought a rush to him. He smiled and stroked her cheek again, and then let his hand lower to her shoulder before he caressed the curve of her breast.

“I want you to dance for me.”

Her eyes lifted but she said nothing.

“I have always loved your dancing. It is your best asset and I want to see it one last time.”

“As you wish, my sultan,” came the broken whisper. “Anything you want.”

He stepped into her and wrapped his arm around her waist. With a kiss on her shoulder, he guided her to the door.

Tears ran down her cheeks, but Juliana said nothing as he lead her to the great hall, where he had ordered the punishment of the thief. His guards were already arranged, twenty men stood in a large circle in front of his table. All of them were bared down to the chest, but it was the long curved blades they held to their sides that drew his attention.

Juliana tensed when she saw it. She turned to say something, her lips parted in a question that never left her throat. With a shuddering breath, she closed her mouth and looked away.

Suleiman brought her to the center of the ring. He released her and aimed her for the his table.

She stood there, trembling and the tears rolling down her cheeks.

With a soft smile, he stroked her cheek. “You have served me well for five years.”

Closing her eyes tightly, she nodded twice before opening them.

“This is an honorable death and one you deserve. You have brought honor to me,” he realized he was about to cry himself and sniffed, “and my family. So, I will give you the choice of when you die.”

Suleiman stepped back and gestured to his chair. “When you can't dance anymore, come to me and I will end it.”

Juliana sobbed and nodded again. “Y-Yes, my sultan.”

Snapping his fingers for the musicians, he walked over to his chair and sat down.

Music filled the great hall, echoing against the empty walls and floor. There was no other observers for Juliana's death. Only herself, Suleiman, and the twenty men who would kill her.

She started slow, jerking her hip as she settled into the beat. Her coin scarf clinked with the little jerks. She spun around and swayed her ass, giving him a view of her rounded buttocks as she moved like a snake. She turned around again, her fingers trailing through the air.

Her brown eyes caught his as she flexed her belly, moving in time with the building pace of the music. It was everything he loved about her dancing. The sensual movements, the delicate way she pranced around in a circle.

She remained near the center as she swayed in a growing circle. He could see the fear on her face, but she was smiling. Her eyes remained locked on his except for when she turned away and even then, she moved faster as if she couldn't live without his look.

Fresh tears ran down her cheeks as she swirled out. Her skirt billowed out. She stepped forward one of the guards, but then stopped as the man pulled back the sword. She gulped and spun to the other side, stopping when the next guard prepared to strike.

Juliana turned back to Suleiman, shaking her breasts and belly with sharp movements. Her face was pale but he knew she would stepped toward the guards soon. She was a good slave and knew what would happen if she didn't.

A few minutes of dancing and she finally built up the courage. With a gasp, she spun around, flaring her skirt up in a billow of red, and came close to the guard.

The man slashed forward with his sword. The blade sliced across her hip and cut open a deep gash into her skin.

Juliana sobbed and stumbled. She lost her beat and staggered.

Another guard's blade flashed and a cut ran along her cheek. Strands of her hair fluttered to the ground.

Sobbing louder, Juliana pulled away. Blood ran down her thigh and she left bloody footprints behind her as she spun around. Crimson flecks splattered out as she returned to the center, moving her hips in little pops despite the pain painted on her face.

Suleiman stroked his cock as he watched her. She swayed her hips, giving him a view before spinning out in the opposite direction. She came close to the range of the swords, but the flashing blades barely missed her before she worked her way around. It was a tease and he was growing heated with anticipation of her being struck again.

Juliana stepped into the next blade just as she lifted her arm. The side of her top fluttered down and a long red line appeared right above the swell of her breast. She cried out but clamped her mouth shut as she staggered away.

More blood splattered on the ground. She almost tripped before she regained control of her body. As the blood smeared her sides, she stared into her eyes as she flexed her belly, letting waves run down from ribs to hips in slow, languished movements.

With a pained smile, she drifted to the side. Before she reached it, she tapped along her hip right where the scarf clung to her hip. It was an invitation and she raised her hand as she got in range of the warrior.

The blade flashed out and sliced through the fabric and dug into her hip. There was a jerk as the guard pulled out. A spurt of blood splattered loudly on the ground. The skirt followed with it, the sheer fabric sodden with her blood; it hit the ground with a wet smack.

Juliana spun around and presented her ass, the ass he fucked many times over the years. With a smile on her lips, she shook it before swaying it. The movements grew into a shimmy and then a spin. She turned to look at him, her lips opened invitingly.

Bloody footsteps trailed behind her as she tapped her uninjured breast and stepped in range of the guards. Two of them responded with fast strokes. One caught her back and sliced a line from spine to her underarm. The other slammed into her breast and cut into the soft flesh before it drew down.

Her top splatted as it hit the ground.

Suleiman groaned with lust and watched as she shimmied her breasts for him. One was cut deep and he could see the flesh parting, but the other was the same perfected mound that he was stroking only days before.

Juliana continued to dance, sliding in range of swords and jerking as the blades cut deep. Soon, blood streaked down her sides and puddled on the ground below her, but she danced over the crimson puddles with elegant skill. Her breasts were slashed into, with one deep cut that sliced her nipple in half.

Swords flashed and she was cut along her shoulder, her head, and thighs. Each one dug deep into her body and she began to stumble.

He watched as she struggled to serve him. Her footsteps slipped but she continued to dance erratically. Her breasts swayed with every movement and blood poured down from her. She swirled and leave a curtain of blood behind her as she stepped into the path of one blade and then another.

And her eyes never left his. He could see the pain and agony but she kept dancing for him. Even when her leg collapsed, she managed to use the movement to dip to the ground and then back up again.

Suleiman was harder than he ever had been before in his life. It felt like his cock would burst into flames as he watched his favorite slave killing herself for him. He had to pull his hand to avoid stroking the dripping shaft.

And then it happened. She spiraled across the dance floor and stepped toward the blades. The guard swung his sword low and the blade caught her across her belly. A red line appeared from hip bone to hip bone. It was startling as it began to bulge out.

Juliana gasped and clamped her hands against the wound. Suleiman could see her organs threatening to spill out. She looked at him with horror and pain. Her body trembled as she came to a halt, dangerously close to the guard's swords.

Two of his men drew back their swords to strike but both hesitated. They looked at him with a silent question.

Suleiman held up his hand.

Juliana gasped and stumbled toward him. Her hands clutched to belly, holding herself in. Her feet slipped on the blood and she dropped to her knee with a crunch. Sobbing, she crawled the last few feet until she was kneeling before him.

“M-My sul… sultan.”

She lowered herself until she was staring at him with his bock between them.

Suleiman almost came at the look of pain and acceptance in her eyes. He nodded.

“One last time.”

With a shuddering gasp, she brought up her hands to his cock. There was a wet slopping noise below them, but he was fixed on his cock as she angled it toward her mouth and took him in past her lips and into the hot slickness of her mouth.

Her fingers left bloody smears along his shaft, but she bobbed down and sucked them off. Her mouth drove down until his cock slid down her throat. Pulling up, she gasped and plunged to the balls again. She took him into her with long, deep strokes that ran his entire length.

Juliana clutched to him tighter, her ruined breasts grinding against his thighs. He could feel the heat of her life's fluids dripping down. It added to the heated pleasure as she bobbed down further, taking him to the base. She moved with frantic speed, no doubt knowing she was close to death.

After watching her dance, he was close to an orgasm. Suleiman fought the urge to grab her and just leaned into her mouth, letting her fuck him with the last of her breath. Each stroke was deep and perfectly executed. No teeth, no resistance. She impaled her throat on his cock repeatedly until he swelled inside her mouth and came.

She stopped at his base. Her throat milked his length, drawing out the cum as it flooded into her stomach. Her eyes were focused on him.

Shuddering from his orgasm, he reached out and pushed the bloody strands of her hair from his face. She looked more beautiful than he had ever seen, with her lips tightly stretched around his cock and the streaks of crimson on her face.

Tears ran down her face, but he didn't think she could stop them. Her face was growing red from suffocating on his cock. She continued to gulp along his length even after his cock emptied itself, but then she surprised him by resuming her bobbing. Each stroke went from tip to balls. It was wet and sloppy, just the way he licked it.

He started to cum again when he saw the light fading from her eyes. Her strokes grew ragged but just as intense. Her body shook as she clutched to him, impaling herself again and again with brutal speed. Even if she wasn't dying, she would be hard pressed to speak after raping her own throat on his cock.

Juliana's strokes grew more ragged, as if she was having trouble remaining conscious. One of her eyes rolled up and then the other. She whimpered, the vibrations sending his cock to surge deep in her mouth, and brought her eyes back into focus. She was dying.

Suleiman whispered to her. “Die for me.”

She tried to smile, difficult with his cock forcing her jaws open, and she bobbed down. Her eyes were blurry and unfocused, but she kept moving with slower and weaker movements.

Between one stroke and another, he saw the light fade and her eyes rolled up. Her body continued to slid down to his cock, but stopped when she reached his base. Tremors ran up his cock as he waited for her to move, but she didn't.

Realizing she had died on his cock pushed him once again over the edge. With a groan, he leaned back and thrust into her mouth, letting the cum splatter down her throat. There was no gulping, no stroking. There was nothing left in her gaze except the dead eyes of a slave.