As we reach the end of the month, the next big batch of stories is up for my subscribers. This month, the focus was Breeders, my hyper-violent, pregnancy fetish world of role-playing games and breeding monsters. A lot of the story is the fallout of Erlea's visit to the Orc village but there is a couple other nice surprises. This ended up being 11k words, so a pretty good-sized set of chapters.

  • Chapter 39: Freedom: True to his word, Gral let Erlea go after she had finished repopulating the orc camp. However, his offer of helping wouldn't go well with the other breeders.
  • Chapter 40: Rabid Squirrels: On the way to get some food, Erlea stumbled onto a pack of Rabid Squirrels. [M+F viol nc nosex, M+FF viol nc messy]
  • Chapter 41: Silence: Erlea and Miere have a chance to enjoy a little time, at least as a teaser for a quiet night of reconnecting with each other. [FF rom, MFF rp nc preg viol]
  • Chapter 42: Persuasion: Erlea wakes up to find an unexpected Orc Chief in the hive with the rest of the breeders.

The next batch, whenever it comes, will deal with the next zone. Probably a couple nasty monsters and I'm thinking possibly with some vore-themes (unless someone is against that) and maybe a little bit of hate sex. Hopefully in a few chapters, we'll be to Monefuck and one of the two major scenes that gave me the idea for the entire series.

In other news, I got a pair of amazing reviews on my writing and stumbled onto more in the process.

The first two are by Plaguehound who has some seriously lovely reviews of other ones, but they had reviewed both Derik's Luck and Puppy Mill.

On Derik's Luck:

I wouldn’t want all my fiction to be like this. But it’s a nice counterpoint to power fantasies because while Derik is deeply submissive and his personal arc only deepens that, he isn’t weak. He is very competent as a thief, but through the tribulations in the harem and what comes later, he learns to act on his feelings, embrace a side of himself he always denied existed, and grows as a person, able to make the hard choices even when they can hurt him. As he learns power isn’t always a strength and submission isn’t always a weakness, it usually is much more complex. And as a reward for learning to be true to himself, he gets his hard-earned happy ending, which is just the cherry on top. Very lovely book, really enjoyed it.

On Puppy Mill:

It’s not often that you read a smut piece of fiction that clocks in at over 1300 pages (my ebook-reader count) and manages to keep you interested until the end without ever wavering or having anything I would call filler (filler defined as long-ass boring sections I would prefer to not read to get on with a narrative). Though I’m not sure calling Puppy Mill smut is doing it justice. It’s really a massive fantasy novel, actually two-in-one, that accidentally has some kind of porn on almost every page, covering lots of fetishes ranging from the harder to the hardest, including some tiny parts going into Dolcett-territory that could catch the unwary unprepared, though given what has happened until then it’s clear this isn’t for our vanilla friends.

I was completely floored by this. So, I was curious if there were any other reviews on my writing and I found another one by Plaguehound for Eliza and the Raptor:

So, it’s basically the best dinosaur-fucks-a-woman book I’ve read. Also the only one, but it gives me pause to maybe check out others to see if there’s anything equally good, as both science fiction (you don’t see a lot of generation ship novels where aliens with FTL drives visit (actually that’s a first for me)), as smut and just as a story with great characters and a compelling plot.

And another one for Eliza and the Raptor:

I was delighted, then, to find Eliza and the Raptor, which is not only the only full length dinofuck book I can find, but is also written by an author that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past and who I know does not pull any punches in committing fully to a bizarre premise. While the “raptors” in this book are technically aliens and not dinosaurs, they are dino-adjacent enough to satisfy the requirements of the genre while also supplying a good amount for anyone into alien fucking as well.

Which then led me to a review on The Mummy's Girl:

Altogether I would have loved this book a lot more if it had had more of a focus on plot instead of only on sex, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re just looking for hardcore porn, it certainly doesn’t disappoint, and I would highly recommend this if you’re an enthusiast of macabre sex fairy tales or villain perspective stories. If you’re looking for something very emotionally engaging however this may not be the book for you, but it was esoteric and unique enough that I absolutely do not regret reading it, and it has a place on my favourites list for leaving me in awe at the sheer scope of it’s kinkiness.

In all of these cases, the reviews go into far more details and each one warms my heart. These also came at an important time in my life where I've been struggling with 2020 (derecho and plague) and it has also inspired me to finish something I've been sitting on a while, which is to finish editing and publishing Derik's Luck. I've had the corrections from my editor for a while so I started releasing those to my $1/month subscribers with this post. The first six chapters are up and the rest of the sixty-six will follow in the coming weeks. The $5/month subscribers get to read all of the chapters in their unedited glory (and what Plaguehound reviewed).

  • Chapter 1: Introducing Derik: All Derik wanted was an enjoyable evening with a local whore. But when Rick, the local crime boss showed up, his night of blow jobs and fucking was sharply interrupted when Rick threatened his life if Derik couldn't come up with the money Derik owed him. [MF oral, MF oral nc anal]
  • Chapter 2: The Family Silver: Desperate to find a job, Derik headed down to Storn's. But none of the jobs that his friend had were good ones. The best of the worst was a nearly impossible theft, but Derik was a master thief. Now if his ex didn't just walk in the door.
  • Chapter 3: The Master Thief: Stealing a priceless sapphire wasn't impossible for a thief like Derik. But then everything went wrong.
  • Chapter 4: A Bad Place: After falling from the ventilation, Derik found himself in the middle of a pool wearing burnt clothing and no sapphire in hand. He needed to get it back but first he had to identify where he was and how he would escape. [MF oral reluc fdom]
  • Chapter 5: In Plain Sight: Teri and Sherrel were only the start to Derik's troubles. Both women forced him to lick both of them to orgasm and then to the other women who woke up to find a naked man in the middle of the baron's harem. [F+M fdom bond reluc]
  • Chapter 6: Bathroom Confrontation: After hours of giving head to the insatiable women of the harem, Derik thought he would have a moment of peace. That changed when Madre, mistress of the harem, showed up and he had to once again hide for his life. [F+M oral cons]

Thank you so much for those who subscribe, review, comment, and even just hit the like button on my work, that is what keeps me going.